First carbon-neutral generation

EduCycle is a gamified learning environment that uses AR technologies to teach children how to reduce their personal carbon footprint.

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Experiential learning

Climate change, carbon footprint and carbon cycle are complicated subjects that should be understood by everyone to keep our planet safe in the future. Especially our future generations’ choices play a great role in building a culture of sustainable development.

EduCycle teaches children about the carbon cycle and the influence that people have on the environment. EduCycle’s gamified learning environment enables children to shape the artificial environment by changing the sources of energy production, the ways of transportation and other things that have an impact on the carbon cycle. EduCycle can also be used with a simple mobile application so that anyone anywhere can dive into the future of learning.


Offers an interactive, holographic learning experience that visualizes Earth's carbon cycle in an engaging, entertaining and innovative way.

Kids and students can interact with the simulation; direct feedback about their actions leaves room for experimentation and fosters learning.

Shows kids and students how their actions can change the world – for better or worse.

Helps kids and students to develop their group working skills and methods.

Simple environmental lessons turn into unforgettable experiences, resulting in knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

Follow the development of educycle

We will be developing the EduCycle prototype through the winter. You can follow our work in the timeline below.

  • Beginning of 2017

    Prototype launch

  • Next step • end of 2016

    The building of the prototype starts by testing the materials and finalizing the design.

  • What we are currently working on

    Partner search

    The prototyping process has been kicked off and we are currently looking for suitable partners in the fields of AR, 3D printing and holographic technologies.

  • Phase 3


  • JULY 2016

    Concept launch

    Finally! The EduCycle concept was shown to the world and the educational aspect created a lot of healthy conversation about the state of our school system.

  • JUNE 2016

    Holograms and interactivity

    In the beginning of the summer the vision of EduCycle was even clearer. First designs of the holographic functions were made and the first steps towards a real learning platform were taken.

  • Phase 2


  • MAY 2016

    Tech time

    As the project is all about looking into the future, it was evident from the start that the dream vision of EduCycle would consist of high-tech and renewable materials of the future.

  • APRIL 2016

    Making it educational

    It was clear from the beginning that EduCycle should be something that can be used to show children how their actions affect the environment. As the planning progressed, so did the vision of an interactive concept that simulates the carbon cycle.

  • October 2015

    First sketches

    The first EduCycle sketches we're far from what the concept looks like now. According to one early vision EduCycle was a smart screen that could be integrated into a school desk. Crazy to think how much EduCycle has evolved from the early days!

  • Phase 1


What people think

  • Iikka Maunumaa 27 May 2016

    I really feel that we don’t employ technology enough in teaching..just seeing my kid on an ipad I can see it’s a very natural way of accessing a world of information. My kid is 6 years old. Even though he mostly learns about Lego characters, he is very fluent with technology. I know they already teach coding in Estonia for primary school can make this change happen everywhere?

    • Carolyn Nichols 29 Jun 2016

      Thats my very concern.

    • Bill johnson 24 Jul 2016

      instead of focusing in on carbon dioxide, factor in total solar irradiance year to year.

    • Sally 25 Jul 2016

      Technology is a tool. As long as what they learn in a virtual reality simulation can then be applied outside in the real world – that means getting them physically outside, then this tool can be useful. Another concern is who is holding the purse strings on the curriculum development??? As a retired science teacher I know that this is a very real conundrum and often results in a very one sided view of “sustainability”.

    • Cameron 2 Aug 2016

      I think learning should be learned by your own style however you feel comfortable with.thats probably why kids fail school and drop out is because teachers don’t give them a chance and let them learn how they feel is comfortable for them.

    • Gianni 30 Aug 2016

      When it comes to school, kids remember and then they forget. If its something they have fun while learning, they will tend to remember it a lot longer.

    • Muhammad Saeed 2 Sep 2016

      Video games are very frowned upon by our society. It is often said it is a waste of time. Most parents often discourage their kids from play video games and encourage them to read. Most kids are not a fan of reading books and they would rather play video games. Most people say that elementary students wouldn’t learn anything because they would constantly get distracted but in actuality it has been reported that schools who do implement games in the classroom see a gigantic improvement in test scores from the students Whenever kids play video games they are very engaged. They are focused in accomplishing a big goal and during that process they build character traits. If schools brought games in the classroom, kids would learn ten times better and would get great results on standardized tests.

    • Anarnia 4 Sep 2016

      The change is already here. Parents, Families & Supporting Communities have to make the choice to reprioritize educational priorities for their children. In order to keep up with the global changing tide of progress.

    • Cameron 16 Sep 2016

      I am a student, and yes we need lots more technology in schools around the world cause the school systems are being stubborn

    • Harvy 21 Sep 2016

      100% agree in all these comments since schools forces children to learn whether they like it or not. Most of the time, children or young adults like me doesn’t learned a lot in school. Yet the experience is the best teaching.

    • Drake 26 Sep 2016

      Stop thinking of everyone like a number and listen to the individual needs of that child

    • matt 26 Sep 2016

      I feel we need to completely embrace technology in the education field, not moderately. Getting funding for laptops or ipads for students is just a waste of money if we don’t have an education system that from the top down understands how education can be aided by technology. It would make waves though, for example, by shutting down the textbook industry, a large force in education, larger than it should be anyway. But we simply don’t need them anymore… It’s time to evolve.

    • xetani 26 Sep 2016

      What hit me the most by far is the way it showed kids sitting in rows, as if preparing to one day work a factory from day to evening, instead of letting them explore the brilliance that every one of us have. School can kill and hurt more than any another institution, because it is so sneaky and deceptive. People blindly believe that this is the best for their kids, there is no alternative, and what they are doing is going to bring an on-set of change. But it isn’t so. We all really have those little shining gems inside our hearts, souls, brains, but it takes just so little to stray it from it’s real path and lead into an abyss full of intellectual poverty and lack of creativity. It’s starving the mind so it works better for the system, creating a shell and filling it with whatever is most needed, whatever is most flexible and prone to manipulation.

      I’m not presenting this as a conspiracy theory. It isn’t one. What it is supposed to mean and say is that an outdated system, that feeds on the lack of direction or idea of an individual as to what to do moving forward, is not a system that can or should be used and practiced in the modern times, right now. Talk to any random kid you can. Ask him whatever random thing you may, suggest any random topic you can possibly imagine. Let him think free, speak openly. And whatever answer he conjures, it’s gonna speak wonders of just how brilliant every single man and woman on this planet is. Because they will always have some answers. And it’s never going to be 2 of the same. Just like there isn’t such a thing as 2 of the same brains.

      It is time for a change. It has been for quite some time, but if we mean to move forward, and not just progress as humanity, or a society, but as happy individuals, we have to fix the very roots of the problem. Where it all begins, the crossroad of the later life, the education. And I assure you that the students have never been more desperate for a change, than now.

    • Madeline 26 Sep 2016

      I am the mother of a child with a learning disability. The system says it set up that ever child receives a free appropriate education yet millions are failing. Why is it easier to get a criminal record than a decent education. It’s time we all wake up and fight to see our tax dollars actually be used probably. The school system is no different than the big banks. We need to stop bailing them out and hold them accountable for the lives they are destroying.

    • Jane 26 Sep 2016

      This is my thought for the longest time how can one person teach 30 kids …. everyone learns at a different speed our brains are not created the same. The school system is design for the children to become robots. This video touches on so many areas regarding the educational system that the average person choose not to discuss. I really was considering homeschooling my children.

    • Kasia 26 Sep 2016

      1. I think we should to concentrate more for art skills – we all should develop skill in painting, singing, drawing and so on – and we should to do that not by computers – I believe when we draw by our hand then it comes into beeing with your brain, your heart – your whole body and your soul 🙂 It gives us freedom, develop of course creativity, helps in independent thinking :
      2. Lessons which you do absolutely NOTHING – in such a moment your best idea come to you (I know that from personal experience) 🙂
      3. Lessons which you we are teached how to love yourself, some lessons with mirrors repeating “I love myself, I respect myself”
      4. Lessons which you learn about UNIVERSAL values – which works in every place in the world in every time :)))
      5. I study architecutre so I know that architecture influences a lot for a human 🙂 We should just create better kindergarden, better schools :))
      E.g. like this one 🙂

    • Sanskriti 26 Sep 2016

      I am a student and I 100% agree with this and the video. At my old school we were not even allowed to carry our phones around and if we did the principal would take it and keep it until the end of the school day, if this happened too many times we would get detention. I don’t think that this is fair for many reasons, one being that I can listen to music on my phone and that relaxes me before tests or performances. Another thing is that we are not allowed to bring out computers to school. Computers would be extremely helpful in taking notes and researching. We have to write all of our notes by hand and that takes more time than typing and if I lose a page of notes I will most definitely fail my test. We also have a lot of research projects and it would be very helpful if we could do a lot of the research in class instead of at home where we already have over an hour of homework for each section, not to mention if you did not fully understand the lesson.

    • Brittney M Coy 26 Sep 2016

      I believe knowledge is power and although we have heard that many times it needs to be implemented into society. If we can do the research as parents and then hold a conference with the schools and other parents that would be a start. Then there is funding they will want to know how they are expected to fund iPads for every student, every year. We as parents need to help with this as well and not through high-priced fundraisers we need to think of new ways to get what our children need. I agree my children were born into technology 2005-2008 and they learn best with computers and iPads or tablets. I have gotten each of my girls a laptop and plan on getting them a tablet for Christmas. I want them to have everything they can at their fingertips to research and watch educational videos and play educational games. We as parents need to be the future of learning for our children.

    • Felipe Torres 26 Sep 2016

      I think every year the students should be courage to research a solution to problem they want to fix, and through out the year they should work on that solution learning what they need to do so, with the guidance of teachers, encouraging the free exchange of ideas… No grade involve. Doing things to earn a reward shouldn’t be our focus of education, but to try leave a better planet when we’re gone.

    • 7seven7 26 Sep 2016

      I’ve seen my children learn every aspect of a complex video game in a matter of hours, that fact in itself tells me that they are reachable and teachable when learning again becomes fun! To revolutionize the teaching methods where technology is applied to creative side of the child! No more fish climbing trees just artists, doctors, musicians if you please!

    • Yahya Hagi Adolay 26 Sep 2016

      We are tired of following the same system of teaching since a long long time ago.
      Once i read this “don’t wait for a different result, if u still using the same method”
      I mean if we still teaching in same method following the same system, how will we expect to have a different generation with more knowledge and more creativity !!
      We need to change in order to have better future.

    • Jasmine Nasseri 26 Sep 2016

      I feel like school should be a place where u go and have fun because u are learning something that u love I think us students should sit in a environment that is open not in a room where walls are surrounding you .
      Theses days with all these Advanced technology besides picking up heavy books we can use these technologies as books .

    • Niamh Murphy 26 Sep 2016

      I’m 12 years old and already dreading school and I’ve still got 4 years left. I should not be feeling this way nor is it right . I feel that every subject should be as important as the other none less nor more cause they are all equal and should be in the curriculum. If you don’t want to do the subject or you feel as if that is all you need to know for the rest of your life then that should be acknowledged and approved of and everything that you need or want to know in their place. Look I might sound like some whinny 12 year old girl that knows nothing but its not fair how we don’t get a say at what’s important to learn and what’s not so that is my suggestion you can ignore it or disagree with it but thess are my views of schools and education. Thankyou

    • Brian 26 Sep 2016

      I think that teachers need to be paid more for 1. however the issue for me would be that the education process in the u.s. is so out of date when 70% or more fail out of it. the thing should be that each student doesn’t learn the same way. I like to listen to music and some like to be hands on with learning not just from text books. there should be a way to find out how each student learns and then use that to teach. Not just from a text book.

    • Juan 26 Sep 2016

      We don’t even go outside anymore. We don’t have an enjoyment at school it feels like a problem. I believe if we combine nature and technology.

    • Manoj Songara 26 Sep 2016

      I agree 100% of this. I’m an Indian. Though we have a vast History in the field of Education but we lack in social life. I mean our education system teach us to fill papers in exams or force our brain to do instant computation. But i hate it. Even my college sucks in education, so i had to dropout. I started my college again, which follows the curriculum of Edexcel, UK. I loved this new College.

    • Kacper 26 Sep 2016

      I’m 12, and I feel like learning using technology can be a great way to learn if the technology is used “correctly” I sit at home most of my day, playing games , watching videos on youtube, but also often learning, I sit alone and read books whenever we have free time at school, I dream of becoming an astronaut when I grow up, I also exercise. Often my life isn’t easy, my parents divorced when I was 4 or 5 , had to basically grow up with my step-dad, they sort of are alcoholics. Often people look at me like “a twelve year old boy” But I’m intelligent and I know a lot about the world, I have my opinions, my thoughts. And honestly I love learning, good luck to you Neste
      and I know this comment didn’t make any sense, I’m literally 12 and English is my 3rd language, haha.

    • Malk 26 Sep 2016

      We could create new curriculums for each different type of learner and divide the classroom or color the desks and chairs based on each group and then have an entire period focused solely on how each student could make this world a better place kinda like a philosophy lesson

    • Kylie Morgan 26 Sep 2016

      I am a student and I relate to this video a lot. In the beginning of the video where be quotes Albert Einstein speaks to me the most, because it’s 100% true. So many kids at my school think that they are stupid just because the don’t understand math or science. I don’t think that’s right because some people learn at different paces. Also this may not even relate to the topic but I think that schools don’t let students be themselves and have their own opinions. For example, I’m in a English class where we are suppose to voice our opinions, and one day the teacher played a game with us where we are suppose to express our opinion on a scale of one to ten how important that topic is to us. As we were playing the game the teacher kept shouting at us because she didn’t think our answers were right. School isn’t teaching student how to be themselves and how to express themselves, it’s only teaching them how to be a follower and not a leader. Many people ask the question “Why can’t anyone be themselves anymore? Everyone is trying to be like someone else. Why can’t people just be themselves? The answer to that is we are told we are incorrect for trying to be ourselves.

    • Sade Wilson 26 Sep 2016

      Education should be geared towards and designed so that every child has the opportunity to know that their dream is possible. There is more than one way to reach success and success has a different meaning for each individual . It is time to stop creating employees and start developing the ingenuity of owners, business partners, families and the support that is needed to make the world a better place for the present and future generations.

    • Hector Ramos 26 Sep 2016

      One of the key issues is that we do not realize the importance of developing children in a variety of areas:
      a) physical (building a discipline of physical exercise for the future)
      b) emotional (building emotional intelligence that produces resilience)
      c) social (helping students understand the value of collaboration and synergy: key principles in successful entrepreneurship)
      d) intellectual (helping students develop in different areas to become lifelong learners with an emphasis on cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspectives applied knowledge to solve problems)
      e) developing the moral fiber of students. Do we want students to be generous contributors to the town, city, state, nation… or selfish, self-centered citizens? The future you want for the nation is the future that has to be taught to the students who will make that future happen.

    • chaim s. 26 Sep 2016

      it’s not the tech, it’s how we use them. How to open and create a discotion about the way our world works? It’s easy, we have movies that touch the issue. for example: john q (Denzel w) – meddical treatmants, mad city (from1997 John t) – the media, a new one called money monster – finance. alot to think about! our eforts should be on how to use tech’ efectivly and not how to create, i live in Israel and we’re not allowed to show any movie in class. of corse showing a movie because i’m lazy is bad but the ed.departmant needs to let me deside, how can they trust me with kids education and not with this.
      most of the foccus goes to math’ and science – its super important, but isn’t teamwark more so?
      we need a constroction to build on, but people don’t want a plane sqare house. the teachers kneed more freedom on what and how we teach.
      what about the studies for ed. degree. It should put there eforts on discussions on how to teach and not study text books. we study the wrong way to teach the wrong way
      about the seating – in the talmood 1500 years ago they used to study in pairs and then sit in a square shape in order to create a discussions . using that and adding work spaces around the sqare for group work would be excellent

      sorry for my spelling mistakes if i had some.

    • Jarred 26 Sep 2016

      They should be able to feel safe in their own little community but not only feel safe within the classroom but feel safe “to let out the dream they have inside” “to change our future

    • Kenneth 26 Sep 2016

      I really think we should ask the students it would make it easier for them because with each generation the process of learning changes

    • Nicholas Bianchini 26 Sep 2016

      Well it’s good to use technology but up to a certain point because then if they get addicted we would face another problem but a way to promote this new learning method through outdoors experience new technologies and better quality of schooling I belive that every country should start a paetion and then vote for the new teaching method like the one practiced in Finland

    • Danise 26 Sep 2016

      I really feel something needs to be done to change the future of our educational system.

    • Korey 26 Sep 2016

      The biggest problem that needs addressing in school systems is standardized test by far. You can’t determine the intelligence of a student by a single test score. What ever happened to real learning and understanding. All schooling is now is learning and preparing to take tests.

    • Usman 26 Sep 2016

      I believe that new teaching strategies should be taught in schools now. I am in Middle school and yes, I do listen to Prince EA and he is my role model. And I agree with him.

    • Edit 26 Sep 2016

      Personalized teaching method could be the key to improvement. Countries such as Estonia and Finland have several teachers in the classroom at the same time to help children with the exercises. Also, all children are allowed to talk, their ideas are listened. Teachers should shift approach to be a mentor.

    • Anonymous 26 Sep 2016

      I feel like schools should imply more technology but students should also be able to write with an old fashioned penicl and paper. From personal experience, I know how it is for a large classroom to be taught by a single teacher. The entire class rarely speaks because they’re scared to show that they don’t understand (or genuinely don’t care) and the teachers barely affect some in a positive manner. I’ve had classmates who have cried and stressed too much over a letter that defines how much they supposedly know, and I believe it is wrong and should stop. It should be a hands on learning environment, where kids want to learn, but nowadays kids are bored and sleeping during a lesson. Our youth is glued to their technology that they should be able to learn with it. There aren’t many varied ways of learning through public schools, or schools in general, and I think they should change up the education experiences for young children. My only worry on this is when we run out of fossil fuels to power technology run programs/devices. Not to mention that education is mandated by a country’s government in certain places.

    • Cyan Thomas 26 Sep 2016

      Great idea but I believe we should really be more interactive, sometimes the class rooms are too cramped and its not because of the size of the room but its because we all sit at individual desk, we should be communicating more, and instead of teaching us things we will never use but teach us how the stuff we need, taxes, how to pay bill, how to cook….people say its the parents responsibility to teach us this stuff but not everyone is privileged. WE NEED A CHANGE, I am tired of being taught things the way I may never understand, these test that make us feel stupid but the average adult may not even be able to pass. We are not even taught, we are given papers to understand, they are dooming the future generation, we can not even use our technology, we try to have the rights to be creative but it never does. Thank you school for wasting my time on lessons I will never use and understand, thank you for homework when is messes with our bodily functions, thank you for making me have to get something that doesn’t even begin to show how intellectual I really am. Thank you for trying to make a change, I hope you succeed for a brighter future.

    • Jovan Dinnall 26 Sep 2016

      I think the school system should incorporate these following topic’s; Financial Education, Health, Personal Development, and Creative Thinking for all student’s. These are the topic’s that should be used to teach reading, writing, and math. Student’s should also be motivated to create new thing’s rather than work for the people that create new thing’s.

    • Thaisha 26 Sep 2016

      This video left me thinking and wanting more. School indeed need a change because not only like Sanskriti said that in many schools technology is not allowed because they only see it as a distraction I think the way we were raised have a lot to do with the interaction towards using our phones because we are taken away from technology in our classrooms. We should enter our classrooms with the urge to learn but all you see is people focused on the outcome of the test we need to take in a week or so. I as a student want to see a classroom were we talk to each other and don’t get shushed because that happens too even when we are talking of the topic the teacher is currently teaching. Why do math seem so boring to many students? so hard? yet others find it extremely fun, well let me tell you maybe is the way we absorb the information. We need to be interested not only concentrated because now a days concentrating is learn it now remember it till the test leave all that you learned in that test because you weren’t interested anyways. So everything I can do to help the future, I will.

    • 13345bob 26 Sep 2016

      We need programmers to create interactive learning tools that adapt to a students needs so they can help them learn at the speed and level they need to. They can also be way more interactive than traditional learning.

    • Christian 26 Sep 2016

      We should teach students tax, budgeting, but no school does that. They say if you do good in school you don’t have to worry about all these things. So, schools never teach students how to do taxes and as soon as we get out of school we are expected to know how to do taxes and budgeting but nobody knows how too. So i think it should be mandatory to learn these things.

    • Benjamin brooks 26 Sep 2016

      As a student I don’t feel my success should be based on a letter grade or test but instead how well we as students communicate and apply what we’ve learned with things in our everyday lives

    • Kathryn Cunningham 26 Sep 2016

      You have to be careful when you add technology into the school environment, kids get put in boxes because of these classes we’re put in and they think they can’ do things so they don’t do things. They’ll mess around during class because for years they were the fish that was told to climb a tree or just the kid at home who didn’t get the love they needed. I think changing up the way we do school would be the best thing to happen to us. Technology is changing in a way to become more effective but school is always taught the same way. We dip a toe into what life is like today but other then that we are taught all about the past. I think school should develop like our technology, the whole world is moving forward but the kids are being taught the same thing year after year over and over. I think teachers are underappreciated, the kids think it doesn’t matter so they don’t care which causes the teachers not to care. If the kids had a teacher teach them in a way that the kids could actively understand and feel like they were learning then we would have teachers that would see the results they wanted and kids would be able to blossom.

    • Steven 26 Sep 2016

      My name is Steven and I had a reading comprehension problem and half way through 2nd grade the teachers.. the reading aids and special education teachers finally gave up and said this kid isn’t ever gonna be anything.

      I went all the way through school till my last few years of High School before I was noticed but by then it was to late. The last few years of High School though I was transferred to a tech school where all my work was online via the computer and guess what.. I got an A here n there and mostly B’s and C’s when I used to get F’s and D’s

      Classrooms HAVE to change otherwise all of the potential out there will go to waste. The next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs could be out there and we wouldn’t even know 🙁

    • Natalie Miller 26 Sep 2016

      Teachers at my school always are saying mean comments to the students, usually calling them dumb or saying their ideas are to extravagant. I got told that and I quote “don’t be involved, school is not supposed to be fun! Put your head down and don’t talk. For the rest of the lesson.” Don’t you think that’s wrong? A classroom teacher who calls out the wrongness in socialising, creativity and innovatity. Social skills are about as much of the future as intelligence and I think we must change our education structure to make kids feel worthy, involved and cared for. Bullying of students is what the teachers do also at my school. It’s terrible to watch, they’ll pick on one student and never the rest of the class. They’ll make the kid feel dumb and give them detentions for no reason. This is wrong. I hope you see why the education system needs to change now.

    • Christopher H 27 Sep 2016

      Here one thing that interesting and its from my experience since i was leaving as Tabs came in to play… it seem like that direction the school system is moving is more towards office jobs being, being a computer of a phone…. I honestly don’t think that going help anyone think outside the box… And that fact that we are spending more money on technology doesn’t mean a better education. The reason why I say this I personal out of the class of 2012, a student that had reading and writing issues, – that was more push forward then held back for my own benefit… and watching other kids walk around the halls like they didn’t care because they didn’t. We need to move, and the best way to do that is do thing the way the Germans are going about things… allow people to focus on a career path rather then taking random classes like Wood-shop if a student doesn’t have a interested in it. We need to start to allow more net-working to happen because many parents never put on a professional front we need more mentors, as in one on one, possible at most one mentor for ever five kids. We need to change the whole system not just part of it and testing as well. That way kids,teens, and young adults know that they need to work on right now in order to better themselves for tomorrow. Honestly this isn’t happening enough in life or even at work, because we get so busy with thing that are their as distractions. Take it from me I had a video gaming addiction, between my computers and hanging out at my friends houses to play madden,call of duty, and all that…Just to get away from they idea of life. Here the way to fix this, is this get over looked then the idea of knowing someone perspective has little to no meaning to anyone.

    • Baylie Wilbert 27 Sep 2016

      Knowledge is something someone can never take from you, whatever the cause, everyone has the right to get an education and the right to stand forth for how they learn and what they can do with their knowledge. The future is among us and our future stands in the hope of a great education.

    • Sabrina 27 Sep 2016

      Everything in shcool needs to be done by you and yourself and can’t have help from other or books or google but in real life everybody is using those things because we are humans and not robots like you said. Everybody should have the right to have help from books or other things when we need it because no one is learning by heart history, science, french, english, math at the same time.
      Ps: sorry if there is any mistakes I am still learning English

    • Mark Wu 27 Sep 2016

      i say there needs to be less teacher standing in front of the class and talking classes or none and more active and hands on classes with group work type of assignments. i’m sure there are many like me who can’t focus in classes sitting in a desk and starring at the teacher talk.

    • Max 27 Sep 2016

      We must all stand up and design a new technique to use when teaching young and creative students. Everyone is defiantly different from their neighbours. Please fix it! that’s all I ask…

    • Sreyus Philip 27 Sep 2016

      I guess we should put emphasis on critical thinking, and thinking ‘outside the box’

    • Mcmyr Gonzalez 27 Sep 2016

      Hi I’m from the Philippines. And we have one of the worst and outdated school system. The K-12 program is already outdated but our country just started the K-12 program this year (2016).

      I think the smoothest way for countries to adapt to a better system is to learn from the country that does it right. Finland. Education Department leaders should be sent to Finland to learn about their system, discuss how to improve it, and how they could apply it in their home countries.

    • Phakphum Visetnut 27 Sep 2016

      I have a lot of ideas about educational changes. First of all, we need to to understand that education is not just a system to force students to “download” knowledge from their teachers. In my opinion, education should be a method to inspire students to explore, to experiment, to play, to act, to challenge them to be the best of themselves.

      Exploration means to find all possibilities. For students, it’s the best to let them explore every possibilities of their career and their own life-long adventure.
      My idea about this is to gather every professions to share their experience and passion about what they do in school. And they can even ask students for give some creative ideas to solve their issues. School should be a place that everyone can share ideas and experience together, instead of “downloading”.
      And no more grading based on students’ “correct” answers, but praising on their experiment even they failed. Because every temporary failures give an opportunity to improve a solution.

      School should develop a culture of encouragement when students are facing something bigger than themselves.
      Instead of teaching how to do things, we should teach them how to be a better person with great mindset and attitude.

      These are some of my ideas. I hope this can help to make a change to our children and our future.

    • Daniel R. 27 Sep 2016

      I go to a private school and they gave us chromebooks and we get to keep them but they have restrictions on them but said that if we can find a way to get the restrictions off on our own, we can keep them off and that inspired me to learn coding and more technology. I know public schools are getting chromebooks too at least in Arizona and I think if they give them something to strive for that would help them learn but educate and help them at the same time that would help everyone exponentially. Just with access to the internet, I’ve learned so much and is actually how I learned so much in science and why I’m ahead of everyone on my class. So I think that if everyone could use the internet that we would all become smarter and grow as a community.

    • Kimberly Brooks 27 Sep 2016

      This is an awesome concept, a concept that will not take route immediately, system wide, therefore, in the interim, I think SCHOOLS should do away with desks, have co-teaching, have one to two days out of the classroom, have companies come into SCHOOLS to show students traded, let the summer be filled with mandatory camps that help children travel and learn multiple life skills all summer as well as have fun, smaller class sizes where there are no more then six students per class, have a garden at every school where the students will eat lunch and snack from the produce, return home economics, have students create their own pencils, bookbags, and uniforms, have three local colleges a signed to each school where they will mentor students from 7th grade and stay with them until they go to college, integrate parents into the learning environment where they can learn a trade or skill with their children and even set up a program where the admissions rest is done away with so that all children and their parents could go to college.

    • ali akbar arofah 27 Sep 2016

      gaming is the future education,school is like learning with work(profession)

    • Wiley 27 Sep 2016

      The environment concerns if addressed will provide the greatest job opportunities since the industrial era. Get technology into schools especially inner cities and provide them with hope and proof they can participate in their future and control the outcome.

    • Alfie Pickering 27 Sep 2016

      Yes 100%
      My son is always on his phone revising so imagine what it would b like if schools if they bought more technology into schools the rate of education will shoot up

    • Mohammed Shakeeb 27 Sep 2016

      One of the futuristic education will be having 3 or 4 teachers in one class…. Maybe Call senior students to teach junior guys we can save money… By having so many teachers what happens is that students will mingle with teachers more ideas can be discussed in a group discussion… What exactly can be done is even if students want to discuss on particular points can be done… Also by this student teacher relationship is quite friendly… So they can discuss about Facebook Twitter Snapchat etc… Things which will actually we will need in to our future… Okay please ban papers n pen so that students get used to technology and we all know technology saves time and gives more creativity… This way future will be decided by us not the teachers we will know where we are headed… Exams should be let students to choose which paper they want to have by this we will give them a chance to make them greater individuals in taking up responsibilities… I want to discuss more but maybe if I can sit with a panel who can really change this education system…

    • Halidsadee 27 Sep 2016


      Montessori philosophy is what can change the future of education.

    • Doris Voigtlander-Panagiotou 27 Sep 2016

      If this holographic simulation allows them to be inside or outside, put themselves into the past and the future, in order to learn how to react and adapt, how to learn fro the past to make positive changes in the present and future, but also having a real person/teacher/mentor also involved in the process, allow it to also be interactive with the thoughts and minds of other students/peers – because this interaction is also very vital to a childs formative years, then this system can only enhance a child’s learning. I say yes!

    • james 27 Sep 2016

      Although technology has changed slowly commercially, its not beneficial for the body or mind. We we spend hours paying attention to a screen thats not good for our eyes and having a chain reaction on the body as well as individualising us.

      Ive gone back to college and it is difficult as it doesn’t work for different learning styles, it forces people to develop other learning styles which isnt a bad thing. However I come home and have to watch videos and read it all again because the teacher isn’t explaining in a way I can understand.

      I guess you could say were compartmentalised to fill the gaps. Only our drive and determination allows us to go further, at least in my expereince.

      My whole aim of it is to help make a difference once I graduate:)

      The only way to get out of it is, educate ourselves and come together. Don’t let anyone segregate. Lift people up, not bring them down. We don’t need shiny things. We need love, connectivity and creative freedom:)

    • Daniel Siuda 27 Sep 2016

      Jan Amos Komenský – Czech school historical figure supported “School through play.” In order to learn efficiently we need to have purpose for that information we are learning. Otherwise it will just fade away and we forget it. Today we have all sorts of creative and educational and survival games where knowledge is power and learning how is very satisfying feeling. (Games like Minecraft, DayZ, 7 days to die. The enemies are not required for learning how things work.) Big advantage is that the resources are digital. It doesn’t take space it doesn’t cost money so it is good simulation for many educational projects. We can draw the inspiration there. Have virtual environment with some problems to solve, some with necessary cooperation of more students/players.
      There also should be not digital projects which are affordable and possible to implement without too much trash.
      School time shouldn’t be chopped to subjects but projects. Like how to find eatable plants in local area. Building basic shelters. Building your own energy source from scrap materials and so on. Inside the projects are many learning opportunities.
      School year should have objectives to complete and there should be more freedom in what each student does and when work on the objective when they want and rest when they want. Using different time prospective – Kairos in stead of Chronos.

    • Moe 27 Sep 2016

      I think there should be teacher for anything and everything for example am a gamer looking to become professional because I have the ability to become the best and I won’t complain if I sit 24 hours a day playing cause that’s my interest I am being forced to go to school get good grades to get payed like doctors and engineers if am a professional gamer I won’t earn 15% the money of a doctor while I deserve more because it is not easy to become like this

    • Joseph L. Hillman 27 Sep 2016

      In my studies of the Japanese school system, which let’s face it, they’ve been surpassing us in robotics, electronics, and computer sciences for decades, I’ve found things that are old news to them, but innovations to my experiences from school. I imagine had American Schools followed that example. I could follow my dream of owning my own company right now, rather than making poverty levels income at a dead-end job. I dream of a company that’s into R&D in every field imaginable, but I don’t just want book-smart people with degrees and no vision. I want also the dreamers and innovators who don’t just see what is, but also what could be.

      I have a high-functioning mental handicap, but I know that while it holds me back in some minor ways, it allows me to surpass ‘normal’ people in others. I’m not ‘retarded’ or ‘disabled’, I just think differently. I’ve known some who call it a superior ability, a gift to have. I know from experience though, that even people like me, shouldn’t be discounted in the pursuit of making a better world.

      As for what I learned of Japanese school systems, is at a young age, the schools identify each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. All subjects are still covered, but based on those strengths their educations are then tailored to emphasize on their strengths. By the time they need to actually get a job, there’s good paying jobs they’re already qualified for.

      Also, I think it’s from high school on up, there’s no janitors in the schools. Students maintain their schools, which teaches so many other great values.

      Additionally to this, I’ve heard it suggested, a great way to cut down spending and other problems large schools have is to do away with students traveling from classroom to classroom. Students are assigned to specific classrooms, specific desks, and where schools can afford as much, specific computers. Instead, have the teachers change classrooms.

      That would even cut down on the chances of students skipping classes, being late, fighting, having drugs, weapons, or other illegal things in their lockers (because they won’t have any).

    • Jillian Myers 27 Sep 2016

      In my school they have given us iPads, yet there hasn’t been much of a change in the teaching methods. We still look at textbooks, just online versions; we still use the same worksheets, only now we write on them digitally. It’s not enough to just become digital based, we need to change the way we teach. Some kids struggle with the textbooks, and giving them an iPad isn’t changing that.

    • Koki Mashita 27 Sep 2016

      I am a student by myself. Even I take special lessons to learn 3D printing, Coding and Arduino, I still don’t get why education systems has never been changed for over 150 years. There should be more creativity into it and make education prepare for the future better
      -Grade 6 Student from Singapore

    • Sydney Chamberlain 27 Sep 2016

      I believe that schools should not be a classroom full of students being forced to learn things that either they don’t want to learn, will not need or is just unnecessary. They need a system that adolescents go to a place where they choose what to learn and they choose their environment to learn it in. For an example students wake up at a time that suits them then they go to the building where you learn and they choose there own path and learn at there own rate for as many years as they want and this way students can be flexible with work times and learn times and there will be no teachers and only supervisors for behaviour. In this building there will be practical areas and theory areas this means there will be computers books and all other learning material in the theory areas and in the practical areas there will be stuff you need to practice whatever you need to learn. Also there should be rooms to relax in and talk to friends.

      I am a student at school in year ten and sorry for lack of gramma, I am too lazy to use it when using an iPad.

    • Angie Lindemann 27 Sep 2016

      I believe each of us has are own unique way of learning. When we discover what that is, it may guide the teachers to an easier process of teaching. We have so many leading countries with great examples of children learning and thriving. Lets work together!

    • trevor b. 27 Sep 2016

      i agree, i am currently in 7th grade and it is just the same stuff over and over again. they don’t focus on what your good at they just make you do what there little book tells them to!!!

    • Kamie 27 Sep 2016

      We should eliminate standardized test all together, because the whole school structured is based off it. We need to make schools that have more hands on experience. I like the idea they are trying too add computers in the classroom, but I think they should have more apps that will allow kids to feel as if they are taking field trips everyday. For instance, allow them to virtually take a walk to the zoo, science museums, art museums, museums, aquariums, planetariums, hospitals, restaurants, small businesses etc. Why teach a kid to do math, science, reading, social studies and not show them how to use it in the real world? We need to have school environments that are fun to keep things interesting and take the pressure off our children. I believe if we had a section where kids could play while learning it would be great. I see things in the library that seem to reel kids in more why can’t the school have a librararian that is more interactive. For instance, instead of reading a book why not act it out as well with puppet shows highlighters. Most school libraries just hand out books and provide some quiet reading. I mean what are they getting paid for to baby sit.

    • Elise Raley 27 Sep 2016

      I believe that we can tailor a child’s education to their strengths or way of learning by studying them while they are young. In pre-K and Kindergarden, teachers can study their students by having them all do different activities. These activities will play to different ways of thinking like if they are visual, auditory, or kinetic learners. Also, studying which students are more analytical versus creative. Once the child reaches an age where they are capable of making choices for themselves, maybe 3rd grade, they can receive a profile about their style of learning and talior their future classes to their profile. This would teach them to think for themselves in a way that is most effective for them, much like college.

    • Jack, the unnamed person 27 Sep 2016

      I feel the most effective way would be if that person who’s aim is to become a sports person doesn’t have to worry about his marks….if that person who has to become a physicist doesn’t have to know the five tributaries of the longest river….if we can eliminate the grading system with a better alternative like someplace with the achievements of all students….if instead of marks, the efforts of the students are recognized…. In my country particularly….teaching is completely marks based….entrance into a college is based on the no of mcqs a person can learn…entry into a school to teach him this is also based on how many questions he can answer….it is when students are judged not on their academic excellence but their determination to bring a change… If such a society is achieved it is only then that the world can truly move forward

    • Melissa 27 Sep 2016

      I am 23 years old and still struggle to remember things, my education is in the medical background and there’s a lot of information I have to know. I think a simulation like this will be very useful so you can actually see the parts of the body you are studying, better stimulation for the memory….as for younger children and the fact that technology is everywhere, doesn’t it make sense teaching should take that route too!?!?

    • John 27 Sep 2016

      Students definitely need a new way of utilizing there physical energy while in a learning environment. New ways of sitting,standing,crouching etc…should be implemented during the curriculum! Sitting in a chair for long stretches at a time has no place in a proactive learning environment.

    • Elise Nizette 27 Sep 2016

      I’m from Belgium, and here there are some more options. There’s the general classes, the sports classes, the art classes and the technical classes. All in different schools and different teachers. School is still a competition for us, the students, but at least we’re divided in different groups and schools so we can choose what we learn.

    • Louis R. Crecchio III 27 Sep 2016

      my thoughts -first we must remove the half truths, dis-info & propaganda from the records & replace it with nothing but the truth. Seating arrangements should upgrade to perhaps a circular shape so everyone can see each-other & caters more to equality etc. Create a program to identify unique talents or passions of each child to be expanded on. Way more hands on learning. I think there are only a few different ways that people learn.. it’s not like every single person is going to learn completely differently, of course 1 size fits all doesn’t work when it comes to education, but on the flip side, its not so complicated to create many “sizes” or “shapes” to choose from.. obviously it has a lot to do with sense perceptions. Some have more ease with seeing to learn, not only words in a book or off a projector but seeing what u are reading about, actually living it, some need to feel, or hear the sounds, or taste, or even smell… so everyone will benefit more or less with different sense perceptions or combinations thereof, applied to the learning process. Currently, it looks like we are mostly expecting everyone to learn from reading & listening & having to process it all in the dark space of the mind… We also need to introduce more subjects, like yoga, meditation, self mastery type subjects.. why are we not teaching our children the most fundamental things like mind over matter? Peace.

    • Shawn Novelli 27 Sep 2016

      The education system is kept out of date for a reason, I mean how long does it take to realize one person teaching over 20 students is not efficient? The education system needs to break off from the concept that earning a degree is the key to gaining a successful career, especially following the current process of how a degree is obtained which is explained in the 2nd paragraph. Obedient workers never had a chance at exploring their creativity unless that is their pathway for them, and for many people it is not. So many people in the school system are overworked and over pressured to make a career choice limiting their abilities from the start. They never tried that career pathway or got to see what it is actually like and what they can contribute to the career field. When they reach their career choice they are so used to taking orders that they go with the flow. Slow progress is good progress for the leaders because it can be controlled. So this is why I am saying the education system needs to break off from regulations and statuses. Degrees may be good measures of progress in education but do not define a person’s ability or creativity. The fact is that for many contributing reasons, the people of this nation are being cut short by an education system that is not aware of the development of this country but instead is aware of continuing to teach in redundancy because if the current education system worked then it should work now which is not the case because as new improvements are developed they should be applied; this system is continuing in the direction of the sum total of this culture which says to live for yourself without thinking of someone else, work your way up blindly working for someone else, even if that company is a monopoly that exploits workers. Intense urbanization and the following of the current system I believe is a direct cause of the bystander effect. There is too much of a demand to stay busy instead of stay productive, focusing in on applications that people will actually benefit from.
      The education system is not the reason for corrupt companies and it does not directly contribute to low productivity in the nation, there is much that can be attained from going to school but is mainly due to colleges existing as a learning environment. There is so much stress in today’s education from running class to class thinking only about grades and how people, future employers, will see me, not how I can contribute to the world. Grades do not define a person’s intelligence but defines mostly a person’s ability to retain information, in other words testing people’s memories. The repetition of going class to class memorizing things and rarely using real world applications, which we have an abundance of technology and social strategies to get it done, can wear people out and drain creativity. The education system wants people to regurgitate stale information back to the teachers to be graded. Well this method of choice is doing the nation a disservice by not being open minded to different aspects of certain problems or possible improvements to society. Science can back up the inefficiencies of the education system. Memory functions are a right sided brain function along with problem solving; with that being said, most education systems teach in a way that contributes to the right side of the brain such as calculus, physics, economics, statistics, computing, even sociology and art are taught in a way to lean more toward right side brain activity. Solving problems without creativity seems to be a follower’s job don’t you think? If left sided brain activities increase and balance out the heavy demand of the education workload we will see increased benefits to students and this will also result in a decrease of redundant work that needs to be done. There are teachers that love to teach but the way they teach is already set out before them, so even the teachers are guided to do things a certain way. Creativity in a growing generation will increase the number of jobs alone dramatically, not to mention the quality of jobs across the nation.
      The leaders and companies do not want specialized workers or independent people making things happen on their own, unless they go by their rules, or else they would let money flow into the education system and watch the country’s population flourish more because of it. The leaders want progress but just because they want progress doesn’t mean that they want real and efficient progress, they would seem to keep this part an illusion to keep going on with their plans and not the plans of the people they represent. Let’s face it, when a company obtains control of production of a certain product it wants to do better than the competitors so it can be the one everyone turns to. Colleges should start to fuel creativity in the area of small businesses because the technology is available in the present world. Small businesses are good for the economy and help cities and states to be more independent and self-sufficient.
      The great happening of the current world is technology and how it allows for more open communication of information and how it has linked together research and knowledge to allow people to better themselves and the world around them. The thing with technology is it is also slow to be implemented because it is costly to purchase new technology and the people that create them are very skilled and are also paid higher than a more common job. We have the technology and research to prevent cancer to a certain degree and other treatments are being tested. This awareness is slowly surfacing, so there is a process to everything but jumps in progress are possible, progress doesn’t have to stay at its current pace.
      There is one part of the education solution that is probably most important and that is how the information is transferred inside each specific classroom, making up the process for the entire college. Social learning strategies are very important because they allow for multiple learning processes to occur in the same classroom instead of the ancient way of having one teacher responsible for many peoples learning. Once responsibilities shift from the teachers to the people, and there is a proper balance achieved, then creativity along with problem solving will occur more rapidly and freely. It is a lot about the environment that people enjoy learning. Take the library for instance, I enjoy being in a library because of the surroundings and the research that is available at my disposal. Classrooms can reflect a more updated, comfortable, and efficient style to encourage learning at the individual level. A few brief examples would be couches and comfortable chairs in at least some classrooms, tables and computers spread around the room, and a main projector or Television screen in the middle or front of the room for class discussion, the key is to make the classroom diverse and unsymmetrical to allow a more comfortable environment. Technology is one part of the solution because it allows for learning processes to occur more efficiently; technology should be used and implemented alongside social learning strategies to create the most efficient learning environment possible.
      There is many more ideas from many different notebooks I have on education alone. Education can actually be doing harm to society because it takes a chunk of the generation and places them in a box of specific learning which causes their minds to be contained inside which dwindles down their passion to make change. Making money is placed on a higher priority than helping others. History has proven that societies improve over time because we learn from previous generations and systems of government. The present day society we live in is held back by the chains of inefficiency and change needs to occur on many different levels, including education, so we can be well prepared for future endeavors as a nation.
      I found myself getting frustrated with the current education process the more I continued with it. I found myself learning most of what the class had to offer by the 2nd week because the teacher explains the perspective of the specific subject they teach; with this fact in mind it just takes applying that perspective to the rest of the information in the class. Intense urbanization caused me to rush around until I felt I could complete the goals I have; there is a correlation between urbanization and anxiety along with personality disorders. By my second semester of college I realized the inefficiencies and the slow speed of the education process and wanted it to change but I felt I had to obtain a degree and get a job to get the resources I need to make a difference. I now realized through independent research that this is not the case. If you or this company/website is interested in the ideas I have so far, it would be my honor to share more ideas. If you have any employment opportunities or just want a second opinion my e-mail is I also have a Facebook, Shawn Novelli. If you are looking to change the education system I guarantee that you could use my help to achieve your goals. Thank you for your time and reading my paper.

    • Angela 27 Sep 2016

      I believe they need to make classes for each learning type instead of subject type especially in elementary school. In each grade they tend to have about 4 or 5 teachers so if they could do an assessment on the first day of school to see what the child’s learning style is and put them in the class specific for that then I think it would help out a lot. Kids are also being labeled ADHD because they can’t sit still and learn so maybe those kids could have interactive classrooms to help them learn better instead of forcing them to be the cookie cutter type of child and be someone that they are not. My son has ADHD and he said he does better in the classes where the teachers include the class in the discussion where everybody can talk out what they are doing. Sitting still and being quiet doesn’t work well for everyone and the punishment when ADHD kids don’t sit still is to take away their recess which is counterproductive.

