29 December 2010

A flexible new fuel

E10 gasoline due to go on sale in the New Year will be suitable for modern lawnmowers and other small machines, as well as vehicles.


Ideal for all small machines, alkylate gasoline is a good alternative as well. People wondering about the suitability of E10 gasoline for a particular mower, motorbike, moped, off-road vehicle, or other small machine can check with the relevant importer or distributor, or www.e10bensiini.fi/en. This Web site is ideal for seeing whether E10 is compatible with specific mower models or outboard engines, for example. Anyone visiting the site will quickly see that E10 is a good match for most small machines and can be used with all common brands of four-stroke garden machines, for example. A good rule of thumb is that E10 is a ‘no-brainer’ for all engines produced during the last 10 years, while 98 E5 is the safer choice for older engines. The higher ethanol content in 95 E10 can result in corrosion or gasket problems with older engines.

The safest choice

A good alternative that can always be relied on with all small machinery is alkylate gasoline, which contains no problem hydrocarbons. The latter property also means that emissions contain less hydrocarbon components as well.

Using high-octane alkylate gasoline reduces NOx and carbon monoxide emissions. Thanks to its low vapor pressure, it evaporates more slowly than regular gasoline and stores well. Alkylate gasoline is available for both two-stroke and four-stroke engines.

If you are unsure which fuel to use with an older machine

  • Make alkylate gasoline your first choice
  • Or go for 98 E5.

Text: Lehdentekijät