Neste complies with the EU Market Abuse Regulation (596/2014), including related regulation, as well as Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd’s Insider Guideline as a minimum standard on insider matters. In addition, the Board of Directors has approved the Company’s own Guidelines for Insiders.

The Company’s General Counsel is responsible for the coordination and supervision of insider matters, along with the insider register manager, the insider communication manager and individuals responsible as heads of project-specific registers. All the above individuals have their own deputies. In addition, the head of each organizational unit is responsible for supervising insider matters within their organization. The Company arranges training related to the insider guidelines. 

The creation and maintenance of a project-specific insider register is the responsibility of the head of such a register, who is named in the relevant project-specific insider register.

The Company has defined, as persons discharging managerial responsibilities, the members of the Board of Directors and its secretary, the President and CEO, as well as the members of the Executive Committee and its secretary, as well as Executive Vice President, Marketing and Services. These managerial persons and their closely associated persons must report their own transactions conducted with the Company’s financial instruments or financial derivatives to the Company and the Financial Supervisory Authority without delay, and no more than three business days of completing the business transaction. Reports to the Company and the Financial Supervisory Authority can be made by following the instructions on

The Company has also named certain other persons as core persons, as they have better or more information about the Company than the market. These individuals are typically those who prepare the Company’s Interim Reports and Financial Statements, persons responsible for the Company’s finances, financial reporting or communication, or persons who have access to said information, as well as certain individuals in executive positions.

Persons discharging managerial responsibilities and core persons may not trade with or conduct business with the Company’s financial instruments for themselves or a third party, directly or indirectly during the period from the closing date of an interim or annual accounting period to the date of publication of the interim report or financial statements for that period. The minimum period concerned is always 30 days prior to the date of publication of the interim report or the financial statements, including the date of publication (“closed window”).

The Company also maintains a project- or event-specific list of insiders for all individuals that have access to insider information and who are employed by the Company or otherwise perform tasks that provide them with access to insider information. Individuals who participate in the development and preparation of projects or events that involve insider information, such as mergers and acquisitions, are considered project- or event-specific insiders. Project-specific insiders may not trade or conduct other business using the Company’s financial instruments during the project.

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