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To celebrate International Day of the Girl, held on October 11th

Thanks to these female pioneers, our planet may not drown in plastic after all

"To celebrate International Day of the Girl, held on October 11th I want to tell you about one girl and two women who inspire me", blogs Kaisa Lipponen, Director of Communications and Brand Marketing at Neste

Why should companies care about equality and non-discrimination?

Today sees the launch of the #EISYRJI equality and non-discrimination campaign. It is coordinated by the Confederation of Finnish Industries, and Neste is taking part as a partner. Written by Hannele Jakosuo-Jansson.
A boy with an umbrella made of plastics

Know the difference, bioplastics explained

Despite the challenges related to plastic waste, global demand for plastics continues to grow. Written by Lars Börger.

Going fully plastic-free is not realistic

The problems caused by plastic are now a hot topic. However, the challenge also offers an opportunity. By developing new technology, we can create renewable and sustainable alternatives without losing the best
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youtube - 25.01.2017

Highlights 2016

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