Why is Neste MY Renewable Diesel an excellent choice?

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Why is Neste MY Renewable Diesel an excellent choice?

Making more sustainable choices is becoming the norm in the transport and logistics industries. There are various alternative fuels available and comparing them can be a puzzling challenge.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ is a sustainable alternative to crude oil-based hydrocarbon fuels. It is a premium-quality, non-petroleum hydrocarbon fuel made from 100% renewable raw materials.

Neste MY significantly lowers emissions

Using Neste MY Renewable Diesel made from 100% renewable raw materials results in up to 90% lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the fuel's lifecycle when compared with fossil diesel.

The fuel also offers a cost-effective solution for reducing transport-related local emissions and improving local air quality in cities, on average:

  • 33% lower levels of fine particulates (and a smaller number of particulates in general)

  • 30% less hydrocarbons (HC)

  • 24% lower carbon monoxide (CO) emissions and reduced levels of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)

  • 9% less nitrogen oxides (NOx)

More than 10 different renewable raw materials - different waste and residue raw materials and vegetable oils - are used to produce Neste MY Renewable Diesel. All renewable raw materials are transparently sourced from suppliers that are subjected to rigorous sustainability evaluations.

Cleaner fuel, higher performance

Unlike conventional, crude oil-based diesels, Neste MY Renewable Diesel contains no aromatics or impurities, allowing fuel to combust with maximum efficiency.

The high cetane number ensures an efficient and clean combustion, which means it keeps the engine cleaner than traditional biodiesel (FAME).

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is exceptionally well-suited for very cold weather conditions. Its cold performance is better than that of typical fossil diesel as the high cetane number will give you a better start-up and throttle response.

Cleaner fuel stores well and reduces the need for maintenance

The quality of Neste MY Renewable Diesel is superior compared to traditional biodiesels and at least equivalent to fossil diesels.

Cleaner combustion means lower exhaust emissions: Neste MY Renewable Diesel reduces the particle build-up in engines and potentially decreases the frequency of injector maintenance and DPF filter regenerations. Hence, compared to traditional biodiesel, fleets that use Neste MY Renewable Diesel typically require less maintenance.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel can also be stored over long periods of time without deterioration in quality or water accumulation. For businesses with a lot of variety in usage during different seasons, this may bring essential savings in fuel costs.

No need for conversions: Neste MY Renewable Diesel can be used in all diesel engines

Neste MY Renewable Diesel has the same chemical composition as fossil diesel. This means that Neste MY Renewable Diesel is an easy drop-in replacement to fossil diesel.

As Neste MY Renewable Diesel can be used in all diesel vehicles, switching to it will not require investments in conversion or new equipment. The maintenance staff can carry out their work as before, and the switching to a cleaner, high-quality fuel product with very little or no impurities means that the need for maintenance will not increase.

Switching to a new fuel will often create extra work or training needs for your maintenance crew. If a fleet is converted to run on biogas, the vehicles need to be converted and gas detectors installed. When switching to electrical vehicles, the entire fleet needs to be updated and charging stations installed.

Easy fill-ups at convenient locations allow maximum range

With Neste MY Renewable Diesel, you will not have to compromise on the range of your vehicles.

With other alternative fuels, fuelling or recharging facilities may be few and far between, which means they are not feasible fuel choices for driving long-haul routes.

The most advanced class 8 electric trucks have an estimated range of around 400 km, while diesel trucks may drive as far as 2.400 km with a single fuelling.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is fully compatible with current fuel distribution infrastructures. The fuel can also be used as such (100% Neste MY Renewable Diesel) or in any blending ratio with fossil diesel.