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Our ambition is to become a global leader in renewable and circular solutions. Accelerating the shift to a circular economy requires innovation, commitment and partnerships. At Neste, we are continuously looking for partnerships with startups to accelerate the fight against climate change.

What we are looking for

Neste Venturing invests in globally scalable renewable and circular solutions for transportation, chemicals, and beyond. We are focusing on scalable, sustainable raw materials and required technologies and projects for their conversion to fuels, polymers and chemicals, and materials. We are also interested in digital solutions as enablers for sustainability transformation in our focus sectors.

Our investment focus areas are:

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1. Renewable feedstock solutions and fuel technologies:

Novel vegetable oils, Microalgae, Lignocellulosic, Renewable hydrogen, Power-to-X, Alcohol-to-Jet and Pre-treatment technologies

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2. Digital accelerators for green transition and productivity:

Supply chain efficiency & traceability, Emission insights and voluntary markets, AI & ML and Advanced analytics

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3. Renewable and Circular Chemicals & Materials:

Bio and waste plastics, Bio routes for platform chemicals and Carbon negative materials

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4. Industrial decarbonization:

Industrial decarbonization: Renewable and waste heat solutions, Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) and Energy efficiency

Our current portfolio consists of companies whose technology accelerates new circular solutions and the fight against climate change.


In 2022, Neste made an equity investment into Netherlands-based Circularise, a supply chain traceability and transparency startup.

The investment was made together with Neste, Brightlands Venture Partners, 4 Impact VC and Asahi Kasei and the total amount was EUR 11 million. The goal of the investment is to accelerate the transformation to more sustainable materials within the polymers and chemicals industry by providing new digital solutions to boost traceability and visibility of material flows along value chains.

Alterra Energy

Alterra Energy is a US-based company that has developed a proprietary thermochemical solution for liquefaction of hard-to-recycle plastic.

In 2020, Neste made a minority investment in Alterra Energy. The collaboration includes joint technology development and global technology licensing, enabling the partners to collaborate in commercializing Alterra’s proprietary thermochemical liquefaction technology in Europe.


German cleantech company Sunfire is a leading technology developer of high-temperature electrolysis technology.

The company’s patented technology allows the production of renewable hydrogen as well as the direct conversion of water and CO2 into raw material for petrochemical products. In 2020, Neste madea minority stake in Sunfire. Sunfire provides the high-temperature electrolyzer to Neste’s renewable products refinery in Rotterdam as part of the MultiPLHY project collaboration.


ECBF is a venture fund exclusively focused on the bioeconomy and the circular bioeconomy in Europe.Show less

In 2020, Neste madea limited partnership investment in ECBF and is supporting Europe's transition to a more sustainable economy and society. The role of fund investments for Neste is to provide access to dealflow, co-investments, and learning.

Our team

Antti Ritala, Head of Venturing and Acquisitions at Neste

Antti Ritala

Head of Venturing and Acquisitions

Antti is heading the venturing team at Neste Innovation. Previously, Antti was leading corporate strategy development at Neste and was also responsible for strategy deployment and market intelligence.

Sanjar Ibragimov, Senior Investment Manager at Neste

Sanjar Ibragimov

Senior Investment Manager

Sanjar is responsible for screening, running due diligence and negotiations with the selected venturing targets. Previously Sanjar worked as a corporate strategy development manager at Neste, focusing on such domains as renewable chemicals, renewable feedstock and sustainable aviation fuel.

Chayan Sabharwal, Senior Investment Analyst, Venturing and Acquisition, Neste

Chayan Sabharwal

Senior Investment Analyst

Chayan is responsible for sourcing, screening, and running due diligence with the selected venturing targets. Before Neste, Chayan has worked in Corporate Strategy and Management Consulting roles.

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