Neste is built on innovation 

In the early days it meant making premium petrol out of low grade crude. Today our innovation teams explore new raw materials and solutions in bio and circular economy and rigorously test their viability for industrial scale production. These cross-disciplinary teams consist of researchers, technicians, engineers, business developers and IPR specialists. The joint mission is to find the fastest routes towards a healthier planet.


Technology, products and future raw materials

Currently we are the world's leading producer of bio-fuels, such as renewable diesel and jet fuel, from waste streams. To pave the way for the future we are experimenting with waste plastics, algae, forestry and agriculture residues, municipal waste and renewable electricity and carbon dioxide (Power-to-X) as possible next raw materials.

Our approach

Our approach to innovation is a combination of curiosity and determination. We are constantly scouting for new ideas and approaches in renewable and circular solutions space. We test, analyse, engineer, pilot and scale up. We study opportunities knowing that we have the capabilities, infrastructure, know-how and resources to turn ideas into sustainable solutions on a global scale.

Partnering, co-innovation and ecosystems

Groundbreaking innovation requires prime partners, and a desirable future is a joint effort. We are already working with leading enterprises from different industries, but are constantly looking for new collaboration with industrial partners, research partners and startups.


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