Neste flies with SAF program


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Neste flies with SAF program continued

In 2020, Neste committed to reducing and compensating emissions from its employee business flights through the use of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and announced its partnership with Finnair.

In 2020, Neste committed to reducing and compensating emissions from its employee business flights through the use of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel™ (SAF) and announced its partnership with Finnair

The collaboration contributes to the climate commitments Neste made in 2020, including a commitment to reduce and compensate emissions Neste’s employees’ business travel through the use of the company’s own sustainable aviation fuel. Finnair is a strategic partner for Neste, and also one of the most frequently used airlines for business travel by Neste’s employees. Finnair’s target is to become carbon neutral by 2045, and to halve its net CO2 emissions by the end of 2025.

Since the Finnair announcement, Neste has put in place arrangements to supply approximately 500 metric tons of SAF in Europe and North America to the airlines most frequently used by Neste. In 2021, we continued to extend the NFWS program and have arrangements in place to supply an additional of approximately 180 metric tons of SAF. 

In total, these arrangements lead to an estimated greenhouse gas emission reduction of 2,000 tons* of CO2e (1,500 tons in 2020 and 500 tons in 2021) globally compared to using fossil jet fuel over the life cycle.

Neste MY SAF for Business

Since then, Neste MY SAF for Business was introduced as a tailored service for businesses that wish to directly reduce their organizations air travel emissions. The solution is offered to organizations in collaboration with our airline partners. The offering brings the benefits of SAF directly to the ultimate beneficiary – the business that is flying. It delivers real and direct emission reductions that can be used to meet science-based targets.

We opened the voluntary market and established partnerships for example with BCG (in cooperation with Finnair and SAS), TripActions and Inflexion to enable lower-emission business traveling.

Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Neste continues to help the aviation industry meet its emission reduction targets such as achieving net zero carbon emission by 2050 targets. Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel is made from sustainably sourced, renewable waste and residue raw materials. In its neat form and over the life cycle, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% compared to fossil jet fuels (calculation method: CORSIA). 

The fuel provides an immediate solution for reducing the carbon emissions from flying. Blended up to 50% with fossil jet fuel (the current approved SAF blend is capped at 50%), airlines and end customers can achieve significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions with Neste MY SAF. The fuel additionally helps reduce local emissions and provides additional climate benefits e.g. through reduced particulate emissions which also contribute to radiative forcing. 

*No regulatory incentives have been claimed for the supplied SAF, and thus the achieved emission reduction is incremental to that achieved by any governmental policies