Supply chain sustainability

We require all our suppliers to commit to Neste Supplier Code of Conduct, with criteria on human and labor rights, occupational health and safety, climate, environment and ethical business conduct. Additionally, our renewable raw material suppliers are expected to meet the requirements of Neste’s Responsible Sourcing Principle. All our raw material suppliers are subject to additional sustainability due diligence.

Neste Supplier Code of Conduct 

The Supplier Code of Conduct, updated and implemented in 2020, outlines the basic requirements Neste expects from its suppliers and their own first tier sub-suppliers, contractors and business partners to adhere to and implement throughout their businesses. 

The Supplier Code of Conduct is included in the terms of contracts with all suppliers, contractors and other business partners participating in the delivery of any raw materials, products, components, materials or services to Neste, covering both direct and indirect procurement. 

Neste's Supplier Code of Conduct

To ensure our suppliers’ compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct, Neste has implemented systematic controls for counterparty screening and monitoring in which all potential business partners and suppliers undergo automated screening, escalated to a manual review if any issues are found or the counterparty’s business case matches predefined criteria.

To support the implementation of the Neste Supplier Code of Conduct, we also provide a guide for suppliers with practical recommendations to help our suppliers meet their obligations to comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct. 

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