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Why chemical recycling?

Neste’s business is focused on combating climate change and driving circular economy. We are developing ways to chemically recycle plastic waste to enable societies to recycle a wider range of waste plastics than traditional, mechanical recycling. 

Benefits of chemical recycling

Chemical recycling of plastic waste:

  • accelerates circular economy and increases recycling rates by utilizing a wider range of waste plastics than traditional, mechanical recycling
  • produces high-quality end products – new plastics, chemicals and fuels – that can be used as drop-in solutions in all current applications
  • decreases dependency on crude oil imports and lowers the carbon footprint of products
  • supports global reduction of plastic waste and helps phase out landfilling
  • can create new jobs in Europe and elsewhere.

Neste aims to close the circularity loop for plastics

In line with our climate and circular economy targets, we have pledged to work towards processing more than 1 million tons of plastic waste annually from 2030 onwards. We aim to become a significant solution provider for chemical recycling and introduce liquefied waste plastic as raw material to produce chemicals and high-quality plastics. 

We are hoping to contribute to developing of technologies, value chains and supporting legislation together with other actors in the value chain for plastic waste based products to become a reality in industrial scale. In parallel, we continue developing sustainable solutions to plastics based on renewable raw materials.