    • Robert 27 Sep 2016

      Myself have dropped out of School when 17, and decided to move to another country (from Amsterdam to Greece) It teached me life, throughout experiencing poverty and the willingness to make an earning for my self. I also see in many “modern school’s” that the buildings are new, and the classroom’s have new boards with a digital pen, and also MacBook’s instead of old pc’s.
      But even because this new equipment, it did not improve the teachings of their knowledge at all. I feel, a teacher should earn the same as a doctor, as Prince said.
      And in my class, the teacher I had was many times just not experienced himself.
      A teacher should know also about children, and their difference in behavior.
      Like prince said, each one has different needs.
      More attention also provides a greater deal of learning and understanding. SMALLER classrooms Will help!!

    • Katie 27 Sep 2016

      I’m currently studying at university. I want to be a biomedical engineer. I want to make people’s lives better. I want to create something that can change the world – if only in the smallest way. Yet I sit in my lectures, listening to people who hate their job recite words and formulas that I must learn – wholly uninspired.

      We are so lucky to live in a time where we have the ability to educate the masses, there are huge advancements to be made, beautiful things yet to discover and yet we let our youngest, most able populous sit, bored or stressed trying to learn what “must be learnt so that you can get a job”.

      I feel betrayed by the education system. I feel like I have spent the best years of my life learning how to pass a test when I should have been learning who I am.

      The most important thing to have when you are young is a good teacher – it doesn’t matter how much they are paid, they need to understand how to teach and have a love for their subject. If they don’t love it how can they teach someone else to love it? There is no better feeling than sitting in a lecture hall listening to someone speak passionately about their field – you leave at the end inspired. I have probably left 4 rooms with that feeling in my 15 years of education. Each room gave me a different career path: a mathematician, a pharmacist, a physicist, an engineer. I’m not academic, I don’t have “a brain for science”, I listened to one person for one hour and they convinced me that learning from them would make my life richer. In my mind that is the role of a teacher.

      I also wish that travel was encouraged – why do we have bursaries and loans for university and no funds for travel? What a lot we could all learn from seeing the world…

    • Cristian 27 Sep 2016

      We may all not be super smart, but with colaboration we could help those who are. Helping those super smart people to inovate ideas for the better world.

    • Josefa 27 Sep 2016

      Prince EA led me to this forum and as someone who is now connecting with my artistic and expressive side, I feel this is a major area that the school system must incorporate more into the curriculum.

      People like Prince EA, Donovan Lingston and even Charlie Chaplin for that matter understand the power of speech and spoken word. As a young man wanting to make the most of my own time and potential I am very much drawn to wanting to understand the skill of communication which is vital in all areas of life. Again each of our own living situations is an expression of our own self worth and creativity.

      I vote for more teachers that can show the people how to formulate their thoughts into words/worlds and how to be able to express it with the authenticity and power to make it effective. If not Prince EA this is another video idea? (haha this would be appreciated by many people that resonate with your talks brother)

    • Siphilangenkosi 28 Sep 2016

      I really do agree with what SANSKRITI wrote. Books are amazing, fantastical even, I’ve been reading adn taking care of them all my life and few things are as inspiring as immersing oneself in a great story.
      However I know that games are stories too, ad they take immersion to another level by engaging the one playing in a more active manner.
      What an wonderful world we could create for us and our children if we could make education as fun and interactive as we make games?

    • pierre-mary 28 Sep 2016

      Would it be a good idea to teach and evaluate without giving marks on a piece a paper? Just teaching and making them comprehend. We can evaluate them and grade them but the marks won’t count and determine if they can pass to the next semester! At the same time, make the lesson more fun and comfortable for the students.

    • pop 28 Sep 2016

      I didn’t learn much in school thats useful today. The purpose of school is determine who’s parents make the most money, thats about it. If your parents make decent money, you have a decent time at school. If you’re poor you better be funny or wear name brand clothes. Kids would learn more self educating on youtube for 3 hours a day.

    • pierre-mary 28 Sep 2016

      Why not teach to make them comprehend and apply. Instead of making them usually work individually, we make them work as a one team to help them socialize and all know eachother while working and helping eachother. We can also give them evaluation tests without grading them! Instead make them practice on their errors and weaknesses. Also create a comfortable environment to help them focus better. We can give them shorter hours per day.

    • Joshua Braun 28 Sep 2016

      Technology needs to be further incorporated in our youths educational experience.
      From a student who has done their time in sitting in the 1900 style classroom, and dreads that possibility for future students.

    • Tim 28 Sep 2016

      I think that teachers should help each student learn the development of self confidence and to have full faith in one’s self. With that being said the teacher should ask each kid what it is that they want most out of life and how you can organize plan into definite action to get there. In school each student should have the ability to put his creative imagination to use for the desire of their success.

    • zachary Isaman 28 Sep 2016

      I think we should change the school system to give every kid a chance in the beginning of the school year they should take a test online to see how they learn to make them the most successful and of course have some test along the year to see how they have grown and depending on how they learn they will be put in a class that will help them learn the best.

    • Ella Cullen 28 Sep 2016

      I am a middle schooler and I go to one of the best schools in the state. I don’t think it is the “best” school. If you are not in the the best
      class you are just seen as “normal”. They only care about grades and all that and not you gifts. We do have a goal thing for the gifted but it makes it seem like you can only be gifted if you are good and math and English.

    • Colby 28 Sep 2016

      I don’t think we should take a giant leap and change everything about schools at once. I think we should take smaller steps. Such as, getting rid of the grading system, shortening school days, and spend less time on the “core” classes in High School and focus more on finding skills that students have a helping them turn there skill into a career.

    • Todd 28 Sep 2016

      More hands on. Having students do more feild trips, more research, their own opinions and asking them what students would be interested in as soon as junior high. So they have an idea what they might want to learn about all the way up to graduating high school. Virtual reality could be great in classrooms with 3D visuals of everything. Don’t teach as a test but as a group of people thinking together as one almost like the review day is today should be the test.

    • Spencer 28 Sep 2016

      It is important that everyone gains critical thinking skills. This can be achieved by teaching a similar general education course. A course designed to enable students with the skills to think for themselves when they are adults. I think many education systems, including the one in California, are attempting to do this. I think the biggest issue with the education system is that many schools are poor. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a school that encouraged individual creativity and also enabled me to have capable critical thinking skills. Perhaps, we should focus more on the economic side of the education system first. Because without money, there can be no ‘good’ education.

    • Jassadakorn(Thai) 28 Sep 2016

      Every one should learn from the internet and spend a lot of time with parents.

      “The real teacher is nature”

    • LifeVirus101 28 Sep 2016

      This is great

    • Luke, A Recent Graduate from a Failing School District 28 Sep 2016

      Technology is a tool. When we invented the wheel, we didn’t oppose it because it was different from the way we used to do things, we used it because it was more efficient. It made the task easier. The technology of today will largely fit into the same concept.

    • Lisa Murphy 28 Sep 2016

      Prince Ea inspired me to share my ideas. Hence, as an employee of the educational system for 20 years I commend a change! Children enter the 3rd grade with no self determination, no desire to come to school, fearing the end of grade test that will determine whether they “pass” or “fail”. This success or failure determines their potential for academic growth. By middle school, most students are tired of the system, the grades, and sadly have lost their desire for independently gaining knowledge… Or sharing their knowledge for they believe their voices will not be heard;or sadly that their opinions simply do not matter. Though I have been blessed to work in a school where testing is not our focus, the states have the ultimate say in their educational growth. My idea… FIRST, eradicate the test. A child’s success as an adult should not be weighed by these scores! And FINALLY, eradicate grades. In this I mean the scores represented on paper as well as Pre-Kindergarten thru 12th. The graded scores so neatly written with suggestive comments on how one can or should do better to be “good enough” do not give an accurate portrayal of a child’s strengths. The yearly “passing” on to the next grade level, again, does not portray or support a child’s strengths. My SUGGESTION, create classrooms that are dialed in on certain learning styles in which children are free to share their knowledge based on their creativity, their personal strengths and grow developmentally at their own pace, strengthening their own strengths. And yet we cannot allow this pendulum to swing so far to the freedom concept that those that learn in a quiet, book oriented environment are left to simply “sink or swim” as the experiential learners of today are. We are all innovative in our own way, yet we squander that in our students with “grades” rather than gratitude. It is time we allow the pendulum of the human brain to freely tap back and forth using the force of one another to keep going in a healthy way. One that promotes diversity and inclusion, collaboration, success and failure in such a harmonious way that all individuals know that they were created with a purpose; that these individuals begin to truly believe that their purpose can be achieved… No “grade” can determine that.

    • irving 28 Sep 2016

      if this is about school they should focus on the students needs than just putting power points and taking notes on it and tests its to stressful. If we can use technology and games school would be more fun and more easier to understand.

    • Tanya 28 Sep 2016

      Hi everyone ,l’m a student from Thailand in my country We have the worst education system. We have to test a lot of test in ours student life if i want to study in university we must to test at least 3 times in a year and test same subject i don’t know why but we very tried for this system except this many time to test we have another problem the test is very stink. Its can’t test our knowledge. Having many student disappointed with admission to university because The badly education system.
      We study a lot of English grammar but there are can not to use. We study only grammar and past when study end of this unit My English skill can’t use in a real life. We study a lot of Math and Science but there can’t use in my real life and have a lot of student hate this but we must to learn if i don’t want tolearn i must to get out form school and if i get out where place admit me to work where? Don’t have

    • Edward 28 Sep 2016

      They should implement better economic classes and teach financial literacy

    • Fariz Ramadhan 28 Sep 2016

      i do agree with this vision, actually i feel that i have a different style of learning, i always feel like a stupid since i was a kid, until now i realize it’s not my fault, it’s our education system that force every kid to learn with old system of education. I hope our next generation would have a better education experience so they will never be lack of confident of themselves

    • Riacrdo rodriguez trujillo 28 Sep 2016

      I personally suffer from some learning disabilities that have limited my ability to learn in a school environment, I and my family an suffered by those problems, but do not blame anyone and I do not feel like a victim but I do believe that schools should be ready or at least prepared to cope and help students suffering from these powers, either from dyslexia to down syndrome or some other as deafness among others, discrimination given by the school to these minorities were given the same opportunities that are given to “normal” people, my school is starting with a model of inclusive education where they are aceptandoa deaf people to study with us and I think it is a step in the right direction but it lacks support from the government and other institutions to place a fully inclusive school that meets the needs of each individual.(Sorry for the bad English but still I find it hard to write in English, I’m from mexico indeed and I would like to tell me about their views on the project my school is doing with my deaf classmates, thanks for your attention)

    • Panupong 28 Sep 2016

      Teacher is a Key. Teacher have life experienced more than student. They have to inspire , motivate or something to get in touch to build their student.

    • abdelkarim 28 Sep 2016

      school is kind of like booring the same board , the same old same chairs with ” love you ” written on it , the same exams , what doesn’t make sens to me is why were we taught things we never use in our lifes , we are all treated the same way inspite of the fact that we’re all different from each other

    • Eridon Elshani 28 Sep 2016

      Finally I can discuss this kind of thinking with other people. A kid who like arts, business, sports etc,these days is forced to go to school and learn about formulas, latino names and shit in science. I don’t understand why is always the same system to learn new things.

    • Gift 28 Sep 2016

      It’s actually thank you for your video i like your opinion so much , hope you success with your project

    • KING El 28 Sep 2016

      this is so true. i feel that if we had enough technology in our classes back in the days.. we would have been far much of a greater humanity.
      i work as an I.T guy in an internet cafe. i usually get troubled by old people and sometimes even the young people who have no access to these things. it always a hustle to work with them. it hard to help someone who does not know anything at all. schools should include those… instead of forcing kids to hurt their brains with things that they will not need in their life path. giving an opportunity to every kid to choose what to do as they grow up by exposing all different and interesting ideas on the table for your kids despite the fact that you might not like what they might choose. giving everybody a chance is important.

    • Quentin 28 Sep 2016

      This is really inspiring and motivating. I have found my life calling. Thanks!

    • Elli T 28 Sep 2016

      Hi, I am 12 years old and completely agree with Prince Ea’s video about todays educational system. I agree that we shouldn’t all be pushed into doing things we might not be passionate about. What a shame that we don’t get to be creative in our learning, and add to education. I am in school from 7.30 until 2.45pm and yet come home with loads of home work, I am still a child, and I want to play outside with my friends and be creative and free, yet it seems that my days are pre-loaded with school and homework. I want to love school, but sometimes it is hard to…..

    • Jowi 28 Sep 2016

      Currently i’m doing a minor in E-marketing in which we learn about the future of our economies en businesses. The main point made in this course is that the world is shifting from a company-based approach (push strategy) to a customer-based approach (pull strategy).

      In a company-based world old marketing techniques like the 4P’s are used to sell products/services, etc. Companies have an internal focus. They design things, lead them through the (old-fashioned) supply chain and sell them. In this case, the company is hoping that the customer’s need fits with the product/service.

      In a customer-based world new marketing techniques are used, like Big data. The essence of the new marketing is to focus on external elements. It’s all about personalizing products/services. It’s about making sure that your product/service fits with the customer’s need and not the other way around.

      You can see this happening in all the companies which have had massive growth over the last years. Uber, for instance, started in 2009 and is now worth over 50 billion dollars. Why? Because they’re non-stop optimizing the knowledge they have of every single customer. This is also the case with AirBnB, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, etc. Traditionally companies are failing because they don’t understand the world and today’s society.

      I think the school system should move to a customer-driven approach as well.

      Btw, i’m a 21 year old dutch student who’s working on a major change within the school system with my own business.

      I hope this new insight will help you develop your vision about the school system. Good luck!

    • Jo Briffitt 28 Sep 2016

      Technology isnt everything, put it down go outside, see nature, learn how the world works by seeing it in real life not on a screen, find the childs passion, never tell them they will fail, provide them with the individual help they need to progress. Give them more choices earlier on, Teach them the important things like polictics and how to care for the environment.

    • Brian 28 Sep 2016

      The one video that shed some light for me few years that I always go back to is “Why school kills creativity” by Ken Robinson.

      It pretty much speaks to the problem of current education that doesn’t allow for creativity, self exploration, self expression if that makes sense. I like the way Khan Academy offers education, because you’re not limited to learning, and can choose what aids you in your journey.

    • Kevin Scott 28 Sep 2016

      I think we should develop schools like the school of fine arts but in other area where children are inspired to use their gifts in technology, medicine, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, architecture, interior design, modern teaching techniques, electrical engineering, etc. That way kids will excel in the way Prince Ea said in his video. Also, take on the systems of Finland and other countries who have exceeded academically far beyond ours! I also agree that teachers should make as much as any doctor, lawyer, or corporate executive because their the ones who help them understand the fundamentals to get there! That’s my two cents. I hope it’s helpful. Be blessed!

    • Henry Wulff 28 Sep 2016

      In Germany there exists a project, where the pupil could decide by themselfs, when they wanted to start at school. Means 8 or 9 o’clock. If they started later, that meant they had to, catch up alone! It was copied by the Dalton Conzept in the U.S. Target was it to train the biomedical-rhythm. Maybe the solution to get better grates at school, is more indepedency by the pupil.

    • HIHI 28 Sep 2016

      Walk out of the classroom and explore the world. Ask questions that you want to know but never get forced to do things that you dont want to do. Live your LIFE.

    • PRAEWKWAN 28 Sep 2016

      Let’s do it together. Education have to heel.

    • Dylan 28 Sep 2016

      Students should be better and more consulted on what they love to do and want to do. Society should reconstruct the norm that values some jobs over another, and respect and value every job equally.

    • Atit 28 Sep 2016

      I totally agreed with you. But not just school, parents too. Parent have one or more major part to educate their children. As you said, they need to work collaboratively which included parent. Sorry guys I don’t have a time to go through all of your discussion but Good luck! I hope we all can improve education system altogether!

    • Cassie 28 Sep 2016

      1. We need to put more EDUCATORS in the higher positions. There are too many corporate executives running the school systems and sitting on the school boards. These people do not have a clue as to what teachers have to deal with daily and what REAL teaching inolves.
      2. Stop all the testing. These kids are being used as guinea pigs. I understand children need to get assessed to determine what they know, need to know, and where they need more help in certain areas.
      3. Stop having teachers to complete so many data boards in different ways that tell the same information.
      4. If a child has been disruptive since kindergarten to 6th grade, stop blaming the teacher every year for that student’s behavior issues.
      5. Put books and resources in the schools that are aligned with the curriculum and testing items.
      6. Stop blaming the scores on the teachers of students that miss school habitually and are below “grade level.” If according to the state, a child is on a 2nd grade level in 8th grade, why is this student tested on the 8th grade level.
      7. Allow teachers to have time to get to know their students. There is not enough time in the 7 to 8 hours to just have about 10 to 15 minutes per day to just talk with your kids.
      8. Recess: I understand some areas are too violent to go outside. Allow some time in the day to show, model, and teach social skills. Let the teachers have some time to show kids the correct way to play.
      9. Technology is good. But, sometimes just simple paper and pencil will do. Do not allow the skill of writing for obsolete.
      10. Teachers have too much paperwork. Useless lesson plans. If I see my entire class did not understand compound and complex sentences, allowing the teacher to stay on the lesson. Do not push the teacher to move on because of a “schedule” ordered by the district.

    • Laikram Lertsaksiri 28 Sep 2016

      My thought is the ministry of education has to think outside the box and get out of the old pattern like we use to do today. Every subject must be equal, not just judging someone’s ability by their math or science scores. The last one is the way we use to study in the classroom, teachers and students should work more coordinate not just teaching the same things every years. I’m so boring of our education these day. It’s time to change things up. One sound from THAILAND!! Thank you.

    • mahdi 28 Sep 2016

      Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

    • Jesada 28 Sep 2016

      I think about education for a while.People in my country always depend on graduated.
      I think we should focus about spark the children and lead them to what they love to do.make central of society or something to let the people do what they love to.
      and when people do what they love to they do it very well.
      and about competition of people it very bad when it has too much.
      we should focus on teach on common sense to help the human to be more human being.respect each other and feel other feeling and then we care each other and make world a better place.
      this world has more of corruption because people always want to live in top.
      Hope my comment can help anything.
      Sorry for my bad English.I just need to share.

    • Rashid 28 Sep 2016

      5 days a week 8 hours a day i go to school, the teacher comes writes what we are going to learn actually (makes us writing what we are going to learn) because they say: that was what we we’re told, im nit blamming the teacher im blamming the people who made this sytem that makes as so stressed that we see the future (our) future disappear, for 14 years i go to school and i don’t even now my gift my ability the just taught me how to solve mathematic and scientific problems they never taught me how to solve my daily life problems, they never taught me how to be myself or how to react when something happens, i wish if someone can fix this, please they won’t listen to us because they think they are right.

    • Ruby 28 Sep 2016

      I am a student and I’ve just gone into year ten so starting my GCSEs. and i saw a video on Facebook and i totally agree with everything said the education system is so wrong . for example why do we have to learn things that we are only going to need for are exams and why should one bit of paper have the power to determine your future? also why should schools care so much about what colour you hair is or how much make up or jewellery you have on or that the colour of your clothes or shoes are a shade darker or lighter than the correct uniform. They should care about the learning of students than incorrect uniform, they would rather send you home for wrong uniform than make sure your not missing important class work or in some cases thing we don’t need to know and will never use again.

    • Evan Sitler-Bates 28 Sep 2016

      I think another big change in the school system should be in financial education. If we were to use technology to teach kids about their finances, we would have a much smarter and wealthier future generation. Kids understand technology and would be interested in using technology to learn about finances by playing with stocks, and fake budgets and games that teach kids about these things.

    • ilirijana 28 Sep 2016

      Children’s need more joy games fun love and stimulation and creative learning.

    • Norie 28 Sep 2016

      Technology is a tool that would lead us into a better future. I agree with the problems that some is concerned of like kids who are stuck staring at screens or stuck inside houses but you also have to understand that the technology that is common and accessible now could heighten and improved into an interactive one like the Educycle. tools can be improved and technology is morphed by people who creates and uses it. Educycle can improve almost everything of the brains and the capacity of the human mind. it also saves paper and other limited resources that we cannot just take lightly anymore. we talk about future these days like some industrial boost and no talk for a coexistence or ecological existence with each other and nature. education is the root of it all since we are handling minds that would surpass the past generation and if you make them think the mediocre and typical ways of the old then this would remain a future that a person in the 1800’s wanted and that is not a progress at all. it is stupidity lacking of common sense. I am not saying Educycle won’t have any flaws for every invention has one hence why we have the word “Improvement”. I might be wrong since I am just a 17-year-old in college taking up medicine but as a person and a living being it is my right to be wrong and to be corrected. the same principle should be done as well. Correction of the present ways to accommodate the ever changing needs of the future

    • Ruva 28 Sep 2016

      That is so true, I’m 16 and I see my friends and everyone around me on their laptops, phones and iPads 24/7. If schools could use more current technology people might understand things faster, we are living in the past, in a world where 10 year olds learn and remember more about their favorite video game, than they do their times tables.

    • Thanabaworn Jongjareanpron 28 Sep 2016

      I’m the music teacher ,i’m Drums teacher, and i very agree with you project ,i very like
      an idea “The great teacher can reach the heart of these kids”.
      I’m live in Thailand and i not have any power but I promise i will doing my best to improve
      the education system, i mean start from my self ,it’s not big but i’ll give my life to be a “great teacher” , Thank you very much , You are my Inspiration

    • Annie 28 Sep 2016

      I believe teachers should be more appreciated in this world. If we don’t have any teachers, then we do not have a future. Why are the people that are preparing the leaders of tomorrow paid so little?

    • Hosam Mazzawi 28 Sep 2016

      One of the main problems in schools is lack of skills to real life like :
      communication, how to work in group, how to listen and how to ask good question, how to make good arguments or how to have healthy debate,
      Moreover the lack of financial education at all.

    • Cody Nelson 28 Sep 2016

      Obviously everyone has different ways of learning. We have visual, audio and kinesthetic learners. Obviously we must do our best to to be able to reach each individual kid with the best way they can learn, but the biggest problem I see in the class room is the curriculum it’s self. Most kids don’t do well in school because they are being taught things that don’t apply to most of them in the real world. Reading writing and arithmetic are essentials, but beyond that what are they learning that they can use in the real world, not even to benefit themselves but to benefit each other and the world. In college when I finally decided on a major I wanted to take, I had to take all these other courses that one didn’t apply to my major and two had nothing to do with the real world that I was going to be stepping in to, because of the classes that I had no motivation in, my grades dropped and I began disliking school. My point being, is we must create a new curriculum, one that teaches people about the current world, it’s problems and designs a way for our future generations to come up with the solutions. If this doesn’t happen our world will never progress like it should.

    • Deniz Galip Oygür 28 Sep 2016

      With all due respect, first and foremost help the kids enjoy learning. Help them see the fun in curiosity, in challenges, in progress of any kind…of course in an environment and “curriculum” of their own choice. Do not teach but have fun with them. They will learn. Kids are natural-born learners. This is what we do here in Turkey, out of the schooling or the course system:

    • Camila Sotomayo 28 Sep 2016

      Im a student and in my country (chile) every year kids from university protest for a change in the school system, they spend months on this but getting no change, I love this, kids actually fighting for something they really want, but the this is that they are not proposing anything, they just want change and i believe that we have to teach kids, to open their mind and find a change, thinking of that is so difficult but if they could help us we can, now a days technology takes a big part of our time, not just teaching us the things around us, they teach us everything and I think that, that would be a great way for a change we just got to communicate and make our ideas viral, but don’t hate, we always learn from everything

    • Harry Hastings 28 Sep 2016

      The use of technology in modern day life cannot be avoided. It is no longer a past time or a hobby but has become an integral part of our lives, from the way we communicate to the way we operate. The old school system of ‘manually learning’ has worked for many years but there are ways in which technology can enhance these traditional methods. I am currently a University student and we are actively encouraged to use our phones in class to access information from websites and other sources. We learn via a guided session and independent session. This allows us, as individuals, to explore our own areas of interest and find our own niche within the field. I am not suggesting children are offered self guided teaching but the chance to explore particular areas of interest such as art, literature, history etc. along with the standard curriculum can develop an individual’s true passion and put them on the course to a career they are interested in. Listen to the children because they are our future.

    • Sudhin 29 Sep 2016

      Technology is a tool for the future. The main focus of technology should be to find the topic where the child is curious about. More he is curious, more he learns about that, more he become creative about to make it better. For example if i am given a virtual reality world where i have access to many things for example cars, houses, people, books, trees, birds etc my mind to tend to choose something that i am curious about. Thats how our human mind works. So i go people where i can interact with them, learn from them, learn different culture, know different perspectives. But all this cannot be incorporated using technology. So the best way is to use technology to find which topic the child is curious at, and put him in an enviornment where he can learn himself more about that. And sure he will and it will bring tje best out of him. This is just a raw idea. But with help of you people i certainly believe we can make the change.

    • Tracia Petersen 29 Sep 2016

      Use technology to insight ideas, caress creativity and ignite individuality. Customized learning using video game strategies and moment through topics. Encourage self motivation by expanding visuality of differing experiences and use 3 demential holograms and simulations to expose minds and broaden experiences.

    • Makailee Weltman 29 Sep 2016

      after watching one of his videos on education it bring me to tears. as soon as it was finished i went onto this website. i agree so much with this. school doesn’t let kids be creative or be themselves they just hold us back and don’t worry about our personal needs. as a student myself finding it hard to find what i want to do with the very little selection of subjects i believe everyone is different and everyone should have a right to express them selfs the way they want to, not the way the curriculum does.

    • Bil Nolin 29 Sep 2016

      Hmmm, there are a lot of interesting comments and concerns posted here. Prince Ea’s video was interesting, but more than a little inaccurate. Saying a classroom in 2016 is the exact same as one 150 years ago is way off. I’ve been teaching 22 years and the change in classrooms in those 2 decades has been dramatic – not all good really. A huge issue with today’s education is a focus on quantity over quality. Teachers and students must cover a vast array of “expectations” which often means they don’t spend a sufficient amount of time really learning about any of them. One of my former students recently contacted me to,let me know that she got into law school (I love hearing what they end up doing). She told me on her application, one of the questions was what from your education has prepared you for law school and that her response was only one thing that she could remember, our journal discussions in grade 7 and 8. We would simply write down an interpretation of a great quote or an opinion of a social issue and discuss it; the only rule was that no answer was wrong. I’d like to say this was my plan all along, but really I just hated reading journal entries about what they did on the weekend. Regardless, it makes me rethink a lot of what we do. As far as technology in education goes, we actually use quite a lot of technology; however, as Prince has pointed out in other videos, this can lead to greater personal disconnection, as well. The solution will take more and more of these dialogues and discussions so keep it up. Until then, focus more on the positives and keep that energy flowing. We are all just energy after all.
      Well, for everything except standardized tests – they really do suck!

    • Josh 29 Sep 2016

      teaching technology is not the answer! We need to think beyond that. Let’s teach our children to question things. Teach them we don’t know the answers to tomorrow’s world – they do. Technology is a tool to help solve problems but if our children are not asking questions and finding problems to solve, technology just becomes another way to stop critical thinking and follow the herd.

    • Marcela Frota Variani 29 Sep 2016

      I believe in dreams. I believe that if the human being has the ability to dream, he is still alive. What schools do nowadays is to kill dreams. Schools and some teachers are simply drams serialkillers… As a future educator, I really feel sorry about that, but for us to have a big change, everything should start about the questioning about the meaning of our lives: why do we live for? What is my purpose in this Earth?
      You know what? The system as it is nowadays just put ourselves far away from who we were supposed to be, we end up forgetting who we are, thinking everything is this life is about money and profit.
      Sometimes I get really tired, but I hope I can see a better future.

    • Andrew Lau 29 Sep 2016

      What i do believe that future is not being teach like an ordinary than the pass it was because we have no enough technology to share information or communicate between people around the world that the problem come from make the ability short and make possible become impossible.

      Here is my idea idea of giving new changing of education:
      Children have different kind of skill of learning to proceed this one teacher can handle with group of children like no more than 5 , they will start learn and play with good result of absorb.
      Contact with nature truly understand what is the meaning of it, this is let children think and know about what keep our humanity still alive.
      Less competition with each others challenging score putting different kind of grade to children that will make them think of negative , is the begin of chaining their thought.
      Learning is a passion but when passion is making children happy, this is the greatest thing in the world.

    • Langdon 29 Sep 2016

      Hi, i just finished Y12 school last year. The entire way through school i was pushing against the grain, I was always questioning the way schools teach. Every kid has a way that they learn faster/easier, be it a theory book or hands on. I’m the hands on creative type, and being told to ‘sit down and open your textbook to page..’ by then end of school makes you just want to slam your head into a wall. Then they tell you to read the chapter and so on, the only one answering the teachers questions are the odd person that can learn from a textbook then the teacher seems to think the rest of us as ‘not as bright’ and sets homework.
      I know for a fact that i have learnt more from video games that i only occasionally play than i learnt in school.
      Then there is the major standardised test to finish off Y12 ‘ATAR’ . Depending on its results, you will be able to go to University for what course you want. Thanks to the way they work the marks out it makes the”the rich richer and the poor poorer” Those with quite high marks get raised up more, and the pretty great marks get lower’d HUGE amount. I got around 55-70%for all tests in ATAR and then the overall official mark i got was 34%. How does that work? if they atleast just averaged my own marks out i would have been a only a couple marks off the course i would have atlest liked. But no, that is so low, every uni course if off the table unless i do a TAFE type course first(more school).
      i can go on forever.

    • Casey 29 Sep 2016

      While I agree that schools should most definitely use more technology in schools as a way of learning, I also think it’s important for adults especially parents to be aware of how much they rely or allow their children to spend so much time sitting infront of tv’s, iPads and computers. Yes there are many things on all of these that are educational for children and young people however working with young children myself I have found that many parents have become lazy, sticking their child infront of a screen rather than sitting, talking and teaching them things themselves! Due to this children are now developing more speech and language issues because they are not hearing it enough and a robotic voice on a computer system is not efficient enough for them to learn properly. It has also created more violence not only in schools but as children are growing older and leaving schools they think that violence is appropriate and ok. This is due to carelessness of what we are allowing children to watch and play on all of this new technology, you here 4,5,6 year olds in a playground playing with each other shouting ‘let’s play GTA or Call of duty’, they then pretend to shoot and stab each other then end up punching each other because that’s what they have played or watched. They are starting to believe that this is normal! When I was that age I was more than happy playing tag or hide and seek. We need to reinforce positive use of the technology we are given because otherwise these issue will continue to develop and rise. It has become increasingly more difficult in schools to tell children that it’s not okay and they should not be playing or watching those things especially if they are underage, when we do not have the cooperation of parents.

    • dada 29 Sep 2016

      For me as a student. I do not want to do a test to determine my fate. Everyone has things that do not like and do not like. But education must do the same. And it is wrong bit. The study is to learn new things, not memorization. Many students like me. No matter if you make that dream a reality. Everyone told me that what I’m doing, it’s ridiculous. That is to learn, right? Why is it ridiculous? Maybe what I could do to be helpful to you in the future.

    • john rey 29 Sep 2016

      If we really want to employ this kind of education throughout the world someone must change the parents and the government way of thinking about education, because many today many parents tell their children TO BE A GOOD BOY OR GIRL/ STUDENT IN SCHOOL instead of saying BE A GREAT BOY OR GIRL/ STUDENT IN SCHOOL. And also they must stop telling this phrase: Study hard so you could get a good job, and instead tell this: Study hard so you could create more jobs.

    • Anonnat soonthonthai 29 Sep 2016

      Hello, My name is Anonnat. I’m Thailand’s teenager(sorry if I write something wrong). I had seen the vedio of PrinceEA about System of Education. I often think about how instruction of thailand should be. I need more alternative for children to choose the way that what they are. When I was young. I spent a lot of time to drawn a cartoon and I had many dream in that ages. I need to do what I want but I still have to go to school to learn everything in 8 hours a day. My grade is bad because I like to imagine about the designs but I can get art class at least 1 class a week. I need the new system that respond all ability of children and ready to encourage everybody everytalent that different each other. Now, I think studying is very good thing but it can better. Need changing .Thank you.

    • Nick Winter 29 Sep 2016

      I’m a freshman in high school and i saw this video and I completely agree i believe our learning system is trash. My high school is one of the best in the state but here i am getting C’s and B’s because all we do is have classes teaching one way no actual teaching they just give us information that isn’t needed for what we all want to do in life we are given information to beat the test so the school and them look better but in reality we didn’t learn we just remember and forget when we don’t need it anymore. School does teach important things but they teach too many things that aren’t needed to help us as students grow and work on the path that we want to be on. I truly believe the schooling in America is horrible if they want to make it better help the kids work towards their dreams not a number or a grade or to be top of class teach us what we need to learn to be successful when we grow up.

    • Yvette Chevalier 29 Sep 2016

      My student showed me this video and I agree. I for one would love to make a change where every student has success and their dreams nurtured.

    • Ankit Nimbkar 29 Sep 2016

      A school for a generation,
      A school should be as big as an MBA institutions or any other biggest land available full with all the subjects. Access to Any subject to any student. No same subject for 10 primary years. Every student can choose any 6 subject at start of any years. It will help a student to figure out his interest and talent area, and next two years what ever the one sub he/she has choosen after studying 10 years, intensed knowledge should be provided for 10+2 level.

      Graduation level the next 3 years aft 10+2 student should work in this choosen industry. Get hands on experience. By the time of 20 years of age you have a student best in his feild ready to serve the nation.

      Students from weaker economic section should be given loans through out these 15 years. Which will be recover either with 2% interest rate or employing that student in government dept. Aft his/her graduation.

      Let the student take a chance to create its destiny.
      # better future.

    • Kailey Moore 29 Sep 2016

      I’ve never been a good tester. In high school, after I took my first SAT, I was incredibly unhappy with my score of 960… Mom sent me to an SAT class that I went to every day after class and before rehearsals for the school plays, so I had a very short amount of time to work with the people there. She told me that if my score didn’t improve, I’d have to pay her back for the course. It improved….. by 20 points. I felt useless. Hopeless. Stupid. I thought something was wrong with me. Now I go to the University of Texas at Austin, am a double major in English and Theatre and Dance, and have a GPA of 3.5. Going into college, I was ashamed to tell other people my scores, thinking that they would think I was stupid or incompetent. Even now, making good grades, I still don’t feel confident in my intelligence. We need change. The courtroom video inspired me and moved me to tears. I am that fish.

    • Loretta 29 Sep 2016

      The schools are forcing parent to buy laptops, instead of using pen and paper. They are teaching kids things that do not interest them. Why can’t they do classes month by month, the same subject just 1 month straight. Not just the mandatory classes like ELA, History, Science, etc. But things that people might do in life. I’m a student that thinks that math is important, and ELA too but their just going about it in the wrong way. I believe that if they want me to learn to wright essays it should be essays about what’s going on in our planet, like the wars and the injustice, but not just that the good in humanity as well. We once lived in a age where we could let the kids play outside until late after the street lights came on, now we are afraid of what could happen. These people are living in the world of negative reinforcement, where’s the positivity. Where is the thought that there is life after school, the hope of getting that dream job, but most people don’t know their dream job cause they haven’t experienced all that they can do in life. Why can’t schools send us to study lawyers, doctors, construction workers, or even tattoo artists. We want to know our world and all the possibilities. 100 years ago they built the foundation for school, now it’s time to build. Also if schools paid students to go to school attendance would be better, show up all 5 days and get $5, that would motivate me a bit more

    • Gannon 29 Sep 2016

      I think the system would work better if we grouped kids by the way they learned, however, it takes time to realize which way you learn better, and that time isn’t something humans have time for when it comes to education. Not saying that the current system works, I’m saying that the argument that the every kid learns different argument is hard to really work with. I think that instead, we need to actually do away with the focus on testing and homework, and update lectures to make sure people are learning the material through less high-risk assessments. I know that for people like me, who have Asperger’s, and Autism, structure is a good thing (for the most part) its harder for us to work in groups and what not. So the current system works well for us except for the fact that teachers are more focused on homework than even tests. I think classrooms should be smaller, and kids should be grouped according to needs. More training for disabilities is also a must. I think we also must teach kids social concepts even if they’re parents aren’t, such as, being kind to one another.

    • suki rivera 29 Sep 2016

      when I saw the video I was really impressed. its about time someone spoke out on the topic. the school system has been failing on how children learn. especially when teachers have failed to see why children of today are not succeeding for the future. When a teacher fails on teaching a child, it fails the future. With that said teachers should be forced to see this video, it should also be air as a commercial. This reminds of my mother who fought for all children to get a better education, and when the no child left behind program came about she was not happy about the program. She was scolded for trying to teach children base on their capability and was forced by the education system to follow the lesson plan. In the end the no child program failed and she was right. Going forward how do we make this right for the future kids. Its got to start somewhere. Great job and big kudos for making this video.

    • Tanut K. (Jack) 30 Sep 2016

      Hi. I’m Jack from Thailand. I think your Education much better from mine. We tend to memorize more than using our brain to think. Some schools even force students to wear uniform properly or cut their hairs up to their standard. Otherwise the students would be penalized ie. 10times running from school’s courtyard, 100 times of jumping Jack or even getting the uglier haircut from school’s barber etc. Sound funny right, but it is true.
      That is not the point. The point is to share thoughts. BTW Frankly speaking, I’m impressed with your clip. Here is my opinions;
      1) Find what are the talents of each kids. The school and parents need to observe a lot until they put kids to that learning. It could not blame schools only. Parents also need to develop to be able to sense the abilities of their kids and kids must be taught to be able to say and feel yes this is my talents. But how? It is not that easy. They need to explore to many things in the world as much as they can.
      2) They should be taught the basic subjects to survive : finance for entrepreneur, saving plan, trading business, meditation and how to cope with tough stressful situation, creativity class, happiness class, time management or even life management, public speaking class like Junto club held by Benjamin Franklin or Socrates . Anyway, they shouldn’t focus on academic that much. But the world seems force them to as most companies accept graduates from nice prestigious schools with good grade records. They should invest on finding the kids’ callings in life. However, we cannot avoid that the real word is big great school system for them because circumstances they faces in life would shape their life. My point is they need to have fundamental to be able to survive and be strong in this world. I believe big change could not happen in a day. The school system can revise their courses to the need of humanity : teach them to find their callings and develop them. Make them confident and have moral.
      Thank you

    • David Vang 30 Sep 2016

      Kids need interaction and hands on learning. This will give them an opportunity to use their creativity. Classes should also do community service as a class room. Maybe after learning about a certain culture or population type they should go out to the communities and help them for a day. This should be done maybe four times a year. Proper nutritional and physical education classes to be required as well. God bless

    • Eathan Callihan 30 Sep 2016

      I’m a student in 11th grade and I would love to see a change. Through the experience of school I never really feel like I’m advancing. Also my condition isn’t helping the school like they say it does. Even with being in a wheelchair I’m not satisfied with how they treat kids with so much potential that even a student would leave that school because they had bad experiences. So it’s nice to hear other people agree.

    • Caio Pessôa 30 Sep 2016

      Technology is no used a lot in classes, what is bad because computers help to develop your brain it helps to learn faster and better. We just can’t let kids use the internet because If they use they will not pay attention. One day I was thinking that if kids could use gloves into a hologram body and fell the body’s parts touching it and open every part and see it is, wouldn’t be awesome?

    • Kyle Vallely 30 Sep 2016

      I believe if we were to put an iPad in front of a student, we should show them how to access information. That way, they can find and learn what interests them, personally. Rather than saying, “Look at these games you can play, and these videos you can watch.” Otherwise, that is what they will focus and learn from.

    • Aaron 30 Sep 2016

      I’m a teenager in Canada but when I was in elementary school they had a immersion system where if you wanted to learn a lot of French you would join that but if you didn’t you would join the core class. They make it sound that way but in reality all the kids that are considered smart join immersion while the ones considered “dumb” joined core. For the first couple years I was in immersion with a lot of good friends of mine and I was one of if not the top of my class every year but I was having problems learning French though so I thought I could just drop into core instead. Let me tell you the year after that my genius title disappeared faster than lightning. Instantaneously I was treated like stupid trash by all my good friends and was looked down upon even though a month ago I scored a higher average than them. But not just my friends either even the teacher tried to treat me like an idiot and I was so confused like why does it matter if I simply don’t like French. All the other people in core didn’t know nearly as much as the immersion students because they were treated like this. They all were forced to do twice the work load on simpler stuff there was nothing to learn no time to do what I love and I hated it. Ever since I realized this ugly truth I hated the school education system from the bottom of my heart and always wanted to change it, then I found prince Ea and I discovered hope, if we all band together we can give every single kid a chance to be a genius to do what they want what they love to fulfill their dreams. The only things standing between kids and their goals is school the stress to get that A and to be “smart” but that’s not what I want, I want everyone to live to their full capacity and do what they were meant to do. Thank you. Finding this site was a miracle to me ever since I was young I wanted to one day move to Iceland but also I want to burn the school board to the ground and build a more creative and flexible system for all kids to prosper.

    • Almar Cave 30 Sep 2016

      I teach Mathematics in Barbados. I think its about time we should kids how maths relates to every day life. How the formulas we teach can be used to live dad by day. I believe in world community, we are no longer big. I believe in Edutravel (i coined it myself) but its where kids travel and learn handson; every aspect of the cirriculum. Where knowledge is developed and not forced.

    • April 30 Sep 2016

      As you mention in the video, other countries are VERY successfully achieving this higher standard. Let’s observe, learn, and put into practice. They already have it figured out for us!!!!

    • Jayden Thorsen 30 Sep 2016

      Learning can be renewed and even modernized I know this can happen you see I am 13 years old, and i feel as if I can only know what everyone else knows, never improving my own skills and strengths everyone has the same strengths because we all learn the same thing I want to make a company that takes an everyday item and see how to improve it and even think of new things when i grow up as to some of my peers want to make films nothing the same yet I know just what he knows from school its sad to think that he learned more about the thing he loves at home not at school. We should learn and improve what we want not sitting at a desk and writing with a pencil. So let me explain what I mean and how to modernize schooling, first start by making classes of all sorts of jobs in topics like engineering, schooling, film making etc. Then in those classes make them do what they would do in that occupation like engineering to designing that idea and then making it same for film making lend them all a camera and make a film so if there is an acting class have them come and help you make a film tie the classes together engineering-with design and build club film making- acting editing etc. same as their wok space would be then every day they come have them make and design a project .
      Then add the basic classes like math Language Arts etc. make them fun kids learn more when they are having fun i know that because I am a kid. sort of… anyway there is still more but consider this a idea

    • John Williams 30 Sep 2016

      I currently serve as principal of a public middle school and I echo your views on education. Although there are many reasons why we continue to use and outdated system, the most pressing for me is the adults who deliver it. I desire to empower educators to understand not what education is but what it can be. Then we can begin to “Change” it.

    • Dr. Archimedes a. Orellana 30 Sep 2016

      It seems to me that our Technological Learning process should include parents, nowadays our children know how to utilize the new electronic toys/ and learning tools than parents. Learning and teaching have to be applicable to the new technological societal demands.

    • Jose F. Morello 30 Sep 2016

      I myself am a student I’m a junior and I myself realized that in school they overwhelming this so much that our brain can learn in one day but for 8 hours a day with only 30 minutes of a break I know about others but that’s too much for me but not only that but we go home with piles and piles of homework and we are expected to do it all of it even though we come home exhausted. Now they tell us it’s for the good of our future but you’re just teaching me that my whole life I’m going to be working hard now that’s not what I want in my future I want to be happy and if I can be happy my future then there’s no reason for me to live who really wants to live in the future with no happiness who has to work and bust there butt just to make a liveing. That’s all I have to say. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind

    • Caryn Akin 30 Sep 2016

      If we can’t immediately bump up a teacher’s salary, offer money for teachers to come together to start this discussion. As a kindergarten teacher, I think their social interactions with each other is incredibly vital. I would love to gain more ideas to help kids connect with each other more and learn how to manage their emotions. The social/emotional piece of learning is what’s so lacking in today’s schools….. long hours of academics isn’t as important as being in tune with yourself because you can access information anywhere at any time. Understanding how to “access” yourself– knowing your strengths and weaknesses…. is what will push our society forward in the world.

