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Fueling Construction More Sustainably

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Renewable diesel for every journey

Cost versus sustainability: it’s a dilemma the entire world faces, especially construction companies. Who could blame operators for thinking they have to choose between finishing a project under budget or completing it in a sustainable way?

With Neste MY Renewable Diesel™, construction companies can accomplish both. Neste MY reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 75% compared to fossil diesel*. Plus, it has a high cetane number and cleaner combustion to deliver reliable, low-maintenance operation job after job, while significantly reducing fine particulates and other local emissions, benefitting your crew and your balance sheet.

Best of all: Neste MY is TOP TIER™ certified and ready to drop in to all existing diesel vehicles—no modifications and no need to change out your fleet.

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Advantages of using Neste MY Renewable Diesel (R99) for your business

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For your fleet

Cleaner-burning, pure hydrocarbon fuel means cleaner injectors and diesel particulate filters which may help reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

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Reduced emissions

Cleaner combustion, and up to a 75%* reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over the lifecycle of the fuel with Neste MY Renewable Diesel compared to fossil diesel allows you to meet even the strictest sustainability standards.

By operating profitably and competitively, Neste makes itselves a profitable investment, a significant employer and a reliable partner.
For your bottom line

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a direct replacement for fossil diesel. No new vehicles, no conversion costs, and potentially less maintenance means lower costs.

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For your business

Be a more attractive, more sustainable partner. Win more customers, retain existing partners, and gain a competitive edge in RFP’s by differentiating yourself from your competition.

For your engine

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a fully compatible solution for all diesel engines, meeting all ASTM D975 specs. It’s the first TOP TIER™ certified R99 fuel of its kind, approved by leading manufacturers, providing high quality and powerful performance.

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* Lifecycle greenhouse gas emission reductions compared to fossil diesel and based on current feedstock pathways. Calculation method complies with the LCFS CA-GREET 2.0

** Carbon emissions from the use of renewable diesel are zero, as the amount of biobased carbon dioxide released during combustion is equal to the amount previously absorbed by the renewable raw material.