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Challenge-seeker Sander Kerpel

"Thanks to working with different colleagues, I have a versatile job.”

“I feel that Neste should and will continue to contribute to a more sustainable energy market. Should, because the world deserves a cleaner environment. Will, because all initiatives in our company point into the same, sustainable direction. I feel that my ambition closely connects to this: I strongly support the sustainable path that Neste has taken. At the same time, these developments will continuously throw new interesting challenges at me.

Man at the refinery

Together with my team, I am responsible for the maintenance of Neste Terminal Rotterdam. This is a storage terminal where feedstocks are collected for further use in Neste's refineries. Raw materials, such as waste fats, arrive here by ship or truck. They are then loaded into the storage tanks and later on transported by ship to our refineries, where they are converted into sustainable fuels. Together with the maintenance team, the team looks after both day-to-day and the long-term maintenance of the terminal. There is a lot of interaction with colleagues, also internationally, and with people from outside Neste. This, and the fact that we get to address complex technical issues, make my job very versatile.

Moreover, Neste is a fast-growing company. It seems that we are always looking for more storage. At Neste Terminal Rotterdam, we are trying to accommodate this need to the best of our capabilities. To do so, it makes you think outside the box and go beyond your own expertise, in multidisciplinary teams. And that is not only challenging but also really rewarding in terms of personal development.

Neste is a company that has a clear vision on leading the way towards a sustainable future, for present and future generations -  by producing sustainable fuels and plastics. It is also a sound, realistic vision, and that is something I really appreciate. You know, there’s all sorts of dreamy companies out there that want to change the world, but it is  just not clear what their long-term plan is. Neste is running a viable business and at the same time ensuring continuous innovation. We have been doing this for a long time. 

The focus on sustainability is not only a strategic one. Every day, we are all encouraged to find the most sustainable solutions in our job. We get to think about solar panels, about alternative ways of heating the tanks, and so on. This constantly challenges everyone’s own thinking. At Neste, you never know what tomorrow brings.”