    • Michael Gwanny 30 Sep 2016

      It’s a problem everywhere all over the world, the education system need to be totally changed…school should be the place to prepare you to face the real life therefore curriculum need to be reviewed and shrink…Less stress less homework more fun more free time…categorized classes referring to kids ability and interest…Put more attention for Arts and music education

    • Theresa 30 Sep 2016

      It is sad but, as a science teacher and a STEM advocate, we NEED more technology in a classroom. I have 6 classes, 163 students to reach, with one of them being a class of 36 in a classroom built for 32 students, a special ed inclusion class that has 30 students 15 of them have different IEP. I have 9 laptops for them to use (that do not work all the time). I have asked and begged for laptops or chrome books and my district dismisses it for athletic uniforms. I want to show the students how fun and interesting science and discovering answers is. Yet I cannot because I have to teach and get them ready for the state test. I don’t teach them a lot of the science I learned in school why because it isn’t on the test. So if I have time at the end (which never is true), I can teach it to them then. This school system is what is driving teachers out. They pack and pack our classrooms and up the paper work. I spent 9-11 hours at my job and still walk away with more to do. I am not even a decade into teaching. I know it is a flawed system but I love my students even when they are rude and disrespectful I love being able to open their minds to becoming an engineer or creating a drug that will cure something. However something needs to change in America’s school system.

    • Ana Costa Alvarez 30 Sep 2016

      There is no way to stop kids from depending on computer, tablets and phones. People are so trapped in the thought that technology will prevent the children from having an actual life. Well I say that this will happen one way or the other, so we should take some control and teach children that with technology their future could just be one click away. Let us not prevent this change, but embrace it and use these resources to our favor.

    • dozier 30 Sep 2016

      I like the idea of teaching kids basic foundations up to a certain grade while monitoring what they excel at, then offering specialized schools to all not just the top percentile. Math and science, technology, art, writing and verbal communication, music. Some one should come up with a test that would allow the student to take and it would display strengths and interest. We always ask kids what they want to be when they grow up yet when they tell us we still teach them the same way as we do everyone else. I would say supplement two classes a year to allowing the students to teach each other, a creative thinking class.

    • Mia 30 Sep 2016

      Watching this video made me feel proud to be a high school Counselor working in an online environment. This innovative form of education is evolving and it truly supports our independent learners. It encourages them to think outside the box and challengees their creativity.

    • Cassie 30 Sep 2016

      Would be nice to see a lot more interactive methods of learning and teaching in the educational system. Perhaps a Convention that obligates educational systems to share information on a global scale, to assist schools in implementing teaching methods that have been proven to work within other nations, such as Finland, thus working in a framework of evidence based practice.

    • Tom Plunkett 30 Sep 2016

      Teaching outside instead of in classrooms allowing students to interact with the world and learn more practical skills than taking an exam and writing down how to do said task. Hands on experience is needed more than exams.

    • Ellie 30 Sep 2016

      I just watched your video that is now viral and all I can say is PREACH. You have described the education system perfectly. I did all of my secondary education in Switzeralnd and let me tell you it is even worse than the uk. The curriculum is the same as it was 100 years ago and absolutely nothing I learned it useful to me in any way in the real world. We need updated curriculums and a new way of learning, one that involves interraction in the classroom, debates and ideas. It has served me in no way the know the Pythagorean theorem, yet I don’t know how society works. I don’t know anything about politics or how to vote or even how to pay a bill. School doesn’t teach you any information that is actually useful in the real world and this needs to change. You have by all means my full support. We need to get the governments attention because as you said in the video, children are 100% our future yet they are being taught the same things children were taught a century ago.

    • Derrice Pugh 30 Sep 2016

      As a student I was reading at a college level in 5th grade… by 8th grade I had learned more than was being taught. I dropped out in 9th grade and had my GED by the fall of the next year. Fast forward to today and I see the same trend in my first born… he seems to have disassociated himself from learning by curriculum. He skips the classes that he doesn’t like and only shows up for those he does. I stress to him the importance of going to school by trying to explain the social and educational experience as necessary while reiterating the necessity to complete. He, like me years before, see well past the usefulness of the current design. Change is not only necessary but long overdue.

    • Gordon 1 Oct 2016

      Every kids have their dream when they are in age of 7 to 10. As educators should mainly focus on educated them what subjects to implemented to them. I hate school when they just come and giving kids a bunch of craps and homeworks which just burden them all. Kids who have the greatest potential to dream big and able to set a goal that can literally change their whole future by that. Schooling nowaday have take that kid’s right to dream big. Where all teachers say that “You would not able to be”, a word that defies kids every potential. To improve it, school should have a right communication with kids and encourage them by through supports.

    • Connor Shand 1 Oct 2016

      i feel the problem is primarily that you are taught to retain and regurgitate information. Your are not taught to think, analyse and truly understand why something is the way it is. i feel as this cycle of being given information progresses the individuals questioning nature is diluted and replaced by an acceptance of fact. It is all well and good passing on information but where possible, how these things work should be demonstrated. scenarios, in which these theories prove true, should be presented.

      We seem to have this idea that the ability to regurgitate information without proper understanding is Intelligence. I would argue that it is closing the mind rather than opening it, knowledge without understanding of how it works and how to apply it is meaningless.

      what i propose is to take classes out of schools, nobody wants to be sitting in a room for hours on end having information thrown at them until it sticks. make lessons interactive and useful in regards to life in general. The first few years of education should be based around our nature and how we can co exist with the world, how to survive, and the importance and the interconnection of our world and our place in that web. At the end of the day a critical analysis of what has been learned that day with differing perspectives, given by the students, in regards to relevance of the lesson in their mind; primarily with the idea there are no right and wrong answers simply differing perspectives.

    • Renicks 1 Oct 2016

      I am a middle school teacher, and I can tell you that I am strongly in favor of educational reform. As teachers in the public school system we are limited in our deviations from the expected teachings. We are required to teach a large amount of concepts in a short amount of time in order to keep up with our “pacing guide” so that our kids can hope to do well on a poorly written standardized test. Their test scores however, affect our rating as a teacher, and can in turn impact our rate of pay. We force kids to sit still and focus for 6-7 hours a day, take away recess and art to name a few, and limit elective classes. Kids are coming into middle school with lower skills and abilities each year, and the beauty of a standardized test is we score by “percentiles” which only means each year the “percentile” range can continually drop without looking like the scores are any worse than the years before. Education should be in the hands of the local governments to set their own standards, and people free to reside in counties or states that appeal to their own educational philosophies. Teachers should be allowed more freedom and creativity within the classroom. Creativity and the arts should be encouraged. Recess, or “free-time” should be allowed in more than just kindergarten, and kids should learn through playing and doing. We can’t expect kids to excel in such a broken system. We need BIG reform! Just tell me how to get the ball rolling!!!

    • Dom 1 Oct 2016

      I feel we emphasize test scores and Homework way too much to be successful. Often times in school i would have questions and the teacher response would be you will learn that next year or “thats not part of the test so why bother” . Yes i did well on these tests but it made school seem so boring and crappy, not to mention the tests were 7 hours for a whole week and a half each day. It was a total waste of valuable school days and afterwards the rest of the remaining 3 months of school were wasted because the test was over and teachers checked out. THE UNITED STATES LEAD THE WORLD IN ACADEMICS PRIOR to standardized testing Now we are 29th. we have taken an individualized systems and applied a one size fits all approach, Unfortunately the hats don’t fit anyone correctly. Not to mention Homework on top of a 7 hour day, Kids can’t even go outside anymore they ahve 2 hours of homework to do and by then its dark. College is more of the same. We have completely lost our innovative glory and shun anybody not conforming. We are literally like you said attempting to make fish climb trees. I was a highly intelligent individual In fact i would get the best test scores in my classes, However i had sub-par grades because i lost interest by high school. It was boring and all it was was copy/paste out of the textbook. by grade 9 its old and not even of use.

    • William g. 1 Oct 2016

      If you would ask most kids what they would the first thing comes to mind when they here school. Most kids would say work or a hard time and for the kinds who succeed good but people are different this is one of the realest videos I’ve seen

    • Shareen 1 Oct 2016

      My child is 8 years old and he’s loving watching you tube videos of science experiments. He loves them so much that he tries to recreate these experiments at home. He gets frustrated though as we don’t often have all the ingredients. He always complains about going to school as its boring for him. Hes not the only child that feels this way either. I believe that children often have stages of being extremely interested in different subjects. If there could be more subjects available to younger children rather than just the usual standard ones then this might be a step in the right direction. Subjects that inspire and teach at the same time then perhaps this would create children who are more excited about school. I know for certain that my child is so keen on all things to do with science . Other childrend around this age that I know also find things that they are extremely interested by the age of 8 or earlier. Even though sometimes they have phases of being interested in certain things. If you can capture the mind of a child with something they love then this is think would be of great benefit to future minds.

    • delanie storey 1 Oct 2016

      Being a chef, kids need to know more about healthy food, where it comes from, and who is controlling it. Technology has giving us substantial ways to change things for the better, yet i can’t drive 1 mile in any direction without seeing a fast food joint. That is not food and shouldn’t be everywhere, pushing kids to make the wrong decisions about what to eat just because it’s fast and cheap. I would like to see more outside time in schools, gardening, learning about the plants and animals, being able to dig in the dirt and have a connection with the Earth, because lets face it, it’s the only one we got. We need to treat it well and give back. Food is amazing, especially when you grow, harvest and cook it yourself.

    • Glenn Norman 1 Oct 2016

      The best way to teach the children of today, is to find out what each kid loves to do, place those kids that have similar ideas, passions, and creative interest, in the same classroom environment such as music, science, architecture, math, engineering, the medical field, dance or whatever their passions are and teach them what they truly aspire to be.

    • Kay Warner 1 Oct 2016

      Turn control back to the teachers, especially those who go to the best colleges of education and earn their degree by being taught by the best professors. I was taught reflective teaching in which you reflect on lessons you have taught in order to improve them. I also spent many hours on the internet to find out about what successful teachers across the country were doing to help their students become better learners. We are taught that children learn from play and yet the schools have taken away recess. We want to inspire students to read but now they have to take tests which turns many students away. Sadly I retired two years ago because I could not be one of those cookie cutter teachers. I could no longer support the way the school insisted I teach. Every child is precious and deserves the education that allows them to learn the best way they can. I am still heartbroken that I am not allowed to teach the way that is best for kids I loved every single one of my students which is why I quit teaching. I can not settle for giving kids anything but the best learning environment. Sadly I am not the only teacher who has left the profession for the same reasons. We know that ultimately it is the kids who suffer.

    • Usama 1 Oct 2016

      It should be based on concepts……,
      Students should have rights for their preferences…
      Should be judged by talent and their respective goals
      They should not be treated like robots.

    • Daisy Jackson 1 Oct 2016

      Thanks for sharing ‘the truth’ it was a powerful video. I hope many did watch the movie “Waiting for Superman” which shared the truth of a system geared to create students for service as well as controlling thoughts and creativity. There is so much about our educational system that needs revamping and one way to start is to allow the teacher to once again use his/her creativity to plan lessons that help the individual student truly learn. A lesson that’s based on skills instead of selected materials, which sometimes are false truths, which causes children to live in a perpetual lie as well as spread it as such. Children have been rejecting falsehoods forever, but the ability to speak out against it was always stiffen. Now we are at a point in time where we can voice the problems, discuss the options and alternatives so we can reach the best possible solutions. Information always need to be shared from one generation to another so adults need to be more accommodating to our youth in the sharing of vital information so the transfer of responsibility can be done well before we are in our 70s and 80s. Technology will help to share information a lot faster and farther. The basics reading, writing and math are the essential basics needed in school, everything else can be creative and aimed at individual development based on student progress and input. More open forums need to be set-up between local policy makers, teachers, students and parents so each area can establish customized schooling that will truly encourage learning.

    • Elijah Valcin 1 Oct 2016

      I think school systems should focus on all students strengths and weakness as well as teaching the important subjects. Of course this could increase the teachers work load, however, I also believe teachers should be paid more. Within the 8 hours of a school day lessons should be taught and one on one learning should be applied. In this way teachers and students will have better connections, and teachers will be able to teach what the students want to learn instead of what students have to learn. Students should be asked what subjects they feel they will perform well in and work the hardest at instead of being assessed on every subject. When teachers ask the students questions students feel involved and are willing to participate. Lastly, the grading system should be based on the students strengths. If a students excels in math and science but are weak in history and literature, and that students shows interest in a career path that involves more math and science, they should be graded more closely in those subjects and assisted and graded less harshly in the subjects they are weak in. By doing this students are more likely to learn faster and be more sure in what they imagine themselves doing in their adult lives at a younger age. Education, overall, should be more dedicated to the students.

    • cheniah 1 Oct 2016

      I love this topic. Thank you so much Prince EA for your recent video on the educational system and also for providing this website. One thing I can add is that children should be spending time in nature and with plants 50% of their time at least and this needs to be incorporated into the school system. Also the model of apprenticeships- this worked very well and I miss it. Different kids have different interests. We really need to foster those with apprenticeships and from an early age, let kids experience what they are interested in and if they change their mind a hundred time, so what? Let’s all envision a better future for children of the world and the education system. We can make a difference by just dreaming a better dream. That’s where it starts.

    • Kim Reid 1 Oct 2016

      I love the intelligent use of technology and that being said if we can also support in tandem the art of mindfulness. Take a whole being perspective on our experiences. Teaching children to be intuitive and grounded as well as to explore a creative spirit that brings out the essence of each individual, perhaps we can build a generation of humans being not humans doing.

    • Burim Ismaili 1 Oct 2016

      We are in the era of technology, if we will not include the technology in our classrooms as much as posible our future will become past.

    • William Bell 1 Oct 2016

      I read a number of the comments and many have great ideas, but all of you are focusing on making changes to the existing school system. After these changes are implemented, you will still have one type of educational system for all students. Some want more tech, others want other changes. The bottom line is that you will still end up with one-size-fits-all type of education. Sure, you may be able to build in some flexibility, buy you are still trying to work with one system for everyone.

      Why not allow innovation and competition to exist in public education? There could be different school choices for various career paths and learning methods. For example, some schools might chose to put their money and resources into teachers, hiring the best and brightest, rather than building large, impressive buildings. Others, however, may invest in technology and independent study. Others may use a combination of techniques. If we have a free market, where children and $$ go where students and parents choose, then success will be judged as they and the marketplace measure it, not as bureaucrats measure it.

    • Scott 1 Oct 2016

      Schools these days don’t encourage thinking outside the box. They encourage the student to accept the word of the teacher even if the teacher is wrong. The student gets punished if they say anything counter to what the teacher says.

    • Samantha Sierra( a teacher) 1 Oct 2016

      Here is my theory. I think that school should be a mix of compulsory classes and individual study. I think that part of the day should be dedicated to investing in students passions and talents, and that the other part should be teaching them essentials on how to live. Math is necessary, but not in the way they teach it. I propose that instead of a math course, we teach math in relation to the economy of our country. When I moved out for the first time I realized I have no idea how insurance works or how to calculate interest rates or anything to do with the system of money. This is something that I wish was taught to me in school. I think that math should be taught in relation to those, and how to properly calculate and handle our money. I also think that history is important, but that the curriculum we have today is a joke and does not teach the whole truth. We need an unbiased curriculum. As far as science, I think it would be beneficial to students to learn basic scientific principles, and focus the rest on how our bodies work. It’s amazing how little we know about our own bodies. English classes are important for literacy, but I think that students should be allowed to pick what they read half of the time at least. P.E. needs to focus on exercises that can be done everyday, and on nutrition. Fighting the obesity epidemic in our country starts with children. And lastly, I think that schools need more than one school counselor. Student need someone they can go to that actually knows them well, instead just being another number in the system. Some counselors are able to do a great job, but the schools need more. Students need a place to go to talk about their concerns and things they’re confused about, and in our economy many parents are just too busy. I think that all of these courses should be taught in the latter half of the day, while the classes that the students choose would be during the first half. That way they get to wake up to something that they love and are more awake for the essential courses. What do you guys think?

    • Brooke L Hammes 2 Oct 2016

      I am in school for social work and a big part of social work theory rests in the strengths perspective- and building people up by focusing on their strengths and they can start to feel good about themselves and learn more skills.

      I feel that maybe asking kids a series of questions and finding out about their interests and how they learn best and then grouping them based on their answers with other kids who learn similarly and have similar interests- but then have them collaborate with the other groups throughout the year so they can experience other types of learning- and how other groups work…. this is the very beginning of an idea… but I think it could be the start of something.

    • Samer 2 Oct 2016

      Where are the foundations of education. There’s no more mighty inspiration, no use of imagination. Only memorize and memorize what our ancestors never used. I think it’s time programming/coding becomes fundamental. Authenticity must be valued.

    • Sylvain Kinnon 2 Oct 2016

      I watched the Facebook video and I must say that was being addressed was something I have been saying. Here in my school system, they have common core, but not enough books for my children to bring home or to use in the classroom. Pathetic and inexcusable. Robbery of our children.

    • Marie 2 Oct 2016

      I think we should be asking the children what they want. What they need. Maybe we can learn something from them.

    • arivazhagan j 2 Oct 2016

      kids are now very familiar with modern technology like mobile phone i pad…etc
      they could easily understood the process of technology so why can’t they learn .
      to bring a change learning must visualized so that kids lead to innovative thing far more than we think .the education system remain the same for past more than 90 years yes but still people are innovating things but that isn’t enough for the kids who were born in this generation .education must be visualized to make make kid innovative

    • Reign 2 Oct 2016

      While this is a good idea, don’t forget to erase what the world has already given us. We need to get outside more and explore. The use of technology is amazing in our advancing world, but don’t forget about what we already have.

    • Minh 2 Oct 2016

      Student’s intelligence should not be evaluated by test and quiz.

    • sheryll absin 2 Oct 2016

      Your education system is maybe far beyond ours. We are always following the latest trend in education but we are struggling.. Why? Because we lack everything…we don’t have the necessary learning materials needed during the teaching learning process ( for the public school) and yet we tend to make improvisation. Yes we are resourceful ,resourceful in making substitute of these learning materials. We don’t have conducive classrooms ,where 60-70 students occupying the 7×5 size classroom. A ratio of 1:10 or more students in 1 computer with no /slow internet connection. We want our children to be globally competitive but it’s a tough job for everyone , for the teachers, for the parents and even for the children.

    • J'hae Muveszet 2 Oct 2016

      I simply think everyone learns differently. Weather by visual,audio etc. We need to be categorized and although it would be wise for everyone to read and write; all should but why focus on our weaknesses than of our strengths. All of us think differently the quicker we find away to tend to our differences is the day education will aid in the changing of the world. #learningevolution
      *pardon my grammar i’m an artist not a scholar

    • JackieJACKIE 2 Oct 2016

      Children should learn according to their natural learning responses. i.e. If a child learns best by “hands-on” then should be placed in a class with “hands-on” peers and taught by example.
      Auditory children “Easier to hear it and retain” in a class, and Visual (See it to learn).
      Children should be tested for these strengths to determine the strongest response.

    • Eoin Keenan Quinn 2 Oct 2016

      I am one of these students sitting in classrooms in Ireland wondering where and when I can deploy the ever so important information I am learning in class, I would love to see a change in the curriculum, a change in the school system for the better that get’s teachers wanting to teach, not just get paid. It won’t happen within my last 2 years of school but I can at-least hope, something can be done for the future generations.

    • Marco Patiño López 2 Oct 2016

      I live in Spain, I’m 16 years old now and my experience with technology at public school has been terrible these years. In my case the problem was normally physical , we didn’t have enough equipment for all the students and also, the internet connection was awful.

      But, in my opinion there was one bigger problem than that one. MANY TEACHERS DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO USE TECHNOLOGY. So they just didn’t use it.
      I think that it should be necessary for every teacher to learn how to use every technological tool they are suposed to use.

    • Janice 2 Oct 2016

      The classrooms and teachers approaches need to change. Technology can do a lot of the teaching on fundamentals. The teachers should drive the curiosity out to the students . They must be critical thinkers , problem solvers, negotiators and self accountable. Classrooms should be structured more like Silicon Valley, like Google, pivotal labs, and slack just to name a few. My niece is in the 7th grade and attends an independent school, in her English class,students use bean bags hammocks and sit where they chose and work on their computers. Some of her classes the desk are in clusters of 3 or 4 where the kids collaborate more. The future is around all part of STEM irregardless the industry or profession, we must prepare our students , the transition will not be hard for them as they are ditigal natives. I am a CIO for a major DOD component I see this everyday data is changing our world and we need kids to understand this and the benefits of using data.

    • Charlotte Wood 2 Oct 2016

      There are so many things wrong with the school systems. I am a 16 y/o student and it’s sad that I can see this better than many adults. Forcing the students into doing the same things, being the same and learning the same ways completely cuts off their potential and their greater intelligence, their creativity is completely shut down because “conformity” is apparently much more important. I fail to see how my nose stud effects my ability to learn and my teachers ability to teach. And besides this, we don’t all learn the same? We’ll get told to copy out paragraphs of information, each student trying to absorb all the information, and they wonder why there’s a 60% difference from one student to another in an exam. I could go on with the list of things that are wrong, but until anyones listening…

    • Royal 2 Oct 2016

      By working together as a team

    • Mohamed Choukeir 2 Oct 2016

      I think to better enhance teaching we can start with our music.
      Music is the very first thing to reach a child and young adult’S mind.
      We don’t need music about Sexuality, Boys and Girls, Party all night
      We need Music that will teach stuff about the world, sciences and math
      I know we can do it, we are the generation of creativity

    • Samantha 2 Oct 2016

      I think you ideas are so amazing!

    • Jennifer Wang 2 Oct 2016

      I don’t know about other places, yet in Taiwan, many teachers have tried using renovated way to teach: there is a website offering on-line courses that students can learn with their own pace, and meanwhile, teachers can track how their students learn. And some reachers have started to put table game into their teaching. I believe there are also many ppl in other places doing their best to rebuild a modern classroom.
      Oh! And there is one thing that I think technology can not replace: the friendship that kids build with their classmates. So I think in the real classroom, we should focus more on interaction!

    • Leonard Gray 2 Oct 2016

      I believe around 9th grade or earlier there should be a class that focuses on what each kid wants to do. They spend the first two weeks or so thinking of their strengths and what they find interesting. Then each weeks lesson would be centered around each students profession. They would go on trips and get real information about the career and learn what is required to accomplish that goal. Each student would be exposed to the many professions and will have more guidence when considering secondary school.

    • Holo 2 Oct 2016

      Allow it to be natural no interference at all in the motions your child or student makes.
      I’m 21 now; there was a game “mine-craft” much like lego on the computer where everything is 1×1 square blocks. In this game I could place “red stone” and other red stone contraptions that allowed me to create very interesting things. examples Piano, 4 digit lever combination lock for a door, 6 digit combination button lock for a secret stair case, a digital clock (took me a month it was massive). My point is the whole time i was playing this game my parents really wanted me to do my home work. Now i like some teachers and how they taught because they allowed individuality or personality though they also had to teach for mandatory tests which I had no interest in other then pleasing with successful results. Really in respect classroom tests are abusing compassion because the only reason people do well in tests is to satisfy others. Anyway thanks to some teachers that I have a lot of love for I am now a full time professional musician. Thanks for Listening to what I have to say; learning should never be serious. I’m sure you get the point we should just create a space where kids can do what they want and no one will interfere. The older they get the more expensive equipment they can be trusted with, pretty straight forward.

    • Su Odabasi 2 Oct 2016

      I’m so happy about the movement that came up with Prince EA’s video. I was thinking about this topic for years now. The school system needs to move forward as all the other technologies go. I wished I had law and household lessons in school, so that I would be well prepared for my life after school. The school does not prepare you for anything in life at all. If school just wants to give education – then I wonder why it does not teach you how to use social media carefully and how to reach your goals and how to make your own business with your own personal talents?

    • Laxmi Jain 2 Oct 2016

      Education System is not supposed to be complicated. Every child, every mind needs to be developed naturally. The system should not TELL a young mind how to think or what to think. The system should just observe how a mind is developing and provide an atmosphere to help the mind develope with innocence and on its own. Our responsibility should be towards ourselves in not influencing the young growing minds as per our minds.They are a generation ahead, let’s see what they have for us to learn. Let’s not corrupt the minds of future adults by letting them learn about being judgemental.

    • Mbuso 2 Oct 2016

      Education should always be about inspiring ones mind not just fill the head with a junk of theory from the books, that were written 10, 20, 30 years ago. The cases of the past cannot be used to solve the future. I really do not understand why one should learn by using past material. I believe that education has been held hostage, l, by not letting students to have the autonomy to think, and apply their minds n get solutions for the future.

      Syllabus should be non existent unless if it gona change each year, coz the doctors that learned about Ebola case studies last year , wud become irrelevant next year because the challenge that people might need to solve will be a different disease. Why should I learn about Ebola while am gona cure HIV, why don’t I get the current problem n be inspired to solve it. Well restructuring the assessments will be the main key, as an Ex Cum Laude student, I hated to be assessed by wat I learned but instead, I wanted to be challenged with probabilities rather than having to regujutate the facts I learned. That means if I cram better than others am the best. What about those dt cannot cram but can do. Motion learners

    • Anden McLaughlin 3 Oct 2016

      I feel that kids above Middle School should be able to choose what they learn. Now this might sound crazy but if a student could choose what they learned they wouldn’t have to worry about being the fish that’s being forced to climb a tree because we know that’s not possible and if a student chose their education route they could choose what they are superior in and exclude what’s out so they wouldn’t be that fish. Students are pushed every night to stay up till 11:00am doing homework and that’s not right but if they want sleep they can’t do the homework assigned and the next day you get to school and you tell the teacher its not done her or she yells and calls your parents. now the teachers what you learning right? But how can you learn anything if your body let alone your brain isn’t functioning right because of lack of sleep. So if students choose subjects easy for them they won’t be up till 11:00am doing work they can’t solve and they won’t be embarassed in front of the class because of being yelled at by the one trying to teach you. But are they trying to teach you to work or learn. This wouldn’t be a problem is students above middle school could choose what they learn. I think I’ve said enough

    • Junko 3 Oct 2016

      I was really impressed by the video clip. We should share this idea and work together for a better future. What we need is collaboration, not competition! I love the phrase. Also I believe teachers are supporters, not instructors.

    • Exclasius Dolvine 3 Oct 2016

      With the innovation of such technology, I can see ‘role playing’ through development of characters who will be visible during a reenactment of certain scenarios involving characters the students create to walk through historical or various other subjects. The involvement of the student’s character will influence the scenario. This will show personally how individual choices and deeds affect and effect the various subjects. Also, precreated scenarios which show events that molded our world, societies, finances, chemistry, etc.
      Basically, interactive experiences in history, science, etc. will be much like video games or watching a movie that the student is personally involved in.
      Something along those lines would be interesting and possible with the technology you are presenting here.
      Good luck

    • Jocelyn Sanders 3 Oct 2016

      Schools need to learn how to teach individuals not a class. Some kids learn best with technology some kids prefer books. But right now as a Sixteen year old student I see kids being driven away from books and towards random games on their phones. Why can’t we teach kids how to enjoy reading?
      I have another problem with the school systems. Why do we have to push kids towards learning for the ability to go to college? In the Past schools were created to teach kids how to read and write and the basics of everything. Why must they be prepared and know the periodic table by heart, if that’s not what they are interested in? Why must a child be forced to write an essay a certain way if they are not interested in writing essays but rather are interested in building things? Why can’t schools offer kids the tools they need to learn and explore what they are interested in instead of forcing kids who are artists to be perfect at math, or mathematicians to be perfect at art? People are different and come in sorts of different shapes sizes and colors. There are more issues with the school systems that deal with the rights of girls and what they wear, or small kids and how we are putting too much on them at too young an age. I pray that in the future kids will be free to learn and not have to sit through lectures for 6 hours everyday.

    • Copper 3 Oct 2016

      I propose we take a note from the past and an idea from the future and bring the two together in the modern era. Teach through story/ dialogue/ conversation, instead of lecture and memorisation. All cultures have a shared history of passing down information from generation to generation through story. So I propose we build on that idea for the new generation and use technology as a tool to help us get there. Social Media has exploded only in the last few years. With that, we’re able to share and connect with the world. Why not be able to create specific learning modules related to various learning methods (auditory, visual, kinaesthetic, etc) and have kids/ adults tailor their education for what inspires them. Still bring people together in classrooms so they can participate and interact with other people, but have curriculum shared in story form with more two way interaction and group participation. Granted this approach takes longer, but the connection and reliability is far greater because it’s engaging and interactive, rather than just being talked to. Have projects/ assignments distributed based on that persons learning method/ passion. For example, literature class studying Moby Dick – yes, some students write an essay, but others might share their relation to the story through art, music, acting, or who knows what/how else. Instead of linear grids, might embody circles to foster togetherness and interconnectedness. Rather than telling how it is, try teaching through dialogue and question. Use group assignments and foster creative thinking and critical thinking, exploring both sides to each situation/ altercation – as we all know there are always two sides to every story. Reward critical thinking and problem solving more than getting the right answer. Now days, you can google any trivia matter you could every possibly want to know. So best now it to teach people how to communicate, connect with their hearts, and share with the world.

    • William Kumprey MD 3 Oct 2016

      Excellent video. Homeschooling 101 my friend. As a physician, going through ridiculously long hours, years of schooling and tortuous testing, I am all for training teachers differently and paying them much higher wages. However, would argue they deserve doctors pay and doctors deserve a raise. I work with people who have dedicated their lives to their patients, have accrued massive debt, and schooled three times longer than most teachers, to only make $100,000 a year. Yet, some professional pitchers make that in less than an inning. Societal values are a mess, teachers are undervalued, and our current school system is failing. Healthcare likewise is strained and needs a fix, with tort reform, insurance reform, entitlement reform, not the ACA. We homeschool because we know each kind is different and the current system teaching every the same, and to the test, is a failure. The rare school saying hey are going to no homework, throws in the disclaimer they are extending school hours so they can do it before they leave. That’s what our current system finds as cutting edge. Ridiculous. Get a bunch of home school parents together and you will get all the feedback you need. Real learning is done through living life, experience of your learning. Hands on, with immediate feedback. It’s about molding the model to the student, not the student to the model. It’s teaching in detail all you can to a child about subjects they care deeply about. It’s about integrating the not so interesting, but necessary, into that which is. Our kids need so much more, through less formal schooling. That is a tough one for old school educators, administrators, and politicians to wrap their minds around. Fortunately, it’s the truth… and something hopefully more than just homeschoolers will figure out. God bless. And preach, my friend. Amazing message and delivery.

    • Gervie Sison 3 Oct 2016

      Regarding your video with a fish,
      Everyone has the ability to learn. It is the common denominator among students. That ability to learn is what the teacher is doing as he teaches his/her students. There is no need to compare among others. You may learn this way and others that way. What matters is that we learn at all. No matter what is the strategy of the teacher. so it is not only the student that we should look up learning but also the strategy suited for the students

    • Shevonne Gayle 3 Oct 2016

      My 13 year old has FAILED to conform with the traditional ways used to teach the remaining 29 pupils in class.. purely because it is said he keeps taking the teacher off task, off the subject… disrupting the class by asking too many probing or challenging questions – he finds the classroom chairs uncomfortable, says the teachers just talk at the front of the class for long periods, they lack expression & are non engaging. he’s very intelligent & the teachers said they don’t understand how he manages to complete the work, homework etc..and disrupts the class – he’s now told that he’s preventing others from learning. The education system is failing my child.. change is needed… but if u try and change things here & not comply with traditional teaching methods they want to take you to the courts or try & take your child away… change is needed… I encourage my son to ask questions, challenge theories & be creative…he continues to learn but we lack the creative and technical environment that he craves… change is needed… is anyone listening? Schools should implement activity based learning environment.

    • Ashley Limn 3 Oct 2016

      This is in my mind that I want to share.
      All of the people in this world should watch this.
      It can change your perspective,attitude and mind.
      I touch a lot of strong and good energies that this guy wants to tell and how much believes he believes in.
      The government should do something that can create a big thing.
      The same that he told “Not only They want us to climb tree but also to climb down and do mile 10 run. ” Yeah You know that Every children have a Different Talent,different what they love or like. Please Don’t judge them just they can’t do the shit things that you gave them to do. They are all have a dreams.Why the doctors get much money more than the teachers.It’s true that doctors help people to have a better life with a good heath and sometimes they give a life that ‘s amazing.But teachers who can teach a children and reach to their hearts and minds is real teacher.
      Thailand education always wants kids to do everything that it wants.Test,competition,entrance is the way that they judge us in a same examination.
      Don’t just speak what you have in your hands or the shit books that fucking person gave it to you. Teaching ,supporting for their dreams is important.Please don’t do it just bc your job and get money.YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT THEY DESERVE MORE.

      THANKS for reading in to the end.

    • Simon 3 Oct 2016

      As a student myself I would welcome more technology in the classroom. Teaching methods nowadays are not up to date and should be revised. I hold the opinion that with more diverse teaching methods we could create a better learning environment, where theories get connected to the real life.

    • sorawit 3 Oct 2016

      couldn’t agree more

    • M. A. Javed 3 Oct 2016

      Every child is a different world in himself. What the most important thing for the system to realize is that every child needs to make this inner journey to learn. One might have shorter journey for concept A, and a longer one for concept 2, and the other vice versa. The point is, they each need to make that journey, follow their instincts, brainstorm wildly, connect different ideas. They each need to make sense out of their seemingly senseless ideas. And a teacher? God, if only a teacher knew how important he/she is in making this possible. We need better teachers, and we need to value those who strive everyday just to make sure their class indivisuals make it through their daily ‘journeys’.

    • HENRY VERDADERO JR 3 Oct 2016

      learning is anywhere and anytime, i think involving in a different activity is one opportunity and best way of gain learning and interact with others

    • Marie Dimech 3 Oct 2016

      I work with school age children outside of school and it fascinates me everyday to see how truly creative these children are…We teach creativity, we allow children to be as creative as they can be and I not only notice the amount of talent but also the difference in behaviour. Allowing children to be who they are as individuals is about showing and giving them respect that they so earnestly deserve. Children are slotted into community and the education systems that only allow one way of learning and they truly need more…they didn’t ask or choose they way they want to learn it is just expected of them, the same as it was for all of us. I remember being in school and feeling as if I could be better if only I was recognised for my creativity, this didn’t happen, what did happen was me ending up being drastically bored and leaving school at a very young age. What I have achieved now in as far as careers and so on was through adulthood. I took the initiative to self-educate and then resume my education when I was respected for they way I learn, only because I was an adult and I had a voice. A voice that was respected because I am an adult. I believe it is time to allow our children to have a voice in their education and what they want to achieve and in the way they want to achieve it. Children are people and they need to be respected for what we adults expect of them. If we change the outlook on education, we will be changing the outlook of our future.

    • Tran hai son 3 Oct 2016

      School system should chage and they should make student improve their creative and make them more smart and dont turn them to a robot.I live in vietnam the country that is cannot change the school sytem so , i just 15 but the school make me blow my head . In grade 9 we must do the really hard test to get in grade 10 . Kids should be more creative and they can think and not like a stupid robot. My country is bad at education , always have alot of homeworks and we cant rest any minutes . In my country is really hard at learning and i hope in the future that this old- style education chage to the future education and no more pressure for student and more talent subject in school . This is important for future.

    • Traci Dargan 3 Oct 2016

      I believe that the things we learn in school should be things all kids can use in life such as how to pay bills/ buying a house and car / making your own business and all financial practices, how to take care of our planet with recycling and stuff, speech and communication, and I do believe math is important but instead of learning written equations learn how to do them in your head , and for extra carriclums you would pick ones that suit your career in interest

      Ex- for classes I would take
      – financial literacy
      – science(taking care of planet)
      – prom com
      – math in life
      – writing/ English
      (Let’s say I want to be a lawyer)
      – debate team
      – US (I live in the us) government

    • Moiz Sakarwala 3 Oct 2016

      Learning is not the point.Getting the knowledge is the point,There is a way that we can change the world.Instead of we learning the stuff we have no interest in why not teach ourself . This world is not a world it’s a competition,where everyone wants to be number 1.Why can’t all be number 1? this is the society that started the competition,the jealously,the greed.Why not start the world from the beginning,where everyone is equal and everybody as a whole come together and make this world a better World ..My aim is to find happiness not success. Working hard is not no use if you’re not happy while working hard. Be the teacher of yourself. You will change the world. Thankyou!

    • Liberty 3 Oct 2016

      I agree

    • alex 3 Oct 2016

      i currently finished year 12 in Australia, and all i have to say is that teachers are more interested in social media and getting their pay by killing time with useless topics that do nothing for THE future. My school barely supplied tools for education because everything was way outdated and useless to use to learn. I studied technology subjects as a part of my last 2 years and i have to say it was terrible. I had to bring my mac to do my projects because the school computers didn’t have any updated useful software or a decent enough computer to actually run anything.

      In a world where internet scrapes every inch of the planet this school has slow internet that never worked and constantly under maintenance, and the school wasn’t running on a tight budget because it had recently purchased a new basket ball court that was around 20k but no one is allowed in it at our breaks because (our shoes will damage the cement) its been two years and still closed during our breaks.

      this school also produced very low marks from many students that deserve more, the average for general math was 22 percent and english standard was around 40 to 50 percent. The two most important subjects given to social media fools that prefer to sit on their laptops rather than help the students in needs, like the whiteboards talk in their mind.

    • Vanessa 3 Oct 2016

      I highly agree. As a student studying in a country where emphasis is placed in mathematics and sciences, I can’t wait to get out of here and go to a school where less emphasis is placed on competition and encourages more discussions and allow students to pursue their passions. Allowing the students to pursue their passions instead of forcing them to learn what they are not interested in is highly recommended. Since they are already passionate in that particular subject, they will go out their own way to find out about it. I happen to be interested in philosophy and psychology and I find myself doing research on it in the midst of studying what I am supposed to be studying for. To sum it up, I feel that students will most definitely take charge of their own learning if they are interested and passionate in it. And I’m sure that they will flourish in their career if it involves their passion. I envision a world whereby people wake up every morning, excited to go to work because it’s their passion, it’s what they enjoy doing and would want to do so for the rest of their lives.

    • Kubo 3 Oct 2016

      i think we have to do a revolution in our education system everywhere on the palnet, because our methods ale old a we need new ones. Like you saied “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” i totally agreewith you prince ea.


      (don´t judge me for grammer i am not native american)

    • Ferdinand Kok 3 Oct 2016

      To create a technology that will tell them more about the world and how us as the human race can change the way we live our life’s, tell them about pollution, the politics, CO2 and let there minds be fill with helpful info to create a clean, safer and peaceful world. I’m only 16 years old and I wish I had the technology to tell me this so I could have do something to change it.

    • Lloyd Williams 3 Oct 2016

      ” why don’t school teach more mathematics
      Less trigonometry and more about taxes
      They at the chalkboard, teaching us ass backwards
      How about preparing us for life, instead of lab rat us
      With a mansion that’s about 5 floors
      No more sleeping on the couches, cause we got 5 more
      With the fam that reminded me what I’m alive for
      And at the same time remind me what I’d die for
      A world where you wouldn’t need sleep
      That way we’d catch up instead of chase dreams” …. a quote from the Aritst Big Sean; but they’re my sentiments exactly….. I was fortunate enough to go to an elementary where you chose from 5 different languages to chose from and you begin learning in Kindergarten. We learned everything in whichever language right along English (math, science and social studies, etc.) ……..I’m on board, how can I help?

    • Jaid thorne 3 Oct 2016

      I currently have a battle with the education system! My daughter is 10 she has the reading age of 6 , I pulled her out of school , I was fed up pf them making her feel stupid because she is not!!! She is intelligent in so many ways.
      However on the current system she is classed as below average because she can’t read!
      She can do all things most adults can’t fix things , cook , science experiments, invent things.
      Most people can’t do these things yet she is classed as below average.
      I home school her part time as thats all education will agree to at the moment and are trying to get her back in school full time.
      Yet she has flourished with me , her confidence is high.
      It wasn’t that she couldn’t read it was the way they where teaching her was wrong!
      I tried for three years with suggestions about how to teach her in the end I realised they where not interested!
      I had to take responsibility for undoing all the damage school has done and it is a large amount of damage.
      As they say comparison is the thief of Joy
      The school blamed her for not learning the way the taught her.
      Well I blame the school for not teaching her the way she needed to learn!
      There isn’t one set way to teach a child everybody has different learning styles.
      Competition only creates division and seclusion for some.
      Mental health is more important than anything else.
      Some of the most intelligent people aren’t happy they where taught to get high grades not how to be happy!
      Happiness is what makes the world a better place.
      Freedom of choice is what makes society work.
      Self worth is what makes us live long lives.
      but none of these are taught in school.
      If you change the schooling system not only do you change the children but the future.
      More compassion will be in our world, more understanding as we know when everybody is happy less evil can come into the world.
      School is one of the main routes of societies problems!

    • Matthew Wosk 3 Oct 2016

      If the school system is guilty, what do you Prince Ea think is the next step?

    • Filip 3 Oct 2016

      Just two years ago I graduated from high school (it should be noted that I am from Greece) so my experience is quite fresh. I have also checked some systems of other countries so I know little pieces of what is happening outside my country. From my point of view school isn’t doing well, at least in my country. Most of teachers aren’t creative with their job they just teach the same stuff every year and have turned the learning process into a routine which is terrible. They are not trained well enough, which is NOT their fault, to be educators. They lack some very important skills such as children psychology, teaching techniques, public speaking, etc. which makes them inappropriate for the job they are assigned to do. We should also consider the little use of technology and the fact that the school doesn’t prepare the youth neither for the universities nor for the real life (taxes, law system, laws, human rights, etc.). My point is that we should make such changes so we can enhance the learning procces in a way that gives young kids all the right skills, experiences and knowledge in order to make them capable of making the world we and they are going to live in. That’s all! Peace and love

    • LWR 3 Oct 2016

      I’ve been a teacher for about 40 years, daughter of a teacher, granddaughter of a teacher. In that time, I’ve seen our profession take hits from policy-makers who, like Prince Ea said, never taught a day in their lives. We’ve been put into a straight-jacket within which only a small amount of movement is allowed. I remember in 1990 getting called into the office to be censured for taking time out of the mandated 6th grade curriculum to teach my students how to word process on a computer that I brought into my classroom. The computer teacher was incensed, and categorically declared that it was IMPOSSIBLE for 11-year-olds to learn word processing. That went on my record!
      Flash forward to 1996, when I did action research to show how many standardized tests and how much test prep was eating into our students’ learning time. I found out that year that ETS (the org. that makes the SAT and TOEFL) got started by designing standardized tests that African Americans were more likely to fail to keep them out of volunteering for the U.S. Army! I remember my school days. We had ITBS or the equivalent 2-3 times in ALL of elementary and middle school. The ONLY test I had in high school was the SAT. Now, our students are being forced to take as many as – GET THIS – 13 standardized exams a YEAR!!!
      STEP #1 to improve our schools and learning: REMOVE 90% of standardized testing.

    • Hanif Brown 3 Oct 2016

      This initiative is extremely a necessity. I’m still in High school and I totally agree with the video that Prince EA did. I am also an educator as I teach children. I’d be interested in helping with this movement.

    • Shruthi S Das 3 Oct 2016

      Hi, i totally agree with the video about the school system. when i was studying in school though i was average student and cleared all the subjects i was more oriented towards dance from my childhood. But the society pressure always forced my parents to pressurize us. I’m an electrical engineer, but even in my engineering i was more oriented towards dance. I know i love dancing and always wanted to pursue dance not matter what age i’m. So i have been listening to my parents and tried to pursue my dream too but aren’t successful yet, but i’m trying my best to do it now after marriage.
      Schools shouldn’t teach us what is already there, they should build curiosity in children so that children start loving the subject and they should have more outing because nature is the best teacher 🙂 and from young age children should be exposed to all the fields so that they can choose what they love to do and they’ll surely succeed in that field and they will surely live their life happily 🙂 and by forcing a kid and comparing a kid to another kid is makes no sense. A SUNFLOWER blooms to become A BEST SUNFLOWER, it wont keep thinking “OH LOTUS IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN ME”. When the nature is giving us the best example we are working against the nature and its a disaster, and surely we human beings will destroy the nature by going against it.

      Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to share a thought of mine. i really appreciate it. Please do let me know if i can do anything from my end 🙂 i’ll be more than happy to help.

    • Ricky 3 Oct 2016

      I’m a 10 year old kid and I understand what you are saying. I’m the same with your child. But I am not learning more about lego characters. I am learning about the technology. And I think that the classes should allow kids no matter what grade they are to bring their computer to school. Because the internet is basically our future. And if we cant access it everyday and only 1 time a week, how are we going to prepare ourselves. We cant wait 11 years after we were born to do get our computers to school everyday to learn technology. We have to do it whenever we want to! Because I’m in grade 5 and I still can’t bring my computer to school. And we should be able to use the computers that the school provides us during our break. And maybe even make our classrooms bigger for the experiments that we can do. Because all my school does is like 7 experiments in the whole year even though we do science everyday. But all those other days is just boring old reading. And when we research on our computers the teachers don’t even allow us to use wikipedia. So I think that the schools should spend enough time not to make people blind to use computers.

