Sponsorships, marketing cooperations and charitable contributions at Neste

Together with our partners, we want to bring forth solutions that drive the world towards a carbon neutral future. Neste actively builds its brand and contributes to causes on the basis of its purpose Creating a healthier planet for our children and values We care, we have courage and we cooperate. Sponsorships, marketing cooperations and charitable contributions are based on the company and brand strategies and global operations on our key markets. 

We make sponsoring / marketing cooperations with teams, organizations, influencers and  events. These cooperations provide a way to fight against climate change and drive a circular economy by creating new innovative and differentiative solutions together. Sponsoring cooperations should always create value for both parties and communicate our products and solutions, values and purpose, and strengthen stakeholders relationships and loyalty. 

We make sponsoring / marketing cooperations under three focus themes:

  • What we do: We create value
  • How we do it: We are different
  • Why we do it: We are purpose-driven

Additionally, we engage with a number of communities and support work for the public good. We make charitable contributions to support the local communities in locations we operate. 

We make our charitable contributions under three focus themes: 

  • Climate and environment
  • Education and innovation
  • Equality and human rights

Please kindly notice that we are carefully selecting our cooperation targets to fit our purpose. Consistent with Neste’s high ethical standards, it is our policy to be transparent with regard to our contributions, and to ensure that there is no misuse or corrupt purposes related to any donations or sponsorships. In line with our principles, political parties and religious movements cannot be among our recipients of our sponsorship support.

You can apply for a cooperation here:

Apply for a sponsorship / marketing cooperation

Apply for a charitable donation