Just transition

At Neste, future readiness means delivering on our climate commitments to lead the transformation towards a carbon neutral value chain by 2040. We recognize the importance of ensuring that this global transformation is a just transition as envisaged by the Paris Agreement, one which delivers green and decent jobs and creates resilient communities where everyone can thrive.

Neste promotes a people-first approach in our just transition planning, underpinned by our commitments to respect human rights, promote decent work, engage in social dialogue and address inequalities across the value chain.

We support, develop and take care of the wellbeing of our people to enable them to grow, innovate and build our future - and these are supported by our values-led culture. We engage in active communication, dialogue and cooperation with internal stakeholders, including employees, line managers and employee representatives. We engage with our employees in various ways, including a broader annual employee survey complemented with shorter pulses and other targeted employee surveys. Other forms of engagement include many types of development programs, team and individual discussions, surveys gathering onboarding and offboarding experiences, internal info sessions, and town hall meetings. Topics include for example the Neste strategy and values, sustainability and climate commitments, health, safety and wellbeing.

69% of Neste employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. We engage in continuous cooperation and social dialogue with employee representatives and through unions on topics including business updates, competence and skills development and wellbeing at work.

Neste’s transformation and growth offer our people many career opportunities and personal growth possibilities in new projects. We believe that supporting our employees’ individual development goals, developing our talent to meet business targets, and preparing our workforce for the growing and changing demands of future work makes working at Neste meaningful and inspiring. Line managers and employees have regular Forward discussions where development and career plans are annually updated.

The planned transition of our Porvoo refinery into a renewable and circular site in the mid-2030s will provide new opportunities and learning possibilities to Oil Products personnel and also for many other Neste employees. One of the focus areas of the planned transformation is to ensure that people are capable of performing and adapting to changes.

We offer company-wide development programs and tools to support the needed strategic capabilities in the company. In addition, there are several development initiatives designed in the business units and functions. More information is available in the Our People section of Neste’s 2022 Annual Report.