    • Rick 4 Oct 2016

      To function in society you need to be able to communicate and solve problems. Communicating requires language skills, and problem solving requires logic, so it is obvious why language and mathematics are the core subjects of standardized testing. Testing is an important part of learning because it actually measures whether the individual learned anything. Would you want your heart surgeon who went through medical school never tested on his skills and knowledge to operate on you? Pretty sure it is a big fat NO. It is called standardized testing for a reason because you’re kid has to meet a certain standard, same with doctors, engineers and so on. If your airplane pilot does not meet the standards to operate a plane competently would you want him as your pilot. STANDARDS are in place for a reason so that the fabricate of our society does not fall apart. The reason the classrooms are the way they are is because it reflects our society. We are measured by standards and performance are we not? your job? laws? competition? the whole fabric of our society. You should not get rid of grades and standards because you will disadvantage your child when they get into the real world.

    • Matthew Jenkins 4 Oct 2016

      Getting people to recognize the issue is the first step; until they know there’s a problem there’s no chance of them stepping up to the plate to address it. Unfortunately for us, with something like education, it can kind of become this self-perpetuated nightmare — a real catch 22 if you will. How does one intervene in this process? Work strikes? School strikes? Boycotting the companies that would lobby for certain school agendas? To some extent there is no form of regulation in place for many of the struggling countries. Have there been many peaceful political revolutions in the past? Perhaps we should look to those for advice.

    • Anton Solo 4 Oct 2016

      School is so frustratingly arbitrary. Basic science is helpful to people on a practical level, as is basic math. But beyond an elementary or middle school level, these subjects become impractical. Likewise, they do not specifically help out with the bettering of one’s self and the promotion of one’s own happiness/ enjoyment. Perhaps for some they do, but unlike physical education (needed for health), their absence poses no physical downside. This comes down to my point: subjects that serve to progress a person, in a way that would not improve that person’s productivity in society, are pointless unless the person enjoys them. As such, subjects such as high school math, chemistry, physics, and even history (beyond a basic level), should be optional. Otherwise, they only are there as barriers who’s only good is demonstrating the ability to get over them. The act of learning these subjects too often does not improve a person and definitely does not increase his productivity towards society; their only purpose is to see who has the mental fortitude to get past them. Nothing too sinister, but hugely inefficient when stretched out for years. Now, mathematicians and scientists are needed for the progress of society but not on an individual scale. Just as not everyone needs to be a musician to appreciate music, not everyone needs to be a mathematician or scientist or historian. People who pursue careers in those fields should have a natural disposition towards them and will take those classes voluntarily. These subjects should not be forced on everyone in the hopes of a small percentage of us utilizing those schools for the progress of society.
      The argument that subjects with little or no application in the real world for most people are worth it because they instill a certain way of thinking is naïve and misguided. There are many activities and subjects that can challenge one’s mind. To say that mathematics is more important than a class on taxes is really stretching it, and this excuse for the mandatory taking of these certain subjects is only a way to make the populace feel better about the deep and inherent flaws in the education system.

    • Karen Rist 4 Oct 2016

      We need developmentally appropriate education kids shouldn’t be taught things before they’re ready. Kindergartners should not be given state assessments. Kids need to play, create various projects dance sing, play instruments, explore, plant, compost, repair and repurpose things. Learn about themselves and family heritage. Learn to parent a child. God bless u for posting this. I’m going into 30 thyear ad spe Ed teacher making less money each year. I think it’s criminal while sports athletes make millions. Let’s fix this before it’s too late.

    • CAVARIO HODGES 4 Oct 2016

      I believe a revamping of the educational system is long overdue and I support an interactive approach that encourages imaginative ways of solving mounting issues in our social, political and environmental spaces.

    • uono 4 Oct 2016

      Everything I thought about educational system,You said it. Thailand has been facing this problem for long time.

    • Byron 4 Oct 2016

      Until we are willing to discard our sacred cows, we cannot effectively change the system. Even components of the system that we consider indispensable need to be scrutinized and evaluated. Hard questions need to be asked. Are teachers and classrooms essential? Could an educational system that caters to the individual wherever they reside on the spectrum, with whatever talents and whatever learning style, instead of a classroom do so without a traditional teacher or classroom? How? We need to open our minds to possibilities instead of fixating on this is how it has always been done. Ask the right questions and start seeing the right answers.

    • cj 4 Oct 2016

      Im not here to put an idea out there im here to say to the guy inthis video that it touched me i cryed over this i am that fish i was always told that i was never good enough or i was stuiped and that always has made it hard in my life its not only massed with my dreams but my relationships and freindvship and the jobs ive had but i just wanted to tell that guy that lol

    • Irene 4 Oct 2016

      This is such an important message! So much money is wasted in administration and pushing teachers into unions that gouge these teachers already small salaries. I have teachers that I love so much my family my friends. Each one of them has dedicated their lives to helping kids, taking low status job in difficult schools so they can make a difference. The education system IS broken. How about we quit paying for administration that can be done online with good tools. Let’s make classroom spending standard and let everyone else up the chain take the hit. There are so many right answers.

    • Fabiana 4 Oct 2016

      I feel like kids are just treated like toys you can just play around and modify them because of one flaw. In school the teachers teach a bunch of kids the same thing based on their ages, but every kid having different needs, different strengths, different powers, different talents and dreams…., and they teach them all the same thing. Let’s give every kid a chance to be different and unique in their own way.

    • Ankit Malik 4 Oct 2016

      As I am a Indian and in India, there are maximum number of young people to education field in world.
      There are very few who know about how to read/study properly.
      They don’t care about their strengths and weakness in this field.
      They are following a traditional system of education and they are really hardworking but not proper utilization of resources.
      Technology can help them to grow and work efficiently.

    • Blanca Arias 4 Oct 2016

      The charter school my daughter went to used project based learning. They created multi media projects that incorporated English, Math, Science, and Art. The experiential opportunities were made in collaboration with students, teachers, and the community. They were mandated to volunteer in the community. A class that was mandatory was Technology where they learned to do presentations, use Photoshop, and other software. The only thing missing is learning coding. I believe that by encouraging creativity, collaboration, building relationships you are increasing Emotional Intelligence an important factor in success. We do need to add Financial Intelligence. So many of students and population need to increase financial IQ.

    • Lika 4 Oct 2016

      You are So RIGHT in everything ! each word you said !! I’d like to know How to make every school here in France understand it ?? France is so Antique so old in their educational system also !! Thank you for your work ! Our kids deserve a better world !!!

    • Becky Cothern 4 Oct 2016

      I am a teacher and have taught in a few different schools. I began in a school district where I was free to create a classroom of learning centers and activities. To teach according to the needs and interests of my students. The results over 95% of my students (most who were very at-risk) reached benchmark. On the other side of the country I taught in two more school districts. Administration scolded me and told me to not teach kids to read and only teach those who could make advanced. Leaving the majority behind. I would not listen and continued to teach in centers (letting students use the computers, smartboard, and tablet). I lost my job because of it. However, by the end of the year my growth residual on the students was 10. Double, Triple, and even Quadruple the best the school had to offer for the past eight year in all nine grades. I was proud to have taught each and everyone in that classroom. I was grateful to have given them a year of education that hopefully helped prepare them for a better future. We need better teachers and new school systems. We need open-minded administrators that can envision something different than what they’ve been doing for the past 40 years. We need to really see where our students are and help them get to where they need to be. That’s all that really matters. We should not be teaching schools- but teaching students. We need to do better for them and for their futures.

    • Catarina Lopes 4 Oct 2016

      Today, i m a student from portugal. 40 years ago in my country KIDS could not raise their arms to ask someting and if they failed a question they would be physically punished.40 years ago KIDS lived in fear, fear of failing, fear of asking, fear of school, fear of THINKING. Now we are no longer physically punished and we can raise our arms, but we’re still in fear. 40 years have passed and we are still in fear of being called dumb if we fail, fear of being called weirds if we think in a diferent way, fear of teachers rejecting our dreams, we have fear of our on future and why? Because no one teaches us how to grow up?

      i m privileged because i have a real teacher , a teacher that help us on our dreams, a teacher that care about our future, a teacher that work all day to make us be better people, i have a teacher that opposes the traditional teaching and tries to adapt is teaching to every single student. This are real teachers and they are not paied to do it! They are under paied to be in a classroom with us for 1h30min.

      TEACHERS deserve more, KIDS deserve more, SCHOOLS deserve more.
      TEACHERS deserve better salarys that can justify they effort for KIDS.
      KIDS deserve more opportunities to express themselves with out being criticized by society.
      SCHOOLS deserve more attention so they can be improved and evolve.

    • Leigha Campbell 5 Oct 2016

      My public school system teacher of a husband and myself discuss education regularly. I feel like each kid coming into a school should have both a placement and learning style assessment done. Then place kids in groups of 10 with a teacher who has the exact same learning style and stays with those kids for the entirety of their formal education. And the goal is to learn information, test theories, challenge concepts, and expand knowledge by asking questions at whatever pace each is capable of. Make the teacher a facilitator of knowledge and educator of resources! And for goodness sakes do that the fastest way possible with technology!!

    • Keynna Kewais 5 Oct 2016

      Anything that helps the education of the the generation is the best thing on earth

    • Chris 5 Oct 2016

      I am currently a junior in high school wasting my days and nights away in my room doing loads of homework for AP courses or studying for upcoming tests. During the school year my social life is nonexistent until weekends or even at some points until the next extended holiday break. That’s awful. I want to further my education in political science and educational research. Now I am not going to go into full detail about my views on how education should be ran but a brief overview. School is meant to develop children in EVERY aspect of life. Social, mental, and physical. As far as what is taught, yes obviously core materials like the sciences and maths etc. But also the liberal arts whether it be music, art, or spoken word. The brain needs time to let loose and be stimulated creatively. Lastly the social aspect. Students right now are faced with a huge amount of homework and often don’t see friends outside of scho due to this. Consequently, students that don’t perform socially in large student bodies are becoming socially inept to an extent. In the working world this is detrimental. Not only that but social development and simple conversation has the potential to teach people and make them smarter by simple engagement. So I think flex periods, or SMART periods are essential to allow students to just chill conversations and socialize. Also I am a huge advocate for a national curriculum in the sense that all children are given the chance to learn everything they need to know. No more local funding or local authoritative decisions. As far as technology is concerned, it needs to be used more in the classroom. Teens are glued to their phones and computers and games so why not make those devices an opportunity to educate and engage prolonging the lifetime impact of a school lesson. This isn’t all I feel about school but the jist of it. I really do have an ultimate goal set for myself to change the way America Learns and maybe even the world.

    • Sylas Trujillo Garza 5 Oct 2016

      I am a Junior in High School of Hanford, California and I believe that the curriculum today is a waste and is long overdue for an update. I believe kids should learn up until a point in time when they have that breakthrough of what they really wanna do and nothing should stand in the way of that breakthrough to block their imagination and motivation to become something unique and creative that will help the world of tomorrow. To help the world become a better place, and not just the world, but maybe people too. If classrooms were set up to let students explore the world and discus what they want to be maybe just maybe it might give them the understanding and motivation to go in a achieve that goal. I’ve sat back for the last two years of high school thinking that students can’t really think freely and express themselves and show who they really are . Today students in my class are not working up to their full potential and are forced how to think versus how they actually think. A student will sit at the back of the class and feel he is not smart and feel that he needs more help with this “common core” standard that school systems have today. I just got done looking at my little cousins homework today and some of that stuff is a lot harder than my own homework, especially for his age. The point I am trying to get here is that we don’t see the school system getting worse everyday that goes by. Even when your sick you have to go to the doctor and get everything cleared otherwise there is no reason to miss school. I had a death happen in my family and had to skip school for two days and I felt I couldn’t go for another two because I felt I just wasn’t ready. I got in trouble for this and as I explained myself to my attendance office, but while they declined my claim saying this was an invalid reason to miss school I asked myself do any of these people have a heart? But its the way the system works I can’t blame them right? I mean I could sit here and go on and on about how broken and one-sided the schooling system, but I don’t think I could fit It all in to one letter. Maybe a book?

    • Cody correia 5 Oct 2016

      I think the way to move forward is to abolish schools and have one on one or atleast groups of five with one teaching because everyone is different, then pay the teachers as much as doctors, I think this could solve a lot of problems in the education system

    • Gazala Rahman 5 Oct 2016

      I will speak from my own example instead of others. I was the sharpmost student in the class in every subject but math. Which caused me to turn into an average student from being a topper ever since highschool. The reason behind that was purely the math tutors discovering me as a math student. I am 30 years now and I have a bachelors in Political Science from a Canadian University. But I still regret the fact that I did not get the individual interest my teacher could show on me to bring out the best of me in my math skills just like my skills elsewhere. No child is born stupid, my tutors just failed to bring the best of me for lack of Individual Attention

    • Jas 5 Oct 2016

      I think we should let our children exposed to everything and so they can search for their own path. An education system that helps finding a child’s dream or interest and hence develop them in thar particular sector.
      Guide them.
      FOR AN example,some might not really like the History subject and do not score for a high mark in it.Same with other subjects
      So, forcing student to memorise facts and write it out during a test and hence as a level to determine one’s ability is stupid.
      We should focus on application of the things we learn. What is the uses of them in our real daily life?

    • William 5 Oct 2016

      i am a student attending high school. i really do think changing the way we do stuff in school is the way we should be going. Make everything feel more welcoming. we need to make people want to go to school and not dread upcoming tests. These are some of my many thoughts i’m glad i could share

    • Maya Peplow 5 Oct 2016

      This is so true. Everyday in math, I sit there knowing nothing, while my desk partner knows everything. I sit there for 8 hours, just wanting to go home. They don’t teach us how to balance check books or buy a home. They teach us what figurative language is, what has happened in the past, and horrific things like y=67x•B(56+8) I don’t understand it. I understand music. I learn with music. I go home and put music to studying. That takes my time out of the day where I spaced out because I didn’t know anything. I need the teachers to know what’s going on. If the teachers and school system don’t change something, my whole life could become a whole lot harder

    • Yi Xuan You 5 Oct 2016

      Hi I’m a student from Taiwan. Actually our education system might be more ridiculous than any other one. In school, everyday is full of test and lessons. Even now I’m in the senior high school, I still do the same thing as I did in the elementary school, study and study. I always want to study abroad, but I never thought that it would be the same, stick way of learning. Taiwan must change,so as the education system all around the world.

    • Idk idk idk 5 Oct 2016

      I personally think that the students should be able to choose there own teachers and use that technology to help learn stuff and I believe there should be less rules if the kids don’t want to Learn then let them do what the want they are only trying to get attention and I found that a lot through school and I think that this would be the best thing for classrooms

    • Valerie 5 Oct 2016

      I have a daughter in all honors classes and yet she is still bored. She spends more time preparing for texts and then sitting there on her phone because she finishes worksheets quickly. Her creativity isn’t challenged and her intellect isn’t either. She is gifted and even in honors programs still not getting enough. I would love to see a completely overhauled system that take her brilliant and creative mind and pushes it. How can we claim to be the greatest country in the world when there is a lack of innovation in the one area that directly effects our future?!

    • Loki 5 Oct 2016

      I’m 17… teachers always scold me for not getting high marks in the exams and always compare me with other kids in the class…I really hate this grades…but I like to get knowledge…I’m interested in doing stunts and parkour…if my teachers ask me to get high marks as the toppers do…I cannot…and if I ask them to do stunts like me ….they cannot…. everyone is gifted with special talents…. if u ask Einstein to run and usain bold to invent…..what would be the result??

    • Chloe 5 Oct 2016

      I agree with this. In my school they spend thousands on sports equipment and other supplys. They focus on sports. Even though the majority or us hate sports. We need more technology and a better school system in general. This is in the UK though.

    • Devon 5 Oct 2016

      You know what I’m a senior in high school and I agree with this because students all around the world don’t get a good enough education in school systems and teachers not believing in us that we will succeed in life. And I honestly don’t know how school systems can get away with he said but I’m glad he stepped up, and hopefully made a difference in the world. Thank you Prince

    • Jerry 5 Oct 2016

      As a senior (HS) sometimes sitting on a chair for 8 hours everyday… Is not productive in my opinion. Sometimes just get ideas and important things the teacher says, but when i get home i tend to use techology to understand the process and steps.

      An Interactive educational system would be great.. Cause we tend to learn from experience. I Believe in a future and a CHANGE in the current educational system cause things have change and it should too 🙂

    • Daniel 5 Oct 2016

      I believe that schools in some way need to remove the teachers as means to reach education! One teacher can never give enough knowledge to 30 different students in the same classroom because we are all so different. I believe in a school system that can use some kind of training simulators that includes a computer and a screen with interactive learning materials. These training machines can be programmed to suit every individual differently depending on how fast or slow someone is learning. To learn infront of a screen with colors in movie, pictures and to be able to interact with e.g. a game that teach you how to calculate different things and what happens if the calculations are wrong! Make it fun to learn! We already know that children learn their computer games better than their homework just because it´s fun! Don´t be afraid to change the old ways, only then we will evolve as the human race.

    • Zain Abbas 5 Oct 2016

      Unfortunately we have tutors alot more than teachers, learning has never been a quick process, learning is more like personality formation, what one has become through a certain process is education, education is co-related to maturity through experiences…. retaining memorized information to pass a test isn’t intelligence, it is a steady process and most important of all it’s done willingly not because one is told so. Education for me is more like inculcating love of education,learning, wisdom, enlightenment. Teacher needs to be an inspiration on basis of knowledge if teacher is conservative and can’t entertain possibilities and thoughts then he/she is nothing more than a tutor. Unfortunately there is no scale to measure who is teacher and tutor a person has to find that out for himself, teacher makes student to question more efficiently not answering to build impression… To make this system better parents need to push hard and forge a questioning mind coz it’s first 3,4 years during which base of personality is laid and that has to be strong. unfortunately what a child is taught in school and home is: Be obedient, passive, pliable and then expectations are child when grows up will be assertive, strong willed and active… Teacher in schools are suppose to analyze children and their potential and then exposing to that field and building interest in that field. No specific syllabus must be endorsed school need to be more like a library where one can learn anything he/she wants…. here a problem is that if one doesn’t specializes in some specific field then??? actually i am talking of an ideal environment if this kind of environment is adopted then surely that won’t be problem…. Fear is guiding education basically, learning is for money through money it’s more like trading which is absolutely devastating… learning is becoming not having…. if we can eradicate this fear then and only then learning can get to a level that it deserves….

    • Jesper 5 Oct 2016

      Children and young adults are individual human beings with hope, dreams, and interests and they should be treated as such. I believe the best way to do this is with democratic schools, where children can live and learn what and as they please, where the focus is on interests and cooperation and not punishment and competition.

    • Vajid 5 Oct 2016

      The best way to solve the promblem is computerized classes

    • Noah 5 Oct 2016

      Being part of the schooling system today, I think it has changed but not changed enough. Some of the things we learn about, even the teachers admit you will never use it in your lifetime. The time spent learning all of this could be used for teaching things that are more appropriate for our future.

    • Mark 5 Oct 2016

      Technology is a great tool as long as it supports and enhances the learning. If it is simply used as a baby sitting device or simply being used becasue the school system has spent a fortune on technology without any real thought then it can be somewhat useless. Just like in the 1816 literacy and numeracy were essential the same can be said of digital literacy in the 2016.

    • Mark Knights 5 Oct 2016

      I feel that this is institutionalized. Teachers are taught theories in University on why standardization is good. Studying innovative classroom strategies is just something that does not happen anymore – The studies that get the funding are those that defend what is, not what could be.

      I taught Computer Science in an innovative way. I was learning to be a teacher along the way and then I was forced out by an ingrained hierarchy that did not like the way that I questioned. Our school was drawing in new students due to my course and now they are back to the way things were.

      I will never teach again. So negative was the experience on me. But the sad thing is now they are teaching Computer Science like it has been taught for 15-20 years and think they are better off. If they can’t teach future technologies in an innovative way, wwhat hope do they have that anything will ever change?

    • Ernest 5 Oct 2016

      I think that the education system should be fun for that time period of when we are in school. I think that the days should be shorter and homework should be a recap or a question of what u learned that day or that week I also think that the teachers should get payed more. And the last thing I think is that we all should just have fun whil in class

    • Joseph Collins 6 Oct 2016

      The school system is taught paycheck to paycheck, teachers don’t have a reason to be 100% passionate anymore. They are underpaid and treated like dirt. Society needs to change in order for education to change. We need more innovative personalized ways of teaching. A way where students can do things the way they need to in order to capture the knowledge of what is being taught.

      We need to stop teaching only new world history. Most students can’t even tell you where certain countries are located by continent. Only a few of us know WORLD history and not just history within our country from the last 50 years. Sure WW1 & 2 is interesting to learn about, but thats not what we should dedicate an entire 3 months studying. We need to learn how all of the countries came to be, how governments work…

      We aren’t taught how to do taxes, how to balance our money, how to govern or know politics as well as we should. The people who create the curriculum are ruining the way the country thinks, they are implementing thoughts that don’t matter ad hiding the stuff that does.

    • Vikalp parashar 6 Oct 2016

      You see technology is something made to make our life safe and easier ,the thinking capacity of human brain is very much ;try to think of ur existence;till lower classes like till8-9 we can use technology for making basic concept of a child to develop ,to understand,to interpret what are pros and cons to every action we take ,what is it’s affect on environment and surrounding ,after that a person should visualise on its own to develop his mental capacity.So u can use tech till primary classes

    • Kushal 6 Oct 2016

      We aren’t what we are defined to be and so isn’t the education completely agree. Different people are different and they change throughout their lives. The only way to Ensure that the education system is really catering to current needs and a better worlds Is if it recognises these small differences between everybody.

    • Scott 6 Oct 2016

      First of all, big ups to you Prince Ea 🙂 wow thank you so much for all that you do. I would encourage Art, Music, and Dance an equal chance as any other course laid out in the classroom.

    • Kevin Teo 6 Oct 2016

      I am a student, I’ve been going through exams after exams just trying to get good grades. But what are exams for? My teacher said that they’re a decider for where you stand in the future. I disagreed and from then, I was discriminated I was given the silent treatment and the stinky look from each teacher. Now, I knew I made them think twice about what exams really mean as they have no words to fight back.

    • Future Dave 6 Oct 2016

      I must say here in Sweden were really on a role. In almost every school we learn trough technology in a way that doesn’t force it. What I mean about that is that we get too chose if want to learn trough technology or books. If you ask me this should be done on every school. Because the problem with peoples’ thinking is that so many people think that we should remake the school system completely, but that’s wrong. We shouldn’t remake it, just reboot it. Because we can’t just stop learning we just need to learn on another way. Because the things we learn about are so important for are future. For example we learn about the cold war so we won’t repeat history. We learn about it because we it’s the only thing keeping us from repeating history. But I agree we should make changes because we can’t keep doing things like we do today. We should learn about things that we have to go trough every day. One of these things is the art of speaking. In Sweden we start as soon as possible to argue for the things we do and care about. We have hare own debates and we learn that the way we talk can do so much for us. It gives you so much in life to know the art of speaking. It opens up so many opportunities for us. We also learn that it’s not scary to talk to people. In most places people learn to talk in front of a crowd in high school but here we start in elementary school. This is what I think we should implement all over the world as it gives so much for the children. Take this as you will but I’m a 14 year old boy and I learned to talk this fluent and argumentative in a different language trough the school system.

    • Zlati Georgiev 6 Oct 2016

      I’ve been thinking about this a lot – my parents and my grandparents work in the education system. I love seeing my grandmother being greeted by her students, which are older than my parents, 30-40 years after graduation. It puts the biggest smile on here face. There is just 2 teachers from my entire life, to which I would walk up on the street and greet them with a smile of gratitude. the rest are just some teachers. The contrast I see is teachers are not nearly as respected nowadays as they were a few decades ago.

      To fix things I believe you simply need to make the job of a teacher to be more appealing to young people.

      My plan:

      Step 1 – Make the teacher’s job the highest paying position(or top 3) in the country – honestly I don’t see a reason why a teacher’s salary can’t be twice that of the Director of the school itself – hierarchy is not the same the value of one’s job.

      Step 2 – Give unrestricted access to new technology to teachers and give them freedom in choosing the format of their classes in terms of duration, location, methods, scoring, etc.

      Consider driving tests – you get YES or NO, that’s good for some tests. In math, you may have calculated and found the value of X using the correct logic and formulas, yet made an error in the last row, so your answer is wrong – you still get 90% of the score, since you did the most important part right. In an essay things are so subjective, that I have seen studies proving that peers grading each other is has great benefits. So in my eyes the method of scoring student’s performance is just as important as the teaching method itself.

      Step 3 – Introduce these topics to students since day 1 in both theoretical and pracial form, as I find myself curious and interested in them and that they are the most essential for leading a happy life:
      – Personal finance
      – Starting a small business
      – Teamwork instead of competition
      – Nutrition & fitness
      – Etiquette ( just to mention, from my business classes, if I had to choose to take just one, I would take this one).
      Even making these the only classes, plus reading, writing and basic calculus is enough for the 1st year in school.

      I could delve deeper, but I think this is as short as I could keep it for one comment.\

    • Denise Dominguez 6 Oct 2016

      There are four ways of learning: visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic. I myself am a visual learner. Probably why I failed in school and quit by 9th grade. By the time I was in my 40’s I realized what my true passion is in life and built my own business from that passion. It was there all along, the whole time, but no-one ever took the time to ask me what my passion was or how I could use it in life. Kids have such wonderful potential because their young minds have not been clouded by all of the crap from their environment yet. Maybe it’s time we ask them “what is it that you love to do?” and go from there:) Or maybe if Finland or other countries have mastered the way of teaching and learning we should emulate what they do. It’s a start:)

    • José Pérez Cano 6 Oct 2016

      I’m 16 years old and I hace learned more of physics in one week just with te help of the internet than in my last year at school. The fact is than in a class the teacher can only talk or write in the blackboard. But some contents are easy to understand with a video.

    • Serco 6 Oct 2016

      Education must happen everywhere I mean students must not be in concrete classrooms but instead they must go to different place. For example Science Class must be in scientific places. Well for today each subjects must have their own environment and frequency so that students can feel the ideas that are being taught. And there must be only 10 or 20 students per class to have more focus on each students. Students must have their right to choose what class they wanted to attend. Also even when we change the education system there is also a problem in the physical factors of the students. Maybe some of them may have low mind function or lack of nutrients when he/she was a child. There are so many possibilities that can ruin the childs ability to learn. Lessons must not be hurried, if students dont understand yet the topic then discuss it over and over again until no matter how many questions you throw at them they can answer it with ease. There are so much more to be added and to change.

      I wish my dreams to change the world may finally come with the help of some people like Prince EA and others.

    • Alexandra. 6 Oct 2016

      OMG my teacher showed me your video about sueing the schools ystem-and everyone absouloutley LOVED it, including me!!! I love you way you thinka nd care about all of us, the initiative in your voice, you truly are an amazing person, thank you!

    • Raunak Kathuria 6 Oct 2016

      well legos aren’t a piece of cake if he learn ’bout lego he can change or design the structure of building to to make the more light , stable ,how to save them from falling it can also enhance his creativity can encourage him to create something new

    • EducationClub AtBinghamtonUniversity 6 Oct 2016

      We agree that people should not be molded to be something that they are not. First, we must change the stigma toward the teaching profession. There is a dichotomy in the United States where we want small class sizes, but good teachers. So we need to hire many teachers to fit this demand, but we only want the best to work with our students. Instead of putting professions like medicine or law (to name a few) on a pedestal, we should prioritize the teaching profession. We can start by training all teachers like Special Education teachers, to make them better teachers and individualize lesson plans. IEPs should not be solely for students with disabilities, but available to all students. By having better teachers, and better results in the classroom, teachers and educators as a whole will be held to a higher esteem.

    • mike mcloughlin 7 Oct 2016

      Kids should be able to pick all the course they take and more class on imagination and less with people telling you what to do, so that kids can learn to think outside the box

    • Peter Romero 7 Oct 2016

      Technology is cool, but learners need to make the transition from becoming end-users to learning how to question, how to find patterns, and finally making the connections that will lead to development, innovation, and solutions. That is what Leonardo’s Apprentice is about, that is what I’m about. Looks like we are on the same path.

    • Jacob James 7 Oct 2016

      Take a look at schools today, now take a look at kids, they all are on technology, ive seen them learn more on there apps than i have in schooling, we need to integrate tech more!

    • Jo Di Francesco 7 Oct 2016

      I feel the most important lesson to anyone is to believe in yourself and be confident, know that you enough then learning skills will flow. Meditation and selfworth, getting children to help one another in the class.
      When I have attended any training, it is the norm to be asked how it can be improve and what is good about the training, yet we never ask children for their opinion on school lessons, how it could be done differently and the struggles they have encountered.

    • Abad A. Piza 7 Oct 2016

      The best education system that i was able to be apart of was one in which students collaborated with the teachers to bring each other up the teacher was only in the class room to help those who truly needed the help where a student an equal couldn’t help or lost focus if enough people asked help on the same problem he put it on the board then gave extra work on the topic i literally became the smartest in the class over night. the fact that you could finish your work then go to your fellow classmates and not give them fish but teach them to fish just as i had learned was fulfilling. it taught me to not cheat myself that i did have it no matter the problem i just had to learn how to handle it from whatever angle i was looking at it from. a class room in which kids can roam and help each other not rob each other. compete. was amazing.

    • Noha 7 Oct 2016

      That’s so bad people still have the same shaped classes that’s a shame.
      School you need to change

    • Annah Mahlangu 7 Oct 2016

      Hi there
      I’m a South African resident and I’m concerned about our schools which don’t even have computers for learning other skills. My kids use my laptop at home and I see their love for learning more and when they have to do research it becomes a challenge. How can kids know how to use a computer when they don’t even have one at school. The South African system of teaching is still very behind I must say. I don’t know how can I help our government to upgrade to a more advanced system. Our kids are bored by the old classroom system. I have a very hyperactive boy who always wants to draw things while the teacher is writing on the board. He cannot sit still because he wants to do something else. I believe more activities need to be introduced so that kids can be more enthusiastic to go to school.

    • Luis 7 Oct 2016

      Learn to learn!
      Learn to apply what you have learned

    • tee 7 Oct 2016

      1. Teachers need to find a better method of teaching to fit the form of students.

      2. If the teachers began to get new restrictions or payed more money, students will get a better education because the difficulties of teaching, grading, getting to know each student individually ,and trying to reach each students needs and expectations could tire a teacher out to where these goals are totally forgotten in a teachers mind , to where the teacher has lost his/her passion for what he/she is supposed to do, basically just there for the paycheck not to give students education. Once the teacher’s passion is lost, so is the students passion. The problem that is widespread in America is the teachers go to work in the morning looking forward to going back home and relaxing.

    • P 7 Oct 2016

      I think that a major problem is that so many children don’t really enjoy going to school but I can relate to them because as a child you don’t understand why you have to go there. So I think it’s important to teach the students how to find their individual interests. And when a student has found an intrest, it shouldn’t be pained by learning stuff they’re not interested in. Like for example if a students interests are reading and learing languages, why should he also have to learn physics and maths? I think a good solution would be if every student could create his own timetable so the student can only choose lessons she/he really wants to go to and stays motivated. Because if for example you have to visit physic classes and you’re bad in it, you have to afford so much (free-)time to understand it, while you could have used that time in studying for a subject you enjoy studying. What I also find really important is that teacher shouldn’t try to teach the students their thoughts and make them think that thoughts too but how to make your own thoughts and opinions. An other thing is that nowadays we students have 8 to 10 hours school/ day and after a long schoolday, we have to study for upcoming exams/do homework, so basically we spend our entire day with school. It’s so unneccessary because if you have to be concentrated 8 hours, it’s common that you get to the point where you just start sitting in classes without even having the energy to focus on what the teacher is saying. It would be so much more effective just having 5-7hour school/day so you have enough power to focus on what the teacher tells you and develope your own thoughts and ideas.
      The key to success is motivation because if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, how are you supposed to get successful?

    • Kyle 7 Oct 2016

      I go to a votech school and we still sit in neat rows most of the time. I see many kids getting bored because the teachers talk the whole block. If we used Chromebooks more I think we would see interest and participation skyrocket. The only time i see students have interest in learning is in their career majors, and that’s only rare.

    • Rajasuba 7 Oct 2016

      I really think it would be useful
      1. If we could picture things while teaching
      2. It would be even more better if we could create some need /necessity to know a thing – before coming to know about it
      3. If we could learn its practical applications – ie; we have to know about its real time application

    • Nicholas Trinkley 7 Oct 2016

      I totally agree with you that we should change the way we teach our future!

    • Anirudh 7 Oct 2016

      Tests must be given lesser importance as we here in India are facing a hell of a lot problems. Next about the future the curriculum must be revised frequently, learning the age old tech is of little use today. I don’t suggest tab labs and other techie things but what we need is a well equipped science lab. “All subjects must be taught” is a very controversial statement as if take a peek at the positive point of view students have wider opportunities, if there is a need to teach all the subjects, tests must be given lesser importance as mentioned before. Theory knowledge is of no use until you do it practically. Hence practical skills must be top priority. Exposure is another thing, which is important. Overall this education system has its flaws. Coding is important not only for young tech geeks but also for their overall brain development (this is by experience, I solve problems much easily than before). For the classroom teachers can’t be replaced but too make the students understand the concept internet in mandatory.

    • Marvin 7 Oct 2016

      He speaks the truth! I have friends in Zealand and Finland and my 2 year Associate Degree in Computer Engineering was laughable when I could not follow there conversation on computers and they had ONLY half a semester! Half a semester against my 2 years and they were above my head!!! What is wrong with this educational system is a travesty we have one of the worse educational and medical in the world! In the world people!

      Many countries do not even have there children going to school the same amount of hours but build upon clubs to keep kids focused in society! They may have a 4 hour day one day and a 5 hour day another day. There classes are rotated like college so they do not have the same rote pattern. We are tragically behind the world and need to wake up!

      I was tested with an IQ of over 150! in school after they kept me in special education for 4 of my years of schooling all because I had a speech problem the school destroyed much of my education! Once a school gets someone in special education they do not want to let them go because they get paid extra by the government for them!

    • Anonym 7 Oct 2016

      The school system does teach not us, they teach themselves.

    • Michael Dlouhy 7 Oct 2016

      I completely agree with the major premise of the video in that schools need to change how they teach students; however I think we need to be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water. Yes, schools are very factory-model and yes they encourage robotic thinking and this needs to change. We should be teaching students how to learn not what to learn. The world is too large and the kids have too much information thrown at them too fast to utilize the factory-memorization model we use.
      However, to compare us to schools like those in Finland is misleading. Their tax rate is exorbitantly high compared to America’s so yeah they can innovate with the latest technology while paying their teachers like doctors. I agree we should strive to do these things but I bet when you mention this fact to the general public they won’t want to pay the taxes to get the results. You can’t have champagne on a boxed wine budget and expect to compete.
      Overall a great message in theory but until people put their money where their mouth is education will stay the same in America.

    • king Ramirez 7 Oct 2016

      Thankyou for making a way to fix the educational system. EduCycle is good thing to start.. From your statement about focussing on collaboration than competition could be our basis for percentage sharing in curriculumss.. There should be more weight on how to be of beneficial to others or helpful to people but still protected from harm and abuse.. This way we make the work easier and faster.. IQ and knowledge is 40% and EQ and good moral , right conduct , values formation and collaboration is 60%. And use of modern technology is mandatory.

    • Lee 8 Oct 2016

      School systems need to be changed without a doubt, I am a senior in high school and though out my years all i have learned was how to find the square root of something, or how to the circumference of a circle. And some more, but how can we learn something when the teachers don’t have enough time to help and teach us something. Sure some people may be a fast learner, but if you like me it takes a little bit. I am not gonna learn something as fast as the person next to me is. And when they judge us on the standardized test how are they gonna know how good i really am at something. Another thong is teachers income. How did doctors and lawyers learn how to be what they are if it was for teachers. Teachers taught them but yet they still make more than them? my generation need to help change the system and make it to where every kid learns just a much/good as every other kid. And know where their strong points are not there weak point, if a kid is amazing in music, or arts they need to focus more on that that engraving math into a kids head. Yes math is important but tell me how much of Algebra do you really use, unless thats the field you plan to go in. If we dont make a change i will hate to see where my future kids will be…

    • Suanne 8 Oct 2016

      Profound and true. It’s time for us teachers to revisit our methodologies and to stop the politicians from enforcing what and how we should teach.

    • Nandotjitouwa Kavimaka 8 Oct 2016

      We can improve the learning system by making nit more fun to everyone and teaching more love to learners in their early age. education should make kids realize their talents and not making they are the same.

    • Moza 8 Oct 2016

      Innovation will generate in our kids if provide more of implementation and testing. Teacher should guide and provide nesscasry help to students. I was a student i was treated badly by my teacher and now working to change the of teaching I believe on human being power. Run projects where students inventing new things and raise the ability of problem solving and empowering them to achieve what is impossible to the world.

    • Victoria Conn 8 Oct 2016

      I believe that there should not be a grading system at all. I have “succeeded” my whole life by getting A. I completely bombed my first biology test of the year. My teacher told me when I went to speak to her about it that she could tell that I understood the information, but I “did not word it in a way that Cambridge would accept.” My teachers frequently tell the class that they feel like they have to teach to the standard not for our future. They are worried about the test. Most teachers try to see the child under neath. I myself am a dancer and balancing school and dance is extremely hard. I get out off school and have between three to five hours of dance a day. I understand that it is not an excuse but schools expect a student to have extra curricular activities but they do not give them any time. Some students get test anxiety, like myself, so I believe that passing or failing a class should not depend on one test alone. There should be projects, presentations, and tests used all together decide whether a student passes or fails.

    • Santiago Esteban 8 Oct 2016

      Teachers should teach students the basics of what they’ll probably need in the future. Then, when they reach a certain age where they know what they want to do after graduating they should be taught what they need to know for that topic. Like for example if you know you want to be a doctor when you are 14 years old, you should star being taught more hours of science and medicine and not so many hours of history, w. literature or social studies. Because why do you need those subjects when you know what you need to know to save someone’s life. So I think that every school should have different subjects that apply to what a kid wants to do with their life after graduating.

    • Pol 8 Oct 2016

      World is evoluting, kids are nowadays born knowing how to use an iphone or an ipad, that’s why I think schools should start teaching code instead of useless things. I think they should teach how to code as they teach how to write, it’s another language, it’s the language with they will be able to create and comunicate with their devices. Coding is usefull no matter where do you work

    • Michael donnelly 8 Oct 2016

      Mr EA i was just about to go into a tirade of agreement to what you said about nothing changing in schooling, from my time at school where a lot of adages i feel apply, starting with them and us, another brick in the wall, square peg in a round hole, seen and not heard, spare the rod and spoil the child where the order of the day and man did they live up to their spoiling of children, control being everything and things i feel have not changed only the methods of control.
      My frustration is and I’ve always felt this, is that the education system is a nonsense, cramming our little minds with truths without questions, fears out of fear, monkey see monkey do, tests after tests on top of more tests all depending on how you do on that day and within a short period of time forgetting what we have learnt because of lack of use, churning out production line state of the art androids
      Imagine a world where children are encouraged to think for themselves, to question everything, to have a say in their own development, what could be achieved with this free thinking questioning mind i can only dream. Just think if all life’s misfits had taken no for an answer what would not have been. But is it a pie in the sky dream when the system dictates our every breath. How to change the system ?? Maybe in the words of Mahatma Gandhi You must be the change you wish to see in the world, is at least a start.
      Sorry that was a tirade,

    • Charles Howard 8 Oct 2016

      Top down Leadership is a good concept. However, if you want to change education just ask the children. What do they want? Not all idea will be innovated but you might find a few.

    • Jessica Bouwer 9 Oct 2016

      I have been arguing this for the past five years. Currently a law student. Now 22. Feeling uninspired and sapped of creativity – knowing the system is a jail in reality. To have things being learned…really learned we need voices to be heard. I propose the school system challenge its students through oral conversation and argumentation to unravel their creative revelation. We were not all born the same, does that mean my love for the law is out of my domain? Why should i not be able to choose a system which academically reviews my knowledge of fact? its because the fact remains that we’re too tired or lazy to propose something new which will inevitably create a better future for me and you. I myself am not strong at tests, they never reveal my personal bests. My case rests.

    • Mathew Brown 9 Oct 2016

      Guidence is the key word. As human beings we have developed the ability to learn and progress naturally, through our own individual thoughts and actions but from a young age we (children) need guidence – not authority but GUIDENCE. Stop telling children what to do and start asking them what they think, how they feel. Give them a choice, let them learn without too much pressure, let them explore and discover and through this more children may develop a natural desire to want to learn more. No more telling children what to do start giving them a choice and with adult GUIDENCE they can learn and still have fun without being scared or resentful of education. Teach the children, the students, don’t tell them! Let them explore, let them discover – it is their right to find their own way but they need our help – they need our GUIDENCE #LetThemLearn

    • esteban,obando 9 Oct 2016

      I think they should give us class of life. for example I’m in 10th grade and I want to be a nurse, but what step do I take to get there, or how do I pay bills, how to pay for college , how do I so the basic in life. see they don’t tech that in school, instead the have us in rows . see I don’t learned like other people yet I find it hard to learn and get F and B. I’ve come to learn that people leaned differently………. not the same way. but how would life be like if school and the system of school change. I hope it does really fast because I want a teacher to teach……… not just so he can give us a book and expect to read and leran like that

    • Jean-Bernard Faton 9 Oct 2016

      I feel like we should upgrade the whole outlook of what it means to sit in a classroom. Class time should be a time of exploration and adventure for every subject, not just science class (experiments). learning should be an active and emotional/mental affair, seating down a whole class period is not productive and feels stagnant.
      I also think school classroom should be more like a fun place to be instead of just an empty room with no creative sense especially in the classrooms found in universities and colleges. we should have art pieces, lots of music and tons of colors around each student and educators.

    • Erika Pham 10 Oct 2016

      I am in tenth grade and I am not a fan of the school system. I am pretty smart, but because I can’t memorize two chapters of information in a week and got a bad score on a test, my mom thinks I am dumb. Basically what I’m trying to say is that there is too much emphasis on mindless memorization rather than actually learning and trying to understand the topic. GRADES DO NOT DEFINE INTELLIGENCE. EVEN THOUGH THAT IS WHAT EVERYONE IS TAUGHT GROWING UP.

    • edward ethan ramos 10 Oct 2016

      Technology isnt bad .. maybe bad for our health but not for our brain . Balancing the state of the kid is the greatest choice you can ever do.Time for the Ipad and time to play outside .. as you can see if kids these days know how to use technology then tomorrow kids will know how to improve this technology how to upgrade not just their Ipads but the World too . Change is better than staying what we are now or what we are before .

    • Eldric Alvarez 10 Oct 2016

      I like the idea of how simple searching something online can be. But usually there is an overload of information online. However, with credible sources students can teach themselves about the topics they really want to learn about. I feel that in high school students should have an idea of what they want to do. I feel that they should have an essay written, no specific length, that explains exactly what their dream is before they enroll. Then the schools could customize specific classes that pair students up with people with similar dreams and goals together so that by combining their intellects and drives for their studies, they can come up with more innovative and collaborative ideas for their field.

    • imran 10 Oct 2016

      In my humble opinion, most of us do not give proper attention and enough time to our kids either at our home or in our school, but look, as we are all the time envolve thinking about how to get better paid and enrich ourself, even though we can, on the other hand, groom out Future and pay attention for our future benefit…. just think, every one of us hold responsibility to either creat a superb future or to destroy our upcoming era….

    • Tia Collier 10 Oct 2016

      I think we should start by acknowledging the old way of teaching is outdated and that every person is unique and may learn differently. I remember taking a test in high school to see what field I had a natural affinity for. What if we tried to discover that early on a child’s life? Why not figure out what they enjoy doing, what comes naturally for them and what things they are most curious about early on and guide their education fit? Instead we want them to fit in one education box. My kid is definitely not reaching his potential in school becausr he is expected to fit in a box. I don’t know what to do about it. I can’t medicine afford private school. Medicine is called a practice because every body is different. Teaching should also be a practice because everybody is different.

    • Javier 10 Oct 2016

      I believe school is not the answer, ad you might judge for me for my age, yes I am still a secondary school student and every time I go into a classroom all I can see is that we are learning from our past. It’s time to change, I want to be able to stay at home and work from my iPads screen, to be able to explore my interests in google, to live a live not schemed. I am speaking for my generation, for those who find their interests in google, their dreams in twitter and the answers in Khan academy, it’s time to make a change and reach the full potential of each individuals strength, not to teach every different person the same way.

    • Ken Binkley 10 Oct 2016

      I have taught for 21 years. I retired in July. I taught both art and Technology classes. One reason I retired is because of the disrespect I received, not from students but from administrators. They give lip service to modern teaching, but they support AP Classes over exploratory classes. They promote students because of age, not because of knowledge. And they are more concerned with national ranking that student achievement. I retirered from public school, but I do not want to retire from education.

