High-quality products

Our innovative approach to R&D, uncompromised quality and our own NEXBASE base oils, form a reliable base for refining products that are designed to perform in the most demanding arctic conditions. We are also the world’s largest producer of renewable fuels, with our unique Neste Renewables product family offering a truly viable low-carbon premium-quality alternative for many fossil fuels.

Base Oils

Base oils - world class customer service

Modern lubricants are required to be energy efficient, durable and cost efficient.

Renewable products

Neste’s renewable traffic fuels and other renewable products are part of the solution for the

Diesel fuel

We supply a wide range of low-emission, sulfur and FAME-free diesel fuels for use at all times.

Low sulphur bunker fuels

Our marine fuels are of the highest quality and fully compatible with each other.

Nessol solvents

Lean, low-aromatic and aromatic-free hydrocarbon-based solvents for industrial use.
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Our product range cover both renewable fuels as well as conventional fossil fuels. We produce high-quality diesel and gasoline for all types of on and off-road vehicles, bunker fuel for ships, as well as aviation fuel.

Lubricants - smooth running in the toughest conditions

For retail - A full line up of premium-quality motor oils, transmission and gear oils, and hydraulic