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Oil Refining

In the Oil Refining industry our aim is to create value for our customers through our unique know-how and technologies.


Technology mindset icon    Expertise and Professional Services

In the Oil Refining industry our aim is to create value for our customers through our unique know-how and technologies. Over 60 years in the Oil Refining industry has given us extensive knowledge and high expertise in various fields. Our strengths are in demanding front-end studies, distillation technology, energy optimization, refinery integration, and complex turnarounds. We have the ability to deliver challenging projects safely, cost-effectively, meet high quality standards and significantly improve the performance of our customers’ existing or future oil refinery. 

Our service portfolio covers the entire oil refinery lifecycle from idea generation to studies, basic engineering, EPCM services and operational excellence. More recently we have worked with the following projects types:

 process design packages (PDP)           studies
  ​process simulations  ​ capacity creeps 
 debottlenecking   ​ safety improvements
 equipment renewals  ​ EPCM deliveries

We have an extensive understanding of refining sour crude oil to various high quality products. For instance, in our projects we have solved several challenges with Solvent Deasphalting (SDA) and Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU) to make refineries operate more efficiently and sustainably. Furthermore, we are experts in optimizing and integrating our customers’ site infrastructure for example in energy, utilities and chemical storing and transportation to meet the demands of their production.


Earth icon    A Healthier Planet for Our Children

In the Oil Refining industry we are working hard to create a healthier planet for our children. Hence, we want to help You to reduce Your carbon emissions and increase Your energy efficiency. Our process engineering experience is an asset that we are willing to transform into your Added Value through our services.


Partnership    R&D and Technologies

In addition, we enjoy working in close collaboration with companies’ R&D and business development organizations at an early stage of the investment cycle. We have helped our customers to speed up development and up-scaling via simulation and deep chemical process know-how, originating from our vast refinery integration heritage. Currently we are working in exciting areas such as an early stage of concept engineering, where we can validate and verify third party technologies.

Neste Engineering Solutions also has its own technologies that we license to various process applications ranging from clean fuel to tall oil components.