Policies and principles

Sustainability policies and principles

We are committed to operating ethically and complying with the legislation of each country in which we operate, and we require the same from our partners. In addition to legislation, we follow our sustainability principles that lay the foundation and guidelines of everything we do.

Our key sustainability-related principles are:

Neste's Supplier Code of Conduct 2020 became applicable to any supply agreement entered into on or after 1 January 2020 by any Neste company worldwide. It is applied to Neste's Direct procurement (Supply) and Indirect procurement (Procurement). This updated Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all suppliers, contractors and other business partners participating in the delivery of products, components, materials or services to Neste.  

Neste is committed to complying with laws, regulations and conventions that apply to its operations. The Supplier Code of Conduct defines the basic requirements Neste expects its suppliers and their own 1st tier sub-suppliers to adhere to and implement throughout their business and it covers provisions on Compliance with Laws, Business Conduct, Human and Labor Rights, Occupational Health, Safety and Security, Environmental Impact and Climate Change as well as Reporting. 

Neste operates with integrity towards its suppliers and treats them professionally, fairly and equally. A supplier’s ability to meet the requirements of the Code is regarded as a significant factor when Neste is deciding initiating or continuing a business relationship with a supplier. 

If you wish to report a violation or a potential violation against the Code, please contact Ethics Online.