Engaging with the palm oil supply chain

People iconWe believe that close engagement and collaboration with our raw material suppliers provides us the best opportunities to support development of sustainability and proactive mitigation of risks within our supply chains. Neste actively engages with its renewable raw material suppliers through workshops to collaboratively develop innovative solutions in the supply chain, continuously improve sustainability and resolve any grievances where they occur. 

We have arranged workshops for all our palm oil suppliers since 2015 to foster dialogue, and to hear about our suppliers’ concerns. They also provide us an opportunity to clarify our requirements and expectations. The topics of these workshops have ranged from human and labor rights to deforestation and supply chain traceability.

In November 2022, we organized an annual sustainability workshop for our palm oil and PFAD suppliers. The workshop was curated especially with the objective of raising awareness and advancing on topics such as human rights due diligence and strategies to achieve 100% traceability to plantation (TTP). New topics, such as greenhouse gas emissions tackling scope 3, were also introduced and discussed during the workshop.

In 2022, we also continued to work with our partner Consortium of Resource Experts (CORE) and palm oil suppliers to improve traceability and sustainability within the industry.