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Evaluating credit worthiness

We evaluate your credit worthiness in connection with your order and, where applying for a Neste card, to set your credit limit. This is a contractual requirement: we need to evaluate credit worthiness before we can accept our agreement with you. 

  • Automated decision-making: In Finland, we use automated decision-making to help us evaluate your credit worthiness. Credit rating processes are widely used by companies for making fairer and more informed decisions about lending. With the help of credit agencies and public records, we assess the risk of non-payment of debt and the likelihood of your ability to pay. This information is compared to the terms of the agreement you are about to enter into with us. Depending on the outcome of this assessment, we will decide under what conditions or whether we will grant you credit. 
  • We consider the following information when making decisions about your creditworthiness:
    • Information you have provided to us via your application
    • Information about past payment behaviour and potential non-payments of debt during your past customer relationship with Neste
    • Information held by our credit rating agencies and information available in public records
    • We may ask you to provide us with additional information in order to grant you credit. This may be for example your financial statement or a letter of consent from a guardian of interests.