Innovation is in Neste's DNA

Innovation has enabled our transformation from a local oil refining company towards global leadership in renewable and circular solutions, and it is the driving force of our strategy ensuring the future success of Neste.

Turning low-quality raw materials into high-quality solutions

Our innovation work is about exploring new business opportunities around scalable future raw materials and related technologies. We know how to turn low-quality raw materials into high-quality solutions and continue to work towards increasing the availability of renewable and recycled raw materials, while also developing technologies to diversify our current raw material portfolio further.

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Research and development

We drive transformation of the company by developing solutions to increase the use of renewable and circular raw materials.

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Raw materials

Future raw materials

We continuously search for even lower-quality wastes and residues to be used in the production of fuels, chemicals and materials. The long-term business development and innovation take place on several fronts: algae, lignocellulose, renewable hydrogen, and Power-to-X

Releases and news

Neste's latest press releases and news on innovations.

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