2030 human rights ambition

One of the cornerstones of Neste’s sustainability vision is our human rights ambition to create a more equitable and inclusive value chain by 2030, in which everyone works with dignity. The four priority areas for action under this ambition are: 

Living wages
Pay all of our employees at least a living wage, take action to promote living wages in Neste’s supply chains, and require strategic contractors and suppliers to pay their employees a living wage by 2030.

Responsible recruitment
Commit to and promote the Employer Pays Principle, with implementation in high risk areas by 2030, to ensure that no worker pays for a job and the costs of recruitment are paid for by the employer, not the worker. 

Children & education
Work together with our stakeholders to increase children’s access to education by 2030, and promote respect for children’s rights by actively supporting and participating in initiatives aimed at keeping children in school.

Reducing inequality 
By 2030, reduce inequalities across the value chain and address the root causes of systemic human rights issues.

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