Stakeholder engagement

Personnel working at Neste Singapore

We aim for continuous, active and open dialogue with our stakeholders and regularly seek external views on our operations.

We follow the business environment actively and engage with relevant stakeholder groups. Active engagement is essential throughout our value chain and in the collaboration with suppliers and non-governmental organizations. We believe in collaboration and want to be actively involved in developing a more sustainable future.

We involve our stakeholders in our materiality assessment process to seek their views on sustainability topics.

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Neste stakeholder engagement table

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Our key stakeholders:​

  • Our own personnel and management

  • Corporate customers and consumers

  • Analysts and shareholders

  • Policymakers, authorities and legislators

  • Suppliers of goods, raw materials and services

  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), industry associations and cooperation bodies

  • Universities, think tanks and research organizations

  • Local communities

  • Media

Read more about our stakeholder collaboration from the Sustainability Report 2023.

Neste’s Stakeholder Advisory Panel

Neste’s Stakeholder Advisory Panel consists of members of the Parliament of Finland from different political groups. The Advisory Panel has been established to promote discussion between Neste and its stakeholders on subjects such as the company's operations, business development, and changes in its operating environment. Three employees proposed by Neste's personnel will also take part in the panel's work.

Members of the Stakeholder Advisory Panel for the period 2023-27 are:

  • Jenni Pitko, member of parliament, (chair)

  • Saku Nikkanen, member of parliament

  • Jarmo Lindberg, member of parliament

  • Sheikki Laakso, member of parliament

  • Hanna Räsänen, member of parliament

  • Jussi Saramo, member of parliament

  • Henrik Wickström, member of parliament

  • Tapio Luoma-Aho, special adviser

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