Low sulphur bunker fuels

To help the shipping companies to meet the EU provisions requiring lower sulphur emissions in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel we offer three low sulphur marine fuel grades. Neste MGO DMA, Neste MDO DMB and Neste RMB are all with a sulphur content of less than 0.1 percent.

Our marine fuels are of the highest quality and fully compatible with each other. All Neste products are completely FAME free.

Efficient and agile deliveries

Our products are available at our production sites in both Porvoo and Naantali, and from Neste's Kokkola terminal. We deliver to all Finnish ports and ship-to-ship bunkering is available at the three ports in Helsinki: South Harbor, West Harbor and Vuosaari Harbor. Our Porvoo and Naantali refinery harbours provide ex-pipe delivery, and export cargoes are also available.

Since January 2017 we serve our customers from our Södertälje terminal on the East Coast of  Sweden with focus on the greater Stockholm area. Our dedicated trucks guarantees efficient and agile deliveries. We also serve our customers with efficient ex-pipe deliveries at the Södertälje oil terminal.

Low sulphur marine fuel grades


• Based on ISO 8217:2017
• Viscosity, 40°C: 2–11 mm2/s
• Cloud Point: -5°C/0°C (Winter/Summer)
• FAME free product


• Based on ISO 8217:2017
• Viscosity, 40°C: 4–11 mm2/s
• Pour point: 5°C/10°C (Winter/Summer)
• Storage temperature requirement +20°C
• FAME free product
• Technical research centre of Finland
(VTT) performed tests with Neste MDO
DMB without operating problems*

Neste RMB

• Based on ISO 8217:2017
• Viscosity, 50°C: 8–12 mm2/s
• Pour point: Max +30°C
• Storage temperature requirement +40°C
• No heavy residual
• FAME free product
• Technical research centre of Finland
(VTT) performed tests with Neste RMB
without operating problems*
• Wärtsilä has given a technical statement
on Neste RMB**

*VTT research report VTT-R-02015-15
**Wärtsilä technical statement provided on reques