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Economic responsibility

Neste lives up to its financial responsibility by ensuring that it is profitable and competitive. By operating profitably and competitively, we make ourselves a profitable investment, a significant employer, a reliable partner and a good corporate citizen.

A financially solid company can address the needs of its stakeholders, take care of its social and environmental obligations, as well as sponsoring activities for the public good.

Return on average capital employed after tax (ROACE) is the key indicator of our financial performance. Another important financial goal is to keep our leverage ratio at 25–50%.

Taxes paid and collected contribute towards the well-being of society

We are the second biggest company in Finland in terms of net sales, and our operations have a major impact on Finnish society. The taxes and tax-like charges paid by us support the maintenance of society and its services.

We are also a significant collector of fuel and value added taxes in Finland.

We publish our Tax Footprint statement annually.

Read more about Neste's Tax Strategy.

Stockpile fee and Oil Pollution Compensation Fund

We pay strategic stockpile fees on the fuels we sell to the Finnish National Emergency Supply Fund, and oil protection fees on the crude oil that we import.

The National Emergency Supply Fund is responsible for securing society's needs in the event of emergencies, while the Oil Pollution Compensation Fund, managed by the Ministry of the Environment. The fund is responsible for acquiring equipment to deal with possible oil spills and for reimbursing people affected by spills when the cause of an incident is unknown, or the party responsible is unable to pay the compensation in question.