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Sustainability at Neste

Neste’s transformation journey has taken us from being a local oil refiner to a global leader in renewable and circular solutions. Our long-term strategy is rapidly moving us to more boldly realize our sustainability aspirations while growing profitably. We are guided by our purpose to create a healthier planet for our children, and we are committed to combating climate change and accelerating a shift to a circular economy.

As the world’s leading producer of sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel and renewable feedstock solutions for various polymers and chemicals industry uses, our business is built upon sustainability. We refine our renewable products from waste, residues and sustainably-produced vegetable oils. As the climate crisis continues, saving lives and livelihoods requires urgent effort. Renewable and circular solutions are our contribution to keeping societies running sustainably. Sustainability is also integrated into our values.

We at Neste strive to understand our impact on the climate – as well as the impact of climate change on us. Climate commitments are part of Neste's corporate strategy. We have a two-pronged approach to combating climate change: on the one hand we enable change, a carbon handprint, with our lower-emission products. On the other hand, we ourselves make a change by reducing our own carbon footprint.

Climate commitments

We are committed to: