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We look forward to challenging ourselves in providing Advisory, Engineering and Project Management Services, in whichever stage your business or investment project might be.

Neste worker at Singapore refinery.
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Advisory services

We provide strategic and technical advisory services for energy and process industry companies who want to move forward into a successful and sustainable future. New technologies emerging from the intensive research in biochemistry, strong pressures to increase energy efficiency as well as digitalization, and the global trend toward renewable sourcing, have created exciting opportunities for those who know how to take advantage and rise to the challenge. 

Businesses must understand industry changes and adapt to the rapidly shifting market to maintain and increase profitability

Our technical and business experts offer you a wide range of valuable expertise to help you develop  vision, knowledge, creativity and future direction of your enterprise. We guide you toward better pre-investment decisions on technology, product, market, mergers, HSEQ and any subject relevant to the operation of a long-lasting, successful business. Our advisory services help customers involve in both physical industry and financial investments.

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Quality engineering for process industries

In all our engineering, process safety, safety of our operations and quality of our services are our highest priorities. We provide engineering solutions and services spanning across all traditional engineering disciplines and beyond, as licensor or process developer. As many of our experts and engineers are actually working at or next to a chemical complex we know what practical engineering and operational excellence mean.

At Neste, we have amassed a wealth of experience, from: 

  • Pre-studies 

  • Feasibility studies (FS) 

  • Basic engineering (BE)

  • Front-end engineering design (FEED)

  • Execution

  • Owner’s engineering 

  • Commissioning and 

  • Start-up phases 

For execution projects, our typical approach is engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services. We are also happy to join forces with your own experts for a more collaborative and/or customized approach.

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Project Management Services

Our project management services are based on strong management processes, globally recognized project management professionals and a customer-oriented approach. All of these are driven by our project model providing the following benefits, in its being:

  • A unified, efficient and predictable process with stage gates as control points to ensure the progress

  • Applicable for all project types across different industries

  • Pragmatically scalable to fit the purpose, and thus applied in a way which maintains an effective balance between flexibility and robustness in accordance with the project needs

  • Based on globally acknowledged principles (ISO, PMI, PRINCE2®) applied across different industries by combining the best parts of each

  • A unique and proven platform for World Class project performance: processes incorporate our vast 60 years’ heritage of excellence amassed in technology development and industrial investment projects

  • And having Safety and Quality are present in everything we do

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Owner’s teams

To support your investment projects, we have good capabilities within Project Management Consulting (PMC) and setting up a Project Management Organization (PMO). 

We can help you achieve your investment objectives in both small and large scale investment projects by providing expert resources to work alongside your specialists or even running the entire project for you, all the way from initial concept to commissioning and start-up. 

Drawing on decades of experience and the talents of a diverse team of experts, our comprehensive PMC services, also referred to as Owner’s Engineering (OE), help you complete your project on time and on budget.

If you have limited resources or experience in investment projects or you are starting up a fresh business in a production area that is unfamiliar to you, we can help you focus on the important issues and guide you in the daily decision-making which is crucial for successful project management. 

The ultimate target for our PMC services is to protect Owner’s interests and to help achieve the objectives of an investment project.

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Turnaround planning and engineering

As old technology wears out and new technology improves, a turnaround will eventually be necessary in your plant, and unfortunately, it will interrupt the operations at your facility. However, with our long experience in engineering and project services, we can deliver a professional and efficient turnaround project, so you can get back to the production as soon as possible. 

We start by helping you carefully define what you want to do with the turnaround to meet your targets. Whatever your needs are, good planning helps mitigate risks, optimize execution and streamline the entire project. 

We know that each turnaround is different. For your turnaround to be successful it must be based on your business strategy and optimization of the life cycle of your valuable assets. We can offer you a systematic approach that combines: 

  • The highest level of engineering competence

  • A deep knowledge of maintenance and investment and 

  • A detailed understanding of project management. 

Our skilled experts keep it on schedule, minimize downtime and help you leverage the full potential of your turnaround.