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Renewable Aviation

Welcome! You can play a role in shaping the future of carbon neutral aviation. Contact our Renewable Aviation team:


Jonathan Wood
Jonathan Wood
Vice President, Europe and APAC
Sami Jauhiainen, Vice President, Business Development, Renewable Aviation at Neste
Sami Jauhiainen
Vice President, Business Development
On Twitter: @JauhiainenSami


Peter John
Technical Services Manager, EMEA and APAC
Pratik Chandhoke
Technical Services Manager, North America


Arne Padt
Global Renewable Aviation Communications Manager
Theodore Rolfvondenbaumen
Communications Manager, North America
Liping Mian, Communications & Marketing Manager, Neste Singapore
Liping Mian
Communications & Marketing Manager, Neste Singapore
Leads Communications and Marketing activities primarily in Singapore. She also supports Communications & Marketing needs in China and Australia.
For any inquiries, feel free to contact Liping Mian at liping.mian(a)

Marketing and Branding:

Kristina Öström
VP Marketing and Branding
Helen Deian
Marketing Manager, North America

Thanks for reaching out! Please tell us what you're looking for and we'll be in touch.