Raw material sourcing

Renewable raw material sourcing – only sustainable will do

Neste only accepts sustainably-produced renewable raw materials from carefully selected partners. Sustainability of the raw materials used in the production of renewable fuels is a minimum requirement that must be in order – even the law requires it.

Neste’s supply chain management is based on company’s sustainability policies and principles.

Neste supplier selection

Wastes and residues make up approximately 80% of our renewable raw material usage

Our proprietary NEXBTL technology allows the use of almost any vegetable oil or waste fat in the production of renewable products. In recent years, we have not only expanded our raw material portfolio but also significantly increased the share of waste and residues in our total renewable raw material usage.

Approximately 80% of our raw material usage is waste and residues formed in industrial processes, such as waste animal fat or fatty acid distillates, which are vegetable oil processing residues (e.g. Palm Fatty Acid Distillates, i.e. PFAD is rancid fat that is a by-product of palm oil production, and it must be removed to be able to use palm oil in food production). We have achieved the capability to use only waste and residues in our renewable diesel production

Only certified palm oil will do

All palm oil sourced by Neste is ISCC certified and supplied by carefully selected plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia. We do not purchase separate certificates from the world market as many food industry companies do, for example, but source the certified palm oil directly from producer companies.

Buying directly from producer companies provides us with better transparency and influence in our supply chain – the more direct the supply chain, the better.