Neste Renewable Diesel – high-performing low-carbon biofuel

We have developed Neste Renewable Diesel, a low-carbon biofuel, to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint. 

Neste Renewable Diesel, produced 100% from renewable raw materials, offers an easy way to lower traffic emissions and increase the proportion of renewable energy used in transport. 

When we call Neste Renewable Diesel a premium-quality fuel, we are not just comparing it to other bio-alternatives. It outperforms both conventional biodiesel and even conventional fossil diesel in terms of engine performance and environmental impact.

How does Neste Renewable Diesel affect vehicles? 

Neste Renewable Diesel plays a significant role in the implementation of California’s Climate Plan


For fleets

The low-emission level of Neste Renewable Diesel is a major benefit for fleet use. By switcing to Neste Renewable Diesel, also fleets can contribute to improving local air quality. This is why Neste Renewable Diesel is an excellent alternative for powering city buses, for example. As Neste Renewable Diesel's chemical composition is comparable to fossil fuel, it also behaves just like conventional fossil diesel. This enables fleets to switch to cleaner fuel overnight without making any additional investments or modifications to their fleet. Additionally, switching to premium-quality Neste Renewable Diesel can help lower a fleet operator’s service and maintenance costs.

For distributors 

Neste Renewable Diesel is not only fully compatible with currently existing diesel engines, but also the existing diesel fuel distribution infrastructure; all the way from the refinery to service stations and end-users. The product can be blended in any ratio with conventional fossil diesel – or safely used even as such in 100% concentration. With no blending limits from the technical point of view, Neste Renewable Diesel is a cost-efficient solution enabling flexible fulfillment of biofuel mandates.

For refiners

The benefits of Neste Renewable Diesel for the refiner are evident. Excellent blending properties mean that even heavier, lower cetane diesel cuts can be flexibly upgraded to on-spec fuel grades that simultanesously help meet the biomandates. As Neste Renewable Diesel is fully compatible with the existing fuel infrastructure, investments are not needed in that areas. The fuel's performance is also excellent in cold weather.

Our Neste Renewable Diesel outperformances other diesels see how well it burns


Suitable for all diesel engines

Neste Renewable Diesel meets the toughest requirements set by automotive manufacturers. It is fully compatible with all modern diesel engines in cars, buses, trucks, and non-road machinery. In addition, Neste Renewable Diesel is seamlessly compatible with the existing distribution infrastructure.

Due to its fossil fuel-like chemical composition, Neste Renewable Diesel is an optimum bio-component for blending in diesel fuel. Quality-related blending limitations* do not apply to Neste Renewable Diesel. It can be safely blended up to 100% concentration**.

Read how Boote, Europe's largest motor boat magazine tested Neste Renewable Diesel in boats and what the test results revealed. (Neste Renewable Diesel is marketed as C.A.R.E Diesel® by Tool Fuel in Austria and Germany.)

* European diesel standard (EN590) restricts biodiesel content to max 7%, and many engine manufacturers do not recommend the use of conventional FAME-type biodiesel at all in fear of possible engine damage.
** The EN590 diesel standard limits the density of winter qualities to min. 800 kg/m3, which may limit the blending of Neste Renewable Diesel. The ASTM D976 standard in the USA and CAN/CGSB 3.517 standard in Canada allow the use of 100% Neste Renewable Diesel.

Advanced biofuels and the EU Waste Hierarchy

Impressive test results with Neste Renewable Diesel in busses, interview of Mr. Nils-Olof Nylund, Professor at Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT