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Plastics by the numbers - and what’s in for plastics in a more sustainable future

Did you know how much plastics we produce each year? And what share of plastics is recycled? We have plastics by the numbers for you - and what’s in for more sustainable plastics in the future.

Each year, some 370 million tons of plastics are produced worldwide. By 2050, the demand for plastics is expected to triple, reaching more than a billion tons per year - driven by their versatile properties and use in a wide range of applications.

Unfortunately, today’s plastics value chains are facing two problems, one at the start of the value chain and one at the end of the value chain: more than 90% of plastics are made from fossil resources - and only a mere 9% of plastic waste gets recycled.

In our video below, you can learn more about plastics by the numbers - and how we can tackle the problems associated with them.

Watch the video: 

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