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Key benefits

What is Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel?

 Up to 80% smaller carbon footprint compared to fossil jet fuel

The fuel has a smaller environmental footprint compared to fossil fuels. Over the lifecycle, including the impact of production and logistics, Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel can achieve up to 80% reduction in GHG emissions compared to fossil jet fuel.

 100% renewable waste and residue raw materials

Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel is produced from 100% renewable waste and residue raw materials. The raw material we use for the production of the fuel include e.g. used cooking oil and animal waste fat. 

 Significantly reduced local emissions

Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel will significantly reduce local emissions. The fuel can reduce harmful particulate SOx and NOx emissions and it burns clean – free of sulphur, oxygen and aromatics – with higher energy content.

 Quality requirements

Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel is chemically identical to conventional jet fuel. The fuel complies with the strict safety and quality requirements of the aviation sector and is certified under ASTM D7566. 

 Easy to use 100% drop-in fuel

The fuel is 100% compatible with the existing jet engine technology and fuel distribution infrastructure when blended with fossil jet (D1655). Therefore, no additional investments or modifications are needed. The fuel in neat form is ASTM (D7566) approved. When blended with conventional fossil jet fuel up to a maximum level of 50%, the fuel is re-certified as D1655.

 Excellent performance

With a high cetane number of 75 and above, Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel ensures an efficient and clean combustion. It has higher energy content compared to conventional fossil jet fuel. Lufthansa-test proved the excellent performance of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel. 1,500 tons less CO2-emissions and 1% lower fuel consumption compared to conventional fossil jet fuel. The aircraft and engines performed excellently and the condition of the combustion chambers, turbines, and fuel systems of the engines has been exemplary both during and at the end of the trials. The aircraft's fuel tanks remained free of any damage or corrosion, and the fuel was of excellent quality even after a long-term storage.

 Excellent storage properties

Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a pure hydrocarbon and can therefore be stored over long periods of time without deterioration in quality or water accumulation. 

 Superior cold weather performance

With freeze point of -47°C and lower, Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel is suitable for operation in extreme cold weather conditions.

 Commercially used

Today Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel is in commercial use in the market and the production volumes are being scaled up. Together with Air BP Neste has collaborated on supplying sustainable aviation fuel in the Swedish market and Caen airport in France. The fuel is also supplied to Lufthansa, and it is in continuous use in Frankfurt airport. 

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What is Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel?