Certified supply chain

We ensure the sustainability of our entire renewable fuel production chain with certifications. Certifications that we use include the EU-compliant ISCC EU and ISCC Plus (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification), REDCert.EU and RedCERT2.  

In the United States, the sustainability of our renewable fuels is monitored through the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) sustainability requirements. All of our refineries producing renewable products have ISCC certificates, and they have been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This proves that our production and raw material sourcing comply with the European Union's Renewable Energy Directive (EU RED) and the requirements of EPA, and meet the environmental obligations in the EU Member States and the United States.

We only accept certified, fully traceable palm oil. However, not all raw materials used in the production of renewable fuels are required to be certified for the renewable end product to become certified. If a specific certification is not required for the raw material, the regulative compliance regarding sustainability of the raw material production is verified in accordance with Neste's own policies and principles for sustainability and the legislation of the country to which the fuel will be supplied. 

What does certification ensure?

The certification systems specify what constitutes sustainable operations, what their criteria are, and how the functioning of the supply chain should be documented.

Certifications ensure that during production:

  • there is no raw material cultivation in restricted areas (e.g. high carbon stock areas, rainforests, wetlands and peatlands)
  • the greenhouse gas emission reduction covering the renewable product's entire life cycle is calculated correctly
  • biodiversity or endangered species have not been put at risk
  • there is no land grabbing
  • human rights have not been violated
  • workers' rights have been respected.

Certified systems

Our operations are guided by business area-specific certified management systems, which correspond to the requirements of the environmental, health and safety, and quality standards issued by ISO. 

All of our refineries and the company-managed security stockpiles have been certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO45001 standards. Internal and external audits, conducted by an independent operator, are used to assess the effectiveness of the systems.

Infographic of certificates used in Neste's platforms.