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Now is the perfect time to reflect on our values

This summer, before going on a well-deserved break, we have decided to open discussion for our company values.
Our people celebrating Pride 2019

Nurturing diversity is about both words and actions

Human rights, without exception, belong to all of us, equally. This is what we believe at Neste.
Renewable Diesel plant

Neste's biofuels business was seeded more than 20 years ago

In line with our vision, we will continue working to increase our positive climate impact in the years to come as we introduce more bio-based and recycled feeds.
Peter Vanacker in Neste Passion for Renewal 2019

The Power of Us

I believe we can still solve the climate crisis, but only if we act together and if we act now.

Three good reasons to invest in sustainability

Investing is about forecasting − identifying which companies are likely to be winners or losers in the race for success.

Recording of the media briefing for Neste's investment decision in Singapore

Watch a record of the media briefing on 12 December 2018. The recording works best on Google Chrome.
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Blog posts from Neste people

Read what our specialist have to say about sustainability, climate change, circular economy, energy industry and business.