Continuous listening

At Neste, the thoughts and ideas of our people matter. We all have the opportunity to contribute to our success and take part in driving Neste forward.

Through continuous listening, we ensure that we always have an understanding of our employee’s experiences and commitment to Neste as well as our journey together to achieve our strategic goals. We want to know how our people are doing and hear their insights also to ensure valuable information to support leadership and decision making. The broader Forward Survey is supplemented by shorter pulse surveys focusing on current themes and surveys focusing on employment lifecycle.

In the February 2023 Forward Survey results the engagement index score is showing a continued upward trend being now 70 (66 in 2022), 71% (63%) of people feeling clearly engaged. Participation was active as the response rate was 84% (80%) and we received over 7,000 open comments from our people. Our strengths include for example, the importance of safety and responsibility, as well as the meaningfulness of our own work and an understanding of how it affects the bigger picture. We feel we can be ourselves at work and we are grateful for the support of our line managers. However, the special past years and big changes caused us stress and workload which still show in our overall feelings and wellbeing.

We take the views of our people very seriously. All teams discuss survey results and agree on actions at each level of the organization. We recommend that team members take an active role in facilitating discussions and actions. It is important to link key themes to daily work, Forward discussions, team goals and action planning.

In addition to our people surveys, we encourage people to share their ideas, for example by giving and asking for feedback, having regular discussions with the manager and the team, sharing knowledge and experiences and utilizing our common open communication channels.