EduCycle is an educational augmented reality game for school children. It teaches children how to reduce their personal carbon footprint by simulating their energy, food and traffic choices in the game’s physical map board. Players can then see their choices come alive on the mobile app. The main objective is to balance between human and environmental needs by making smart choices with limited resources.


EduBlocks are the tokens of the game.The 3D printed and AR tagged blocks all represent factors that impact the environment’s CO2 levels.

Game Board

A physical game board that represents the gaming environment. EduBlocks are placed on the map and scanned in order to finalize the choices.


The augmented reality application where choices come alive. Children can choose which tokens to place on the game board and see how their actions affect the augmented reality game.

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What people think

  • hin wai 23 Jul 2017

    I would recommend a sleeping or napping time during school days. While most students were having sleep deprived due to part time work or overloaded with homework, forcing them to stay awake during class would be detrimental. Having a 15-20 minutes nap would definitely help them in their focus during class and furthermore this is where the students start to generate ideas and solutions when they start entering their REM sleep.

  • Julian Jarecki 8 Jul 2017

    I believe, virutal reality is a great medium to enable an entirely new way of teaching. learning material can be made more interactive than it was ever possible before. The technology advances quickly – but the content needs to follow: there should be collaborations between related fields in psychology, teachers, software developers and ui designers to transform parts of the contents conveyed in the classroom to the new medium.

    • Cairo 23 Jul 2017

      I am a huge advocate for Virtual Reality Adaptation and learning! I saw Prince Ea’s message or poem on Facebook. How can I become a part of your sounding board?

  • Mushfique 7 Jul 2017

    Every single person in this world is created with different talents…my perspective. Everyone is not meant to do everything nor then can do. They have different wishes and aims to fulfill. But however no one can understand it rather than himself….maybe. So according to me every school should find each students dreams and aims and teach them according to that so that everyone can get successful. According to me this is the core to a better world. Everyone cannot be scientist, everyone cannot be engineer or doctor….its talents which gives us a balanced world of every occupation.

  • Linda Weathers 6 Jul 2017

    I agree, for years I sat in class rooms where teachers were getting frustrated because it was hard for more than one child to concentrate, they found it irritating that others couldn’t learn the same way that they taught. It took them soon to realize that the lessons were a failure. Test scores went down and so did the potential knowledge we all held in our minds.
    I think there should be more schools where students make a decision based on how they are able to learn.
    Basically a school where students get to choose how they learn, and then that way we’d all be learning something.

  • Alex 27 Jun 2017

    I may not be the smartest but I think that you should be able to choose,what you wanna learn and they have teachers to help you with that what if you wanted to become a basketball player you could have a person to help you reach your goal

  • Gabby Atkinson 26 Jun 2017

    I am a student who has undergone so much stress and hardships for school because I know my head has been trained since I was young to achieve for the best; the best in school. When we’re young, children such as I was were told to try. I was not thinking about being the best or staying up until 2 o’clock in the morning trying to finish homework for one class, when I have 6 more classes to go. Things change. They have been. I understand the importance of knowledge and how we might need some of the things we learn, but when I talk to my parents and they tell me of the experiences they had, it shocks me how much we’ve changed; I don’t think it’s changing in the right way. My mom told me of home ec classes and cooking classes and wood shop and so much more. This was at the same school I go to now. The only difference is, all they have is education and those classes are gone. Now there is a home ec class, but it still does not have the curriculum of actually aiding students for the real world. As a student who has grown up seeing the transition from a simple of way of learning, to a complicated, enforced law-like curriculum that only makes us feel less like learning an more like giving up, it makes no sense to even try. I want to pursue in a field of the arts, but there is only three art type classes on campus (Choir. Art, and Band). I’m not saying there needs to be a drastic change, but a change indeed there must be. If we want to rise and create a better future, we need to start now, in a place that trains the ones who will become the future. Me, you, anyone looking at this; we must take a look at schools.

  • Elizabeth 26 Jun 2017

    My learning disorders were never accomidated for. My adhd was never treated. Until now. And now its too late. Its too late to turn things around. Ive been in college for three years now and its a two year college. I dont even have my associates and I am no closer to getting it than I was last year. The school system has failed me and now I am against a wall, fighting for a good job for a decent life.