Solving the plastics challenge takes a joint effort

Solving the plastics challenge together

The plastics challenge makes cooperation imperative. Let's join forces!

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We have to solve what’s wrong with plastics: their dependence on fossil resources and too little of plastic waste being recycled.

What may sound easy is a mammoth task. The demand for plastic is set to grow, alternative feedstocks need to be extended many times over and plastic waste management systems are not yet existing in many regions of the world. And yet, it’s an inevitable task if we want to continue to reap the benefits of plastics also in a climate neutral and environmentally conscious future society.

This white paper takes a look at what’s wrong with plastics and what is required to change it. It considers challenges and opportunities - and it picks up on the need to cooperate if we are to overcome the barriers to make the change happen.

Neste invites companies along the plastics value chain to collaborate and to join us on this journey. Together, we can make a change. Together, we can solve the plastics challenge.

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