EduCycle is an educational augmented reality game for school children. It teaches children how to reduce their personal carbon footprint by simulating their energy, food and traffic choices in the game’s physical map board. Players can then see their choices come alive on the mobile app. The main objective is to balance between human and environmental needs by making smart choices with limited resources.


EduBlocks are the tokens of the game.The 3D printed and AR tagged blocks all represent factors that impact the environment’s CO2 levels.

Game Board

A physical game board that represents the gaming environment. EduBlocks are placed on the map and scanned in order to finalize the choices.


The augmented reality application where choices come alive. Children can choose which tokens to place on the game board and see how their actions affect the augmented reality game.

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What people think

  • henry 18 Apr 2017

    This video is so EPIC!!!! School SUX RIGHT NOW WE NEED TO FIX IT!!! BUDS ARE EPIC

  • Shubham mittal 15 Apr 2017

    I want to know about your education system how you work on this issue

  • Sheely 11 Apr 2017

    Prince EA’s right. you will never realize a child’s true potential if he/she’s stuck in a classroom for 13 or more years. The early (formative) years of someone’s life are very crucial in their development. once you take that away from them, that’s it…

    • Uzziel A. Coronado 14 Apr 2017

      I think the school system should be teaching what the students want not things theyre forced to take. For example a engineer shouldnt be fored to take classes and switch those unessesary classes and out useful classes for their career. Also Life skill classes li,e paying bills, sex ed. , etc. I also think homework stops people from enjoying time with their family and friends and stop them from exploring the world outside of school. If schools also taught students to respect one another and find ways to deal things respectfully and peacefully, our country would’nt be in any wars. There is so much to change in the school system, but I hope we the people could find a way to stand and make a change!

    • Uzziel A. Coronado 14 Apr 2017

      If the school system was smart enough they would of not being using textbooks for schools because those textbooks are the reason why we have no more forests. I believe schools should use technology in their classes and leave paper behind because it is more easier and eco-friendly.

    • Juliette 17 Apr 2017

      I am a student who starts to stress around the time everything is due. I wish that teachers could spread out finals, due dates, and assesments. I believe that testing should be when school is the least stressful. Only a few percentage of people can multitask and almost my whole class and I start to loose hope when the end of the year rolls around. For some reason it’s crazy I know, but I perform 35% better in the begging of the school year than when it is close to summer. My teachers, parents, and even the district believes that having everything due durring the last month of school is a great idea, because everyone is excited for the 2-3 month break! That is terrible summer is one more thing on our plate, not to mention after school activities, some people are even playing SCHOOL sports,all of this is happening during the same time the state wants to sit us in front of a blue light computer, and answer 35-45 questions in one sitting, that is crazy. I am only in middle school, but I believe that with schools like this my future doesn’t look bright it looks dull and that we will all just blend into the background year after year after year. Everyone deserves a chance, everyone deserves a light at the end of the tunnel, and everyone needs a reliable education. D
      I will repeat that, education not testing, not pen and paper, not competition, not school, education. I haven’t even mentioned homework.

    • Ebtisam Aldaais 17 Apr 2017

      If we can change the educational program and exchange the degrees certificates into skill certificates or knowledge certificates. For example, in couple of years a student can be certified fur different simulation techniques, computer languages, mathematical methods, dancing methods, musical instruments, art, or hestory. Actually, the market is in need for skills not degrees.

  • Victoria 11 Apr 2017

    The school system is what is destroying the minds of millennials today. Parents think that children don’t know what life is like and that we don’t see the reality of situations. And that is because of the school system. Most parents want to shield their children from the bad things of the world but, these are the things kids need to know about. The school system should be teaching kids on how to maintain a steady job or how to raise a baby. Instead, they’re teaching us about math concepts that mostly likely we’ll never use in the future. Algebra doesn’t teach us how maintain good credit or pay our taxes. As a 13-year-old, I need to express myself in a way that the current school system doesn’t allow me to do. I currently go to an arts school, and there I have the privilege to express myself through my art. And yet I still get stress and anxiety because of my state standardized testing. I am ALL FOR helping the future people of our world to succeed by meeting our goals and dreams.

  • CHONG Cheng-Seng 11 Apr 2017

    Hi, I would like to obtain a few sets of the game for use in my classes. Thank you.

  • CHONG Cheng-Seng 11 Apr 2017

    I would like to obtain a few sets of the game for use in my classes. Thank you.

