Renewable propane – a clean fuel made even cleaner

Neste produces renewable propane at a new production facility built at the Rotterdam refinery in the Netherlands. The unit purifies and separates renewable propane from the sidestream gases produced by the refinery.

Neste’s new facility has a production capacity of 40,000 tonnes per year and SHV Energy will be the exclusive distributor, supplying 160,000 tonnes over four years. SHV Energy will market and sell the product to its customers across Europe as BioLPG.

Produced from 100% renewable raw materials

Renewable propane is produced from 100% renewable raw materials such as waste and residues and sustainably produced vegetable oils.

Renewable propane is a cleaner alternative to conventional propane and it can be used not only as an industrial gas but also in many different applications such as cooking and heating. It can also be used as a drop-in fuel in LPG cars, already common in some European countries.

In use, renewable propane is identical to conventional propane and, therefore, can easily be blended with conventional propane and used by all existing appliances suitable for use with propane.

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