    • Nesavarma 10 Oct 2016

      I truely agree whatever prince ea said in that video. It is really good to change the education system, i mean not anymore any system just learning in variety of ways. Malaysian education system must be change like the Finland education system. I hope this change must happen as soon as possible and the future generations will be happy and they won’t feel the torture.

    • Lilly Barros 10 Oct 2016

      I myself am I student and I believe school systems are sick. I sit in class and often find myself wondering, where will I need this? So many classes are based around the belief that the more you learn in school, the farther you will get in life. I have found this not true. In fact, I find this very false. I find this false because the most famous engineers did not just do the everyday life of a student and go to school, do homework, and repeat. No. They came home and found a way to learn more and inspire themselves other than what they were taught in a classroom. In my first sentence you probably thought, wow, that’s a strong way to start off a passage. But that’s not a really what I wanted to get across. I think teachers have the most important job in the world, but the way we learn in the classroom hasn’t changed in hundreds of years and needs to be updated. The way we learn in the typical idea based around having to raise your hand to talk and otherwise be quiet. That is what makes me sick. What we are learning doesn’t help as much as you think it would in the real world.

    • Hamza isleyen 10 Oct 2016

      We really need to do something because i lost hope litteraly. They teach us we forget we do something fun we dont forget. What if teaching was fun then well never forget. And homework lets not begin about that 48 hours of school as if that isnt enough they give homework too. because of the video i saw and listned. I wanna do school to get money in my job and discuss this with school. Because what i do for school i dont want that for my kids and i think you dont want that eather but parents have to because a kids life depends on school. I litteraly needed to go to the doctor for my bag i need to carry everyday to schoolon my back. The tests i dont understand them they think if you have an 10 or A you have a great future and if you dont your live is ruined.

    • Gerald 10 Oct 2016

      What if instead of teachers we assign Psychiatrist on teaching nursery to preschool, here they could determine the type of learning of a student could handle. Ofcourse this could involve a new type of research for children and their growth patterns.
      Second is putting the children on category, on which their growth patterns are aligned to. Teachers are then given a higher salary and an masteral degree correspondig on which the children intelligence growth falls into.
      Technolog isn’t always the key. This will never consider the populace in poor countries like here in the Philippines where in some schools even struggle to operate specially at night, when there are some city who can’t even afford to pay for a single light lit in the streets.
      But College is an exemption, here students should practice the best technology of the path they have chosen and it should all be in practice and actuality rather than in lectures, theories and imagination – these should be done in the early stages of education.
      There has been a huge gap between the industry and the universities for quite some time and the only way to close the gap is to train college students in actual practices in their industry and a hands on approach to the realities of their trade.
      That is how I see innovation works in the school system. I’m still trying to get something going and I hope somebody reads this.


    • Cable 10 Oct 2016

      I think that technology is great, but students must be focused to use the device for the learning that they need. To have an individualized plan for each child when I have 51 students to keep learning, is an impossible task. I truly love my job and my students, but there is not enough time for me to do everything and have time for my own family. There has to be a happy medium for everything.

    • KP 11 Oct 2016

      Individualized learning sounds great, but my concern is that it is very hard to do with packed classes bursting at the seams with children. Personalized learning would be great with just a small group of kids, not 27+ students all at different levels and some with special needs. We already try to do small groups with students. Maybe with more hands on resources available, we could take a better, more prepared step towards that direction.

    • Bramwell 11 Oct 2016

      I think learning should stop focusing on reading. Not all students can learn this way. I know people with dyslexia, and they are not dumb. However, every year I watch them fail their classes because of this new “common core” that focuses only on reading based learning. I had a science teacher that told us he refuses to do this “common core”; he says it makes students loose passion and interest in what they’re learning. I think he’s right, and we need to explore new ways of learning like technology, art, visuals, auditory, physical, and any other type we can think of.

    • Will 11 Oct 2016

      This is a great concept that has great intentions, I hope our children are taught the truth, my generation was lied to and taught to be obedient to the system, to stick to the curriculum that was taught in a agenda based economy who wanted the people to be obedient soldiers, workers, more so modern slaves. I would like to see a trial course study done with children from all race and religion, children with learning disabilities and the restless energetic ones. see what the social and economic development of the new generation cam do with a little opportunity, furthermore I would like to see a blueprint and core values that the simulation is expected to bring, how will the most intelligent children be able to learn and excel at the speed of their own agenda, and the ones that may have troubles learning concepts and maybe intimidated in group activities due to social anxiety etc. I’d like to see it go forward and be given a chance.

    • Krishwan Suresh 11 Oct 2016

      A Phone company has a Research and Development program in their company to upgrade technology. A Car company has Research and Development program to improvise on their technology. These companies have a lot of money invested into R&D for constant up-gradation of their technology. If schools can come up with Research and Development (R&D) departments with the tuition fees received, or even if the government can fund a huge chunk of money towards an R&D program towards schooling all over the US, new technology to educate students can be discovered and old methods of teaching can be drastically upgraded. This can in turn create a difference in each child based on their interests. The solution is to provide funding for a central R&D department hosted by the government or private organization that can constantly find new technology/ effective ways of discovering each and every student’s interest and educating them in subjects related to their interests. Collaboration can then be implemented soon after between students with different interests, as each student will be specialized in his or her own interests, leading to an effective outcome in every collaborative project undertaken.

    • Prashant Shakya 11 Oct 2016

      Basic education is must but not everyone is good at maths or physics or chemistry or medicines…we got others things we are good at and want to master it, but all we got in school is…..(u know what)
      Its time to change or else many gifted persons gonna die with their gifts inside.

    • Jena 11 Oct 2016

      i envision schools as a place to learn in nature, hands on, and without pressure. My children go to a peace nature school. We need more of theses and that are free. Number one: children are allowed to be them, to express themselves, and learn at their own pace. There are no test and there is a lot of time outside, playing, and tons of arts along with academics – peace education is taught. Children need to learn about how to get along with others. I would love to see Yoga and meditation at schools, to learn life skills, empathy, sustainability and caring for environment-

    • Jerome 12 Oct 2016

      I think students need more actual learning than just sitting in the class waiting for their teachers to speak knowledge what they need, why don’t just let the students discover. Make their lives more free. I mean why don’t let us study using our ways. I’m more proficient with learning through action. Let’s make a reformation in studying. I’m also a student I witnessed everyday of school life and I think many students like me who are now starting to get bored with repetitive learning in school.

    • sutyghfrg 12 Oct 2016

      well great job you suing the education system of america
      try to do the same with india using some representatives please do
      its a request good luck with your tech it still has along way to go

    • Wanda Redic-Bland 12 Oct 2016

      Use the charter school to pilot a new learning model to prove it works to the parents at the elementary level and to get support from parents. You’ll either change the establishment or you’ll get support to open private education classrooms. Parents who can’t afford tuition should get a public voucher to pay. Leverage local tech companies to build and furnish with equipment and resist the urge to make it heavy with administration. Ask tech companies to provide on call tech support for classrooms. Get it done already!

    • Erin Porter 12 Oct 2016

      Being a sophomore in high school that is already taking Advanced Placement courses, I can agree that the standard of teaching is set to a certain level that the teachers should not go above or below. This creates standardization within the school, due to different learning abilities and comprehension levels. I think that adding technology and changing the face of schooling could enhance our learning capacity, and even our interest in learning. Smaller classroom sizes, one-on-one communication and hands-on activities could enhance the appeal of education, making it more individualized, unique, and molded to that particular class. No one will understand the same material at the same rate. It’s hard, and being in an AP class makes it that much harder considering the fast transitions throughout the units just so we could finish the course by the end of the semester. I feel that knowing the material is one thing, but understanding the material and applying it to situations in your life are another. Maybe we should convert to year round, or have a longer school year. This could ensure that the students would get a more thorough education, instead of just rushing through the “Common Core” Curriculum that we are learning right now. Too much homework, too much stress, not enough individual freedom.

    • Parth 12 Oct 2016

      I am a school student from India and I appreciate your thinking for 1000 times.
      I don’t know much about America but according to me Indian students are the victims of foolish education system at the utmost level.
      Indian education system is such that, if you had a scanner in your mind, you would always get 1st rank and then admired by heartless teachers.
      Students in India die more by doing suicides due to extreme pressure by parents and teachers on their studies compared to deaths by chronic diseases.

    • Moustafa 12 Oct 2016

      what are the chances for the people or childern who comes from poor countries…it’s an ambitious project alright …but realistic one…I’m not sure …teaching system is a global issue ..when we focus on countries that can afford technology we’re actually creating a bigger gab that already exists between fortunate children and those who are less fortunate!

    • Greta 12 Oct 2016

      I’m from Lithuania and it is a small country, but we are consequently too, teaches us what we needed. Most of us want to get the most points for your future, but it is only by deception are the people who get good grades and graduated from the University, but they also do not get what they hoped for the future. So we managed ‘smart’ and says Educate well and have a good job, etc. but it is not. We are going back home and Pasila of Sciences of course we are going to play Xbox or something like that, but again we go work done at home and it takes 3-4 so during the day we are learning, we need 10-13 hours of sleep so still 24 to (13 + 10) = 1 leaving only one hour of free time for us. So I agree with you 100%

    • Eliki Dakuitoga 12 Oct 2016

      Anyone ever thought of the different cultures around the world and how each education system tries to adapt. Bula from the Islands. I believe in multiple intelligence and maturity with a crisp of knowledge and wisdom, but to what ends shall we stop talking about it and make things happen! would love some help out here in the islands. Sweden you rock!

    • Jc 12 Oct 2016

      ‘I think a New kind of learning should be made in the school systems today

    • Vimallan Ragianan 13 Oct 2016

      Students are not machines made to work in a factory.They are individual minds working together to make the system perfect.Stop forcing the minds to work to something it should not.This is coming from a student of this flawed system.

    • Susan Christie 13 Oct 2016

      I taught underprivileged kids in the 80’s on Youth Training Schemes (as an Office IT Supervisor, Coach and Mentor) and I recognised then that what a lot of kids really need FIRST is UNDERSTANDING, LOVE, SUPPORT and A GOOD DIET! And HOW To look after themselves would be a good starter. And someone who believes in them who can motivate and help them to believe that whatever they have a go at they can achieve. Someone who takes time and is interested in THEM. I used to come across a lot of kids who didn’t have that at home! Sometimes it was impossible to teach certain kids who were unable to focus – so you had to get their interest with SOMETHING THEY were interested in first. I taught kids for 10 years or more and yes it was a long time ago and Yes opportunities are much much better now with technology – but it still boils down to letting THEM be creative with a subject which interests them. I am creative with loads of ideas about this ; my passion now is all about Technology, health and fitness ; I had a very challenging teenage life myself; I was bullied at school and frightened by Manic teachers who were threatening as well as being resented by other pupils who didn’t want us to be integrated into their grammar school – which we had to be. It was all part of a sad bureaucratic system which was detrimental to learners at that time! I do not want to see kids miss out for the future like this!! I think some need tailored programs for those who have difficulties. I can now see the pitfalls of youth. What young people need is variety and creativity and someone who is a mentor – so they can gain a deeper understanding of Human behaviour and how to look after themselves. At the end of the day – if you are ‘hell-bent’ on a self-destruct mode because of say a health deficiency it doesn’t matter how clever you are – you aren’t going to learn until you correct that FIRST. I bless those who are vulnerable. And by the way I used to do things differently….take them for days out, weekends away Caving etc, on adventures and engage them in activities they enjoyed.

    • Vincentius Steven Wardana 13 Oct 2016

      I’m a student from indonesia, here many of students cheat to get a good marks, this is not fair for us who’s trying hard to get a good mark. The school schedule is mostly filled with mathematics, physics, and chemical. like they didn’t concern about the other courses. I want the school system in indonesia or even in the world change to a more flexible school system, that can allow the students to explore their gifts…

    • Ryan Robinson 13 Oct 2016

      100% agree

    • Miguel Calhau 13 Oct 2016

      Instead of giving an opinion I will try be more logical. The learning sistem might crash due to the diversity of students and also the instability of their choices, so although giving more oportunities to the students is open, they will never be fulfilled. But technology might give us a chance to reach a big percentage of those oportunities. The loads of data base will contribute for the fulfillement of the diversity of students if the new learning system will be based on quality info on internet, and classes of multicultural students will form, instead of those limited classmates on your area. This could be the simple solution, but who will verify all the info and create all the logaritms and classes? That’s up to another person.

    • John 14 Oct 2016

      Have more hands on with technology. Teach kids something useful. I’m a high school student so I have no say you might think. But it’s our education that matters. Sitting in classrooms for 8 hours isn’t fun. we cant have 30 minutes to eat and expect to learn more. We need help and advice with more use of technology. Many adults and parents complain “the phone is taking your life” “get off the computer its a waste of time”. Sure you are right but when we do that we gain knowledge. It is how we communicate. I believe that all parents should support their child’s education and dreams. All teachers should be interested in their student’s dreams. Even a gym teacher can make a difference. I can tell you this, I have personally never had a teacher ask me my dream and support it. We need to have a different curriculum. One that fits us, the student body rather than the school board body. Sure textbooks and papers are good to read but technology is the place to find information. Let us surf the web and figure things out. Learn how to analyze news and figure taxes. technology is our only way to learn if teachers cant support our dreams. In this speech I heard teachers MUST follow the curriculum. Pardon my language but i know some fine teachers who couldn’t give a damn about the school system and teach us their way. But that’s the only way they can keep a job or they lose it. I have had many ideas about the school system but no one cares about the students voice… He’s a teen they will say and their right but I know damn well more than you do about this generation. Listen to the kids sometimes… Its our future isnt it?

    • Ralph Mallard 14 Oct 2016

      First I’d like to say I am a student at the end of my required education (Senior in High School) and I agree that todays technology is not used to its full potential in our class rooms, also another problem is getting kids to enjoy school. I’m always told that we are there to learn at that is it and we do not have to enjoy it. This embeds a firm dislike to school and that means less students willing to learn which means more and more uneducated adults for our future and that relates to future crime and ignorance and those are problems we face everyday today. One of the main things we could do is stop teaching by having a room of assigned seats write down word for word what you say or write upon a board, Instead we could do many more hands on activities and group discussions. My belief is that collaboration between not just students but the teachers as well and even communities if possible and this can lead to better format of understand and relation to information rather than flipping pages in a sloppy note book for the answer to a simple problem. Activities in the class room give children excitement, more and more teachers drive away from the hands on work and the experiences that are more memorable than the words they write on a chalk board and that is the problem. More group activities, more collaboration, more excitement, and less conformed cookie cutter teachings!

    • Mahmoud 14 Oct 2016

      this is the best Way to learn i have seen now is project base learning I really like this approach .. we are teaching them the real life not just saving info for the exams and go away .

    • Christopher Villam Haug 14 Oct 2016

      The way a class room should be changed, make it fun, make it special, make it feel like home. It is boring sitting and listening to the same old stuff, it is fun to feel that you learn new stuff. Life isn’t made for get to school sit there for eight hours go home and repeat. it is made for experience, it is made for learning. And that is what i think that school’s should do.

    • ??? 14 Oct 2016

      I’ve just came out of the school system, the things i learnt for the exams have not been used after. I feel that school nowadays needs to teach and prepare the kids for after school.

    • Erisa 14 Oct 2016

      I totally feel you why should we learn the same thingns when we have totally different dreams…u know that all my parnets shout at me for one paper one test one exam one mistake so tell me someone who loves school doing their homework styding for exam why we cant just spen our hours at our dreams.teachers who they think they are to shout at me for one mistake who are they to shout for my opinion ?are we pigs to get tested by a paper full of numbers and letters …

    • john ranny 14 Oct 2016

      im am very that i learned to all what you says ..i am agree tol all what you say

    • Galant 14 Oct 2016

      In my opinion, the world got changed nowadays. Technologies are ones of the most important tools for our education. But the biggest issue is the way that our parents raise us, because most of them try to raise us with the same way they got raised or lead us to get the right way that they could not take. Which is not bad. But they should be figuring out how is life going nowadays as compare as back then. If you ask society how to succeed life, they would tell you education is the key which is not wrong but not it only.

    • Selah Russell 15 Oct 2016

      I’m a student and for many years I’ve wonder why am I learning things I may never use in life. We need to change the school system, I can’t seem to understand why I this situation isn’t a main issue in America Today.

    • James 15 Oct 2016

      I think school shouldnt be a competition on peoples skill because aren’t we all different in our own ways. And i feel like when someone wants to look up an answer or do something on their electronic device let them because we dont really need to go out and spend more money on like a calculator if we already have one in our pocket

    • Abhishek Roberts 15 Oct 2016

      If a student’s strengths and interests are encouraged and developed, it can go a long way in establishing a good foundation for their future. The Indian education system requires serious changes in its methodology. When academics is preferred over abilities it can be a huge drawback to the student’s aspirations. The system must focus on training a student in their areas of interest and not force out better grades in their weak subjects.

    • Chris 15 Oct 2016

      i watched some talk shows about science, recently there was this one talk show hosted by Lawrence Kraus and lead a team of debate perpetuating science storytelling. science should be fun, learning should be fun not like how its done by dead white man. If we continue to implement the old system, memorizing things all the time, we became robots. there is no creativity there is no fun at all in the system nowadays. what we should change in the classroom now is to let the learners fly in their own wings, provide fun study material like games that will teach our mind to understand the surrounding. let them have the interest to study, rather than us, forcing them to grow the interest. let them have the fun in learning. provide a classroom full of fun and interesting stuff, let them work in groups, enforce more critical thinking, manners and respect into them. teach them to look at other people’s perspective

      exams, should really be abolished. students shouldn’t be answering question, but have them evaluated by group projects, course presentation. let the students has their say on whats on their mind after a whole year of learning by showing to teachers/lecturers what they think on the subject. guide them, not force but guide

    • habab 15 Oct 2016

      yeah your right its like giving a student a 3310 Nokia and ask him to download whatsapp

    • Eisely 15 Oct 2016

      I always believed that grades measured intelligence and that competition to getting good grades is normal. We always believed that achieving outstanding grades means you’re smart. Technology is diverse and intriguing, this kind of education system can teach children’s minds on what their main routes in life are supposed to be in the first place. I approve of this education system, I want to see this in school, I mean I have nothing against the rows of tables and chairs, but I always said that history is repetitive. A century and 5 decades, school hasn’t changed at all. I’ve always been taught that logical intelligence is always the main route in life. Creativity is quite different for me either, but it’s fine. I can also enhance my creativity in this kind of education system.
      Though in the future, I hope I could be a chemical engineer or rocket scientist and this might sound unreal but I hope in the future I can be as of help in making the world more advanced and a better place. I also hope of making the impossible. As part of the next generation, the youth should be able achieve their dreams without any hesitation or disturbance. Thank you for the intriguing video! That all children should be able to achieve their main goals in life and that the school should be more progressive in teaching the youth for the better

    • Gulnara Dzhunushalieva 15 Oct 2016

      To make changes we need to define standard (technology literacy) of competency. Our generation (45+) doesn’t have enough knowledge and skills, generation (35-45) is busy with surviving in life, generation (25+) doesn’t care about future yet. We want to be changemakers. I am concerned about lack of skills to produce new educational product using new technology. To make a change we need a critical number of enthusiasts who will have access to standard of competency to create new product. Give us small chance and we can help. Now we do small efforts but we are sporadic.

    • Paria Izadmehr 15 Oct 2016

      Education needs revolution because we have enough causialities due to failur of education’s system. We put people’s talent in a cage and expect them to flourish !
      It might be 2 of them out of 50 ….but what about the rest of them?! no more….please change the method of labeling studentes but scores and tests

    • Tracy Mae Atkin 15 Oct 2016

      My child uses an iPad for school also and does not know the difference between vegetable oil and vinegar in the kitchen… wise up folks! Teenagers are graduating without knowing laws that they can be taken to court for without lack of knowledge as an excuse…. not just four years of high school is needed anymore. If you do not have a law degree when you turn 18, you are in danger.

    • Rahmuni Sadiq 15 Oct 2016

      I wish if education in University wasn’t so expensive

    • Blessing Burubo eteli 16 Oct 2016

      They Should Change Teaching system, Apply All That Was What Said And More. My Son Was Identified With A Learning Disorder Since 2010,-2016, Still Looking For Help For Him. I Live In Ontario Canada.

    • Chris Lapworth 16 Oct 2016

      If you research under-achieving student priorities around the world one thing stands out.. All of these ‘priority students’ ie..those not doing so well.. come from low social economic back grounds.. ie.. the POOR, it has nothing to do with race we all have the ability to succeed. It has been made this way on purpose to increase the opportunities for the rich and priviliged. We must force our leaders to de-centralise and re-distribute wealth away from the bureaucrats and back in to our local communities where its needed..
      Whilst governments continue to “invest” in the wrong place, old school building stock, in out dated political educational idealism and with private enterprise, nothing will change. There are just too many people that are doing very nicely financially thank you.. BUT… what really needs to happen now is; investment in our Teachers, pay them a decent salary, ie..the same as Doctors and Politicians, give them an environment in which they have time to be creative, less classes each, no paperwork shuffling and endless checking up on everybody. Listen to them and respect their considered judgements. Class size is an issue. It is the combination of environment, the mixture and nature of the children involved that make the difference in regard to an acceptable class size. It is no secret that our under achieving priority students do better with ‘one to one’ teaching.
      Do away with “ONE SIZE FITS ALL”. Do away completly with private examination testing. Whats wrong with just a reference letter, a school report, after all thats all you get from your employer… THE most important thing about school is the ‘social aspect’.. everyone mixing together with all the trials and tribulations this brings..This is the real preparation for an adult life.. And Governments and Education Ministries should invest in access to Technology for all students, use of a loan device and free home wireless networks. Most of my learning is accomplished using IT and I’m a teacher…

    • Donald Smart 16 Oct 2016

      Education is still stuck in the Victorian era with excess administration and poor management. The idea of creativity is not there, because teachers are chained by the demands of a broken system. We are not allowed to think! We are told what to do, what to teach, how to teach and then questioned and blamed for student failure. Management systems are outdated overpaid and have no place in future schools. Teachers should manage themselves and work as collaborators, empowering students to think, explore and engage with real life challenges.

    • Sara 16 Oct 2016

      I may be 12, but i am a student and I want to advance my school and other schools around the world to have technology and learn more about the environment.

    • Gabby 16 Oct 2016

      I am a 16 year old girl who feels as though she is only going to succeed at a fast food resturant. I feel this way because I am unable to pass most of my tests, and that I cant keep up with the amount of homework given to me on a daily baisis. After school the only thing I find myself doing is taking a nap because I feel so drained all the time. When I see other students getting A+’s on their tests as i have a D+ I find myself feeling discouraged. I go to my school deans or (student help) and I find them trying to put me in a learning disability class. Only discouraging me even more. But on top of that students are expected to “deal” with school drama etc. I dont know what decisions I’m going to make. At this point I pray that my future children never have to be in this school system.

    • Mahesh 16 Oct 2016

      Current education system ruined my life. I had a dream of becoming a pilot but our education system made me to choose my subjects on basis of my GRADES, which is not at all good. I have seen my seniors as well as my classmates who have incredible talent but our education system just don’t care about their talent. We have great sports person but as per our education system we don’t have great future in sports. I will take me as an example I had dream of becoming a pilot for a Fighter Plane but I was not able to achieve it due to my low grades in high school. I have a habit of learning things which make me feel alive and makes me feel excited. Subjects which I literally hated in my high school were HISTORY, BIOLOGY, these subjects just don’t make me exited or alive. Learning these two subjects just makes me feel like ” I am a stupid who is just studying these subjects to just Pass high school”. After all I didn’t learned anything from those subjects.
      Even though our education system ruined my dream but still I do many things on which this system doesn’t have control. I prefer staying with children’s in orphanage, I like staying with people in old age home and I like helping people who need me or need help. These stuffs make me feel alive and makes me happy. I find happiness in these stuffs.

    • margarida 16 Oct 2016

      I’m a student of 11 years old and i go to school in spain, madrid. Here we have technology we have our own chrome books to work in school but we also go to the nature to learn. I love school in here though i am real sorry for people that cant go to school or that dont have a good education.

    • Maiara 16 Oct 2016

      I am from Brazil. I live here and the education system is weak. It’s not enough for the kids. Maybe, in the past, the method was efficient.But it’s not today. Things have changed. Why the education system haven’t?

    • Allie louis 16 Oct 2016

      At my school on Arizona, we used holographic diagrams just like the landscape. The only difference was that it was applied medically. For instance there was a 3-D heart that you could rotate, cut in half, increase the size, zoom in, etc. I was actually interested in learning more and wanted to interact with the other students. Not only did it give me a whole new outlook on studying but in a way that I could continue to learn from.

    • AHMED ZULFIQAR 16 Oct 2016

      Children are now a days just made ready for exams instead they should be encouraged to follow their dreams.Every child has his or her own ability to learn and understand no one is the same.

    • Harda hajar 16 Oct 2016

      I am living in a country, Morocco where we still have a deep lack of education. I would say that maybe I had the privilege to live in a befitting family who gave me the chance to frequent one of the best schools in Morocco, but I am still wondering if it deserves to be called: best school. Hence, I would say that this”best school” evolved a particular power inside my soul, the power to change this educational system, the power to make the future generations live another brighter school experience than ours. Thus, I don’t regret about living in those circumstances, but I would regret if I don’t change those circumstances.

    • Krisjin Bilwin 16 Oct 2016

      A change is definately needed.A perfect example is the school I go to, and basically the whole district. I go to the Wilkes-Barre Area school district in Pennsylvania and most of our schools are literally 100+ years old.(search it up if you don’t believe me.) Coughlin, G.A.R, Meyers, all of these schools are literally falling apart while students are being taught. In my brother’s first class, they have to learn in a hallway because the ceiling is collapsing in the library and many classrooms.

    • David Wright 16 Oct 2016

      i dropped out of school at the age of thirteen, and started living my life. i have made lots of money, and lost it all. i have all the broken education i need. i am now 23, and i don’t regret any decisions i have made. for people to be trained for the real world, they don’t need history, or social studies, they need to be shown what the real world is like. that’s how i made my life. now i own my own tattoo business, and am an entrepreneur.

    • Sunny Lee 16 Oct 2016

      I think what Elon Musk did to teach his children is a wonderful idea.
      Unschooling he called it.

    • Pedro Nunes 16 Oct 2016

      Hi, i agre with you, i have 15 years old and i study in Portugal, Azores, i think that kids dont need to learn things that they will never use in their live, like some math thinks, Portuguese thinks, filosofy etc… P.S: Sorry for my english :d

    • Melanie butz 16 Oct 2016

      Im a highschoolstudebt who barely passed the eighth grade becuase of that test and when that malfunction happened i went to highschool not only happy about being able to go wuth my friends butz the year started im making qoute on quote “as and bs” but im also following my dreams on being in the military i might not reacg their standards at all but im proud of myself matter what happens

    • Rachel 16 Oct 2016

      Place based learning!!! It connects the students with their surroundings and helps them connect to places. Check out Eco justice Saskatoon. That’s what they do.

    • AveryG 17 Oct 2016

      Kids think they are stupid when they get a low grade or they don’t understand a topic, but it is just because they have other gifts that the school does not pay attention to. I think schools should focus on teaching about learning style so each student has their way of learning better, and we should follow Finland’s example on less hours of school and no homework. School is not just 8 hours, but even more because students get home and spend more hours doing homework. And for what? They would come the next day tired and not looking forward to school, because they cannot be kids when they get home, instead they need to keep being students doing homework.

    • Bamgm14 17 Oct 2016

      This is epic
      I myself am a student and I say this is the best idea since the light bulb
      Who knows maybe when I am in my 20’s I would be seeing it in the class rooms I remember the video which started this

    • Tameem Rahman 17 Oct 2016

      Kids should be absorbed in technology. They will learn how to educate themselves by their own.

    • Lindsey Gordon 17 Oct 2016

      I think we should learn things that ACTUALLY pertain to the real world. We should learn grammar and vocabulary all through-out our schooling experience rather than just up until 3rd grade. We should be learning whats going on in the world TODAY rather what happened HUNDREDS of years ago. History is not changing, why do we have to sit through history classes from first grade to college levels? The important things can be taught in 1 year. We should be learning how to speak in public considering hardly anyone speaks proper English anymore. We should NOT HAVE CLASSES HELD IN A CLASSROOM. Classes should be small groups that travel to different places to learn and experience different things each week. Cramming in material to jot it down on a scan tron then NEVER see it again in real life is a complete waste of time. I am a college student and still feel so stupid throughout my classes because I am a fish who is asked to climb a tree.

    • Sileen 17 Oct 2016

      I notice that in my school we do more math and less art. Math is every day but art is once a week, sometimes not… but what they are forgetting is you can’t spell SMART without ART.

    • Sebastian Perez 17 Oct 2016

      “My idea to make us follow our dreams is, to have individual schools for different subjects. For example if you want to learn football you can go to a school that teaches us more about it. Another example, is if you want to be artist, go to a school that just teaches art. My point is that they should make schools that involves one subject.” – Sebastian Perez

    • Anonymous (FO) 18 Oct 2016

      I am highschool student in Rhode Island, USA, and the only way I can get a good grade on standardized tests are by taking adderall to focus on them.

    • Grace 18 Oct 2016

      I think waking up early for school, starting classes at 8 or 9, giving a pile of homework and making us sleeping late and not having enough sleep then, tired for class is not a good routine. High school, i think they should start school at a later time and try not to give as much homework and release us after 4-5 hours. 7hours is too long for us. Technology will be great to be used in school as well.

    • Raymond 18 Oct 2016

      You question seems easy; however there are many things to consider. One being politics, just to name a few and another would be egos. I don’t have enough time to discuss politics but I can touch the surface when it comes to egos. I come from a household of teachers. My dad was a principle; one of the best in our area. Although he was a very intelligent and open minded, person, a great deal of his colleagues had a train of thought that rings in my ear to this very day; “I struggled and these kids are going to have to come up the same way that I did”. In order to change the teaching method, the teachers’ thought pattern must first be changed. All teachers do not think like this way, however there are enough to cause a few problems within the system. Now to answer your question; “How can we make this change everywhere?” It appears that we may need a few independent schools here and there. Just enough to cause a small uproar; hopefully the Board of Education will notice how the students from the independent schools progress so much faster and better than those in the public schools..

    • Hamed alrasheed 18 Oct 2016

      Let the kids learn by themselves because when they learn by themselves they will have more Curiosity and they will ask for the teacher.

    • S.Sankaran 18 Oct 2016

      More than technology, what is most crucial is a fundamental change in the very education system which believes in evaluating students on aggregate average for Pass, rather than recognizing his excellence in one or more subjects. A student scoring 100% in Mathematics or History is failed if he has failed in Physics or Biology. On the other hand, a student who scored pass marks on all subjects, is declared Pass , though his knowledge in any one subject at best is average. Take the case of great innovators or Scientists, they are drop outs or failed students.To cite, Albert Einstein , Ramanujam, the great mathematician and a host of them. The present system suppresses talents and innovative excellence. It produces average performing students. This is the change we need on top priority. Without making this change, whatever technology you may bring in , you will be perpetuating the blunder of ignoring talents.

    • Rapolas 18 Oct 2016

      make them enjoy learning. dont make them do what they hate.

    • Jack 18 Oct 2016

      I believe that not only adding more technology to the class room is a great idea but also, the fact that we should get rid of all the normal topical subjects and (not replace) add more direct subjects in secondary schools such as dance lessons, instead of drama, engineering class alongside maths and physics etc.

    • Jazmin 19 Oct 2016

      I think that we should have the math science reading and social studies but only up until 7th grade at 8th grade you should have those classes yes but also add other classes like music art dance even advanced classes for people who love math reading or science but make each class an elective but still also have the math reading science and social studies but then you choose 4 other classes to have in a school day even add life skills cooking engineering and tons more make each school a jungle gym for learning. Have technology classes so in today’s society you are prepared don’t make students put there phones away let them get them out and use google and a calculator because everyone in the future will have a phone so don’t make them learn without it use to your advantage.

    • Swapnil Anil Swati Potdar 19 Oct 2016

      My comment is I want a school which doesn’t look for computation but for collaboration and give equal importance to all the gifts they have

    • DingYea 20 Oct 2016

      I think kids are hate the learn from book. Reading book is a static action. Boring and make you tired. Let them learn from real life, learn something which they can touch, can feel. They will start thinking of why and create something that out of your mind.

    • kanishk 20 Oct 2016

      i think that student must use laptop or a ipad to do there work. No need to buy exercise book to write. Everyday thousands of trees are cut down to make paper cash and this causes a very big problem to our eco system. If we can make money virtual we would be able to reduce the amount of trees that are cut down. Students will be able to have a laptop and work in it. No more paper. You can do your work freely . All that am saying is to put more technology in our school system.

    • Maya Zorlu 20 Oct 2016

      I live in Germany and we have two university systems. The usual university is the more appealing for “society”. I am studying at a University of Applied Science. We focus on real life approaches. No theoretical s***. Real life situations, with professors who work as a day job in companies and have the career they also teach in class. We do REAL projects like projects where companies work with colleges so collaborate and CREATE. But it’s a shame that the society belittles the Universities of Applied Science and prefer the traditional Universities.

    • Prab 21 Oct 2016

      We have to change it a way we find the strengths of students in school a student cant ask the question why are we doing this? something that wont make a difference to the student. They will be outruled by the higher-ups in the school. Creativity has fallen.Living everyday as scheduled and we call this reality the change has to be seen from the adults for our future` my furture . I am just 13 years old The words i speak will not be taken into consideration.

    • melinda 21 Oct 2016

      I think Flipped Classroom can be used in our studies. Teachers can require students watch online lecture before class, finish their assignments and discuss with teachers and students in class.

    • Joan 21 Oct 2016

      Hi I am a student of Asia. I saw this video and I really agreed what u say. In my country, this problem is more serious. When we are in elementary school, the parents will ask us to cram school after a whale school day. We don’t have enough time to think. We just have to study and study. When we become an adult, we seldom use those we learning from school. However, those educate spend almost 12 years,and we can not learn something useful.
      We don’t know the culture of others. We are hard to tell our mind. We learn so many English grammar, but we can not talk to English.
      In my school, some people were really good at some subject,but they had to learn all kind of subject. It was sad to tell that they could not enter a good collage, then they could not get a good job.
      The education we have is not teach,but train.

    • Stella 22 Oct 2016

      I’m a 13 year old girl and I agree with this video to 100%. Grades shouldn’t be a thing and school should focus more on helping every student find their gift. On encouraging students to follow their dreams. The current school system got us all believing that we’re practically going to be homeless if we don’t get a decent grade. That we are useless if we don’t qualify as “good quality meet” as you called it in your video. The system got it all wrong. School should be more about individuality, they should help and inspire every student. Making every student believing in themselfs rather than making every student think that they are worthless. School should help bring out the max potential in every person. School should also teach the students how very important they are to the future and that their actions creates the future. That’s my opinion I don’t know what y’all think but yeah

    • Tim Coates 22 Oct 2016

      I agree whole heartedly AND if we can harness HOW this generation receives, process and stores information. We can then help them learn in their WORLD, the completion of the process happens when learners can adapt what they have learned and apply it. The schools of tomorrow WILL NOT have any walls NOR will they be restrictive in what curriculum and subjects they can study. We already HAVE the capability and the KNOWLEDGE to learn things at a fraction of the normal time taken. We must embrace technology and teach the next generation in their world.

    • Barry Peters 22 Oct 2016

      The leaders in Academia are to entrenched in their archaic methods to champion the cause of upgrading and overhauling the educational system in America. This is why We, the People, must take the process out of their hands. There are people in and out of the field of academics that have very formative ideas of enhancing the education process. There are also many examples of successful programs in existence that can be duplicated or even improved upon that would garner impressive results. We need an act of Congress to make this happen. A new system must first be created, then a pilot program must be put into effect. Finally, the amazing results must be publicly presented so that Congress can justify making this new system implicated nationwide in all of our public schools.

    • Muhammad Ismail 22 Oct 2016

      Technology is useful for things like reading but one shouldn’t depend on it completely as it will keep you stuck on a screen all day. One thing which is lacking in our day and age is value of nature. Instead of teaching a child 1+1=2, why not take him to a place where he could value nature and do something from which he can achieve something. For example, picking strawberries. It may sound weired, but honestly, how many teenagers can pick the correct vegetation to cook ?
      Or you can go to a lake or seaside and ask the kids to collect firewood, or stones this would improve their maths as they would remember and calculate their collected items.
      Instead of showing them water, try showing them how water is cleaned from the sea, and brought to our taps. In this way, they can connect different words for different memories. This would improve their maths, science, and other languages. Kids are like a sponge, they’ll take in everything you give them and always remember it. That’s my opinion by the way. Hope it helped

    • Mihailo Puhalo 22 Oct 2016

      Schools should be more interesting and have less not important stuff to learn because that makes kids like me bored an tired and they loose their interest, teachers are very boring and they only write and don’t explain in a colorful way that would remember easily and in my opinion they don’t like their job and that’s why kids are not happy with studying because it’s boring and they have to do everything alone and not to conect with friends and share their opinion together they just have to read boring books and study everything for a stupid grade and then they forget evrything the next thay, i hate this school system not because i don’t like studying but because it’s primitive.

    • Neve Anderson 23 Oct 2016

      I want more hours when I can have fun dancing than homework

    • vytas 23 Oct 2016

      I think, it must must be a technology, focused on each person, student individuality. We must discover and pull out the best of any person, because fact – everyone is unique and it means – everyone is talented about something. I’m asking myself – why there are still no school, which has an unique personal app for each student? Why each subject are still not connected to smart apps, while we have an app or gps showing how to reach that school. We should personalize subjects using apps.

    • Amie Casados 23 Oct 2016

      I am a teacher in a rural community in a state where we are pretty much forgotten because of our name, New Mexico AND it is not Mexico. Our schools are located in the most remote areas of the state. The larger cities in our state like Albuquerque and Santa Fe offer learning advantages in technology where as our students and schools are the forgotten ones! My son a junior in high school cannot experience life lessons in employment due to lack of employment, he will get out of high school having no experience in any type of job or know what career to go into because he is not exposed to the technology that offers employment. Our schools offer, math science, history and English, that is IT! Many students in this community are fearful of leaving the community to go to college due to lack of exposure to experiences outside of these tiny communities. There is no commerce, no employment, no sign of any economic advancement only torn down buildings, businesses closing, empty houses. These children do not see a future outside of these small communities. As a teacher, we need technology, corporations, executives, to come to our little towns and talk to children, inspire children, teach children what is out there for them, what opportunities are out there to come train, apprentice in their companies!!!!! HELP!!!!

    • owen 24 Oct 2016

      I lived in Thailand
      We are at our best but we covered a variety of subjects and were scheduled to compete in various classes.
      Let us learn math
      Art and computer classes for a time only two times a week.
      You will turn

    • Ferdinand Kok 24 Oct 2016

      Start with the schools around the world with special learning difficulties e.g (dyslexia) as a dyslexic we learn a lot about the co2 rising and we always want to learn more so if you gave use this technology instead of sitting in a class room and forgot the info once you go out if we did interaction we would remember it more as we build it. Just a recommendation

    • Rémi 24 Oct 2016

      I think that what matters is not what you learn, but what you remember. I personally don’t remember some topics I learned by heart, but I remember some topics I was interested in, engaged in. Technology is a way to support engagement with the contents. Education should use it more and better.

    • G 24 Oct 2016


    • Lydie Martin Auteur-Illustratrice 24 Oct 2016

      I would like to see children, all over the world, learnig esperanto, the international language, in order to communicate and share with any other school in the world easily, with the same rights for all 🙂

    • Joanmarie 25 Oct 2016

      I think the time has come for technology to invest in the education of our children. Governmental policies can no long dictate nor complete with the educational opportunities that technology can afford the students of this time, tech companies can force the hands of policy makers around the globe to update and uplift the way our children are taught. During the industrial revolution , industries recruited children upon graduation to join their work force, I believe technology companies can utilize this same mind set but at the level of early education by investing and participating in elementary school systems.

    • Angus 25 Oct 2016

      The future is coming and were heading for it if we don’t start now it will end so I think it’s a good start to it teaching kids that what we are doing at this current moment is destroying the environment. so let’s help the future one step at a time and this is a step to it.

    • Josch obra 25 Oct 2016

      Us elders we should let these kids learn…we should let them figure out how these kids learn…we dont just let them go to school teachers explaining evrything…..then afterwards quizzes poppin up,homeworks poppin up then examinees come up….see what’s the change of learning beside from school to humanity we must figure out how we learn school changes nothing in return…in each every year the appearance of the classroom,school,universities….they all changed nothingonly appearances but nothing in education…why do these schools give exams……well make an exam and that’s it?….no…wonder….just wonder….when u make these exams u school owners didn’t realize that u are all ready cutting up so many trees… its based on how we learn..not just in schools but by yourself….some kids learned to speak english in video games…see why does school needs to write these exams for us….no……what? to graduate reach college in a hundred years ago albert einstein once said got god is eternal,god isn’t a myth see these teachers just need to somehow teach but always give these kids time to have their time at school…..a teacher in a hundred years ago…he doesn’t know that god is not a myth… teachers are the inspiration of students…well yes u see u’re son playing ipad but in somedays he already know how to speak english properly even without a teacher….. so…we must all people figure out how we learn…..

    • Juan 25 Oct 2016

      change the system

    • Clara Home 25 Oct 2016

      hi im a stdent and i am 12 years old now at 12 i moved to secondary school and i thought that by moving to secondary school the teachers would respect me and my ideas but I’m quite an outgoing girl and they just look at me funny so i think we should have a way of teachers becoming are friends. also are teacher gives us two seconds to right down the date title and objectiveS yes thats more than one and i don’t finish in time and then get told off and laughed at i think the teacher should wright down the date title and objectives and we should have something that has everything she writes on the board on the screen. also whiteboard tables are a good idea and every head master should be easy to talk to.

    • lovise olsen 26 Oct 2016

      listen to the students, what do they whant to larn? do they whant to learn? if not, give them a inspiratinebel teacher, and more inspiration. and let the really grate Teachers get higer ut in the system, u know let them diside the tests and work tey give to the students. do more fun thigs With the students, make them want to go to shcool. belive in them, nomatter the dream.

    • beeimeem 26 Oct 2016

      I agree but at the same time technology has had a big effect on the world good and bad so i feel that yes lets add technology but not over do it. Lets not take away the point in learning because calculators and google can answer about everything lets add joy into are schools and focus on teamwork .

    • Nathan 27 Oct 2016

      Students should be taught how to understand what they are learning and why they are learning it, rather than just being told to memorize it. Students should also learn by doing.

    • Emmanuel Hurry 27 Oct 2016

      We are born in a world that focuses only on productivity, not on the people. They tell you, you must do this, you must do that and not what you would like to do. Society kills dream by manipulating what we must learn, but instead it must focus on we would want to learn. The school system is the greatest killer of dreams, but i think we can change this peace.

    • Lin,Po-Yang 27 Oct 2016

      Hi, I’m a high school student from Taiwan, I’m senior now. For the education in Taiwan, we’re saying”That’s terrible” we actually won so many prize in many contest, math,science and so on. But the young still have no competitiveness around the world. Our government push to transform education over and over again, but it has not worked. So in my view, I think we should explode our creativity, to invent something useful. The teacher should teach the students how to make it, not help them to do it. The teacher should let the students express their point, not teacher say to them. Teacher is work for students to guide them to a correct way and a thought way. No test, let it transform to the report. I think that’s good for students, they will be more and more competitiveness. I really want to see the Taiwanese education can be changed.

    • Delonze 27 Oct 2016

      I really agree with that,They have different dreams,different strengths and different abilities.But they get same class everyday?

    • Otis Nikara-Powell 27 Oct 2016

      I’d say you get more information than ever before on an iPad.

    • Tisha Patel 28 Oct 2016

      i think this video is so thru i get so bord in school everyday

    • Louis Jongejans 28 Oct 2016

      Maria Montessori and Helen Parkhurst thought the same about the system 100 years ago. It’s time to create learning communities that adapt to pupils’ needs; to invest in finding out which talent each pupil has and educate them individually according to their talents. Education should be about our pupils future, not our past!

    • Jessie 28 Oct 2016

      There should be specific classes for kids specific needs. Being able to learn what interests them and have more outside experience and not be couped up in a class.

    • Sanjay Hundi 28 Oct 2016

      Technology today is highly interactive with the user. Students could show their true potential by using interactive interfaces to learn the subject/field they are really interested in. For example: If they are interested in Astronomy, an app may be developed for the VR (Virtual Reality) Technology so that the student could grasp the concept of astronomy by witnessing and interacting with the simulations of phenomenons in space with the VR system. And if someone is interested in engineering, more simulations could be made to understand for example the working of an engine. Students could practically design engines with the interactive simulations. I know that interactive games are being developed. And the examples I stated above could also be developed hopefully soon. I am very disappointed in today’s school system as nothing has really changed over the years. Especially from where I am from (India), most students think that there are only two main occupations/fields which would make you succeed in life; Engineering or becoming a Doctor. And most families pressure their kids to do only one of these two fields and because of this, students here aren’t able to achieve or even try to achieve their goals or dreams. This is very sad and want to change this somehow. So i watched you amazing video and came here to share my thoughts. I really hope something happens and fast. For the sake of mine and other’s futures. (I’m 16 years old).

