Signature Flight Support and Neste are powering business aviation with sustainable aviation fuel.

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Signature Flight Support and Neste are powering business aviation with sustainable aviation fuel

Scientific consensus is that the world must halve our carbon emissions in this decade to avoid a climate catastrophe. For the aviation industry, a contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, sustainable aviation fuel provides a meaningful, immediate way to cut emissions and pollution.



Signature Flight Support and Neste formed a strategic partnership in 2020 to accelerate the adoption of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) within business aviation. Business aviation is an important and fast growing segment, relying on many different types of aircraft – from single-pilot airplanes, to turbine aircraft, to helicopters – and the fixed-base operations and many other services that support flight operations. 

Together, Neste and Signature have established one of the largest SAF supply networks for business aviation, with six airports offering a permanent supply of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel™ for private aircraft.

"The wait for SAF is over. We’re filling aircraft right now – thousands of gallons a day, every day. SAF is the cornerstone of the aviation industry’s answer to environmental responsibility. Creating an affordable alternative to traditional Jet A is vital to ensuring we’re able to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint."

Tony Lefebvre, Interim Chief Executive Officer for Signature Aviation

The partnership is based on a shared purpose of combating climate change. Signature Flight Support set a goal of reaching net-zero emissions across its operations by 2050. Neste has created a bold carbon handprint goal to help its customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 million tons annually by 2030 as well as to reach carbon neutral production by 2035.

What we are doing

Signature Flight Support introduced its Signature Renew program to grow the availability of sustainable aviation fuel to business aviation. Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel represents the largest portion of SAF gallons within the Signature network.

Strategic partnership with Neste 

This partnership connects different segments of the supply chain from producer to fuel distributor.

Six airports globally

Have a permanent supply of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel through Signature Renew.

Airports offering Neste SAF

10,000 tons of GHG-emissions reduced in just one year at SFO

Equivalent to more than 130 zero-emission flights from San Francisco to New York on a commercial jet aircraft. 

Leading the charge to more sustainable skies

1. First-of-its-kind collaboration

The strategic partnership between Neste and Signature Flight Support is accelerating the wide-scale adoption of SAF in business aviation. It’s a direct response to the rapidly increasing demand for low carbon, renewable jet fuel from aviation industry groups and private jet travel clients.

Critical to the partnership is establishing a permanent supply of SAF to Signature Flight Support’s Fixed Base Operations (FBOs). As a result, FBOs are now able to offer aircraft operators SAF consistently. 

Today, a large number of private jet operators around the world served by Signature Flight Support are now able to use Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel in their operations, including both charter operators and major corporations.

Neste SAF circular economy

2. A today solution that offers many benefits 

The business aviation community has long been committed to reducing GHG emissions and recognizes SAF as one of the most effective ways to achieve this. 

  • SAF is safe and available - it has been used by aircraft engine manufacturers and fuel providers for total reliability and safety

  • SAF lets operators achieve their corporate responsibility goals in a meaningful way 

SAF is a “win-win-win” for all stakeholders – it’s good for the environment, compatible with existing infrastructure, and helps power business aviation 

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Business aviation reaching new heights with SAF

Business aviation plays an important role in our world. It allows businesses to grow and gain efficiencies, enables lifesaving medical care through passenger and organ transportation, serves governments performing important work, and offers many more other benefits.

At the same time, business aviation leaves behind a large carbon footprint - though the sector only contributes to 0.04% of global aviation CO2 emissions, business aviation typically serves fewer passengers.

Customers of business aviation often work for top performing companies with bold climate goals that include Scope 3 emissions reductions. And many executives and wealthy individuals are personally committed to combating climate change. SAF provides the most meaningful, immediate way for these individuals and their companies to reduce carbon footprint and fly more sustainably, and it is the key to ensuring that business aviation can meet the goals of the Paris Agreement’s target of limiting global temperature increase to well below 2 degrees.

"People who travel by private aircraft know there’s an environmental impact and many of them want a more sustainable option. In the past year, this partnership proved that passengers can now board a private aircraft fueled by SAF and help fight - not contribute - to climate change."

Chris Cooper, Vice President, Renewable Aviation North America, Neste

Acknowledging the urgency to take actions and make an impact today, Signature Flight Support and Neste joined together to get business aviation running on sustainable aviation fuel faster. 

Over 4.8 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel has been uplifted at SFO and LTN since the partnership began. 

Initially, the fuel was introduced for use at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) in the United States and London-Luton Airport (LTN) in the United Kingdom.  Over 4.8 million gallons of SAF has been fueled into private aircraft at both SFO and LTN airports to date. The switch to Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel at these locations required no new infrastructure investments or modifications to procedures – a complete drop-in solution.

Today, a large number of private jet operators around the world served by Signature Flight Support are now able to use Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel in their operations, including both charter operators and major corporations.

“Signature is resolutely committed to advancing the availability of SAF, and no other Fixed Base Operator can match our proven ability to deliver SAF in volume,” explained Marty Kretchman, Senior Vice President – Operations Planning for Signature Flight Support. “We are continually looking for new opportunities to provide our customers with sustainability solutions, and Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel is the fastest way for operators to responsibly combat CO2 emissions.”

Globally available SAF is on the horizon

The momentum hasn’t slowed down. Recently, Signature became the first FBO to offer commercially available SAF, supplied by Neste, in the state of Texas. This is expected to yield a 350 metric tons reduction in aircraft CO2 emissions.

Signature has also developed an innovative way for aircraft operators to tap into the supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel without actually visiting an airport. The Signature Renew Book & Claim program lets operators purchase the carbon reduction of SAF independently of a gallon of jet fuel, and receive credit for the CO2 reduction in their environmental reporting. This allows customers to realize the benefits of Neste MY SAF even in markets where physical supply is not yet available. It also allows customers to support the growth of the SAF industry.

Together, Neste and Signature Flight Support are leading the business aviation industry’s drive towards sustainability as the largest producer and largest network provider for permanent supply of SAF. The partnership was a momentous step to enable the wide-scale adoption of SAF. Achievements like this one have the power to transform the landscape of the entire aviation industry. 

"In the past year, Neste and Signature Flight Support made it possible for business aviation passengers to fly with a much smaller carbon footprint. We are committed to enabling more travelers to enjoy the convenience of business aviation while reducing their impact on the environment."

Chris Cooper, Vice President, Renewable Aviation North America, Neste

Contact Neste's Renewable Aviation team or visit Signature Flight Support to learn more about sustainable solutions for business aviation.