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Research and development has always been at the core of our operations. We drive transformation of the company by developing solutions to increase the use of renewable and circular raw materials for sustainable fuels, chemicals and plastic materials.

~ 25%

of Neste personnel work with innovation, research, product development and engineering


R&D expenditure in 2023

~ 2,000 patents

Our patent portfolio covers the most relevant technology assets developed by our R&D teams

> 2,000

Renewable raw material samples examined over the past decade

Thousands of patents and hundreds of R&D experts enabling pioneering work 

Our experts know how to turn low-quality raw materials into high quality solutions.

We ensure raw material feasibility by removing impurities and enable best-in-class product performance with strong research and development. Seamless collaboration between researchers, chemical engineers, pilot plant operators and lab technicians in our innovation centers in Finland and Singapore is a key success factor of our innovation and R&D work.

Cutting-edge research across diverse fields

Our research work spans various fronts. The multi-faceted approach ensures that every aspect of our work is backed by thorough investigation and continuous improvement.

  • We delve into researching raw materials to enable sustainable, low carbon feedstock

  • We explore catalysts for improved processes

  • We dive into product and application research to innovate and meet diverse needs

  • We conduct analytical research to enable in-depth understanding of the components and conduct systematic quality control to ensure high-quality products

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Feedstock and pretreatment

Our dedicated professionals in this field focus on the research of renewable and recycled raw materials. Providing and building in-depth understanding in raw materials and developing pretreatment technologies play a key role in expanding the pool of sustainable feedstock with low CO2 emissions. 

Neste is committed to reduce the GHG emissions from our production and reach carbon neutral production by 2035.

Catalysts and refining

One of the most fundamental areas of know-how in our refineries, are the catalytic processes. Efficient production of modern fuels would be practically impossible without catalysts. Dedicated teams focus on catalysts we use in our refinery and  proprietary processes. We also work closely together with specialized catalysts developers, producers and providers. 

Catalysts are substances that accelerate and enhance chemical reactions throughout the refining process, without being depleted themselves. As our feedstock becomes increasingly heterogeneous and the requirements for our end-products constantly rise, we must be among the world leaders in catalytic processes.

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Products and applications

We have extensive expertise encompassing fuel, chemical, and plastic products and applications. We not only manage the comprehensive product range but also conduct product life-cycle analysis (LCA) and sustainability assessments. Working in tandem with business units and common functions, we prioritize customer satisfaction with existing products while innovating winning solutions for future requirements.

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Analytics and quality control

Analytical services deliver reliable analytical solutions. Research analytics work in close co-operation with R&D projects but also method development, validation and automatization are keystones of their work. 

Our in-house quality control laboratory works 24/7. Shared know-how and close collaboration between our quality control and research laboratories means that our teams have access to world class analytics infrastructure and experience. 

Our research facilities

At the core of our company's excellence are two research facilities that serve as the engines of innovation. These facilities, located in Porvoo, Finland and in Singapore, create a framework for world-class research and support our growth. 

The Technology center in Porvoo, Finland carries out research, development and engineering work. This innovation powerhouse employs more than 1,000 professionals, and serves as a vital cornerstone for Neste, focusing on the whole value chain from raw materials to end products. 

Our Innovation Center in Singapore, operational since 2023, strengthens our innovation and R&D capabilities globally, supports our growth in the Asia-Pacific region and drives collaboration with our network. The center with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and advanced analytical capabilities focuses on research around raw materials and the pretreatment processes. 

APAC innovation center in Singapore

Bridging concepts to execution in demonstration, pilot plants, and technology development

Our innovation work does not end in the lab. We run several demonstration facilities and piloting platforms, that are essentially room-sized top of the line refineries.

Using these facilities we can push our innovation effort further and continuously test, demonstrate and pilot the new products and processes in our pipeline.

At Neste one of our core strengths is developing new technologies, often together with our partners and clients. Research is where things begin, but our expertise is how it connects to our engineering ability. Together experts from research, technology development and engineering build the bridge from an idea to implementation and finally hand it over to execution experts. 

The most notable example of this joint effort is our proprietary NEXBTL technology to produce renewable products. Great things happen when engineering and business excellence accelerate the research effort.

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