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Journey of exploration and collaboration to revolutionize our raw material offering

With curiosity and determination, we are constantly exploring fresh ideas and untapped resources to uncover novel raw materials that hold the potential to revolutionize our offerings.

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Research and development

Our dedicated team of researchers and experts work tirelessly to bridge the gap between research and industrial scale and to find capabilities for commercializing the business.

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Scouting and evaluating

We are systematically scouting and evaluating new technologies and start-ups as well as monitoring the renewable and circular solutions landscape for emerging trends and leads.

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Foresight work

We carry out foresight work, which aims at identifying game changing opportunities and promoting forward-looking and opportunity-focused mindset within Neste. Our dedicated, cross-disciplinary group closely follows the key trends and drivers in the innovation landscape, including academic research, new technology development and start-ups, patents and regulation.

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We are constantly looking for new opportunities and chances to collaborate. We actively screen and enter into co-operations with technology developers along the value chains of strategic interest.

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Incubating work

To get from new ideas to innovations we use a dedicated team to incubate new ideas to concrete business opportunities for commercialization.

We connect with the brightest minds and ideas, most ambitious start-ups and innovative companies globally. To encourage sharing of ideas, we regularly organize open innovation campaigns.

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Research and development

We drive transformation of the company by developing solutions to increase the use of renewable and circular raw materials.

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Partnerships and ecosystems

Working together across our value chain is key to creating innovative and sustainable solutions that make a positive impact.

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