  • AV 10 Apr 2017

    I completely agree with everything on the video, but what I think would do a big change in how students view classes and schools is to change how the classrooms are set up. Adding a variety of colorful and fun chairs, different tables, lounge chairs, couches, options for students to work in would create a more interesting environment in which students are more intrigued to learn, instead of coming in to the usual classroom and being bored immediately.
    Also, I think the most impactful change would be to change the curriculum, but we all agree that the idea is quite difficult. For this reason, I say we should raise children with a prepared mindset for school, teach them that they will have struggles in school, because we all have weaknesses, help them with homework and support them with outside activities or cultural classes such as art or dance. If we raise awareness, we will be able to form great leaders who will be able to make a change in the future.

  • Dorafeace 8 Apr 2017


  • Luci 7 Apr 2017

    I am a 14 year old student going into high school next year. I have been in and out of public and home school for 7 years. I truly can not express how much it means to hear our (students) voices heard. I’m constantly under estimated because of my age, constantly being told that I can’t possibly have an opinion or know things. If there is one thing I have learned about why the world is not progressing, it’s blame. Every new generation blames the one before it or takes their pain and hatred, only pitting people against one another. But there is always a tomorrow, always wiser, more informed people. I have listened, to so many people. From those who love school, to those who hate it, to those who don’t care. I would like to be a writer and artist. But even the teachers who do care, can’t do anything to help. Most kids I know are putting school before mental health, having panic attacks and meltdowns. They are told to grow up, to get careers that will pay well. “Your passion can be a hobby.” I don’t believe this to be adult hood. I believe that being a fully formed, intelligent, rational, adult means being vulnerable, accepting your flaws, using your gifts for good, loving fully. Yesterday a 63 year old woman who runs a progressive education stystem, listened to me for an hour and a half. She had such a want to learn more, further her horizons, become a better educator. And I can not stop crying. Because for once someone listened. To our voice. Thank you so much, for listening, hearing, and acting. Together, we will make great strides.

  • Nicolai André Sørensen 7 Apr 2017

    Hey pleas Macke a app to AppStore. Thera all cen show ther ideas. Pleas
    It wold be fun if we all got that in Norway.

  • Anel Gabriela Ramírez Palma 4 Apr 2017

    I my dream (in a time real) school, Adolecents can use cellphones or tablets in class with some regulations as social networks because the point is to socialise and in the school you can chat face to face, instead of using books which will prevent some back diseases, Every teacher have to respect every type of learning of each student, have to encourage them without forgetting to correct his/her moral or his/her ethic with asertivity, patience, and firm voice, less hours at school the time there have to be productive for most of the class, the teacher have to focus personally with the ones who really need, mini breaks to chat or play around (5 minutes) to recover the brain energy and concentration, Teach courses about personal development, No raise hands to participate instead of that talk with a modular voice, Teach some specific course about manage of money to adolecents, Teach them to do volunteer work since they have 11 there, and most important Please make that love each other have to be the first topic of the list in every people profile.

  • Harry Smith 30 Mar 2017

    Prince you are so right I love your videos they inspire me.

  • Jillian Blue 14 Mar 2017

    In my ideal school, the people who do the time table should make pupils start later and finish earlier as in the United States where pupils finish at 3:10pm because some pupils have a bus to take early. But in the english speaking countries, they eat at 1 :35pm, they does eat later as in France 12am or 13pm. We should’nt have the homework or less homework because undergraduate need time to do extra-curricular activities. Also, teachers do not seek to make understand their courses to their pupils but To teach the test even if they do not understand, while the olds methods been better. Standardized tests are problematic for pupils because all the students Do not think the same. Some subjects will not help us in the future, they will not help us to carry out tasks of the active life (Like looking for a job, filling important papers, …). The days should be less filled than the bags. In addition, teachers are not encouraging: like reminding us of the low percentage of success instead of explaining again and in another way pedagogical. In conclusion: reduce the number of days by thinking about those who have a long journey between their institutions and their homes, having a lighter bag, avoiding too much homework, adopting a less supervised and freer pedagogy and having fewer controls because Exams do not define the student’s intelligence.

    • mostafa 31 Mar 2017

      i accept for this topic

    • genesis 7 Apr 2017

      I really like your paragrapb it is intresting at it makes a lot sence.

