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100% renewable and recycled

Neste RE is a product that doesn't contain virgin fossil oil. It consists 100% of renewable and recycled material that can be used to reduce the need for fossil oil based material in the production of climate-friendlier polymers and chemicals. 

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The renewable component of Neste RE is produced from 100% bio-based raw materials, primarily waste and residue oils and fats, such as used cooking oil. The component may consist of renewable hydrocarbons in a liquid form or gaseous renewable propane. We only accept sustainably-produced renewable raw materials.

Neste produces its renewable products based on its proprietary NEXBTL refining technology at its own facilities in Porvoo Finland, in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and in Singapore. These locations have a combined capacity to produce 3.3 million tons of renewables each year. With an ongoing capacity increase project at its Singapore refinery, Neste is expecting to increase this to 4.5 million tons by early 2023.


The recycled component of Neste RE consists of chemically-recycled plastic waste. Chemical recycling enables us to use plastic waste that cannot be recycled mechanically, such as colored, multilayered or multi-material packaging and films, for example.

Neste RE’s renewable and recycled components can be used separately or as a mix, to help companies meet their sustainability-related materials targets and develop more sustainable products and offerings.

Neste is developing chemical recycling capacity with several plastics value chain partners. We have set ourselves a target to process more than 1 million tons of plastic waste annually from 2030 onwards. Initial industrial-scale test runs with liquefied plastic waste in 2020 at our own refinery were successful and we produced our first volumes of recycled, high-quality feedstock for production of new plastic.

Safe to use

Despite being primarily produced from various renewable and recycled wastes and residues, Neste RE is a pure, high-quality feedstock that can safely be used in polymers production, even for sensitive and high performance plastic applications. 

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