Neste Digitalization
Digital business value


Leveraging business value with digitalization

“It is time to take charge of change. With digitalization and data we can make faster and better decisions, increase our efficiency and stay ahead of the competition while developing new differentiating capabilities for Neste. These are the reasons why digitalization and data is at the core of Neste`s strategy.“

Martti Ala-Härkönen








Martti Ala-Härkönen 

New mindset & ways of working


Digital success stories are built together

“Digital transformation is mostly about changing how we think and work. It’s not only about technology. Digitalization produces value when people have learned to think and act in new ways. From people point of view this means empowered teams using Agile methods, enhancing their digital and data skills and close collaboration with customers and partners. Success stories are built together together with customers, partners and employees".

People are key to success in digitalization








Juho Korpela 
Head of Digitalization

See Neste digital success stories from three different areas:

Digitalization of customer relationships

Development of data-driven sales and marketing solutions to online collaboration.

Case example: Verifying the climate impact of renewable products
Click below to see an example of Neste My Carbon Footprint service for verifying the climate impact of renewable products.

Neste mobile apps enables modern payment options and new services


Digitalization and Sustainability

Management of sustainability throughout the Neste end to end value chain from raw materials to customers.

Case example: Digital interaction with suppliers
Click below to see the case example of Supplier Sustainability Portal to manage raw materials.

Neste mobile apps enables modern payment options and new services


Industrial Digitalization

Development of production (including energy efficiency of production) and logistics.

Case example: Optimized refinery steering at anytime
Click pictures below to see the case example of and online tool for target setting and performance monitoring at Porvoo refinery.

Case example: Vessel logistics - Situation-dependent speed optimization
Click below to see the case example of situation-dependent speed optimization.

Optimized refinery steering  Vessel logistics