  • Abi 10 Mar 2017

    I personally have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks this is mainly because of tests and teachers. I am in the top set for maths but if it weren’t for my teacher I probably wouldn’t. In class I can concentrate and I understand almost everything but when it comes to the test I panic and screw it all up. I think that the education system is rubbish everyone expects all children to have the same ability in everything and then if you don’t you are made to feel bad about yourself. My ultimate favorite thing to do is art and it helps me feel calm but then I get in trouble and punished just for doing what I like. My school has even banned drinking water outside our eating area and so we can’t drink unless we ask a teacher and if they say no then I guess we just die of thirst. I wish that the idea of tests could be scrapped and work could be scrapped it would be amazing if all lessons could be done actively with creative exercises I’m sure that would stay in people’s heads better as well because they are having fun! I maths we could do number games and in history we could act out stories from the past. I am sick of being scared to come to school everyday and competing to be the best at everything. Why does no one listen to the victims of this! If nothing had changed with cars or phones then we all wouldn’t be able to do things as easy as today so why hasn’t school changed! I just don’t understand

  • Mary Massey 2 Mar 2017

    One thing we can do in education is to perceive children as unique individuals, rather than teaching a CLASS, we teach each individual student. Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) shows a different way of defining intelligence. It doesn’t reduce learning to Math and English, rather it includes music, art, movement, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as intelligences. If we, as teachers, saw children through an MI lens, they would enjoy learning and have better success in reaching their full potential.

  • Pranshu Goyal 25 Feb 2017

    Our ciriculum is going back to its old form what should i do

  • Nik 21 Feb 2017

    I think we really need to change the school system. And we might not do it for our generation but we can do it for our kids.

  • Cassie B 14 Feb 2017

    Yes I agree with his whole video everything he says because EVERYTHING he said it was what I have agreed with for a very long time. This was because my dad… he would complain day in and day out about the changes school needs to make. I am not saying I don’t want homework because I don’t like it, it is because it actually has studies that say it doesn’t help students in a high percent. It helps them in a small percent%. Plus, even though I am only 10, I still have a mind of my own and am typing everything. Also, when people have many dreams, many personalities, many abilities, many struggles yet we still are teached the same. But, the best of all is our teachers good or bad ones they must get paid more. They do so much for kids our age throughout our lives. My homeroom teacher had to have a second job just to make enough money for himself and his wife. That is ridiculous! They should only have one job to make enough money. Life can change here and there but something better needs to happen!

  • Antibiotics for bacterial sinus infection help 13 Feb 2017

    Hello! I really like your blog! Continue to write more! Very interesting!

  • Alyssa Putt 11 Feb 2017

    I am an American student in 8th grade. And when I saw in the video(I just sued the school system) there was no change in the pictures I had an idea. What if we had one huge classroom for each subject and in each classroom we would have four teachers, a visual teacher, an audio teacher, and a hands on type teacher , and a teacher that does all those things combined. And we would learn the more important things like creativity and not what is the sqare root of pie if it is multiplies by 45565 times 3 I want to learn things that will help ME in the future things I will remember. I am scared to go into highschool with our education these days .

  • Soul 8 Feb 2017

    An opportunity for us to recreate our Mother Earth.This program is the right platform for those who seek a better,eco-friendly,and futuristic world.I am glad that this program are already exist.I am from Malaysia and go forth NESTE!!

  • Ethan 3 Feb 2017

    I am currently in Middle School, and I think it’s way better than my 6th grade year. Switching classes, Lockers to put your stuff in. I am on a team at my middle school where we are all about outdoor education. Friday Hikes, Team Exclusive field trips, and the 7th and 8th graders all combined. Personally, I think this school is one of my favorites out of all the other schools I have been to, but why not have this sort of thing in other schools across the nation? A school where you tie in the outdoors with school and learning. Any outdoorsy person would love this concept. Even a person who loves using technology, computers, video games, etc like myself love this concept. Fridays give you the opportunity to go outside on a nice hike and enjoy the outdoors. We sometimes go sledding, and even have a snowball fight every now and then. Does that sound like fun? And our school is integrating technology with our classes, but this started only recently. Instead of carrying books, why not bring a tablet such as an I-Pad, Kindle, or even a Microsoft Surface which would be perfect for schoolwork? Why not have homework be digital and something fun? Why not integrate more and more technology into our school system? Most kids these days have phones with them and those devices could easily be used for note taking. And if you do not have a smart enough phone, a tablet could do fine as well. Why can’t all this be integrated in other schools across the nation? Is funding an issue? No. We have taxes and part of that goes to the school/s so that’s out of the question. Cyber Bullying? That can be monitored when it happens, and nothing that you post, send, or even comment on cannot be removed forever. This is an opportunity that can occur right now.

