Use of a proxy and authorizations

A shareholder is entitled to participate and make use of his or her rights as a shareholder at the AGM by proxy. The shareholder's proxy representative can also vote in advance, if he/she so wishes.

A person holding a shareholder's proxy should be in possession of a dated letter of proxy or otherwise be able to show in a reliable manner that he or she is entitled to act in this capacity on behalf of a shareholder at the AGM. Authorizations shall be considered to cover one meeting only, unless otherwise stated. In the event that a shareholder is represented by more than one proxy representative representing shares held in different securities accounts, each proxy representative should state which shares he or she represents when registering to attend the AGM.

Shareholders' letters of proxy should be sent to Neste Corporation, Annual General Meeting, POB 95, FI-00095 NESTE, or via email (e.g. PDF) at the address to reach the Company before the last date for registration. In addition to submitting proxy documents, shareholders or their proxy representatives must ensure that they have registered for the AGM in the manner described above in this notice.

Shareholders can also use the electronic authorization service instead of a traditional proxy document. In this case, the shareholder authorizes a proxy that he/she/it nominates in the authorization service on the website (using the mandate theme "Representation at the General Meeting"). In connection with the AGM service, any person so authorized must identify themselves with strong electronic identification in connection with the registration, after which the electronic authorization will be checked automatically. Strong electronic identification works with online banking credentials or Mobile ID. More information on the electronic authorization service is available on the website 

In addition, a shareholder who is a natural person can also authorize a proxy representative in connection with electronic registration, instead of a traditional proxy document. An authorized proxy representative can vote in advance on behalf of such natural person by regular mail or e-mail.

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