Towards 100% waste and residues by 2025

We are increasing the share of waste and residues towards 100% of our total renewable raw material inputs by 2025.

More than
10 different
raw materials
in our portfolio.

Waste and residues currently
of our annual renewable raw material inputs.

Aiming to process
over 1 MT
of plastic waste from 2030 onwards.

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Alternatives to fossil oil

We use nearly 10 different sustainably-produced raw materials each year to produce our renewable products at our refineries in Finland, the Netherlands and Singapore.

100% waste and residues

We have focused on waste and residue raw materials for over a decade. Now we aim to increase their share to 100% of the total renewable raw material inputs by 2025.

R&D to diversify our portfolio

We are increasing the availability of renewable and recycled raw materials while also developing technologies to diversify our current raw material portfolio.

News and inspiration

The disruptive mission of Stephan Krueger

The recycling industry needed to change drastically. “I think mechanical recycling still sees chemical recycling as competition, but the two are complementary."

Neste’s acquisition of US-based company Mahoney Environmental closed

Neste completed the acquisition of Mahoney Environmental a leading collector and recycler of used cooking oil in the United States, and its affiliated entities.

Neste invested in Sunfire

Neste acquired a minority stake in the German cleantech company Sunfire GmbH. Its technology allows the production of renewable hydrogen as well as the direct conversion of water and CO2 into raw material for petrochemical products.

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