Turn your sustainability goals into action with Neste Impact

As the world’s leading producer of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), we offer you a direct solution to turn your sustainability goals into action. The solution enables you to easily reduce your company’s aviation emissions by up to 80%*.

Neste Impact is the emission reduction solution for companies ready to take action, today. Meet your sustainability goals, credibly claim your reductions, and making a direct impact.

Neste Impact is the choice for reducing your aviation emissions by up to 80%*

Flying with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from Neste Impact reduces your company’s aviation emissions to a fraction. Over its life cycle, SAF lowers carbon emissions drastically, even up to 80%*, compared to fossil jet fuel. Watch the video below to see why SAF is the choice for your company.

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Three simple steps to make it happen

Only in three simple steps you can turn your sustainability goals and your aviation emission reduction goals into reality. Check out the steps below and start reducing now:

1. Set your target

Start by setting your sustainability targets. We help you define how much sustainable aviation fuel you need to achieve them. Use our calculator to get started and get your first estimate. Need more help? Check our FAQ below.


Your company target

Tonnes of CO₂e emissions


Your target in tonnes of SAF


Start reducing now: fill in your contact details and we will come back to you.

Knowing more about your company und industry helps when estimating your SAF needs.

At Neste, your privacy is important to us. We are committed to following data protection laws, to ensure your personal information is handled with care. To learn more about how we manage your data, please click our privacy notice.

Congrats! You made your first step towards reducing your aviation emissions.

We will come back to you to help you reach your targets.

2. Get your SAF

Team up with us and get your SAF. We deliver your SAF directly to our partner airlines. This way you can reduce your company's aviation emissions at source without the middleman. By using SAF, you make a direct impact and don’t need to look for alternative offsetting or compensation schemes.

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3. Receive your report

You receive a third-party verified report. This enables you to credibly claim your emission reductions against your sustainability targets. The report includes information on SAF volumes supplied, raw materials, and emission reduction achieved.

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Easily reduce your company’s emissions

We help you to meet your sustainability targets in three simple steps. Start reducing your company’s aviation emissions today. Watch the video below to see how three simple steps get you starting in reducing your aviation emissions and reaching your sustainability targets in a easy way.

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IATA, International Air Transport Association

“We estimate that SAF could contribute around 65% of the reduction in emissions needed by aviation to reach net-zero in 2050.”

Start reducing now

Our climate partners

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Watch the latest webinar to learn more

While the willingness from end-users to reduce their impact on climate change keeps getting higher, the SAF industry needs a way to prove its sustainability performance throughout the supply chain. Hear from our experts more about the verified way to reduce your aviation emissions.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of purchasing SAF to reduce my company's emissions?

The most sustainable way to reduce aviation emissions would be to reduce flying. Since that’s not always possible, the second best option is to fly with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). SAF is a real in-sector emission reduction in the aviation sector with a direct impact. Purchasing SAF as an emission reduction “allows you to go the extra mile” in multiple ways, as it goes beyond what is, or will be, required by regulations and mandates. The report SAF Certificate from us you will receive after the SAF has been delivered and consumed is verified by an independent third party and can be used in your company’s sustainability reporting to support credible claims.

Read more about Neste Impact

How can I calculate my company’s aviation emissions?

For calculating your company’s aviation emissions, we recommend the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) industry-leading practice for Passenger CO2 Standard Methodology. For air freight, we recommend to follow the methodology published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Carbon Emissions Calculator Methodology Air Freighter (Version 1, September 2023) and the IATA recommended practice 1678 on Cargo CO2 Emissions Measurement Methodology. Some private platforms can support you to estimate your business travel and air freight emissions based on their own database (e.g. EcoTransit, Pledge, myClimate, Atmosfair, etc).

Already know your company’s aviation emissions? Use our calculator to estimate your SAF need.

How do I reduce my company’s aviation emissions by purchasing SAF?

Compared to fossil jet fuel, SAF can reduce GHG emissions by up to 80% over the fuel lifecycle. As part of the SAF purchase, you will receive GHG emission reduction reporting documents audited by a third party. You can use this to support your carbon emission reduction reporting and to help you meet your sustainability goals. Practical guidelines for using the customer delivery report come as part of your SAF purchase.

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Will my flight fly with SAF after my purchase?

After you have made your SAF purchase, Neste delivers the SAF to one of the partnering airlines, who will then fuel their planes and fly with that SAF. You can purchase SAF from anywhere in the world, but planes with Neste SAF will only be fueled at a few designated airports at the moment to avoid unnecessary transportation of SAF. While the plane you board may not fly with SAF, you will be supplied with an SAF delivery report once your SAF has been used by one of our partner airlines. This way, you are aware that the fuel has been delivered to an airline, emission reductions have been achieved, and you know that you have made a significant step toward a more sustainable aviation industry.

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How can I trust Neste Impact, the calculations, and the reporting I receive?

At Neste, we ensure the transparency and credibility of Neste Impact by following the latest standards and frameworks for SAF, such as SBTIs aviation sector guidance. Emission reductions achieved are verified by a third party to ensure:

  • A clear chain of custody - specific purchased SAF volumes are directly linked to you and partner airlines.

  • Proof of sustainability - based on certification SAF standards

  • Pure additional volumes - offering additional GHG emission reduction to parties involved beyond regulatory schemes

  • Exclusive ownership of environmental attributes - no selling forward of the fuel/bio-attributes of emissions

  • Accurate scope accounting and book-keeping - SAF is not double-counted across reporting or customers. This is done in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Want to know more? Read more about Neste’s audit.

How do I ensure the emissions my SAF purchase reduces aren’t double counted and claimed?

Our SAF delivery and transaction process is audited by a third party from end to end to verify that the integrity of our service is, to ensure only one party claims the SAF in your purchase.

The audit scope includes verification that:

  • The SAF has been certified according to an EU voluntary scheme up until the point of delivery to Neste’s distribution terminal location, and Neste has removed the sustainability attributes.

  • The airline has self-declared its SAF consumption, and SAF is not considered the volume under any renewable fuel mandate or obligation.

  • The airline has reported Scope 1 emissions and that its Scope 3 emissions are dedicated to one end-customer only.

  • The auditor confirms that there has been a clear chain of custody on the transfer of fuel and the corresponding emission reduction claims between different parties involved in this transaction.

The certification Neste uses is EU-compliant ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification), which registers, tracks, and traces all SAF credit transactions. ISCC provides customers with a credit retirement declaration displaying details regarding the SAF delivery and emission reduction, which can be used for sustainability reporting.

Why is SAF expensive? Why and how does Neste Impact add value for my business?

Our service offers a credible, real and direct emission reduction and comes with guidelines for how to report the reduced emissions. The price includes the fuel and is a significant step toward a more sustainable future.

Is there a minimum volume of SAF required for a purchase?

There is no minimum volume requirement for your SAF purchase. We are scaling up our capacity as we speak, and run a world class refinery in Singapore, to be able to serve everyone in the future. Fill out our emission calculator to see how we can best help you reduce your aviation emissions. The collective efforts undertaken today will contribute significantly to the credible reduction of aviation-related emissions.

How does emission reduction with SAF differ from offsetting?

By purchasing SAF, you can reduce the emissions created by aviation directly. Carbon offsetting broadly refers to a reduction in GHG emissions, usually through land restoration or the planting of trees, that is used to compensate for emissions that occur elsewhere. In this approach, the emissions created by flying, however, remain the same. By using SAF, you can reduce aviation-related carbon emissions directly within the aviation sector and make a real change toward your sustainability targets.

*Calculated for neat i.e. unblended SAF with established life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies, such as CORSIA methodology.