    • Chiril 28 Oct 2016

      just and idea my opinion think that kids must be poted in dificult situations when he have to make decizions like he got late at school acidently what to do to tell a lie or not..

    • Andrew Giampaolo 29 Oct 2016

      Well, even though our world is leaning more towards being technology based, we need to also teach kids to be efficient in physical reading and writing and math. Because let’s be honest here, technology isn’t the most reliable thing on the earth. And that is why we do need to use it, to learn more about it, but we need to learn it in moderation and not just throw out all the paper and rely on technology. And no, I am not a teacher, I am actually a 16 year old kid who is a junior in high school. And I go to a school where we need to do everything on the computer for a grade, and if we can’t do it on the computer, we fail. And that is not right.

    • Draken 29 Oct 2016

      We Learn More In One whole day I Wish we could learn more and Im In 8th Grade Wondring Why Why don’t we learn more Tbh I Hope One Day we can learn More.

    • Shaman A. Charriere 29 Oct 2016

      I am a high school student who strives for a 4 .0 GPA in high school and stress often about this because even though I am told by many people I am brilliant or intelligent gifed and talented in the end that only gets me so far. I have success in most subjects; however, there are a few that I just don’t understand. Foreign language is an example. It is fun if you are good at it but I am not. I don’t know why but I have to study at least an hour aside from homework to keep my A. So were my frustrationis is that I do and will forget everything in french ny next year but the things that are important to me like computer science I am restricted to how much I can learn. I could be light years ahead of were I am at but I’m not by this ball and chain of classes like that. Don’t get me wrong french is great but I don’t see why we are being punished were so many people who are amazing individual’s who are maybe great artists or amazing civil leaders but maybe suck at advanced math or can’t comprehend biology are forced to take the class fail then be told they are dumb because of it. I myself love biology and math but it isn’t necessary to know how to find the area of a circle or that your heart beats faster during excersize. Teach people health and basic math but don’t punish them with bad grades and now less of a chance to go to college because they can’t do math. It males me so sad to see so many of my brilliantfriend loose chances of a scholarship because of it. So yea grading needs to change

    • Dylan Hobbs 29 Oct 2016

      i am dyslexic and i totuly agree with this i have felt stupid my hole life as every one else knows how to spell every word crocted an i am always putting an 100% more effort then they are to understand the least they know all becuse they teshe the way only some people understand and i like many over people have to get bullied as we lune in a different way.

    • Kyler 30 Oct 2016

      You don’t make a kid sit in a chair the school boreds trying to figure out how toto shortan the size of kids who sit in their chair dozing of here’s an idea make school interesting let kids learn what they wanna learn do what they wanna do let kids learn how to do what they want to be there dream I’m 10 and we are the next generation we control the future.

    • Hossein Amiran 30 Oct 2016

      Every human was born on earth inside a different pathway, each of them has different dreams, goals, passion, path of success, etc.
      The biggest problem inside the school system is that they teach all the things that not every person finds useful, its like combining engineers, musicians, artists, doctors into a single room and expect them to solve a problem that is meant to be solved by specific people, because the problem that is targeted toward one topic, for example: if they gave them a problem to re-construct a damaged bridge, ONLY engineers will be able to solve that, but the rest(musicians, artists, doctors, etc.) won’t be able to solve it, because the rest of the people are meant to work on something else.

      You got the perspective of the example I gave, so therefore we should make a system that is divided into categories, each category targets different topic, such as engineering, art, music, etc., and students have to choose the category that they want to be educated on, NOT being forced to study the things they don’t need for their path of their success (current school system).

    • Lino Buckingham 30 Oct 2016

      I think that we have all of the ideas just look at the science in our modern day, I strongly believe that our problem to not advancing fast enough…is the blind leaders that we are following. Once we have proper people leading our society we will truly start to evolve from our old and toxic ways.

    • Jena 30 Oct 2016

      I think they should change the way we are ranked. We are put in classes based on how smart they think we are, instead of looking at are efforts and creativity. Even when we are put into are classes we still get called out and we either are made seem greater or leaser then everyone else. I should know I get called out all the time and most of the time look like an idiot in the end.

    • Diane McDonagh 30 Oct 2016

      I think and this is only my opinion but it’s really important for teachers to foucault on everybody and work not individuals but together so who’s with me ✌

    • Silviu 30 Oct 2016

      Hi. I just watched the Prince Ea video “I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM !!!” and I want to show this to my school’s principal, to show her that I want a change, a good change!

    • Constance 30 Oct 2016

      I think that the class should be with iPads instead of books and books because when a children see some books it looks boring but when he see a tablet he want to take its i’ts the same for the classroom they are just white walls with a blackboard many chairs and tables with some papers and books it could be much colorful and we could work on a comfortable chair and feel like at home. And instead to come really early at 8 pm or 7 pm it would be good if we start at 10pm !
      Thanks for reading this.
      Constance,11 years old.

    • Noor 30 Oct 2016

      I am a student and I have had more success with tutors then in my school so please make a change.

    • Philip Barron 30 Oct 2016

      I a man only a young teen but i strongly agree with all of this. I have a strong passion in piano and music. My dream is be part of the music industry but how I’m I supposed to do that with 3 hours of music a fortnight in GCSE!!! If , like me you came from the prince ea video. Show the support. Share the video until every teacher in this country have seen it. And hopefully, Those fish will climb trees!

    • Anonymous 30 Oct 2016

      Technology will keep advancing, so I believe children should be exposed to it as a teaching tools, but it is also a huge distraction and expensive. For instance, an iPad, it is very expensive and some people will be unable to afford. Also, children could be distracted by it and play games on it instead of studying.

    • Leonardo Novakovic 30 Oct 2016

      Students should learn about new technology through new technology what exists nowhere an that is sad. For this World we Are Living we need more. Learn through technology.

    • Anonymous 30 Oct 2016

      For school programs, I beileve we should teach children life skills that they will use. For instance, instead of teaching them quadratic equations they will never use or remeber, we should teach them how to do taxes, buy and sell stocks, buying houses, etc.

    • AName 30 Oct 2016

      I nt know if youre just talking about America but your apsolutely right. We have all this technology and we should use it right. If this becomes a reality i would elect you for president.

    • Take care,kids! 30 Oct 2016

      School doesn’t prepare you to socialize,make deals when you start going to work etc. There are books that I read personally about the things you need when you start going to work. You won’t need square roots or such. What people search for is : Manners,deal making and much more. That’s what we need in a nutshell. We need basic knowledge! When you come to sign up for a job,the boss won’t ask you who was the 5th American president.

    • Subasith 30 Oct 2016

      Technology is a veryoung good way to improve a child’s mind and help them be more creative

    • Vinicio 30 Oct 2016

      “teacher should be payed the same as doctors” Is this meant to be communist?
      Oh btw Im a big supporter.

    • Kundayi Mazando 30 Oct 2016

      All my classes have nothing to do with the future and I am afraid I will not know enough to learn about real life. We need more creative arts live dance, choirs, drama, and art.

    • Angelina 30 Oct 2016

      Kids should learn about different cultures and beliefs. They should know that there is nothing right or wrong but just different. You see it all comes down to someone’s upbringing and ideas which mold them to who they are. Students should travel, visit places and meet cultures. They should open their eyes and see the world form a different perspective.

    • ido zlotnik 30 Oct 2016

      i am a student and i feel my conection to this project like nothing i have ever felt before.
      I am legit emmberesed at our education system.
      i have been wanting to shout my lungs out about this, to invent something, to do ANYTHING… but i am just a student, and i couldn’t climb the tree.
      so i am so happy to see someone take action. people like this are what the world can’t exist without.

    • Safiya Alam 30 Oct 2016

      I think the school systems are always forgetting how learning started, curiosity. The more we are curious, the more we want to learn. If we keep telling students the same thing, we will never change, another step backwards in society. By giving students the freedom to be themselves, they will finally find what makes them special.

    • Kaitlyn 30 Oct 2016

      Im a student and I dont get to choose what i want to learn or how.I dont get everyday exposure to technology.I think this movement is the best thing in education

    • Michelle 30 Oct 2016

      Why don’t we just give kids the right to choose what they want to do? Of course their minds will change in the future, they wanna choose something else but listen, then let them choose something else. Let them do what they wanna do, let them express their opinion let them solve the problem in their own way and don’t destroy their dreams. If they don’t wanna learn at all, show them, what will happen to them show them what happend to people that didn’t want to learn and let them choose. It’s their life not the life of the teachers, or the government. Kids and teenagers are our future, the future isn’t written yet, but let’s make sure that we have the best conditions for a new world, for the new world that our kids’ll make, lead and live in.

    • Sathya Saavedra 30 Oct 2016

      I’m a 8th grader and I feel school is to stressful. My mom wants me to get all A’s but the A does not define me. I want to be an Artist but my family says it’s just a hobby. My family is very good at math but everytime I step inside of math class I feel dumb I cry to my mom sometimes saying it’s hard but she says study and you will understand. I study almost everyday and I still think I suck. I love my teacher and I think they need to be payed more there the people I go to if I need help and there under payed. I feel left out in a lot of subjects and I feel school isn’t for me. In my school sometimes I would sketch on the back and when I turned in my work my teachers would say “This paper is your work sheet not an art sheet.” I would then erase it and go back to my desk. The tests are even worse cause they help your grade go up or down and I need it to go up so I can make my mother happy.

    • AlexG 30 Oct 2016

      Over 90% of things we learn are useless, if only we could learn the basics and prepare us for what we want to be when we grow up

    • destiny 30 Oct 2016

      As a very musical person myself, I can say that I know at least 5 songs (by memory) on the piano. That I learned at least 5 years ago. Also, as a student, I can say that I do not remember anything I learned 5 years ago in school. That’s because there is nothing fun about school. I’m also ‘gifted’, and I can definitely say that class is much more hands on. For example, we actually have discussions instead of filling out study guides. It’s way more fun than other classes. I actually learn things there.

    • Ewoud Janus 30 Oct 2016

      I think one of the most important things a school can do is really let the students choose what they want to do. I know it’s foolish to think that we can give students the entire power over their education (because if we do that they will choose things that they think isn’t important likt mathematics.) But if schools at least ask them what they want to do and adapt to what they say I think it could make a huge difference! For example I really love it ICT and computer coding, and my school never once adapted to me telling that I would think ICT classes at school would make a lot of kids happier. (Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, im a Dutch student)

    • Jacob Dub 30 Oct 2016

      I love art.. but some art schools are just the same.. learning the same and doing the same.. i want free mind school where you can create what you want and learn the things i’ll need… Illustrations… learn how to use pentool n stuff… Social media… Learn how to make the perfect one.. but everywhere… you’re learning all… also the things you dont need… Im 100% with you guys. VOTING for changing school system!

    • Sean 30 Oct 2016

      I think that instead of teachers we could have mentors for each student. People who fit with the student’s personality. Who get payed well, and their number one task is to help/teach their student. Of course you should learn science, history, math, and english. But those should be just as important as say art or theatre etc. We should make it less forceful and stressful we should make school so it is motivating, so students want to learn the content in the classes the mentor would teach. It would be like college almost choosing your classes of your desire despite mandatory subjects. so you would enjoy school….. for once.

    • Liam McCann 30 Oct 2016

      I’m a graduating student myself, and I can easily say that 90% of the things that I have learnt from Science to Spanish, I will not be using in the job that I will pursue. I think that when a student first joins high school they should have complete control over what subjects they study in order to give them full independence and genuinely prepare them for the world. Students when in school are on a complete schedule, often school is jokingly compared to prison due to the similarities. But this is a real issue, students have to follow a full timetable with barely any exceptions and if they don’t follow it they’re punished instead of the education system trying to find a way to help them to ensure that the students can work to the best of their ability and still enjoy their time.

    • Andrey 30 Oct 2016

      I think that the work at class should make kids speak more, to communicate with other kids. The work in class shouldn’t be a boring lecture of things, that kids wouldn’t use, I thing school should teach kids how to speak with others, how to find a common language with others. school should give kids more room for imagination and communication instead of learning things that they will never use.

    • HAMZA BELEGCHOUR 30 Oct 2016

      I agreed to do something about it

    • Elizabeth 30 Oct 2016

      We need a new learning method then just listening to the teachers and doing what were told.

    • Erin 30 Oct 2016

      I enjoy school; I enjoy learning, but I most certainly do not enjoy having anxiety and depression because of school. People like me wear themselves down because they feel as if it is their duty to do well in school. The reason why we do this is because we are all taught the exact same; no matter what our IQ is and what problems we deal with. Teachers do a lot good for students, but they also force students with extremely bright minds and with an enormous amount of potential to be brainwashed robots instead of creative human beings who express their individuality. If students taught a more unique and different way, the results would be extraordinary.

    • Ryan 30 Oct 2016

      I think that we need to let the children of the world focus on have fun, being creative, and learning the basics along the way without tests. When later one focus on how each and every individual child learns best and create individual class rooms with children that learn alike with a teacher that’s the same. Let them express their ideas and have open debates about subjects they like while teaching them to talk and express ideas openly and respectfully accepting that overs have their ideas and concepts of reality. To have all of this in a friendly open environment that’s what I think would be a perfect way to learn

    • Joel Espinal 30 Oct 2016

      I think the school system should change i dont like the idea of having homework its to much for mr

    • Alejandro Buenrrostro 30 Oct 2016

      Kids should be allowed to actually have their creative thought exposed instead of them showing their parents what they learned or what they solved in a class with just 20 to 30 kids knowing. Their creativity should be expressed on what they can achieve instead of teachers giving them stress filling their heads and shrinking their dreams.

    • Alyssa Chaves 30 Oct 2016

      I feel as if the school system should be as follows:
      Curriculum should be the same till the end of middle school. In high school, our school should base the curriculum after things that we enjoy doing (such as hobbies) that may potentially become our own major for college. For example, I want to be a civil engineer when I am an adult. I am a junior in high school and I struggle in different classes like history and things that don’t pertain to the subject of engineering. I feel as if I should be taking classes such as math courses and science courses because I want to do Engineering. I should not have to take any history classes because what use would I make out of it when I become an Engineer? Now I’m not saying we need to get rid of English completely for my major; I should at least know how to write a well written informational essay. I see there be no need for standardized testing. I am stressed over the fact that I have to take SAT and ACT to determine whether or not I should attend a college like MIT. I receive B’s on my report card because I am a terrible test taker. When I am told in AP classes that I would have 45 minutes on a 60 question stimulus based test, I feel like crying. TO ALL TEACHERS OUT THERE: AP COURSES ARE NOTHING LIKE COLLEGE CLASSES! I am dual enrolled so I should know. I received all A’s in my College Courses and I have been dual enrolled since 9th grade. Even in my college classes they dont take tests because as they had said themselves, “tests don’t determine the students and they are useless.”

    • David Retana 30 Oct 2016

      I believe the results of education also depend on the culture of a country. You can throw billions of dollars in technology at students but if they think learning is lame or boring, the majority will stop trying. Summer is also bad for the memories of kids, they forget a lot during those months while watching TV. That’s why other countries have shorter breaks with longer school years. These are some of my thoughts, but I’m no scientist so if anyone else has input please feel free to enhance this.

    • Aleksandra Stanojevic 31 Oct 2016

      You can’t change to much. For example in my country in Serbia more specificaly in my town Leskovac students in high schools, but these days even in elementary schools have lost intrest in everything. I go in economic high school and studenst are mostly running out of classes because they didn’t study or just they don’t want to sit and listen boring things. And teachers they are specali topic because some of them are so strict that you probably would die insted of getting F( or 1 in some countries). I know teacher who writes who is missing on her classes in her book and if you missed 50% of classes no matter if you have A(or 5) you go in August in front of comission to answer for passing grade. And parents mine for example makes to much pressure on me and if I get C(or 3) i have to give them my phone or can’t go out wih my boyfriend.. But i need to know how to get bigger grade under the pressure and strict teacher who thinks that only God knows for A and they know for B but students only for C and less.. and how I should explain that to my parents who don’t even believe in that because teachers are “Gods”…

      I’m really sorry if I had some grammar mistakes, but I had to write this..

    • Simon Maul 31 Oct 2016

      less homework and less tests. Because homework and tests don’t actually help you learn anything. So I think we should have less tests and less homework. When you learn it in class you have learned it forever.

    • Manpreet Kaur 31 Oct 2016

      I really liked how all points were made clear about the education system and how everyone is treated the same when we all aren’t. I liked how the video talked about how kids see themselves as failures because they might not be able to do something the other kids might be able to do. How there isn’t individualism and creativity brought among the kids and how everyone is made to be the same. Also, how change has been made to everything in this world from cars to phones, but never are schools. The way we all have to take a test just to prove that where better than someone when we all have different dreams. It crazy to me. Well, in my opinion the way we can change our education system today is by not having letter grades for everyone and focus more on cooperation and individualism. We can stop having classes like pe that grades us like where all the same when were not. We can give the students who love art, dance, theatre, etc. a spot in these classes if it is there true passion. Most importantly we can make sure no one is a failure… believe that every student is doing there best and on the right track rather than putting them down and focusing all our attention of the ones we call “intelligent students.’ Finally, I feel like our teachers need to be rewarded more than we think. They are the reasons we have all the amazing people becoming something in life because it all starts from them. They are the ones that educate us and show us the way of life, but school puts a limit on them.

    • Mikhail 31 Oct 2016

      We in Russia, already have future education!
      It’s not an ad! It really works!

    • Kaylee Price 31 Oct 2016

      Right now I am in school
      And many things need to be updated like I’m not skilled
      In math but almost everyone else is. I say there needs to be a class that helps you with the things you are not as skilled in and common ore. They over work people and they need to be stoped
      Just for the sake of humanity.

    • Clay 31 Oct 2016

      I think we should have a system which gives each kid a 4-6 hour be stint which shows them an average work day in the job of their choice just for 1 month if they do that every day it will show them infinitely more than a year in school

    • A 31 Oct 2016

      Some schools offer stem classes, but usually those are highschool or middle school courses. Instead why not have those classes at a younger age.

    • mart 31 Oct 2016

      I like your idea to change public education

    • Bryan Roxas 31 Oct 2016

      I think that school systems should be more freely, for teachers to help not teach to assist with society and not just the lesson. It should be focused more on how we should speak more freely on what we do. I for one don’t want to discuss the meanings of test or homework. Those things have no problem with me but i have a problem with what these systems tell these teachers to do. I’m only 13 and i can understand what’s happening to our society and how brainless it will become. The things that school have taught us won’t be as useful as the things that await us till years to come. They teach us lessons of the past but they don’t teach us about the lessons we will run into as we develop. But i must say that nobody can tell the future. But people can tell what they want to achieve, what the they want to do, what’s their dreams and all that can be helped; it all can be provided if our system was more open. These are the things that should be provided instead of these school systems trying to avoid it. Show the classes what they can do, instead of the zombies coming to school.

    • Chiara 31 Oct 2016

      Not only classrooms but classes like P.E need to be changed. Making kids who might not be the most fit run pacers and laps and if they stop telling them to do it over and over again until they get a good enough score. They are getting compared to all the students who can run and run and not give up easily vs the kids who can’t do things as well.

    • Chris Merz 31 Oct 2016

      I think schools should be more free so in the video he said cut the amount of time of school. How about change the hours instead of waking up at 6 in the morning and being their for 8 hours change it to 9 or 10 am because kids need our sleep.

    • fd 31 Oct 2016

      i vote for this, i still go to school and it sucks, i sit down in the same chear each day just hoping it’s time to leave this prision. I just sit there as i watch time go by as i get older.

    • Sarah 31 Oct 2016

      Remove common core. Allow students to USE their technology. Duh.

    • Moby 31 Oct 2016

      I am a very young student who really agrees with what everybody is saying, pretty much everyday when I go to school I don’t learn much that will help me in the future and I doubt that the older people say that they have used everything that they were taught in school. I get why English, Parts of math, and parts of science are important, but why teach us something that’s not? Teach something that is important in a fun way so that we don’t forget it. I might have the memory of a goldfish but I still make As and don’t study, but I usually don’t remember most of the things I learn for a very long time or even at all such as the oh wait I don’t remember. If they were to involve technology than people would remember things slot better, I don’t think they should enforce technology because some schools simply do not have enough money to cover that sadly.

    • Violet Williamson 31 Oct 2016

      I know so many people who got straight A’s in school, with a degree from college for University, and are still struggling to get a job. Here’s a question to the teachers… Is what people did 400 years ago, gonna help us get a job? Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, like I’m terrible at Maths and there’s a boy in my class who’s really good at Maths. I’m really good at English and there’s a girl in my class who’s really bad at English (they admitted this BTW). If you get ‘Top of the Class’ does that mean everyone else is beneath that person just because they don’t have the same skills? School right now is helping with our knowledge and not our future like it should. Things need to change

    • ethan 31 Oct 2016

      students are handed tests every month or week and graded by a letter like we lab rats and teachers barley teach we take notes and get given packets today schools are brain washing students into all thinking a like instead of students being creative and have some freedom

    • Brendon 31 Oct 2016

      Everyone around the world should be put in a classroom with other kids that are the exactly same skill based so there are no more competitions over who gets a better grade because everyone is working at the same speed and learning the way that they are meant to learn. I am an 8th grade student and i am up every night until around 1am doing homework. How is this going to benifit me if i show up the next day and its all incorrect. We no longer need gym or other unnecessary classes, we need to focus on one topic every day and be able to fully understand that topic.

    • Akshayan senthooran 31 Oct 2016

      I want the school system to change for good. I want them to use laptop or phone without books. It all depends on your hands,support prince ea.

    • Richard Marianis 31 Oct 2016

      Public school system needs a reform, I would go as far as making homeschooling a viable method again. At the same time you can’t just drop all standards in favor of individual approach and personalization. Things like basic math, arithmetic, mandatory reading (for expansion of vocabulary, improving reading proficiency as well as acquantancing with the authors) and foreign languages should be taught just like basics of history, biology and physics.

      But, there should also be a ‘life class’ so practical information can be passed on too – first aid should be mandatory, just like civics education so people know their rights and the laws of the state/country they live in, economy and politology would be excellent too, not in the sense specific knowledge, but general literacy so the students can identify trends, know how to find information and how to educate themselves if they want to. No matter how much you argue it, you can never objectively prove that art is more important than science, so I would leave them as electives, but still available.

      On topic of incorporating technology in education I wholeheartedly agree – getting teens involved via modern media is great idea, but I would argue against using video games and ipads/internet too much – mainly more and more adults suffer from always being ‘on-call’ so to speak thanks to intertwining of work, home and the internet. I personally think getting teens into internships and apprenticeships would be great way of giving them starting experience so they can put something in their CV as well as letting them gain practical knowledge which actually is applicable in the field and get used to working environment. At the same time I would like to keep games as they are out of the teaching arsenal or at least make a very clear distinction between educational ‘games’ and entertainment, while they certainly are fun for the kids I don’t really feel like they’re the best medium for true teaching.

      Anyway anybody who really cares about what their kids learn and how well they are prepared and educated already homeschools them or (for the better off) has them enrolled in private school.

    • Ashley 31 Oct 2016

      I’m in 7th grade and I have a class just based on computers. I think that is very good for kids to learn, but I think to much screen time will strain there eyes. I constantly find myself rubbing my eyes from all the screen time I have in school (not including home). I also think that class sizes need to be reduced because some of my classes are so full that there is no more room for tables. I also feel like teachers are not getting paid at a good price point. My teachers get paid about $39000 per school year.

    • simon 31 Oct 2016

      Most time when i sit in the class i unerstand the things but i think they are useless for my future

    • Lynn Childs 31 Oct 2016

      What I have learned from education with myself and my children is that the schooling system teaches back to front against the way we naturally want to learn. We are creative beings, however the normal schooling system teaches first by the left brain (non-creativity), rather than teaching through the right brain (the creative brain). This automatically shuts down the creative brain in many children from early age, and then we wonder why they hate school. If you take notice of the Steiner education system, they do nothing but teach creativity to children through to 4-5th grade, and then they begin teaching more left brain material, but keeping it in balance with the right brain consistently. Children learn best if they are given free form of thinking and creativity through the early years of life. They also learn best if they are given the responsibility to learn something for themselves rather than be taught at, or what to think. Jamming loads of information down kids throat year after year does not to stimulate a passion for learning. Thus, the power of the question is the most powerful way to let a child learn by allowing them to access their own knowing, as in the end every human being has all the answers within, but we have never been allowed to address that from early age. From early age, through the type of normal education system, we are told we know nothing and have to learn what the teacher tells us. Right there, from day one, we have agreed to the system that we are an empty brain-less human being. Giving the power back to children by giving them the freedom and responsibility to own their own brilliance and innate knowing will drive great passion to learn and to create. We just need to acknowledge that children are already brilliant and know everything already from the moment they take their first breath of life. All curriculums should be structured to this.

    • Abdulmohsen Alfajjam 31 Oct 2016

      I think teachers should use the privilege of technology because this generation everyone uses technology and there main focus on everyday life is technology technology is a gift to this world that we cant change but we can upgrade technology make learning more fun with real life diagrams more explanation not just a image or drawing. I am not saying take away the books and pencils and notebooks but what i am saying is add new things i don’t see a problem if a teacher was explaining something using technology and the someone writes in a book but my point is nothing has changed and sure even though it never changed everything is fine what if it take a big curve and wont be what if people understand more with further explanation my point we should making the most of technology in everything specially education because one day it wont be there for you to help

    • Madina Msv 31 Oct 2016

      We are sitting just as robots at school,we make some homework that we even don’t understand,what is the utility?We learn how to live like robots, Let us feel free to make our own move,They tell us what to do an don’t even ask us what WE want to do

    • Layne James Cardona 31 Oct 2016

      Of Course We Need That For Our Kids Lives And Sometimes We Need To Give Freedom To Our Kids And If He Is Tired Of Playing The IPad Then We Have Our Chance To Give Our Child A New Lesson Or Good Change….. Thank You And Give Change To Our World And Follow Their Own Dreams….. Thank You.

    • SATAWUT 31 Oct 2016

      school is never a test of knowledge, its a test of obedience. If you are good in school. You are obedient.

    • Dezzia Garamillo 31 Oct 2016

      I am a girl with 16 years wasted, learning things that in the end i don’t need. I say that we just learn basics like addition, subtraction, maybe multiplication and division then allow students to express what they wanna be like for me im an artist i love to draw things but i go to a school of technology but we still use paper more and our tech less. We go through pre ap classes then are given more homework that is literally killing us with stress. I always worry for my grades because if i fail even 1 class im punished. I want to learn things about art more than just english, history, sciences, and math. I have friends who are considering dropping out because school is more difficult even though most of us want to show what we are good at. So i say we focus hard on whats really important in life and not what we don’t need like algebra and calculus when we already have calculators that can solve most of it for us. My school is new tech and yes teaching is fun but the classwork is not understandable. Let’s focus on the fine arts or computer programming for people of that talent and make our peers see that life is not predetermined by our grades but the attention we give to our talents.

    • Hamza Belarbi 31 Oct 2016

      it’s sad tbh i’d do anything to have an education as diverse as yours currently , if you take a look at our education in morocco , it’s horrible , if you aren’t good at math , physics and eco etc you’re not gonna make it , someone who’s more of an artist/ animator i’ll have to leave the country to study or even have a chance , yet i do not have the cash to do so , so i’m stuck with studying things i have no interest in

    • Adam 31 Oct 2016

      I live in a small country ( Latvia ) . In my country teachers get paid 700 euros a month,but that’s because our minimal salary is only 370 euros, although it keeps growing through years. Anyway, we don’t learn with new technology. The education is the same as when my grandma went to school. Still reading from books and doing those endless home tasks. Is that normal? I don’t even have time to do other things. I come home from school, eat an sandwich and do my homework till it’s 11PM and then go to sleep. In our school it’s normal to have from 2 to 4 really big tests a day. I think there should be no more homework and maybe only 1 test a week.

    • Finsen 31 Oct 2016

      Its indeed true nothing changed. As a student I admit , I don’t really love my study subjects , maybe because I’m not suited for it. Teachers indeed are also one of the factors. To give them the freedom to teach is one of the best things I will ever hope for. However up to this day , from the day I was born. None of the teachers who have thought me managed to change me. My ideal kind of a teacher is the one who doesn’t simply focus on the subjects instead try get us students to like and love it. There’s no point of doing studies if we are forced to do it. All I need is the feeling of joy and love , which I never received from studying up to this point. If not then at least the things to motivate me to or to change my mindset. It is because I’m sure that some of the world populations find studying troublesome. If indeed a teacher can change the heart of every children which is for our future and inspire them instead of working them like animals doing homework. It is totally pointless , ALL I NEED IS THE JOY NOT THE WORKS AND STRESS THAT COMES FROM IT.

    • Milan 31 Oct 2016

      I think people should do more instead of thinking.
      By doing things we explore what can be done, and can’t be done.
      People have been doing this or years now, from day 1 we started living we explored the world by doing and not by thinking.

    • nusa 31 Oct 2016

      school is fucked up lets be real. nothing changed in a century and people still suport this? the way students are getting depressed becouse other friend is better in math but maybe is this student better in idk art sport? i am still a student in a school and last year was hell to me becouse i was feeling like i am not good enough for anything. i started loosing interest in everything i was once interesting in. this year i try to be better in school so my parents can be proud but still i am only 15 and for almost 2 years i cant be a kid enymore. i dont have time for myself during the school year becouse i have to study every weeken , every day for what? so i cant be proud on my exems and my work becouse they expecting from me to be good at everything : math, english, art , science,…. but how? am i a robot ? what i am? i am a freaking 15 years old kid who cant be kid anymore becouse i need to be good at everything in school and if i am not i feel worthless and i need to study for this just becouse school sistem is expecthing from every student in this world to be good at everything? wtf people?! you guys are making school sistem on competition? yeah realy good thinking for teenagers and kids to think they have to be better then his friend? yeah school sistem good job i must say. school sistem needs to be fixed becouse im only 15 and i already see trubles with that.

    • Muhammad Khalaf Hamad 31 Oct 2016

      My class is pretty big but also crowded , It’s also isn’t air clean and hot and really a bad place to teach in also My teachers are too strict , They need to calm the fuck down because They also used to be like us , They need to think that They mustn’t make us live the same they did .

    • Shayer S. Utsho 31 Oct 2016

      How do you stop a football game? Answer: take away the football. Remove the exam certificates. Test the students occasionally to check if they’re learning alright, but don’t certify them for that. It’s enough for the learners themselves knowing that they’ve learned. Certificates are NOT a means of education, encouragement or even evaluation. It’s just a form of branding that makes it convenient for commercial companies and government offices to make worthy recruits. Instead, let the companies pick. Let them test their recruits by means of their own effort. These test certificates aren’t meant for learners, they only jeopardize their goals. Schools, Colleges and other institutions were never meant to be means of learning. They’ve always just been factories producing the kind of people that organizations need. People used to learn off of either pure interest or need, and they would either go out there looking for masters at the art to learn it, or research it by themselves. Bring that era into modern day life with it’s abundance of ways to get your hands on information, and it can become a very successful social system, with the masters being YouTubers, Instagram models, Facebook sensations, people with all sorts of media outlets; and the students learning it off of the internet, sometimes learning just by fiddling around with thoughts. It may seem like a system with minimal evaluation at first glance, but that’s because companies currently recruit based off of certificates and contacts; ban that, and it gets fixed. It’s true that some technical, art based and/or physical effort related educations require experience – well then make schools for those, recruit them earlier. Note this: child labor is child labor only when the child is more or less unwilling, and/or doesn’t get to keep his own earnings. Allow teens to join in at work, and earn their ways up into schools those provide technical support for specialized education.

      All of this may seem like a giant step, but if mankind can stand together and make the step, it will work out with time.

    • Azaria Gadson 31 Oct 2016

      I feel as though us kids are told that we shouldn’t want more from the classroom because we are too spoon fed everything or need to learn how to do stuff on our own. It lowers our ambitions in school and makes us just want to pass and graduate that way we can experience the world ourselves and learn what we want to learn and focus on what we are good at or explore what we have to offer the world. To me school has been a waste of time when I take common core classes that just barely branch out to relate to my everyday life, and I only look forward to my elective classes because I chose most of them. And it’s sad because I see the potential in school because with me being in 11th grade, I’ve seen good teachers do their job well and I’ve learned in many different environments. However, I still feel as though I’ve been dupped and taken advantage of by spending more of my time at home studying or doing homework in a class that I’m only in to improve my GPA so I can get into a good college, than practicing the subject that I want to major in college. How backwards and jacked up is that? Very. And a lot of the time we are forced to learn things we aren’t passionate about and dont understand in a set amount of time, while being taught it in the more uninteractive, blah faced, monotoned manner. And I know that majority of the common core subjects branch out into tons of cool and important things and fields that are done and open to be studied but we never go that far. We just learn the boring things in boring ways with no explanation of how it intertwines with my up and coming everyday adult life. Even if I’m not a scientist I think I should be told how it’s important that solar panels are able to catch radiation from the sun similar to melanin in skin and how we turn sunlight into energy ourselves and how we are incredible creatures of society. But I would never learn that in school. I got that off the internet and from my own interpretation. School isn’t useless and it’s not stupid but the system literally benefits no one and needs to be revised.

      – A Student of the Class of 2018

    • ty 31 Oct 2016

      I think every year when a student attends a school, they should take a questionnaire that asks what they think their strengths are, what they’re interested in, and what they think they want to be in the future. Based on their results they will have a list of classes that corresponds with their strengths, interests, and future. Just imagine how involved and prepared students would be if they started to nurture their future early. I’m a senior in high school and only recently did i find out what i wanted to do with my life. I’m not even sure that it’s what i really want yet, but I don’t have many options left. That shouldn’t be the case with our future. For people like me, we should know years before hand what we want to do and how we can prepare for it. And i think this would be a great way to accomplish that.

    • rephael russo 31 Oct 2016

      This is so RIGHT! all over the world nothing has changed in the school system… we must make the change!

    • Y11 31 Oct 2016

      give them games in ways to learn maths or something or watch movies to learn english it´s easy and it´s learning.

    • Abdi Mohamed 31 Oct 2016

      We can make this change simply by investing a small sum into starter programs at the primary school levels (1-6). We can also allow high school teachers to use apps designed for learning with their student. They (students) already have cell phones, why take them away from them when class starts. This is a whole new world. A world where technology is dominating everything in society. Parents, Teachers, schools, should not be afraid, but open to the ideas of using whats in front of them.

    • Alexandra 31 Oct 2016

      I am from another country, Portugal. Here the education is really low.
      Portugal is late on everything, but I guess we will keep up. I once had a Computer’s class and it was nothing, because I knew everything. In primary school, I had a small computer, but I learnt nothing,because the School’ system wasn’t prepare.
      In my opinion, student’s opinion, we learn a lot of things, a lot of important and curious things, but we feel bad for being so much time sat and only listening, we don’t have anyone to stimulate us and I think that we are too young to decide our future. I am only 16 and I already feel the pressure of my future, I don’t know what I want to be, but I know that I need to decide.

    • Jina 31 Oct 2016

      Technology is being upgraded and developed along with society but school is staying and has been the same since forever. So why isn’t school growing along with society because right now school is so behind. That’s why the unemployment rate is rising, because schools are not preparing students for the real world but the past world.

    • Jonathan Gómez 31 Oct 2016

      I think that making your own decisions on what do you want to study. The subjects that you like, that could serve for your future, and making projects of ideas. Not been obligated of what to study.
      Thanks for that page giving support for update the education.

    • Ben Mason 31 Oct 2016

      I’m 15 and I was born in Canada but I now live in Finland and to determine our grades we do skits,group projects and we have a test for every subject once a month. The school days are from Monday-Thursday we have 3 subjects a day and recess lunch and a study break, for me my study breaks are Monday and Thursday and my classes are Science, math, art, athletics, robotics, health and Italian. My cousins live in Canada and they have classes Monday-Friday and they take courses like Science, math, French, English and religion.

    • Bentley 31 Oct 2016

      It’s very sad how schools don’t want to tap into a new world of technology. I’m only in 7th grade and I can fully understand how this stupid common cores stuff is not letting us students a chance to explore the worlds of technology, creativity, and so much more. I like how school thinks that it’s better to write down on paper then on a computer. Every time, I have to erase it makes the paper look so messy, but on a computer I just have to press a single delete key.

    • jose 31 Oct 2016

      I feel like teachers should be more collaborate on students instead of just giving them worksheets and not helping them at all and the teachers need to help us do stuff in the real world instead of learning about science or social studies but math and language arts can help us in the real world

    • Anton Skogh 31 Oct 2016

      I can tell you as a 13 year old that schools are very odd in their ways of teaching. Although i am not a professional i can tell taht the school has not been at it’s full potencial. Therefore i am completely supporting this project.

    • LJ 1 Nov 2016

      Choose which one of your dream and stay and practice

    • Jonathan 1 Nov 2016

      I believe that all classes should be revoed the students future if they would like to study architecturally then there class would be changed to those standards so they would be put in to more maths class and lower other class that are not needed in there future.

    • Nawal 1 Nov 2016

      Cn not believe that your grade can be determine by test. like how the smartest person in the class is failing in the class ,just because of the standard test

    • Zahid 1 Nov 2016

      Touch Screen Desks and No Homework

    • jaden 1 Nov 2016

      i am a student athlete in 10th grade, my parents stress how important it is to go to college and attain a degree. Attending school while being an athlete is one of the most stressful things a person can choose to do, having hours of homework, making 5 practices a week, while finding time for friends and family adds to the weight on my shoulders that constantly gets heavier.. However as i reflect on my past, i realize that school has taught me how to a responsible and accountable adult. Life is not easy, no matter how straight of a gait a person walks or how windy of a road you take, one mistake is all it takes for your life to go down hill.
      My dad is in the Navy, he has seen good people do dumb crap to ruin their lives. One junior sailor who had(or has i do not know if they are still together) a family was drinking before work, the cops saw his erratic driving and pulled him over. Before he knew it he was forced to work on the boat for 2 month straight and they cut his salary in half for 3 months. How would it feel to go back to your family that you are supposed to provide a roof and food on the table for and tell them that you might not be able to provide for them after coming back from deployment. That is why school is so stressful and so tough, it is to teach us to make smart decisions under large amounts of pressure.
      However, i believe high school and college should be a time to find what you want to do in life and to give you the information to do well at it. The school board shouldn’t require you to know calculus by the 11th grade, that is absolutely absurd and a waist of time. Just some food for thought

    • Ashley 1 Nov 2016

      This is really true school shouldn’t be teachers telling kids to sit down and sit still or raise your hand I think kids should have a decision for that.

    • Appalonia 1 Nov 2016

      This would be a great program. I would love to sue our school. My child was sexually assaulted by students and the principal did nothing about it. I pulled her out immediatly. Now, I am looking to place her in a Catholic school because I feel that the element would be safer. Though, I don’t think the Catholic School system has the funds to pay for a program like this. Funding would be a huge issue in all schools. I will look into this. I hope you guys have the funding problem solved.

    • John McAlinden 1 Nov 2016

      I believe that technology is the future and the kids are the stepping stone to a better tomorrow. I hope that around people will stop being arrogant and see the bigger picture. In my opinion Estonia are dong what no other would dare to do.

    • Rabiatul Adawiyah 1 Nov 2016

      I think our school should focused on our hobbies, and what we desired to do for our future. We don’t want to be a boring, stoic business people who sat still in their seat greeting customers like a robot and type on their computer all day long. My opinion is that, I’d like for the government to not force us to learn things that’ll not be used in the future and wasted, I’d like for the government to focus on the students themselves, what they’d like to be in the future, what they’d like to do, what are their dreams that they’d like to achieved. Us students don’t want our futures be decided by the world, the whole universe itself. Even if our fate’s been decided for us, we want to change it ourselves. I, once use to love Art. I always wanted to be an aspiring artist, I want to draw for the world. But my dream crashes down once my teacher told me, “Art is not important.” and my parents told me, “Focus on your studies, Art’s not useful in life.” I’m FORCED to CHANGE myself from a CREATIVE and INSPIRING student who loves to draw to a person who’s a STOIC and COLD student who studies for a “BETTER LIVING”

    • grace 1 Nov 2016

      this is soooo true

    • Othman 1 Nov 2016

      In my school we all have iPads.
      We also have oficce 360 so almost every thing we do is on the iPad or online.
      Some times we don’t even take a pencil with us

    • Lauren 1 Nov 2016

      Students with the same learning abilities and levels should be kept in the same classes. It is unfair to a student who’s learning ability is not the same as someone who more advanced than him or her. School systems need to understand that someone who learns and understands a lesson by just reading a book is not the same as someone who needs a model to understand a lesson. School systems also need to understand it is important for students to have art, dance, and music programs, just because a subject may not be important to a board of directors does not mean it is not important for a child. Maybe that child in the back seat, who sits quietly and does not participate, unknowingly might be a good dancer but that child will never know because that school does not offer that certain program

    • LeeAnnA Wiles 1 Nov 2016

      I totally agree with you I am LeeAnnA Wiles I am in the 7th grade and I am not learning anything people are taught different and I am one of them I need extra help but they don’t provide it so remember this we all Americans can change school systems.

    • abdulla 1 Nov 2016

      never use a pencil when its all on the device why do they write when its all on the device
      and why do they have to go 8 hours with no stop

    • Potato 1 Nov 2016

      Hi, I’m currently in secondary school in Britain, and I believe that in America, you shouldn’t have to sit on your own separate desk. Here in Britain, we’re put on tables of 4-6 people so we can work in groups and discuss the lesson so we can have mutual learning. Not only that, but in Primary school (elementary) they let you sit wherever you want at the start of the year, so you can be on the same table as your friend, which will help your learning

      Please change separate desks!

    • Isabella Chrisphonte 1 Nov 2016

      Just as a heads up, I’m only 14 and I just had started my first year in high school. What I can say about this, is that this is a good thing to work on for us kids. Yes we know we have to learn a lot of stuff in school, but the problem is that we’re not given the right or unique teachings and when we do learn, most times its not given to us at the right time. This is just one of the things some parts of society is going to have to realize that our future depends on you guys, especially teachers. I mean we are the next generation to lead ourselves to a better future, so why not work to make it really happen?

    • Pasta 1 Nov 2016

      All teachers that taught me not only taught a one subject.They taught me how to have a friend.They taught me how to be team for a group work.They taught me how to survive in the future.But they get only 10000-24000 bath.It’s about 280-680 dollars.Yes, this is the how money that teacher got.It’s terrible.

    • Stefan 1 Nov 2016

      Do u know how much kids are sad id they get a…. letter that shows if ur smart or not, well insted of just making the students feel stupid by just telling them a letter we should remove testing so kids dont feel stupid or emberassed or teachers telling them thay their future depeneds on it, students will be in panic or just depressed… and do u know what that means?

    • Koza 1 Nov 2016

      School is hard I can’t hang out with my friends because I have homework to do

    • anonymous 1 Nov 2016

      Focusing on something that destroys will not help focus on creation.

    • Amanda 1 Nov 2016

      I totaly agree with bringing technology into the classroom. I graduated almost 10 yrs ago and in my high school there wasn’t enough “funding” for each student to have books to take home. So how are they supposed to complete the homework given without the book to reference? Why not save the environment and increase funding by creating an app for the books? Kids nowadays spend so much time on their devices, why not make those devices educational? I honestly think it is greedy of those book companies to cut down so many tress to print these books and yet the price is too expensive for schools to buy enough of them to have for the students to use. While their pockets are being padded our future generation is struggling and out environment is collapsing.

    • Kirk Connor 1 Nov 2016

      Technology is a big part of society now than what it used to be. almost everywhere you look there’s technology. in almost everybody pocket or bag is a phone, laptop or ipad. technology is what controls the flow of traffic. The internet is the largest source of information that almost anyone can access. So what’s the point with sticking to books and paper, were there is a limited amount of information, when on the internet there an abundance of information that we can access with just a smart phone. So in my opinion technology should be used more in schools and classrooms.

    • Vincent Milot 1 Nov 2016

      Harness big data analysis capabilities to track discourses in real time for daily upgrade of instruction objectives based on what is used by real people in the real world now. Require copyright bypass for education to make existing useful materials immediately available to students. These two things will help us out of the rut of thinking that content is of lasting use. Such beliefs keep us mired. Existing discourse is what is important, not reading or math or technology except inasmuch as they are used for specific purposes now; if they cease to be used, they cease to be important for K-12 instruction. (The only permanent instruction objective is self empowerment within the framework of mutual social tolerance.) A copyright moratorium for education will allow for use and development of real just-in-time materials and eliminate the stranglehold on innovation currently maintained by labor brokers, education institutions, publishers, and other interest groups.