  • Stephen Moore 2 Feb 2017

    Prince ,you are so right, the system needs to change and change starts from within each and everyone of us. We must first accept the fact that all knowledge is within us,meaning that all there is to know is that all we need to know is already within us,we just need to become aware of it. That is done by closing our eyes and looking within. the practice of Transcendental Meditation,dont worry its not a religion,nor cult,nor a way of life,its just a mental technique.

  • Ryan Wong 31 Jan 2017

    Technology is important in today’s society and the holographic gadget I feel is pretty useful which increases interaction and better allows students to learn about the impacts that are brought against the world with the things that people are using to make progress in the world. But the thing is that I feel that other than these things, which are taught in school, more importantly is the values that should be taught instead of these knowledge. Firstly, we should focus on creating an environment which teaches them the correct values that should stay firm in their lives. People who are doing things that harm the environment like for example, using up fossil fuels for their company’s production, to increase the amount of money that they can make, they are all doing it for the sake of money. Why? Because money allows them to buy the things that they want, money have the ability to bring happiness into their lives. Like for real, everyone is living for the happiness that they can get whether it be by money or other means. Humans’ greatest goals in life is to be happy. If you think through the things that you go through in life, doesn’t it seem that you like things that will make you happy? And that is the same for every other issue and every other human in the world. So back to the issue, people who are harming the environment are doing it because of personal gains or whatsoever. But the thing for these people is that they didn’t think deep enough because they are causing trouble for others. So the main thing is that if we are able nurture generations and generations of people who have values in their lives, who stays firm and cares for the others, who does not discriminate others and respects others, then there will be much lesser troubles in this world. Currently, terrorism, presidency, prejudices such things are hunting our human race down. It isn’t about how smart you are, but how well are you able to bring happiness to yourself and others.

    But also, as much as we try, as much as we try to create a better environment for everyone in this world, even if the problems now are solved, people are receiving the correct type of education, things seem all set and good, there will still be problems. Why? Because we will be customed to such an environment and if there is anything that doesn’t suit, that is problem for us. It is a cycle that it hard to understand, just like life itself.

    Sometimes I use to think and tell myself, I want to change the world for it to become a better place, for people to be happy, nothing is impossible, well of course, nothing is impossible and we should never limit ourselves in life. But it is the things that are surrounding us, society, limiting us. But really? Let’s not feel limited and do the things that we want and be happy. And even so, if I wanna change the world, how should I change it to? How do I want it to be? How do you want it to be? Even if we changed? What’s the point of it? How do we understand the way of life?

  • Valerie 26 Jan 2017

    teachers need to teach us more about our future job more then what they want us to think.

  • Jorge Contreras 26 Jan 2017

    I think the school system should change very soon, students now a days aren’t learning much, we study one subject in whatever class and then when we go back to that subject we forget about it a week later, the school system hasn’t changed a bit for years and its sad, the schools need to teach us how to right a check and other stuff that’s important to us in the future, not only that, schools gives us anxiety and stress with homework and tests, we all want to do good with are grades, its killing us inside and us waking up at 6 am is not helping. The school system needs to change very soon.

  • Anton 26 Jan 2017

    The video about school was amazing.

  • Justin RB samuelson 26 Jan 2017

    Amazing absolutely right

  • Niko 26 Jan 2017

    Yes, this should happen! School is very bad nowadays

  • SIRINE 26 Jan 2017

    I think it’s important to give students the chance to INTERACT with each other. I mean that’s our everyday life right? Interaction with one another? So why don’t we learn that at school, or high school or even universities. I am in college and still, there’s nothing. I feel like it’s “sit, listen and don’t talk”. Well nobody ever learn that way. That’s just brainwashing. You know I would love to have the ability to THINK TOGETHER, that’s how we evolve right? that’s how we can move forward, right? to LISTEN to each other and especially UNDERSTAND the others point of view in order to learn from one another. I think that is how we learn. Of course teachers are essential, but they need do bring their knowledge creatively, and not just throw them all at once like during lectures for example.

    • dawn korade 3 Mar 2017

      I have been a teacher for many years. I design and implement new programs that engage students in doing and building and planning and working together to make things happen. I am so sorry that your education was so limited in presentation. You can be very grateful that you were still able to get an education with that limitation. And, you can make a difference. Volunteer in your local school. Learn a bit about lesson planning and present some of your college material to middle school students. You’ll be amazed.