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Innovation drives sustainability

Innovation and technology have always been in Neste’s DNA. Our approach is to convert low-quality raw materials into sustainable, high-quality products and solutions. 

Our growth and transformation are rooted in innovation and technology which have always been key enablers of our business. We are constantly developing and improving our circular and renewable solutions. Approximately 25% of our personnel work with innovative research, product development and engineering. We have dedicated teams exploring and developing our Innovation business platforms toward commercialization.

We are focusing on scalable, sustainable raw materials and required technologies for their conversion to fuels, polymers and chemicals. Our twofold aim is to ensure the growth of our current businesses and to build new growth platforms for renewable and circular solutions.

Innovation initiatives help the current businesses widen the supply of renewable waste and residues and other innovative raw materials, and develop business around the chemical recycling of waste plastics. 

The development of new businesses takes place on the business platforms formed around scalable raw material pools, such as:

  • lignocellulosic (forestry- and agricultural waste and residue based) fuels, chemicals, and materials;
  • scalable raw materials for sustainable aviation fuels and other renewable products, including algae and municipal waste;
  • renewable hydrogen and Power-to-X, utilizing renewable electricity to convert CO2 into fuels and chemicals.

These globally scalable raw material pools will play an important role in further reducing dependence on crude oil and tackling climate change.

Extensive collaboration network

Innovation requires partnering and cooperation. Neste is already collaborating with a network of 25 leading universities and research institutes, and we continue to expand and intensify our cooperation with them. We work with technology companies, startups and value chain partners to introduce innovations in renewable and circular solutions to global-scale businesses. We have also established corporate venture activity to invest in technology startups.

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