    • Troy Dale 1 Nov 2016

      3 hours a week of French.Only spoken in France and Canada, but Canada speaks English 2. 3 hours a week of learning what happend to soldiers in a war 100 years ago. 0 hours a week of how to sustain our world, keep animal species alive, and create a good future for the rest of humanity. From a year 8 student.

    • Justin 1 Nov 2016

      Me being a student we are not given interactive lessons, teachers throw packets at us and expect us to learn, make us write notes that we will only forget. The educational system is run my money hungry fools that don’t care for the student or teachers. The only time I use technology is when we have to write an essay or watch a powerpoint. People wonder why kids hate school, because school is not set on what the kid loves and enjoys doing, it’s set on every person having the same education.

    • Derrick 1 Nov 2016

      because of the fact that kids will search things especially things they like but they also remember it now this is coming from a kid the age of 17

    • Caroline 1 Nov 2016

      I think Teachers, Theach us things we need and thing we don’t need, But most of the time it’s things we don’t need, especially in Math I struggle in math but I used to be very good back in primary school, Because I had a teacher who made sure that we all new what we are doing, now that high school has come. I’m struggling in math and I’ve failed all my tests this year and got a below average in my exam, and it is because my teacher doesn’t focus on what we struggle on.

    • kr.9 1 Nov 2016

      Suport this, Make them see. Ff we want this to happen, Lets make it happen. #Make_It_Happen.

    • Tianna 1 Nov 2016

      As an eighth grader, i’m doing pre algebra and early trig… They claim they are preparing me for high school. i talk to high schools all the time and they have less homework than we do.. Math every night, Ela homework due the next day, Social Studies due the next day and once and awhile, Science. The high schoolers have half of that. and they teach to the test.. what can i do to try and change this?

    • Ida 1 Nov 2016

      I think that test should be banned. A lot of students get anxiety, stress, and no knowledge from them.

    • Colton 1 Nov 2016

      This is so correct teacher’s are so mean and the work is so hard that i don’t even want to go to school in the morning, the only way i come to school is because of my friends. my school has seven hours of learning including lunch and the buses, i find myself sleeping most of the time when i get home and then i miss dinner. We need to change the future of touching the kids heart and making feel happy for the rest of their lives.

    • Dominic 1 Nov 2016

      So inspirational…that was beautiful

    • Anonymous 1 Nov 2016

      I am in 5th grade. I think technology can really help learning. I have seen that a lot of other kids are good with technology and like technology, but we don’t have any ways of using it productively. I want to learn in a way that I enjoy. I think my fellow classmates would also support this comment.

    • D.C. 1 Nov 2016

      I need help with my school every thing in this video is my school

    • josefina boschero 1 Nov 2016

      I’m in 7th grade and I see every year that technology is improving, however the technology in school is never changing. This does not make sense I mean sure the students may be using google classroom or myimaths (websites my school uses), but technology especially technology for education has numerous websites, apps, devices etc. that we could use to their fullest potential to get a or our message across to students. Technology is shaping our future why can’t it shape the future of education.

    • Nathan M 1 Nov 2016

      I’m still in school but I think that what we learn is not really going to help that much we learn how to constructe a sum in maths and I Can not think of when I would need to do that. In this world by the time most of use will be getting prober jobs we will be using advanced technology and we won’t know how to use it that well because we are not learning that so we need to start learning how to use technology and how that will or will not be in our future jobs.

    • Taylor 1 Nov 2016

      I completely agree with you on that give a kid a device and they will take off and they will enjoy it better that being silent and listening to a teacher talk we instead of the teacher saying the best way to learn let the kid we could possibly do it as giving them different sources and let them learn the way that they think is best

    • Megan 1 Nov 2016

      Instead of having things we don’t use in life, cut the classes shorter and make time for extra activities. Some kids like to dance, sing, art, writing, etc. and most the time they don’t get to express themselves because of these harder subject and things we don’t need to learn. History is something we don’t need to learn about as much as Math and English, but we don’t exactly need to learn complicated things in Math that we will never use in our life. Kids have a short time if they are in high school, and then get put out into the real world, they don’t need homework holding them back from playing outside and enjoying life as it is as a kid, because it’s really fun. But, once they get out there and find a job, they won’t have as much fun, and will never experience what it’s like to feel like a kid.

    • Jack 2 Nov 2016

      i think that the video was really true nothing has change from school from past and present for me i want to make something for school when you step in the class u feel the future

    • Charlie Cleland 2 Nov 2016

      Most parents and teachers say that video games and other activities like this are a wast of time and that they just make you zone out more. This could not be more wrong. All students have different ways of learning, but it is proven that if a student is actively involved in the learning, they remember the topic longer. I may only be in 8th grade, but know that I do the best in the classes that are “hands on.”

    • Kareem 2 Nov 2016

      Common core and all that should be done with. We shouldn’t have the same classrooms as we did so many years ago. This needs to change!

    • Sam Harlan 2 Nov 2016

      I’m a good student in our cookie cutter system. I was lucky enough to come equipped with the skills required to succeed in it. But everyday I go to school, I see students who aren’t doing so well, who think they are stupid because that’s what their tests suggest. It saddens me. I’m working with another friend I know who sees this too, to write a letter to the principal and hopefully to the superintendent and beyond. I think a simple curriculum change, a more lenient, student choice curriculum, to equip our youth with the skills they want, not what our government tells them they need. I think technology needs to be employed, shorter school hours, longer lunches, higher teacher pay, are all necessary to the success of productive and progressive members of society. I think classroom etiquette needs a severe change. Class should be a discussion, not a lecture. It should be engaging, not an hour of listening to someone tell you how and what to think. It should be intriguing, not stressful. A student should not be in the situation of being legitimately stressed over going to school the next day. A student should be in an environment to develop social skills, not just learn how to put 2+2 on paper. A student should learn essential life skills like balancing a budget or paying their bills or at least basic sex education.

    • sukhnoor sekhon 2 Nov 2016

      I agree with you 100%, I feel that schools are teaching you so much stuff and wanting you to implant it in your brain so it can stick in your brain for ever. Half of the stuff we learn at school like a second language witch you “need” to get in some colleges which in my opinion is just completely dumb. If people need math and coding for there future career than let them learn mostly about that! If a student needs to learn more about science to become a scientist, chemist or doctor even and teachers are telling him to focus more on french because he is not improving there…. I want all this to change not just because I don’t like going to school and learning because I want to have a successful future and actually have confidence in getting some where in life. We need a new system and a system that we can all agree with.

    • Yahir 2 Nov 2016

      To first ask what you think your good at and then do it because if they just learn one spacific topic they will not do what they want to and be bored on not doing what really calls there name.

    • Lizam 2 Nov 2016

      The ministry should change the way they teach and make learning fun and lots of kids have different skill,like,strength and thinking.the break time should be more longer and just use ipad for learning we are in the 21 century guys we don’t need to carry stupid big book.ipad have lot of function not just for playing game we can use for education too. That all from me

    • Linus Andersson 2 Nov 2016

      I think that the school is very old school, like for real. We live in 2016, and we still use pencils for almost everything. Like, take a look at gamers, the use technology all day and make money out of it. But we basiclly never use it and we might not get the best grades.

    • Dineth 2 Nov 2016

      I do agree that technology is important for schools but I don’t like the idea of people staring at a screen and sitting at one place for a long time.

    • leo davidson 2 Nov 2016

      I feel like schools are definitely wasting money on things like school uniforms that are really unneeded and are taking money away from more important things creativity.

    • KJ 2 Nov 2016

      Just like people say, forget about the past and focus on the future. And the future is NOW, so i say YES lets change classrooms and and the way we learn.I also think that homework is much more fun using technology than papers and same old stuff.

    • Za'Niya 2 Nov 2016

      I’m a 7th grader and I think the only way to let people know about this is to share it around our schools. We need to stand up and present to our school. It could take one or many voices to change the way our schools are. I don’t hate school but I also don’t love it either. Every morning when I wake up I think to myself that we keep repeating the same lessons everytime we move to the next grade level. I feel like I don’t have much freedom at school. I want to do different classes in school. I’m good in ELA,Math,and Art. I don’t have an art class but I want to have one to expand on that. The schools aren’t allowing us students to expand or explore on different skills that we want or are good at like art, dance, drama,technology, Spanish, etc. We should be given the choice on what classes we can take just like when we are older we can choose what career or job you want. Is anyone else with me?!?!

    • ajla 2 Nov 2016

      take out state tests

    • sasha 2 Nov 2016

      cool ideas dude!

    • New gezavice 2 Nov 2016

      Hi i’m in thailand i’m get everything in this website. Okay! I’m in university 2 years in thailand studying is bad so same domino.Student don’t get english subject in 2 years from university
      don’t know about part of speech the logic is very low.Ok i want to sleep.

    • Hamza 2 Nov 2016

      We need to upgrade our school system so true

    • James gilvarry 2 Nov 2016

      We need better public and private schools with access to librarys computer rooms and kitchens but our schools cant go in much longer we need a radically new system we need to learn buisness communication and life skills like cooking, computers and so much more

    • Yash Raj Sharma 2 Nov 2016

      I’m 16 A SChool Student from INDIA, i love my country But Hate Education System. Until 5Th standard My Percentage Was 90-95% My Parents Were Happy, But As i Grow older My Focus Shifted to TechNology, I love To Explore New Things In Computer World. But For This My Education Leve Got Lower My percentage Goes To 40%…. My Dad Was Unhappy, From Me But I make him Understand But he didn’t He told me to Do Anything What i want But Make Your Life,,,, i was Totally Confused Now Coz Here In INDIA U need Degree Or Grades Or Percentage To Get Any Job Or Title…. i want to be a Programmer….But Education & System Stops ME

    • Desica Doke 2 Nov 2016

      I’m excited about this any reform to our current Educational system .What I do like to see is that shift in values, we think cultures that grow food for thier house hold and have no businesses. .store front cash flow are primitive.

      Everything has a flow. ..complete fullness triggers a reversion. ..

      Im not educated “officially ” im 46 and my last job was Taco bell but I’ve also worked for the state and federal government…dept. of Commerce. ..
      Im also a felon… So what determines my value or worth in society?
      What is important to me is experience, compassion and an ability to open to every perspective (the truth). When a job says … qualifications needed . . . ?
      I apply anyway… because determination and ones will to reach beyond boundaries placed before them is more powerful. I embrace the pain and efforts needed to grow.
      I will apply for that job …. as a Policy Maker.. and pray we all thrive .

      To the visionary talents behind this NESTE … change, God’s speed and grace.

    • Drew 2 Nov 2016

      We need to realize that the majority of the things we are learning in school are not useful or will help us with our future jobs. I think we should pick every class we want. we shouldn’t have a math or science class if we don’t want it. If we know what we want for our future we should pick our classes. And the school system just makes us sit in desks listening to the teachers talk and we have to write down what they say study it and take a test and nothing else. I remember when I was younger there were actually some kids that liked school, but now almost the whole population of kids absolutely hate there schools including me. I don’t exactly hate the school I am in but the whole entire school system. schools don’t really have a say. We need to do something about this because we students of today are the future and if we are learning the same things years ago….nothing will change. Imagine our future kids learning the things we are still learning. If the school system is the same in the next decade, my kids will not be in a public school.

    • Karen 2 Nov 2016

      1)4 days of school and 3 days free
      2)No homeworks
      4)no writting anything but not writting
      I am a man

    • Juliette Castillo 2 Nov 2016

      I think a good way to start changing the school system is to start with the desks. Instead of having square desks in columns and rows, we should put them in a group round table. That way not only are they not alone at their table, but in a ’round table’ no one will ever be at the ‘head’ of a table.

    • Abhay 2 Nov 2016

      I live in india, place where technology is hardest to adapt to, our indian students are nothing but robots. Place where we are so forced to study that our students suicide. discrimination between students who are more robotic are taken in point we are told every day by our teachers that we will fail this year. in india if your not good in studies you are not supposed to be living we have one of the highest illiteracy but if we make one study we force him to do rote learning. we cannot do what we want to but only what our system wants us to. everyday i think that i should leave studies whereas we are smarter, more creative and intelligent than our system’s successful Robots, and i hate it i hope u can reach this message to our system.

    • Naufal Ahmad 2 Nov 2016

      I am student in Indonesian, i hope in my country the school system can canged to prepare to future. Thank You

    • Ayden 2 Nov 2016

      As a student I think that we do need to embrace technology I mean most kids already have iPhones or an Xbox ,iPad ,laptop and all that other stuff I look at my three year old little brother and see him already ask to play my moms phone my point is that kids are more attracted to technology and I know it might sounds weird coming from a student but I envy the idea of educycle I mean I’m not saying that kids should only play games but they shouldn’t just learn in a boring way because most kids don’t even pay attention in class but the idea of what there thinking of making just sounds amazing to me I saw on the internet that kids learn from playing video games and these amazing people just make a super cool way of learning now that’s amazing being able to balance learning and fun and don’t forget creativity now I think most kids won’t even think there learning so it’s like your tricking kids into having fun while learning

    • Vitor Lopes 2 Nov 2016

      Hi, just going to share the effects that my “school experience” is provoking on me, here it goes:
      My name is Vitor im fifteen years old, im portuguese and im on tenth grade. Learning is a thing I enjoyed to do until school made it “agressive” and by that i mean that school made learning stressfull to the point it had repercussions on me, each morning when my alarm clocks I wake up stressed, scared of going to school, each second in class is of agony because of the pain the fellings im constanly having cause. I used to be a good student now I just cant do it anymore, even knowing my family is supporting me i know i letted them down, I letted me down, I letted my future down by having a bad grade (11/20) the experience of failing made me insecure, each test I do i’m so nervous I can barely think, “its just so much weight on a person shoulders” that its not even acceptable, I know that from here it will only get worse if I dont act, but what can i do.
      PS: didnt talked about the 1755 minutes of class i have each weak (100% class no breaks and stuff), the constant need of studying (wich makes impossible to practice many activaties whitout worring about time)…

    • Daniel 2 Nov 2016

      I’m in the eigth grade and I am doing a project, a major project. This project I have chosen the topic of Bettering the Education for children. The video I saw with Prince really finalized my descion because we cannot treat school like a joke, we are the future, and we must do something about it. As with the Educycle I think it is a really good first start to visibly show people the issues in the eviorment. However I feel that we have been valleys to cross and to one day change the systems of education all together, using technology like this.

    • Seth Parsons 2 Nov 2016

      I personally think after seeing this video that how much cars and telephones have changed so should school.1 teacher telling each kid (around 100 after whole day) the same exact words isn’t teaching us how to grow into an adult being a doctor or president its teaching us to be factory workers low paying jobs average jobs that i will guarantee 999999 out of 1000000 children would not want.

    • Jaselyn 2 Nov 2016

      I see where your coming from, my school name Baxter, a college pre school. We are trying to set a example to other schools like LAUSD. My high school wants to focus on our cognitive skills, we all want to see everyone go to college if they want. We learn to be independent, but same time have classes. However not just any class, we make education a game. We don’t leave people behind, there is no such thing as someone in the back seat sleeping. Because we have what’s prime time, when we rest our brains from all this info. I am just a student. There is no such thing as a D or F it’s called incomplete, meaning we still have the chance to change it. I am a student of this school, I am telling you to look at my school, we are just trying to be a good influence.

    • chris kim 3 Nov 2016

      I think that the school system should be personalized for the student. School just starts on a subject with 30+ kids with different minds and the teacher is going at the same pace for everyone. Maybe I need a longer time to learn this then bryan. Teachers are not allowed to do that because there is a test at he end of each chapter determining if you learned it or not. AND if you did not learn it, it’s too late. School should actually think of where to put there kids. look at their transcripts and make special classes for everyone. No honors no AP no nothing. IF you’re in honors, are the people not in honors not smart? We should change he school system completely. Instead of honors classes, what about special classes fit for the student. Instead of regular classes, what about slower learning so we an make sure we understand the concept. This is “making America great agian” not spending our money on a wall. THIS way, it creates more jobs in our country. We need people to teach at a slower pace, we need people to make the classes, we need people to teach the classes, we need people to look at the transcripts, we need people to do jobs. This helps out economy and it helps our future generations.

    • Suad Mohamed 3 Nov 2016

      I’m a college student but when I was in high school. I always wondered why the school system didn’t have a class where students Would read successful books (self help) or books that talk about 21 st century economy. I was introduced to such books in my last year in highschool by a mentor but it was life changing. Just like an American literature class where students read books and discuss why not do the same with books that will help them grow individually.

    • joseph luft 3 Nov 2016

      we should really focus on each individual kids needs instead of teaching a group of 20-30
      kids the same way when half of them don’t understand but go along with it because they are afraid to ask i am a kid and I sometimes don,t understand I start crying because I don’t understand so i say that we must make a change now!

    • Maria 3 Nov 2016

      I’m in 9th grade and I’ve come to terms with the fact that my brain is not fit for math, I’m unable to do it but I’m still very good at history, english and philosophy. I wish my school would acknowledge my strengths instead of forcing math on me. I don’t understand it anyway so anything I learn now will be for the sole purpose of graduating, I could pass all of my classes with flying colors and I’d still be held up because of math, I wish my school would understand that my brain just works differently. Another thing they should do is like a personalized learning program in which students were able to go through a test determining their learning profile (their strengths, aptitudes, inclinations, etc) so that the classes could be molded to each student’s needs. What would be more effective and what works best for them I believe there is nothing worse than realizing you wasted 1 hour a day doing something you don’t enjoy just because it’s a requirement only to forget it as soon as you leave the school. The education system should leave their pesky attitude behind and start to realize that we’re not just automated machines, we are human, we are different and that’s okay.

    • Amanda hill 3 Nov 2016

      I’m in middle school and I have realized that standardized test are terrible because some people can’t do test and that is what says they move on. Any I’m great at school but test are what get me so I say they should be gone because people are huger bye there grades on there test.

    • Kassidy conlon 3 Nov 2016

      At my school they have all of the kids use chromebooks

    • Kenya Oriadha 3 Nov 2016

      I’m a 10th grade Student in the HISD and we use technology every day. While I agree that it makes things easier and more efficient, it doesn’t change anything about the lessons. Instead, we’re given more work that we have to do and turn in online.

      Everything he said in the video is true, though. We learn a lot of things that we won’t need in life, while we should be learning things like, taxes, how to apply for a job, etc. Our school system even took away Home Ec., which is something we need for the future. And since I go to YWCPA we’re forced to take engineering classes even though most of the students don’t want a career in that field. (Me!) While I appreciate some of our classes, for example, AP History, English, Foreign Language and our other electives ( Art, Dance, Choir, Yearbook/Journal) the other classes are a waste of time if you aren’t going to major in those fields.
      (Sorry for the long rant.)

    • Celeste 3 Nov 2016

      My little sister is 2 years old and she knows all about yourtube and things, I think we should all have days were we give up technology.

    • kristers jānis logins 3 Nov 2016


    • Heine Georg 3 Nov 2016

      Tests ruin lives

    • Just Dominik 3 Nov 2016

      i think exsample if a kid want to be a soccer player in school he should do his half time in school sport if the hole class want to be a programmer then should go the pc room and learn about that and homework just nope

    • Juliana 3 Nov 2016

      Why can’t we focus on things we are interested in and things that we want to learn, and stop repeating the same math problem.

    • Rayce Nelson 3 Nov 2016

      I’m a 10th grader, and I couldn’t agree with the video more. I have a teacher that gives homework out every night. we don’t have very many places to truly be our selves, they throw books in front of us and tell us to study all night long. WE HAVE A LIFE!!! we have family, friends, and some of us Boyfriends and Girlfriends, or jobs. My teacher gave us home work on halloween night because, “You’ll be bored at home all night”. 39% percent of students in america go to college, in Finland it 66% nearly double our percentage. WE ALSO NEVER HAVE ANY COLLABORATION!!!! Let’s fix this education system.

    • Harry 3 Nov 2016

      I say we should learn more about our future rather than our past because our world is dyeing and most people nowadays know about it but the children who do, don’t know how much time they have to stop us humans from getting extinct. Another reason is because if we know how to work new technology we can improve it.

    • Tom wright 3 Nov 2016

      We need to change our schools a piece of pape wiv a letter on it should not decide our future. WE NEED TO CHANGE

    • Stef 3 Nov 2016

      I want to change the world

    • Eva 3 Nov 2016

      My friends and I agree so much on this video. We’re planning on showing it to our Vice Principal and at a school board meeting. Thank you never much so this video, Price Ea. You’re so very inspiring.

    • jamie 3 Nov 2016

      i think that all students should be allowed to tell teacher what strengths they have and what weaknesses they have. so i hope this is taken into consideration all children are different they may like the same things but mightn’t be as good as others so this is why schools should change there ways and stop living in the past.

    • Aidan 3 Nov 2016

      Technology is forming the future, The future are our children, there is nothing we can do to stop the children from using technology, its better to embrace it. If we embrace it, we might have a chance to better our children

    • Juan 3 Nov 2016

      First of all I completely agree that we need more technology in schools. But, we do have to care about the adiction that the internet can cause too, it’s not an easy thing.
      And to continue with the horrorific system, I imagine so many things, but sadly, my thoughts look more like a movie than the reality. I imagine a system of computers that shows you options of “what do you want to do today?” and stuff, you have to complete a certain progress of things you WANT to know and then you go to a room of 15 and 1 or 2 teachers and you DISCUSS between each other about what are you talking about, making everyone part of the “class”. Maybe I’m too far away? I’m sorry if you didn’t understand

    • Annie 4 Nov 2016

      I am 17 years old, and I have yet to learn about the skills I will need to be a teacher for music. I go to a private school, and even though my parents spend over 13,000 a year, which by the way is more than some colleges, I still have yet to understand how to pay taxes or even how to live on my own. They teach me what a normal wage for teachers are in Indiana, but they wont teach me what a mortgage is or how it works? What is this school system, we should not be teaching kids advanced pre calculus if they dont want to be in any sort of math carrier. How is that going to help me in any way for my future? Living alone, paying rent, how to get a job, how to take care of myself, these are the things that our schools should be teaching us, not how to solve for X when y=6

    • Ethan Ashmore 4 Nov 2016

      “I’m a middle School student were we have hard State tests. We as students should be able to choose what we want to acheve at and not have it chose for us.”

    • McYer Eno 4 Nov 2016

      This is what we doing here. Before teaching every kid that attended my class
      I start asking each one of them to ask themselves if they really want to learn anything from me or it is what their parents want. Don’t worry about the result, many had left my class before the lesson starts because I always advice the to go and learn what they really wanna learn instead of being here with me and learn something for someone and got nothing out.

      Here not every teacher is know how to find out what really the kids are. They’re only trained to be a book and force the kid to read them.

      And if we can change teachers, then we who realized should start being a better teacher for our children to be ready for anything out there.

    • savanna 4 Nov 2016

      well i beilieve that in that youtube acount there is some one your little stster loves and theres some one that makes her fell happy when down or sad you woulndt want to take that away from her would you

    • Christan 4 Nov 2016

      We should start of by. Haveing no homework or every friday a half for school

    • Bodee Hollingsworth 4 Nov 2016

      I’m an 8th grader, and in my school we incorporate technology everywhere, while it is a bit more convenient, I think we should have a complete renovation on how schools “look”. I think there should be tests that help you realize if you are a Visual, Physical, or Auditory learner. That way you can have a teacher that shares that same learning style, then they can work with you one-on-one. But people may say that a problem with this is that we don’t have enough teachers in this world, and I think the reason is, is because they are UNDER paid, and that people are afraid to teach the stereotypical “rowdy/loud/rambuncious” classroom that we are all familiar with, but with this concept that wouldn’t be a problem.

    • Brandon Crouch 4 Nov 2016

      I feel that coming from a student will be easier to get this case active. So here you are, in my school, they have technology, but is just 300 computers allot? It’s all the same device! Our class room is in a neat row and we have to raise our hands to speak. I agree that we are being treated like robots, but we should be treated like human beings. The teachers do so why don’t we? Pupils will be the one creating the future so why do they get a choice to create it? At the moment, all of us will be working on some sort of factory or all the same job. I want to be a politician but there is no lesson for that. Think before you teach.

    • Henri-Jack Mariethoz 4 Nov 2016

      I’m in grade 7 and I’m loving high-school, but I have one issue with it. Homework is one big issue, and it’s not because it’s boring. It’s because it’s not truly necessary, we already spend 8 hours of the day doing school work. People will say sitting down all day playing computer games is bad, but we do the same thing at school but we do work instead of playing games. We sit down for about 6 hours of the day doing work and trying to become a high achiever. And if we don’t achieve, they’ll say that we won’t succeed. They’ll even keep us in the same grade or put us down. Therefore, if you were to look at homework again. You’d see that if you don’t put in maximum effort you get punished. This needs to be changed.

    • Colson Thorson 4 Nov 2016

      my school does use technology we all use laptops in school but, we don’t learn we are told things that we remember for maybe 2 months and then forget it forever. my point is the school system is not teaching the important thing like how to pay bills and how to live on our own when we are older you know the things that are crucial in life we are thought to do things we won’t need like when the hell am I going to need how to calculate pi like wtf. but my point is we need creativity and need to be thought how to live life not graze past it. and I hate sitting down almost the whole day I would love stand up desks

    • Cameron Conneely 4 Nov 2016

      I’m a 14 year old from Australia and our school year has shorter days compared to the rest of the world. our education compared to the rest of the world is poor. The Australian government believes that the reason were not achieving success is because we don’t have enough work, tests, homework etc
      And they want us to have more school days. The government has so much money and I agree that teachers are under paid.

      I can’t do much because I’m only a child but if you could change the world then you would be thanked by every child I could think of

    • Lora 4 Nov 2016

      We need to be taught how to THINK. The thing is, we are already born with that gift as little children but it is stolen from us as we are taught just to know HOW without knowing the WHY. We need to become philosophers, to see the world in different ways, and that is how new inventions are made, problems are solved. We shouldn’t be in confined buildings or schools at all. We should be IN the world, experiencing things, looking at the kind of planet we come from, because do we actually know where we do come from? Figuring out the how, and the why, constantly moving around and learning about things that actually touch our hearts and change our perspective and see the world in new and better ways. We need to be taught, not to just think about our ideas but to actually DO them as well.

    • Nico 4 Nov 2016

      Technology should be introduced to students in a way that would be as important as the pen and paper, technology is the future

    • Aisha Baset 4 Nov 2016

      I agree 100% on this video( )It may be “dumb” or “stupid” to one and other, but we as a community have to accept that the Truth is better for all of us.Listen to me here, I’m not trying to be that typical person who says that this should happen because they just “Can’t be bothered” to do this test I stand here and say that the more stress, The less quality the test will be. You may find that the teachers say “don’t worry” However This affects your life deeply. You can not TAME that stress when thinking about that It makes me so angry that people have to go through a lot to “TAME” that stress and guess what? THEY DON’T.

    • Logan 4 Nov 2016


    • Luke Pruyn 5 Nov 2016

      We stand there and let it happen, and what are we all brain dead no but yet we sit here in our beds and let it happen, let these “teachers” stand there and what feed us falsified information, not anymore. In over a century has school really changed because what are we made to work in factories all the same. I am in the 8th grade and have realized us as students are given the same information so what are we truly made to be the same. Not any longer because what we are given school spirit to represent someone who is making us all the same. Teachers are getting underpaid but ruining our future, but yet we are the future. So why don’t we take the unwaged give them a chance give the ones who were not given the chance to be turned into a robot all wired the same.

    • Catarina 5 Nov 2016

      The problem with that is that not all students can be trusted with expensive devices like those.

    • eli 5 Nov 2016

      sitting in groups but less group work. not being forced to learn about things we have no iterest in. practical life skills classes. actually informative sex ed classes. no strict due dates for assignments and harsh grades that do nothing but tell you you’re failing. more ability to be with friends and converse in class without being yelled at to stop talking by a teacher.

    • Andrea 5 Nov 2016

      We can change by having more classes have coding and learning how to use a computer to when there adults they will know how to pay there taxes online instead of writing tons of papers

    • Maddox Malchow 5 Nov 2016


    • Chris 5 Nov 2016

      All schools should use newer technology

    • Jamaica Wolsey 5 Nov 2016

      From watching uour video. I truly believe that once hololens from Microsoft and AI come together the classroom will stay the same. With both of hololens an AI coming together they would be able to give a virtual teacher an assest each individuals mind. Giving the proper programs to teach each student to become successful in their own way.

      Hololens can give the virual classroom that maybe diffferent for each child due to their weekness an strengths. An AI can be a computer generated teacher that can answer an respond to the child properly. Giving a one on one teaching. Making sure each student gets the attention they need to become successful.Just think one day this may be the future.

    • Ricardo 5 Nov 2016

      They should make school fun and enjoying so us kids can have fun and learn and use all of we can of morgen day technology

    • Noah 5 Nov 2016

      Yes this true.

    • Lorelei Keifer 6 Nov 2016

      I’ve been in both, high schools that issue laptops for educations and those that don’t and honestly…. it didn’t make a difference. We would watch videos independently to learn lesson or we would listen to a teacher instruct the whole class period. If the technology was used to help us with things that we couldn’t understand and reinforce things that we understood then I feel it would be helpful in the everyday classroom.

    • Philip Bayly 6 Nov 2016

      You need to understand that the principle has a lot less power than you think he does.
      See, my mom’s a teacher, my dad as well, and I work at the same school as they do tutoring kids. We recently had standardized tests and I had to watch the kids. I was too a victim if this horrendous bill passed to legally force the students to spend hours in end on these tests but I had a job to do and no power to do otherwise. I tried to allow them to space out a bit and possibly a little nap but they needed to get it done because it’s not about them, it’s not about the teachers, it’s not about the principle, it’s about the survival of the school because the funding for the school is highly dependent on these tests. I openly hate it and have never said otherwise. I grew up with them and wrote my final college essay on the standardize tests. But it’s not the teachers or principles, it’s the Congress who blindly pass bills that look good in paper but time after time ignore the obvious studies showing that its the worst implementation of our education system. So blame the Congress, not the teachers.

      As the son of two teachers, a recent graduate who was at the core of common core and No Child Left Behind (NCLB), and a current tutor of children at a small school, here’s what I believe should be our education system.
      I’ve always believed humans inherently love learning, love reading, writing, math, art, and/or acting. You and I see that everyday when we become curious, when we see a small child obverve a contraption, and when we see people ask questions over and over again. It’s simply something that makes humans actual human, the love of learning. The problem is we associate our modern education system with the bitterness of memorization and reading to answer questions. Rather than thinking of Algebra as a language of higher thinking we believe it’s hours and hours of memorizing a textbook. Rather than associating reading with diving into the depths of a new world of fantasy and wonder we associate it with finding keywords to fill in the bubbles at the right of the screen. I specifically remember trying to get a student to read a book because he wouldn’t read it. I told him to read th e first paragraph and afterwards tell me about it, I saw as he skipped pages and opened his eyes to the excitement of the plot. He finished the chapter and quickly turned to me to tell me what he just read, we did that about 6 more times until the book ended and he was extremely happy and amazed. Although I watched as he skipped over pages and didn’t pay to much attention to the detail he still loved it and that’s what I wanted from him. He grew up reading so much about articles of disgustingly boring things that he clearly has no interest in that he never learned that reading can be fun. That’s important, if they don’t like reading, they’ll never do it.
      I also remember my 12 excruciating years of math as being the more painful moments of my life, but I recently stumbled upon Sololearn, an app/website that teaches you coding. Amazing app and website if you’re interested by the way. Anyway, I spent about a week on it before I realized that I had been doing a lot of algebraic, maybe not the traditional area of circle and pethagorean theorum but there were still equations and what not. I found it to be astonishing to see that I was so interested in math and thought to myself “I’ve never really, like, REALLY learned math.”. You see the difference between Sololearn and traditional math (besides certain years in math such as learning operations) is in Sololearn I learned the core fundamentals of math while in school I’ve simply learned equations. In sololearn I learned how all these equations worked so I can apply it. The problem is we aren’t teaching the subjects, we’re simply teaching the most painfully boring stuff possible. We refuse to open the minds of our students to think on a deeper level and refuse to allow for their creativity to shine. That’s the really issue, we’re not really teaching anything, we’re just forcing them to memorize.
      I believe if we can get the kids to love a subject, we can easily teach them. To do that, we cannot force it upon them. We need to teach everything from the ground up. Teach kids reading is full of wonders and imagination. Teach them math is full of higher thinking, really get them interested by not telling that the area of a circle is pi R square, but teach them the findemenals of pi, radius, and square. Have them create the equations rather than give it to them. Have them have a conceptual understanding of the subject and they’ll have a extremely high level of thinking. They don’t like that? Well some kids aren’t into reading or math, allow them to pursuit in art. Don’t force them to learn the history of art, but engage them with the beauty they can create with their hands. Allow them to experiment and find their own style. Stop giving teachers so much regulation of the curriculum and common core, allow the teachers to fully engage with the students and work with them on their own level. Slower students may understand better and faster students may learn more, don’t shun by giving them labels, embrace the unique students. Turn school into something kids love going to and not something you drag them to. Make school fun because that’s what learning should be, fun.

    • Sigurd Vie 6 Nov 2016

      Maby if we change all power to water power we shuld hawe a green world and not too mutch carbod and with windmills the birds can get stuc in it and die and instead of big big coal or oil power we cann still yuse water

    • Kolton 6 Nov 2016

      I feel that kids should not have homework. Kids get exited to get out of school but then homework brings them back to school. Whats the need for homework…kids wont forget every thing they are taught the day before.

    • Samyam 6 Nov 2016

      I think we should start doing something.

    • Emilia Dutkiewicz 6 Nov 2016

      I believe one system should not be in place. Multiple should be in place. A student should decide what his/her school plan shall be. They pick what they learn, and universities and colleges shall not look at grades of one’s report instead look at one’s knowledge and passion. That would be, a dream come true.

    • Sasha 6 Nov 2016

      I am currently a freshman at my high school and I have personally been noticing that schools don’t teach students how to deal with real life situations. For example, there are no lessons how to cook for yourself, how to manage your money, and how to pay taxes. Most importantly, they should talk about human rights more often like what people can and cannot do to you. Especially when people are getting stopped and killed by police for no logical reason in today’s society. If students have that knowledge, they will call out on the officers if they are doing something that is unjust.

    • Kyle Summers 6 Nov 2016

      We need to use technology so much more than we already do. Students are using technology more than they are looking at books or siting at home revising from notes taken in class, so why not instead of taking their phones off of them, let them use them to view the lessons digitally and let them revise off of them.

    • Kyle Summers 6 Nov 2016

      We need to use technology so much more than we already do. Students are using technology more than they are looking at books or siting at home revising from notes taken in class, so why not instead of taking their phones off of them, let them use them to view the lessons digitally and let them revise off of them. Students should be allowed to feel comfortable in classrooms, so they should be allowed to sit with who they want to and where they want to sit.

    • Maggie .l. Walker 6 Nov 2016

      Math is good and everything but i’m in the 6th grade learning NOTHING we as the USA need to be better with school we really need to focuses on everyone needs not one class this right here the is greatness at its point!

    • Dirk 6 Nov 2016

      I say we should get rid of the state tests and the way teachers must teach the same for each student. I’m a middle schooler, I’m not getting great grades and im struggling in class because I’m visual learner. I need to see it get done so I can copy it to the best of my abilities. Get rid of the letter grades that make it seem like a contest for students, I’m more worried about my grade in class then I am about my own future and thats just what they want you to think, they want you to stop believing that you can change the world and start focusing on the events that are in the past

    • Unknown 7 Nov 2016

      I am a 7th grader. I have felt….corrupted…sadness…and so stressed… all from school…I have been looking all over for a chance for myself to learn what I want to learn. When I saw this video, I felt happy to know that I’m not the only one with these exact thoughts. I want to be able to express myself. I have always felt that everything has been unfair with school. I really do hope that education changes to be as great as Finland.

    • Charles Gorby 7 Nov 2016

      I’m a kid. I’m a sixth grader. And, do you want to know what I think of school? I think it’s not inspiring. I think it’s a jail for people to learn the same things, the same curriculum, on the same schedule, 5 days a week, 9 months a year. It doesn’t drive people to make ideas. It drives people to use ideas. Having to do hours of homework that doesn’t help anyone learn is like a punch to the face, every second of your life. Regular school tears people apart. It doesn’t give any room for creativity. It doesn’t give any room for people who can invent, people who can innovate. It doesn’t give any room to a sandbox. Our civilization needs to rise. We need new ideas for school. We need to let go of what makes our future held back. I am a perfect example. I am the smartest person in my school. My principal said that to me. I get every possible enrichment class, extra-curricular activity that I can get, so I can learn more and connect with the world. I only get 2 hours of time on a computer at most per day. I can’t sit around and enjoy life. Me, on behalf of all kids, have to get up earlier than adults. We have more stress than adults. We have more complications. But, if we could just say, “We need more ideas”, it could possibly end boredom at school as we know it.

    • Jesse 8 Nov 2016

      It is almost impossible international to do such a ting right now. I am a high school student in Canada and I don’t know much but I know some things. SAT testing is used as an efficient use of finding smart students, the truth is these curriculum’s are so old that they are still taught as history or prior knowledge. I too am in the era of technology but the truth is the government doesn’t fund this and neither do a lot of people saying technology is a playback, lazy excuse as a future option

    • Hassan 8 Nov 2016

      I am high school student in oman and say this we have technology that took us to the moon something that before 100 years was fiction but our school is still the same 5 days a week 2 days rest they say when all we do in this so called rest is study and do home works no time to be creative and all the students study the same things although all of them are not the same.

    • Jacqueline 8 Nov 2016

      With every generation comes a new way of learning, Being online will help them understand better because that’s what matters. What matters is how they get to learn in a different way yet better for there beautiful minds. Needing technology is just a human thing, technology is supposed to you get ahead making it easier for your to do a task in a shorter time but get so much information. Why is it so bad if we use technology in a way to feed our minds something extraordinary?

    • Charles Gorby 8 Nov 2016

      I keep thinking to myself about this: WHY CAN’T THERE BE A VERSION OF SCHOOLING WHERE EVERYBODY LEARNS SOMETHING DIFFERENT?!? The schooling that kids get today teach them to learn things in one pace. It teaches to learn one way. One schedule. One subject. One life, one job, and even one theory. The average theory. A theory that explains that everything’s okay, and life is just as the teachers say. But, you know what? That’s not true. Do you know what? Life holds millions of different kinds of jobs and ways of life that are never looked into, never taught, never learned. America needs to step up. We may have more electronics in our schools. We may have updated textbooks and paces to learn at. But, America has forgotten one thing; school is about helping kids to find their place in the world. School is not about teaching, but about learning. Every single kid, including me, has a different life to live. We need to help kids learn. We can’t force them to work in factories. Things like that are among the many things that are making the world slowly die. The world needs many different people with different opportunities to help make it’s creations of life live out of extinction. People to find new ways and not repeat. That’s how every great mind never went to an “average theory” school. Albert Einstein didn’t even go to public school for all of his schooling. To get education, we need to let kids discover ways to help and destroy. Ways to live life, and see what would happen if, etc. So, America, as I’m typing this, millions of people are voting for a new president. Tell that president, and everyone else you know, that we need to open a world for discovering. Open a world of a new classroom! Open learning.


    • Ryan T (Student) 8 Nov 2016

      I agree completely. I haven’t read to many of these comments but have you guys heard about Finland? Teachers make as much as doctors and the make people focus on collaboration and not competition. I hate it when kids with different abilities sit all in 1 classroom and the teacher teaches one thing to all of them. Some learn differently. We need to change and jump into the future. Everything has changed the last 150 years why cant our schools?

    • Ovidiu 8 Nov 2016

      The techhnology is used in more cases not the important things like school who is the place which will help childrends(like me) to do something in their lives! The schools needs to change right now for us not for someones. We need to make changes now if we care about ourselves

    • Nathan 8 Nov 2016

      My issue is that everything they teach you is the old method…… they teach you piano instead of producing. You cannot choose what subjects you want to learn by year 9, but you still have to do maths science and english… we learn how to make wooden toys but now they are made in a factories. They teach us how to paint when in the future everything will be done on the computer. I think they need to know ‘While the time is now, tomorrow it will be the future’

    • Saif Bdeir 8 Nov 2016

      I think there should be academys and destroy every school why do I need history to become a doctor if I want to be a doctor I would go to a doctor academy were I only learn scone and how to help people and things like sports are not focused on for example if I want to be a footballer I would not need school but go tryout in a football academy I say the only solution is to bring down schools and build academies

    • Justin 8 Nov 2016

      As a student we just study , make homeworks , pass all your projects and take a test and pass the 1st grading period and restarts. Teachers often ask when they lecture why we dont remember that one lecture that we studied when we were in elementary we tend to forget it. Technology has advanced while we become unadvance with our educational system by making technology help by learning we can search and find meanings we dont have this advantage 150 years ago we dont have to find the meaning in a book and find it for an hour today its just one click away. Students get attached with technology why not make an app or something that is enjoyable you dont have to struggle with an unfamiliar subject you choose the road you want to be we all have dreams. Our school just teach us about lessons that have been done last year and again and again teachers do the same thing every year. Now solutions fun means someone enjoying how about taking fun to the classrooms let teacher have there own way to teach to reach the heart of a kid. There are so little teachers they have to go to 5 diffrent classrooms everyday teachers are becoming rare its the lowest paying job. Ask students what they want to learn schools are just following books guidelines students should tell what they want to learn about,ask them, dont think like them its hard to think like somebody that you know little about.

    • Evan 8 Nov 2016

      Mabye add an entire class to take for a semester on knowing how to pay bills and giving out serveys on what they want to learn about and have the education system like Finland, shorter school days, choice of learning, etc

    • Sol Orion Medwed-Cohen 9 Nov 2016

      I very much agree with this and I think this is a great idea,not only do I agree but since I myself am a 8th Grade Student and found this site out by Prince Ea.
      This will help education very much!

    • Sol Orion Medwed-Cohen 9 Nov 2016

      my school our principal says ¨ïf you want to get an A dont be stupid¨.

    • Jazmin D. 9 Nov 2016

      I feel school is harsh and I feel that grades just make us feel bad and we begin to get discouraged we need to let our minds out and not be scared. We need to be creative everyone is unique and we can’t learn the same thing our minds aren’t alike. We are expected to get an A or to remember. We are expected to go to tutoring we are expected to run the mile in less than 10 minutes even when we can’t and when we feel great they find a way to drop us down. What do I think of homework, well it is just a preview of what we learned and we expect it to be easy but it is not. We have up to 1 hour of homework for each subject. Just because I attend Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School I am expected to do well. I don’t think that. I think we need to be creative and try our hardest.

    • Daniel 9 Nov 2016

      I think all the time about how we don’t use our generation’s skills with technology as an advantage to learning.

    • Jackie 9 Nov 2016

      I think we are there in many ways. Two sad points:
      One – I wish you would have included the idea that colleges are the worst case scenario. Why do students who want to study business have to take another science class when they took science for 12 years?
      Two – Why is vocational education such a turn off for so many parents and students. So many schools have cut these programs. These are the more hands on classes that student shy away from. Additionally they give the students that are not successful in the classroom a career later in life. College is NOT the only path.

    • CJ 10 Nov 2016

      Well school teaches you things that you don’t need and wont help you. We should be able to pick all of our own courses for a better experience. We should not be treated like animals and be judged by every possible reason. Punish us for being late by 1 minute or even less. Give us more freedom and not be bossed around by teachers. You should not be punished for being late 1 or 2 times a year, or Not following directions a few times. Give us are own freedom and let us do what we want to do so that can prepare us for the future. 200,000 students commit suicide worldwide because of stress and judgment This number should be cut down to 0, This needs to stop.

    • Tim 10 Nov 2016

      What I personally think is that we need to know what strengths and what weaknesses in education each student has. School is meant to prepare you for the job you will have in the future, right? So we need to know what this child is capable of, and help them succeed in those categories. Help them find a job that they will love doing. To give each child a chance to have a good, happy, and healthy life. I know it might be hard, but we have to do this, so not every student will just end up being that creepy clerk at that one convenience store. So that the future for all of our children could be a bright and happy one.

    • Alex Tucker 10 Nov 2016

      I am a student in 6th grade inspired by prince ea in ever vid he makes and the school one touched me. I think that we should have more teachers and that they should get payed as the same as doctors because the teacher tough the doctor.

    • Kerri Sholl 10 Nov 2016

      I am an elementary school principal and we are utilizing technology to differentiate learning for our students. Students in K-2 have their own I-pads and 3-5 students have their own chrome books. We also have flexible seating in classrooms where kids learn in a way that works for them. It is time to treat teachers as the professionals that they are and involve them in the decision making process!

