Neste’s tax footprint

We support the functioning of society and the provision of local services in all countries in which we operate by way of paying taxes and creating jobs. The taxes and tax-like fees paid and remitted by Neste were a significant source of income to public administrations also in 2022, when we supported the societies altogether with 4.6 billion euros.

In compliance with Neste’s Human Rights Principles, we encourage social progress and development that is in the public interest, including transparency, accountability and prohibition of tax abuse. We follow and communicate ethical tax principles as stated in the tax footprint. 

We comply with the applicable local legislation in paying, collecting, remitting, and reporting on taxes and fees. We are committed to following the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines, and we pay and collect taxes in countries where our value-added activities are born as a result of our investments and personnel. We promote cooperation with tax and customs authorities.

Our data on payment of taxes in 2022 has been compiled taking into account the points of view of materiality and business reasons. 

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