Neste refinery manual worker.

Technology and Engineering solutions - with a strong focus on the core of processes and technologies

Creating and providing value-adding sustainable solutions.

Neste refinery manual worker.

We believe that process know-how is the key to durable success. We are specialized in providing a unique combination of process technology, engineering and project management services and solutions for green transition and accelerating the shift towards a circular economy in close cooperation with our customers. 

We have the capability to develop concepts and deliver studies, as well as, design and execute small-, mid- and large-scale projects in Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and Bioindustry. With our portfolio of licensable process technologies and process technology know-how you can further solidify your market position. 

We have over 1000 professionals covering all key technologies, engineering and project functions to master diverse projects from technology development to building new plants and beyond. We have locations in Finland, the Netherlands, India and Singapore.

Our approach delivers competitive and sustainable solutions for customers’ needs

As a customer, you deserve optimized and safe processes with high quality design and engineering for added value.

We are determined to protect the health of people, keep the environment safe from emissions, save energy, prevent property losses, comply with legal requirements and other adopted industry standards and optimize our customers' processes. 

All of the above go hand in hand with Neste being a member of the Corporate Knights 2023 Global 100 Index of most sustainable companies. Everything we do is driven by our purpose: Creating a healthier planet for our children.

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