    • Anthony 10 Nov 2016

      I’m in 9th grade of High School at the time that this repsonse is being typed, and this video has enlightened me on how blind I am to not how schools COULD be, but how school’s SHOULD be. I think about the outdated text books that are swapped out every year for the same books, but in different styles. We’re not learning anything new, we’re repeating ourselves constantly. I am in a higher class level than most students, but it’s unfair to those who aren’t good at subjects such as math or science. To challenge a part of your brain that wasn’t formed to be challenged in such areas is torture, and needs to be abolished. Schools systems, please hear our cries to fix the way you do things. People can’t continue to thrive and prosper if they are not allowed to do the things they are gifted to do. Thank you.

    • Chelsea Leighton 10 Nov 2016

      i’m showing this to my head master and seeing what he thinks and asking him to show this in an assembly and then getting the students opinion because this message needs to be shown in fact i coudn’t have found the video at a better time because the inspectors are in are school i can show them this and many ask them to reflect on how the school the system because they have seen different school different children so they should know that this is true schools may teach us what x mean but the don’t teach us how to pay taxes they teach us how to lay an Indian piece of music but don’t teach us basic first aide they teach us things about Henry viii but they don’t tell us how to vote and this is a real thing in the world to day i’m 13 and i’m going to need to know how to do things like taxes pay bills how to take out a mortgage but school wont teach us that and i generally wont know how to do this but they tell us oh your parents can teach you that but they wernt tort that and even they dealt with that this and other videos out there how a similar message and all have great meaning but when i shown one to a teacher they said “the school system is fine stop talking about this we don’t need your opinion” but in fact we do need are own opinion because we are the futor and if schools are telling us to stop having this opinion and just learn the things we teach you then you will get through life but i don’t wont to just get through life i wont to live it to the fullest with a job i enjoy plenty of money a good leader all of these are things school can prepare us for like they could do there own fake elections to try and get kids to think more

    • Chris 11 Nov 2016

      I don’t know if enybody will read this but I think that we could change a lot more about the educationsystem if we do something about it ourselfs. When I have the chance I will go up to my former highschool and ask if I can speak to the prinsipal about possible changes for the system. I’am thinking about “lifelessons” where you can learn things that you don’t need to know for your job but witch are usefull for your life outside of your job. Like paying taxes and working with money or any social skills. I have been inspired by Prince ea who has a lot of good ideas about the development of the schoolsystem and I have to work them out a lot more but I will try to make a change even if it’s a realy small one.
      And I though, maybe if some more people would go up to there former higschool and talk to theier principal about possible changes, it would help us to defelo the schoolssystem a littlebit more.
      (Please excuse my spelling if I made some mistakes. I am dutch and dyslectic :))

    • Spoiala Stefan Daniel 11 Nov 2016

      This is a must for every student to make a great future , not only for him but for everyone

    • Jocelyn 11 Nov 2016

      I’m a seventeen-year-old in High School. My whole life I have dreamed to be a doctor. I struggle in school everyday trying to jam the material in my brain. But now I realize no longer want to be a doctor. I want to do something that I love for the rest of my life. The one thing that I do love is art. For the first two years of my high school I had no art classes. There wasn’t enough to hold all the students that had a passion for it. In school are they want you is to become a doctor or lawyer or architecture. But they don’t keep in mind of all those kids who want to become artists. I do believe school should have more art classes. That’s one thing I would love to see that does it changed. Because right now in my life I have no idea where I’m going. I’ve always been told to go to college because that’s the right thing to do. I still am going to go to college and not knowing where I’m going. I was everything to me and I know I’m not the only one that feels that way.

    • Jocelyn 11 Nov 2016

      I’m a 17 year old in high school. I’ve been struggling in school every day trying to jam things into my brain. I’ve always wanted to become a doctor but now I just realized that’s not what I want to do anymore. I love art with a passion I want to do something for the rest of my life that I do love. In my high school there’s not enough art classes. For two years I couldn’t get into an art class because they were too full and there weren’t enough for all the students who had a passion for it. That’s what I would like to see changed. Smart art classes for all the students who love arts and have a strong passion for it.

    • Steve Williams 11 Nov 2016

      First, loved your video.
      Second – we as parents have to own the education of our children! If we choose to send our most important contribution to society to public school – we have to live with the consequences of that choice. It was OUR choice – stop complaining! Make a different choice!
      We chose to send our child to private school (which used the classical method). She lettered all 4 years of high school in volleyball. Had 2 to 4 hours of homework every night. Our daughter scheduled her voice lessons for 6 AM – even though her parents were skeptical. She also performed in theater and had the lead role, sang in a phenomenal regional choir that requires an audition in order to be a member, and she has performed on the stage of Carnegie Hall – 3 times before her 18th birthday. Her senior thesis (which is required in order to graduate) was a 20 page dissertation AND she had to argue a verbal defense of her thesis to a panel of adults AND have an adequate response prepared for any question they might ask. We did not go to public school because of the abysmal level of education. We choose private education!
      My first suggestion – dismember the Department of Education and return education to the states.
      Second, give the states the responsibility to empower and support both public and private educational initiatives.
      If I had my druthers, we would make all education private. There would be no public state supported schools.
      -sign me a proud parent of a daughter who has chased all her dreams and still has Broadway on her roadmap.

    • Brooklyn 12 Nov 2016

      I agree that we need to change what schools do. But the reason why we can’t do that is because all the kids are just saying they don’t want homework because it’s too hard that’s what the teachers are paying attention to and that’s why they still have homework because they want their kids to get through the hard things but what they don’t understand is we need to change the schools we need to make the principal and the teachers and the school districts to see that we need to make school better we can just keep it the same throughout all of our lives we need to make the Future.

    • Denis Jastrzebski 12 Nov 2016

      I absolutely agree with all of these comments and that we should shape a new future for the upcoming generations! The amount of things that need change is unbelievable, we really need to implement new ways of learning, to be more productive in learning than in learning the same math, English etc. We must children with a better future, and this project will hopefully deliver this request! And this comes from a 13 year old boy from Ireland

    • Umair Khawaja 12 Nov 2016

      Well that depends on the kind of mentality your kid has if he is inspired,happy and wants to learn then it is useful then again what about the kids that are poor and can’t afford to buy tech . A way must be found so that all students are made to understand in the ways they understand best so that every one can reach their full potential not only the ones who have the means . the best way to begin is to adopt the education system in Finland and then look for other ways to make education later or else we will end up just talking how we are gonna change it and the time of change will never come.(I am a teen doing A-Levels in Pakistan just so you know).

    • Brendan Smith 12 Nov 2016

      school needs to change no more test for kids

    • Charissa Smith 13 Nov 2016

      I think they should have digital books that you can just say words and it just types it for you in notes

    • Alexander 13 Nov 2016

      homework-I feel like you have to do homework but the problem with the american school system is that they rely on homework everyday where homework is basically a study sheet
      SAT- kick them out they don’t SAT they should try the literacy test instead
      Subjects- I think that american school system has less option than the Canadian school system. the options that they should have is instead of doing all the subject at once they should have 5 things you have to do and three options

    • Ann Bonquiqui Lin 13 Nov 2016

      Technology isn’t found everywhere, countries that have technology are lucky enough to have it, like for example Israel, Israel practically runs on technology, without it it’s country would almost fail. If you want something to change in the world, maybe you can help a few organizations that do that kind of stuff to help other unfortunate countries.

    • Simeon Shaffar 13 Nov 2016

      As a student, my teachers barely know how to use a computer. They also ban phones for really no good reason but to be behind on technology. I also feel like spoken directions are terrible. Less than one third of the population are auditory learners, and they are the ones who can whisper what they are reading. Teachers must remember that they need to integrate some sort of visual instructions to help THE 70TH PERCENTILE of visual and working learners

    • Kanyinsola 13 Nov 2016

      I’m in year9/9th grade, and I was touched by Prince Ea’s Video ( ‘I Just Sued the School System’ ). I agree with him that that the school system hasn’t changed since a long time. School only teach things that we need for a career. They don’t teach important things that hasn’t got to do with our future careers, for example like emotions. You may think I’m joking but I’m not. Emotions are something we have everday. Like having the same emotion can become a sickness, like being depressed could become depression..

    • hamda rashid 13 Nov 2016

      we should try to introduce this way of learning in the way of teaching through technology
      and as a political speaker i know for sure that no kid is alike in the learning industry and no two kids think the same if not learned. to the school should really change the way of learning.

    • arsim 13 Nov 2016

      hi! i live myself in finland, but i think there should be more like, sports clubs or dance schools. But what bothers me its homework. Every students nightmare. Half of the students doesent do the homework, cause they are doing what they want. example they are hanging with friends and playing soccer everybody do you see that. I think that should be changed. Everybody comment if this should be changed

    • Hanna Anaz 13 Nov 2016

      I am currently training to be a secondary school English teacher in the UK. My course involves working in schools and training at university. The issue of developing education has been mentioned on my course, but not in as much detail as I had hoped. I am seeing classes where the tables are in groups and not in rows and students prefer this (as do I). It means students can discuss more and learn from each other which is a joy to see and creates skills that students will need in ‘the real world’.

      At my current school, Year 7 students (the lowest grade) have been given tablets to work on. You can see how eager they are to use them, but the school system isn’t really designed (in my opinion) to cope with the constant use of these devices. Prince Ea’s video spoke to me because, for one thing, I went to university to study law so that I could make a difference. When I realised I didn’t enjoy working in the legal profession, I switched to education. Now, I want to create a change in the education system but can see several issues (some of which he highlighted).

      My vision for the future of education (these are my thoughts at the moment but they could obviously change) are the following: Create a lot of courses/ subjects that students might want to study. This could be anything from coding, environmental studies, politics, creative writing, persuasive writing, life skills etc. Students would choose which class to do and they wouldn’t be put into year groups, but into levels of the classes and could move up into a more challenging class once they had completed one. There would be NO TESTING, other than fun quiz type activities in classes (I have done this with students and they love it). Students could go back and re-take a module if they wanted to or could re-take if they had forgotten something. All of these topics would be taught using technology and provide challenges for the students to solve/ complete. The school days would be shorter and there would be no or little homework other than research. Schools would also invite people to come into the school more to talk with students. For example, a young business man came into our school recently and told the students about how he was at school and had developed his business. One student in particular was so eager to learn from him and really enthusiastic. Getting students to speak to people from ‘the real world’ who they might not normally meet and can learn from is, I feel, underrated in schools at the moment.
      I think teachers might be scared by such a huge change as this but, their job would be to give the students guidance/ challenges and to encourage their passions and pursuits in particular areas of a topic.

      Of course, there are flaws to this idea, but I think the current education system has a lot more. Political and financial issues, complacency and a lack of urgency are some of the reasons, I believe, that there is such a lag in the progression of education. We need a solid plan for the future of education and that can only come through collaboration.

    • Carol Patron 13 Nov 2016

      First I’d like to thank son is on the spectrum highly functioning! With that said he needs additional help with math,reading comprehension and testing..I am scared to death of the Fcats state testing because I know he can do the work! Just recently he received a D in language arrtes ..with a note on his report card will change to C due to testing accommodation! He’s suppose to have ESE will testing so what happened?? No one to do that? No time??? Not what I expect …
      I have been against Common Core since I became aware of it….I belong to the school PTA and SAC board which does not bring our the parent story issues up theey talk about what they are doing…and ask for votes on spending money?..Is that what these org nations are about?…sorry for venting but if I can help you get rid of Common Core and get good teachers hired and paid their due I’m in!

    • Jersey Gruver 13 Nov 2016

      i fell like what i am learning in math i not going to help me in the future need to know how to do taxes and bills oh yea no more common core yea we need to know how to read and write but no more common core, we need to get the creativity out of kids i have the passion of softball and all-star cheering and i feel like i have no practice for my sports and i right after my sport i have to stay up really late to do my homework and it isnt fair to me because i dont get really any sleep so no more common core and homework get the creativity out of kids. We are not fish

    • Aaron Decker 14 Nov 2016

      I myself am a student at school, where all we do is have one schedule. Class after class, and a 25 minute break to eat lunch. School is not for learning, it was built to produce one single type of person. A person that uses a brain of the past and not for the future. Our world leaders in today’s society say they care about change, and how they want to impact the youth around them. But all that they care about is wanting support on a mindless idea. We have to be the hope for our generation.

    • Amanda Voeller 14 Nov 2016

      I’m an eighth grader who watched Prince Ea’s video. I completely agree with everything that he said. I learn very differently from everyone and as a student, no homework would release a lot of stress. No homework means less stress which means more efficient students

    • zahra 14 Nov 2016

      i think he is very inspirational, to me and many others…

    • secret_angel_29 14 Nov 2016

      Of course tech should be used in schools, beacause students (me included) give attention to technology and the ideas they want us to understand should be explained in a way we’ll love and thats how we’re gonna understand.. We need more break times beacause our brain can’t take this much informations all at once its my struggle in school my head hurts all the time beacause i can’t even focus when too much info is stuffed in my brain and i can’t memorize that much informations, i don’t do all my homeworks and i cheat beacause i have to PASS though i beleive its about learning not passing, they sould increase these thoughts and make the student feel its okay if they didn’t pass, they should just learn but our schools don’t focus on that..
      All i want to say is that we need free time, bigger breaks but most importantly to be thought HOW to think so we can be able to have our own opinion, not WHAT to think and they shouldnt band THEIR own opinion in OUR heads

    • Nicholas Moulton 14 Nov 2016

      In middle school, have kids try all kinds of subject but have them always a language because lexilee level is needed to get a job. But continue this in high school.

    • Adelina Durcau 14 Nov 2016

      I think so too. The teachers is our future. They try to help more than anyone. They help the kids in need. Doctors who were taught by teachers get more money than they? They teachers were able to teach and gave the opportunity for the person to become who they are. Teachers should get paid paid more than doctors or at least like doctors. I’m a 7th grader and i think that teachers should also get paid more. 🙂

    • ramesh 15 Nov 2016

      iam an indian of 21 years old its nothing i learn from school it is work station to do work. as a frog in the well i did it.i dot have any way a way devolope new in my hostel.i lost my confidence,i lost my dreams ,no goal,no gain its nothing……
      some times i think that if again i went to hostel i whoud clear my suply subjects

    • Destiny 15 Nov 2016

      Honestly in my opinion it could be the teachers they are taught these things to share with their students but they need to find a way to see as a student sees find the way a student would feel they make us feel small feel like we are incapable of learning but with technology i dont think its necessary because they base our level of learning off of letters and when a student sees a F in on of their classes it brings them down technology is not necessary for learning yet ut makes it more efficent and easy to do but children are growing up with ipads and iphones and worrying about social medias and such i believe that we should have technology specifically for education not for wastes of time

    • Aryan Dixit 15 Nov 2016

      Umm hi i am just a boy but i have something i would like to share woth you all a way to produce clean water with and enviromentally friendly machine that i am working on please tell me how can i get this message to someone who can help me make this invention reality. Thank you all for reading this.

    • Abubakr Sallam 15 Nov 2016

      I 100% agreeing with you so here are my comments. Well i think that students should not learn the exact same thing. Well you know what, I’m 11 years old, and i sometimes here my friends saying that I’m stupid in that subject or i can never get an A in that subject thats because not everyone has the same mindset or goals in life. I say that there should be a tablet on every desk so the student can say about his mindset and goals and learn about what they should do.

    • noah 15 Nov 2016

      i think we should just all be homeschooled….

    • Abdul Rehman 15 Nov 2016

      Maybe it is because your child is very interested into lego and he probably want to ba a success of that

    • Fabrizio Valentini 15 Nov 2016

      Hi I am from Germany and want to tell you guys that you all are doing such a great job. I saw my first video of Prince Ea today. I have never heard of him before but I am very impressed about his speeches and just want tell everyone of you that this is a great step forward and I would like to be a part of it and try my best to spread the message around the world.

    • Todd Kelley 16 Nov 2016

      I think you are right that schools need a change from factory neatness.

    • Johan 16 Nov 2016

      I think we should make it so every kid can say anything to his\her teacher, and teacher wil react nice. I also think that the children can learn whatever there future needs the most, when they hate math and later they do not wanna use math in there cariéer (not doing a job where you meed to use math), they should have less math lessons. And these antirules (how I like to call them) with all types of subjects (I mean the things like: history, english, arts and crafts).
      Like this people would do things they like, and when people do things what they like, they will do it better.

    • Noah 17 Nov 2016

      I feel that technology is implied enoph with learning but individualising classes is a big concern. I know this because I am a sixth grader.

    • Hafiz Rohaimi 17 Nov 2016


    • Tanya Malik 17 Nov 2016

      These people need to change the exams system….I am one of those people who failed and is repeating 11th grade. Like how much ever a person tries to work hard….they still fail bc of the pressure….there are even such rules such as mobile phones being confiscated for 1 how will the students contact the parents…

    • Kelly Henning 17 Nov 2016

      We have to change the way we do standardized testing. As long as we continue to test students on only academic concepts, we are setting them up for failure. We also need to reconsider basing school funding and teacher performance on standardized test scores. We need to consider students all students. Students who are hands-on, artistic, musical, athletic, etc. Literacy and Numeracy are, of course, still important. However, as long as we have that expectation, teachers are going to feel the pressure to ‘teach to the test’. We need to determine “proficiency” of students in other areas and with different means of assessing, and if students are not proficient we need to change the way we remediate and provide intervention. Students who fall behind should not just be allowed to get lost in the woodwork and passed along and handed a diploma. We need to consider students achieving or not achieving skills and how to help them succeed. Not every student is meant for the same future, so why are we giving the same education and test to all students?

    • Michael 18 Nov 2016

      I am a student and I totally agree with this video I have c,s and other bad grades but my school did say anything just sent me to a room after school where your dead silent and just do the work and the common core is bullcrap because not everybody is “common” we as people are all different I hope you can change the system also I’m in seventh grade

    • Unknown 18 Nov 2016

      my school gives out laptops to kids but the smartest kids get brand new touch screen laptop

    • Devawn Brantley 18 Nov 2016

      i think we really need better judgment in our school system in orlando

    • thegamer 19 Nov 2016

      that’s true. more tech more learning!

    • Salman Mohammadi 19 Nov 2016

      well you are right. My daughter was making poems in her mother language (Azeri Turkish) before going to school that all are forced to learn everything in Persian! She always feels concern about going school! They just teach them their own way and discipline! She likes to draw and work with technology and decorating and makeup but they teach her and others to sit on a chair reading and listening or writing useless things! My wife is affect with this school ideas because she believes our daughter needs to have an official education and diplomas to make her way through society!! I just can help her via sending her to drawing classes and give her chance work with games like minecraft and other decorating games. Thank you for this idea of working to make change for children. I saw you video about education and classroom! Exactly like Randy Gage says: they are trying to teach our children to be factory workers! To be quiet and disciplined! It is more terrible if you hear that they teach our kids to shout DOWN WITH USA or ISREAL…!!!! My daughter wish to move to USA to have the chance to be free about thinking and live in peace.

    • Zachary Fox 19 Nov 2016

      In my school we have computers but we only use them for if we need to search up stuff or just to do one program thing but I feel like if every school started using technology kids won’t get bored in class they won’t disrupt others because they can listen to music while searching up stuff but I don’t get why the future of schools didn’t come out yet. All the schools should be a lot better and change they way everyone learns and give the teachers the same pay as doctors nor like doctors how they give people surgery teachers have an important job to do too like take care of children and keep them safe.

    • James Loo Kim Hooi 20 Nov 2016

      Nope because everyone is unique and special.They have their special skill or thinking.Not to force them to think as robot have same mind to solve the problem.I will suggest that unique education is needed like focus in their interest thing and skill or other.For example , E-sport , old time they all think that E-sport is just a game but now it is a sport.

    • Julius 20 Nov 2016

      I believe school should be focused on a lot of what the children desire, and aspire to be; whilst having a balance of things they dislike doing. Like PrinceEA mentioned, it should be more collaborative and social, because you never know which student has the answer to the universe. – Grade 9

    • Anonymous 20 Nov 2016

      Why do we tell kids if their grades are bad they will not succeed even though grades are a thing that should be scrapped because they are judged academically in later life instead of personally by a system that was made long ago, there should be a new way of grading children on their strengths not their weaknesses, if we stop telling kids to use tools such as textbooks and we implement technology which the modern era is more familiar with we could make a new comfortable way of learning which will make them happier and this will actually benefit them greater in later life because day after day books are becoming more of a thing of the past than the future.

    • Gastón 20 Nov 2016

      I think early life of a child is the essential phase of learning from a human. Maybe its time for teachers to start analyzing little kids, study them, get to know what they like, what they’re good at and what they aren’t. Make a whole process from each individual so they can learn how to prepare kids for their future in the way they like and the way that they could be efficient in future’s society. This way school could start preparing kids to be professionals in a much earlier time, create stupendous professionals for the future and in the way they like. I’ve been waiting for this change to happen for a really long time and i’m excited to see what is going to happen to education in the future. Great to know how people are worrying about this. Keep it up guys.

    • Phantom 21 Nov 2016

      Technology requires money. Money is something we don’t have. In order to gain more money, the government will raise taxes on US just so your kid can have an ipad that he doesn’t know how to use. Teachers (who are already technology deficient) will have to learn to use the technology to teach the kids (which they will have to take time out of their already busy days in order to attend sessions to learn how to use it).
      Things are easier said than done.

    • Jalen M. 21 Nov 2016

      This is why kids these days sneak out of school, skip, and curse out teachers because it’s boring for them to just sit there in rows and not talk and have to raise there hands to speak. Technology is a tool for learning in this generation there is lots of apps for education that could be used instead of printing out multiple packets of work, that’s way to much work to do for a under paid teacher. I believe teachers should be paid more.

    • Hạnh Nguyên 21 Nov 2016

      Hello, I’m from Vietnam. In my opinion, I think that we people should change the way we do school. I’m aware that there are various students are very outstanding and smart, but they could not show what they could do on exams. Exams these days only show knowledge, but the main thing is to show that you could do it or not. The main purpose it to use it in real life, not just writing everything teachers tell you to do just like a robot. There are also exam pressures. We need to all change this situation. We need to create a better future for us students. And great thanks to Prince Ea, who showed me how important this topic is.

    • Caleb Dab 21 Nov 2016

      The only thing schools are teaching us is how to compete in life instead to be complete in life.

    • ispeakforthepeeps 22 Nov 2016

      i believe that student should have a say on what they want to learn. and to not be influenced by ‘friends’. in the end only 3 people from your school may be friends with you in the future.

    • prakhar 22 Nov 2016

      i have a idea . why not let children decied from an early age what sub they want. for 1 year they will be thought all and then they can chose

    • Jasly b 22 Nov 2016

      I think he is right we dont need to have homework cause we have 8 hours of school. Shorter days of school because we dont need to stress alot with the whole day. He is right i agree with him in everything. I am glad he stood up for everyone.

    • Aidan.P 22 Nov 2016

      I belive there should be no homework because kids are in school for so long and after that they have to bring school to home and do more work on top of school at there house.

    • Thalia 22 Nov 2016

      We have to change this school system.I believe we should get no homework because the schools don’t know or living situation.If we are sitting down in rows nice and neat we’ll zone out because there will no be creativity. We should not depend on a paper that decides our education or knowledge.

    • Isabella D 22 Nov 2016

      I think Junior High Schools should let students choose their electives because that will help students express their creativity through multiple activities. Some students get an elective that they don´t like, because that not what they love and they would prefer to do an activity that they enjoy. Students should learn about activities they enjoy.

    • Candido H 22 Nov 2016

      The school should give us classes that we want to do in our lives. They should not give homework on paper to kids that want to be a runner. That will just make there dream go away. They don’t teach how to work in real live. How is math history or anything else in school going to help us in our dreams. They should start chosing what the kids want.

    • Cristal S. 22 Nov 2016

      I just currently watched Prince’s video and I strongly agree with him. I personally think that each student should be put in classes they have an interest on. For example, I love playing sports; running in particular. So, I should get the the freedom to choose what classes I want to be in. I mean, about 90% of the lessons we learn at school won’t benefit us on whatever job we want to do, unless we want to become an educational teacher. School was made for factory use because 150 years ago, EVERYBODY had no choice, but to work in a factory; but now, we have a choice to become what we want to be.

    • Enyae C. 22 Nov 2016

      1. I think we shouldn’t have homework. The reason why I think we shouldn’t have homework is because we’re in school for 8 hours, Monday through Friday, and we spend enough time at school, we don’t need more work after we just got done doing some at school.
      2. I also think that students should choose there own elective to express there selves and what they like to do. They need to interact with others and interact with really fun things to do.

    • Zeanah I 22 Nov 2016

      I think that the students should pick which classes they take depending on what they want to do in life but I do also think that the other subjects should be taught so, the subjects that students choose should be longer periods and the other subjects should be shorter periods. Also students should choose their electives.

    • OmarM 22 Nov 2016

      I feel like that if the student does not understand the subject that they most likely not get a job that uses that subject. But our school make students learn something they won’t use. Our schools must see that because some student might be talented at sports be cant use it in school

    • Shaurya 23 Nov 2016

      We need to abandon homework, and begin by killing algebra and chemistry. Those two subjects are useless, and can replace it with classes based on theory. Slowly, but surely we need to kill off the old form of teaching and all other classes we take as well, and intergrate it with technonlogy. We need to abandon preerequisits, and kill off standardised testing, and yes. The GPA. Remove it,remove grades. Base the results on a one on one conference at the end of the year, one debate and one converstion. IF the student can present his/her thought according to the subject, the are succesfulland have passed the class. Also, kill of schedules. Allow the kids to roam around the schololand takewhatever class they like, at anytime. No forms needed.

    • Jose 23 Nov 2016

      I believe that we should see what each kid is talented on not just the basics we should try to understand there needs not every kid is good at everything so may not be able to do math or reading but that doesn’t stop you from being a great artist.

    • unseen 23 Nov 2016

      why is it that the best students are praised for getting an a on a quiz when some one who has a hard time gets a b and is unseen this is something i think that a lot of people can relate to and everyone is told at young age that we can be anything but school preps us to work in an office until were 65. we are practically robots who are programmed to do the same thing over and over and that itself is the definition of insanity. schools should also accept technology because this is 2016 everyone has a phone we write projects on them we plan things on them. and one last thing the standardized test are complete crap we should not be tested on something we may not know that well and some people may that we are supposed to be tuoght to do that but not everyone learns the same way as others

    • Emma Revermann 23 Nov 2016

      Me and my sister love watching your videos and when we see that there is a new one on Facebook we yell across the room so we can watch it together we think you are so motavatinal and want you to come talk to our school

    • Emily Hernandez 23 Nov 2016

      Im 15 years old I feel the very same way children of today are smarter than children of the past we know how to work technology or can figure it out no problem but why are we learning about useless stuff these days why cant we have dance and art as a whole credit for high school because its important too im tired of people saying a piece of paper determines your future why should that determine it when you have no experience but you have the stupid paper you get the job even if you have no experience or you know people so they give you the job easy as that that is the stupidest thing ever so don’t complain because your workers are lazy or slow you’re the one who hired them.

    • Christian.bene 23 Nov 2016

      I think that we should be doing what finland are doing and every job should be paid the same

    • kiro 23 Nov 2016

      this is so true

    • Mia 23 Nov 2016

      What is all of this? Kids should spend maybe a few years of their lives learning, maybe not taking tests, but LEARNING. At a certain age, they should have the right to decide what they want to learn about, and what I mean by this, is if they want to be a doctor, let them learn about different kinds of doctors. If they want to be a teacher, let them figure out what they want to teach. I am 12 years old, and I want to be a surgeon. I have no idea what kind of surgeon I want to be. So there is no need for me to learn about history, or grammar, when I only want to learn about what will be important in my life. Every student will have a different future, so why are they treated like they are going to have the same one? I rest my case.

    • Noel Hernandez 24 Nov 2016

      I think we should all join together not be competitive tests are just in memory not learning i have terrible memory and shorter school days no homework and use more technology not for playing on it but for school I wanna be just like Finland and teachers make more money and we have different classes for any student and u pick one NO TEST they should teach us how to pay bills and more stuff like that

    • Noel Hernandez 24 Nov 2016

      I think we should all join together not be competitive tests are just in memory not learning i have terrible memory and shorter school days no homework and use more technology not for playing on it but for school I wanna be just like Finland and teachers make more money and we have different classes for any student and u pick one NO they should teach us how to pay bills and more stuff like that

    • Krishi babbar 24 Nov 2016

      Your video meant a lot and the us government should understand that this is a big thing to change

    • Gary 24 Nov 2016

      i want the education should be not forced us to do what teacher wants but instead what the student want, and i want we studied not just by book but by experience because experience is the best learning way because were not just see picture but we see it by our own eyes and it will remember untill the rest of our life

    • Snow Liu 24 Nov 2016

      I think each student should be able to SAY what they want to do when they grow up that way they can how a teacher to teach them how to achieve that dream. Then the students do not need to learn things that will not help them achieve that dream. For example I am 11 years old and I want to become a Kpop Idol or a person who dances for a living, but I am to scared to say that. So instead of telling people I keep it to myself. So if i keep learning math, social studies, and science, I wonder how will that help me achieve my dream. Students should put in a group of people who want to achieve the same dream they want to achieve. I will not be able to achieve my dream if I keep on learning things that will not help me. This is what I think.

    • Khilyn 24 Nov 2016

      I agree.

    • ashton 25 Nov 2016

      i know but look at it this way how would he learn about them with out it

    • Rohit Thange 25 Nov 2016

      I wanna learn.

    • Uzzaam hyder 25 Nov 2016

      There must be no tests and every student must be taught on computers or other devices like this. It’s always boring that a teacher stands and give lectures there is no understanding in a constant lecture. Many students cheats in exams because grades are more valued than understanding.

    • Maddie 25 Nov 2016

      Why should children not enjoy school when its their only hope fot the future? I agree with you! WE NEED CHANGE

    • Liz 26 Nov 2016

      I’m still a student and I find that their are teachers that don’t teach anything. Teachers that sit back and tell us to read and understand everything thing we need to know by a certain time but it’s not our job to teach its our job to learn. I think that we need have explanations because we can’t know that air helps us breathe if we don’t understand what air is

    • Gary 26 Nov 2016

      I think kids should be able to pick what they want to learn not what teachers tell them to do. My classroom is already changing because I showed my teacher this video.

    • Grayson 26 Nov 2016

      I am 12 years old I go to a private school where star tests are not aloud but we have a different test is that supposed to make it better then they don’t let students have imagination in there work they need to help us use our thoughts and put it into a curriculum give this some thought plz

    • jay 26 Nov 2016

      I am a 15 year old student and I am failing math class and my teacher says I am slow and need to understand stuff I replied I can’t learn my way you can’t make it you its me

    • Tom 26 Nov 2016

      Hope so, one day.
      I am a student myself when I was in primary school, even though that we have computers for computer class. We weren’t actually able to use the computer in class more often than we should be, the constantly taking over by the teacher to demonstrate left us no time to actually learn how to use it. Wasted 40 minutes still didn’t learn anything, just because the education system releases the new way of learning with technology doesn’t we actually “learn” about it.
      My brother come home everyday camplaining that the school is boring, this isn’t right.
      The prespectives from Taiwan*

    • Husny 26 Nov 2016

      Even if a student fail at a subject he need support

      The difference between a normal parent and a wise parent is the normal parent ask there children to be like someone else

      On the other hand wise parents ask there children to be themselves

      You should accept your son the way he is

    • Ivan 26 Nov 2016

      I’m 15 years old and i love learning about the things i love doing such as programming, Design Technology and geography. I hate doing boring lessons which i’m forced to which are just wasting my time when i could be doing something which i love and improve. Everyday i have 6-8 hours of school and more then half of that time i don’t learn about things i love; i learn about things that i’ll find useless in life and i normally forget those things the moment i leave the class room. Life is short don’t we need to make the most of it?

    • Izzy Clark 26 Nov 2016

      I agree students are our future and with the technology they can be more than our future they can be life they can be the begging to a new world. They can be the begging to an education that is suitable to their needs and abilities they can be our new world, future, life, a new begging to a school world.

    • Mr. me 26 Nov 2016

      We learn different subjects in school since about the age of four. We don’t have a choice of what we want to learn, we are simply forced to learn it. An if we don’t succeed, theres consequences. Real bad consequences. As we get older, society tells us its not so bad, you just have a little more to go, if I can do it you can too. And at times we try to convince ourselves that school really is isn’t so bad, so we keep pushing through. The thing is though, we can’t fake those emotions. So of course eventually we lose interest. Lose interest in learning. And that’s the scariest part, we lose our curiosity to explore new things, make our life a living adventure thats full joy and emotion. But no, many people would rather watch pointless videos on Facebook or do other pointless things on their phone. And I think thats what’s wrong with our society, that we’re forced to do things that we don’t want to do, and for many of us it’s our whole lives. I don’t want to go to school, I don’t want to go to work, I don’t want to go to my volunteer program. And sometimes they tell us, but sometimes we have to do things that we don’t like in life, and thats just how life is so we need to accept it. Yes I think so, but when its for years on top of years on top of years, I think there’s something very wrong there. It can have a huge negative effect on you of you just doing things you don’t want to do. It can even effect you physically, like speed up your aging process, increase your chances of getting diseases. So this is how I think school should be. We need to make students curious. How? Instead of giving the subject to them and forcing them to learn it, let them go to it and allow them to learn it. I think the very basics should be taught to students at a young age like, how to read, wright, and very basic math arithmetic. But thats it!!! Most of middle school and high school should be taken out. Allow their curiosity to grow while they’re not in school. And in the mean time while they’re not in school maybe we can show them presentations of different subjects every once in a while and show how cool they are and how much you can do with them. Ever wonder why kids who haven’t been in school their whole lives are so are so eager to learn, but when you have a kid who’s been going to school their whole life they practically hate learning. Even when they’re not in school or not doing homework, and they have the internet in their hands where they can explore so much, they don’t even want to do that and instead do something else. When they get older, show them a list of different subjects, and give a detailed description of what they’re about. The list would include subjects like, environmental science, computer science, business, criminal justice, history, etc. And if they wanna learn more about it they can take mini one day courses. And the system should be designed where we aren’t so pressured to succeed in school because if we don’t then we fail at life. This type of stress is very unhealthy and like I said, we want to live a life full of joy, not of stress. Instead the system should be designed where if we don’t finish school, or even didn’t go to school our whole lives then thats okay. We could still live a decent life on our own, we’d definitely not be shooting for the stars but we could get by and live a decent life. Also meditation should be introduced to students at a young age and learn that our whole lives. This will keep us from taking things for granted, prevent us from being violent not just to people but to animals too, it will give us an open mind so we can have a better understanding of the world, and yes I do believe happiness is connected with curiosity. Meditation will only build happiness.

    • Angela self 26 Nov 2016

      For students in school internationaly world wide should foucs on kids and teens interest and put them on technology where its most comon in almost everywhere and student need help when there about graduate high school when were on our own in the real world also I’m 18 and not in school because I’m in a foreign country and when to a international school with the system is different to what I’m use to in america and another reason that I’m in a foreign country is because of my dad and want to come back to america to finish my education also being mix races is not easy for anyone who is mix or different nationality because everyone human with our invduality along with persanality belifes race or anything every single person in this world has a freaky flaws that were embarrass but that who we are and no one can tell you what to do be unquie to everyone

    • Frederick Terzis 27 Nov 2016

      every state should spend more money in school for technology, teachers, …

    • Muhammad Ali Imran 27 Nov 2016

      Yes, definitely. Change is good, we deserve a better learning experience.

    • Matheos 28 Nov 2016

      I’m a Sophmore in high school. I just want to that the only way to make classes fun is by making them interactive. Usually kids just stare at a teacher blankly, but if you make a class interactive, the students in that class will become more aware and take the class more seriously.

    • Harrison 28 Nov 2016

      The way the education systems around the world is very difficult for to many kids to corporate with. We must change this. But school doesn’t matter too much, either. After school, f a person wants to, they can go and study and learn their way. School only matters because it is easier to learn while you are young.

    • Leo Murphy 28 Nov 2016

      I don’t know but this is what I’ve got to saywe can work as a world and then make a better generation happened to this world but we have a lot of work to be doing

    • Debbie Seilaff 28 Nov 2016

      I believe students Should be tested at the beginning of each School cycle and what ever learning style the students has,be Integrated into the students education.

    • I Sun Han 29 Nov 2016

      i think in the future our children will hate us because we use our environment and resourse in order to use ourselves, not to them. so i wanna know we must think environment and our children.
      (im not good at english, sorry)

    • Chinwe 29 Nov 2016

      I wonder if, we are looking for ways to incorporate technology into a system that does work well for some. After all, much of the technology was innovated by individuals who were subjected to traditional instruction. A total reactionary shift in the other direction would leave a new group of learners out of the progress of education. Learning communities need to be flexible to meet the needs of all types of learners, as well as develop learning styles that students may be weak in.

    • Andrei 29 Nov 2016

      I say the grade system should be on a pass or fail (or completely erased). All that grade do is stress the student on getting a letter or number. Students don’t enjoy learning but just do it to obtain a simple piece of letter or number. Students remember to forget a day after an exam.

    • Dg 30 Nov 2016

      My 13 year just came to me and wanted me to view this video. She was so excited. The question was where does God come into play in this new way of thinking, which I fully support. I fully understand times have and continue to change but I also see God getting pushed more and more to the curb.

    • SEan Kneissl 1 Dec 2016

      I am a 7th grade student from Connecticut and i agree 100% on this mater. Last year my ,ath teacher was so disrespetful he didn’t even call us by our names he called us boys and girls. I am from DErby CT, DErby middle school help us please.

    • Brady 1 Dec 2016

      Looks amazing, hope it won’t cost an arm and a leg though.

    • Areeba 1 Dec 2016

      Gaming, and technology that catches most students hearts, are very frowned upon by our society. It is often said it is a waste of time, its useless, and that it causes you to learn less. Most people (teachers, parents, etc.) often discourage kids from play video games and encourage them to read,write,and to go outdoors. Sure all that may be important, but doing what you like and enjoy is just as important. Most kids are not a fan of reading, writing, or doing academic stuff. Well, why’s that? Kids remember, learn more from, and like doing things that catches their attention. Like for example, if you had to choose a desktop for a laptop, that you had to use every day, and you had a choice of a plain black screen, or a eye-catching colourful patterns. Most people will most likely say the colourful desktop. Now, if we take that and compare, the black screen to school, and the colourful screen to video games, gaming, or anything kids enjoy, why not combine them? A black screen with colourful patterns, just like that, learning with gaming, or school with fun. Most people say that smaller grades, or elementary students wouldn’t learn anything because they would constantly get distracted. Take a look back to when you were a kid, in kindergarten, first grade. You actually had more focus because, you were amazed and liked the activities you would do.Sure, you weren’t as smart as you are right now, but if we bring all those activities back, we might as well focus more. Also, it has been reported that schools who do implement games in the classroom see a gigantic improvement in test scores from the students . Engaging yourself in a mix of ways, with learning and playing games, might even help you accomplish bigger goals. During gaming process, kids, they build character traits. If schools brought games in the classroom, kids would learn ten times better and would get great results on standardized tests.

    • william zipeto 1 Dec 2016

      give schools more money and supplies from government

    • Thomas Fletcher 2 Dec 2016

      Don’t make kids take classes they hate. I don’t mean the beginner subjects but more when it gets into algebra and so on, students shouldn’t have to take classes that they hate because most people don’t get jobs they hate, so what’a the point in forcing someone to waste their time each day learning stuff they known they won’t use later in life.

    • Prajwal Simkhada 2 Dec 2016

      Ma’am… if your child is aware abut the technology then your first step would be your own child!! Make up his/her mind to capture your thinking on his and i assure u that your result would be wonderful!!

    • Mike 3 Dec 2016

      I believe in this society the most important subject are math english and history. But just mainly math and english. Math for you to understand and english for you to be able to express yourself and learn mpre about the world. I believe that if aee students had more classes for the things they love their would be a huge rise in success and experience because want to learn and people want to experience the world.

    • Hayden Byfield 4 Dec 2016

      this is true because people think we can do things at once when their not try to help us kids and giving us all these tests . I want a better future its not impossible just challenging

    • Aditya Bisht 4 Dec 2016

      I hope my thought gets noticed…
      I think we should expose children to everything (all the subjects,sports,and stuff) systematically in their early childhood…that way they can learn basic knowledge…and they will know that..”yes this thing makes me feel happy…i can do this for eternity without even getting tired…i love this thing…i can think of many creative ideas to make the best out of it…i feel myself when i do this thing”…i know how it feels when you don’t get to do what you want…so i want every single child on earth to do what he likes…what he think he is good at…i have many other ideas too…do write me if you guys think i am right…love to the WORLD 🙂

    • Arthur Kolle 4 Dec 2016

      If very student that goes to a new school gets asked about its weaknesses and strengths is is possible to keep the individuality of these children.
      The basic subjects can be divided in sets. So children are working with similar strength kids in their sets…

    • Amberlyn 5 Dec 2016

      If we are good at something such as art we need to do more art if we are good at it we need more because if why stop at good when you could be amazing at it!!!
      *sorry for spelling mistakes im not good at spelling*

    • Amarjeet Singh 5 Dec 2016

      I think ; we have to change our education system using virtual reality based …
      because if we see more.. we know.. much better .. way 🙂
      & also by practically we know better with respect to theoretically …

    • Alicia Battie 6 Dec 2016

      You guys are thinking about it all wrong children just don’t want to learn we want to have fun while we’re learning you can’t just throw a piece of technology in our face and be like get on Quizlet get on con Academy you can’t just do that you have to put us in a situation where we feel connected to you not just you but also to everything around us and I’m not saying we can’t use books or other things to help us learn but if you’re going to use technology make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons because you can use technology to learn but you can’t just a build some website helps people learn and then expect us to just go along with his things don’t work that way anymore things aren’t that simple you got to be careful about how you throw stuff upon them because they might not react the way you want them to especially nowadays.

    • karen smith 6 Dec 2016

      my brother can remember his iPad password play games and FaceTime but when it comes to school he can’t. and i totally get you

    • taylor 6 Dec 2016

      i love your ideas

    • Ra'anan 6 Dec 2016

      I’m a certified English teacher with both a BA & MA & over 20 years where I range from people of all ages with zero knowledge of English to university plus. I’ve worked & currently work in classes of the weakest & highest strengths in English & most of my students first language is not English. In graduate school I took a course called curriculum & instruction which taught us that particular courses are offered in schools ONLY because of a legislated consensus which has nothing to do with research which makes public school education somewhat random. I think that we should research what skills help a person function successfully in society & teach those courses FIRST. That MAY included balancing a checkbook, time management, cooking, shopping, communicating, conflict management, logic & a second & third language. Yes, FINLAND has abandoned particular disiciplines & is now doing something much more broad & I can’t wait to see the research on the results. We should look at school models that have produced happy, productive people. Here’s a link to Finland’s new educational model

    • Jilska Chandrasena 7 Dec 2016

      Amazing work, I have shared this video with many students.
      I work with the blind at the Braille Institute and would like you to take part in an event on the 25th of March in Rancho Mirage California. Go to my Blog

    • Abid Hussain 7 Dec 2016

      A great innovation indeed to prepare our kids for future. Best of luck!

    • joshua 7 Dec 2016

      true we need to change the system and fix it

    • Christian Bak 7 Dec 2016

      Its books and books and just sorring on a chair Every Day its so borring We should change that really

    • Master Chief 7 Dec 2016

      I wish we had that kind of technology when I was in 6th grade

    • Mohamed Farah 7 Dec 2016

      So Many kids have so much potential put to waste because school models them the same way.

    • Lucas 8 Dec 2016

      Hi. My name is Lucas and I am an eight grader, and I am concerned for my future. In school we learn about geometry and world geography and physical science,which is all well and good don’t get me wrong, but not real-world problems. For example, I have no idea how to balance a checkbook or change a tire or know anything about how the word works. I have friends who are seniors that don’t know how to do these things either. They’re honestly so busy with preparing for college that they don’t have time to learn these things. Our school wants us to have get scholarships to college and that’s great but it’s literally consuming every second of my friends’ lives. I think we should try to enjoy everyday that we are given and school is almost always unenjoyable and stressful. We need to change that.

    • antonio neto 8 Dec 2016

      For us kids we like to stay in ours computera or iPad or tablets, but some parents don’t understand that when we are whit technology we are learning, they think that we are simply on Facebook allike day! And if anyone want to change Anything first you have to change minds and than the rest!

    • Betsy 8 Dec 2016

      I’ll start this by stating that I teach middle school math and science. I would LOVE to have technology, of any kind, in my classrooms! But I don’t.

      In order to update, we need money and for public education, money comes from the tax payer and the tax payer does not want an increase in their taxes.

      So, how do we get what we need? We should be paid more? I agree. Finally, after 10 years in the classroom, I am almost making what I am worth. I have a bachelor’s, a master’s, and five teaching certifications.

      I have tons of ideas on how to change things. But as stated, the people ‘in charge’ have no clue as they are NOT educators. They have never walked in my shoes for even a day. They have been invited, even begged. They haven’t stepped a foot into a school since they left…unless it’s for a photo op.

      I began the year with d